The Marvelous Spider-Man

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Chapter 1 - "Birth of a Hero"

My Name is Peter Parker, I am also known as the Spectacular, Amazing, or even Sensational Spider-Man. No, I am not cocky or self-absorbed, well, not really at least. Those have been the names the many people of New York City have given me. They've also called me names that I would not like to repeat. I was born to the parents of Richard and Mary Parker. They raised me until I was six. They died in a plane crash to Russia though. I don't remember much of them because of their early death.

My Aunt May and Uncle Ben took me in after my parents' death, and they have treated me just as well as any parent could. They are my parents, with no disrespect to my true parents; I know they would be proud of the way I turned out, thanks to my uncle and aunt. My uncle Ben died over one year ago, the end of my junior year of High School. I will get to that later.

I obtained my spider-like powers from; you'll never guess it, a spider. However, this spider was genetically enhanced using forms of radiation. The person responsible for this is Dr. Miles Warren. He and Dr. Curt Connors, a person I look up to greatly, run Empire State University, the college I am attending in just a few days. Just before my junior year ended, I went on a tour of their campus just a week before our High School took a field trip to ESU's Science Labs, which is actually a building that covers almost half of the campus.

Our whole class went to see the wonderful things ESU had been experimenting with. They had sections of reptiles such as lizards, and small mammals. It was at this lab that I had met Dr. Otto Octavius, a brilliant scientist who was, and still currently is, studying fusion. He thinks that he will be able to power the entire city, just by using a small fusion generator. He is very smart, and if anyone can do it, it's Octavius or "Doc Ock" as he is known around campus.

Anyway, that day of the field trip, they announced that one of their spiders which was being used for testing, had escaped, they even told us to remain vigilant and call for one of our scientists if it had been spotted. No one spotted it, but it had spotted me. As I was looking through the lizard exhibit, it had crawled up my jeans, and onto my shirt, all the way to my hand. I didn't notice it before it was too late. It had bitten me. I gasped aloud, and it flew off my hand onto the floor. Everyone turned to me and stared. I didn't move; I just stood there like an idiot, holding my hand up. I looked around to find this spider, but it was squashed on the floor, thanks to Flash Thompson, who wasn't watching where he was going, as usual.

I wasn't fully worried about it, but that doesn't mean I didn't wonder what was going on. I felt weird the rest of day. My body sometimes went through periods of intense shaking. I broke a few test tubes due to that. When Connors finally led us to the lab where the spiders were being tested, he explained to us a little about them. He told me that the radiation inside the spider was giving it amazing speed and agility, more than the average spider. It also had some sort of warning system called a spider sense, which warned it of any danger nearby. Some even say that the spider could know what was going to happen, before it even happened, but that was the loony scientists talking.

I raised my hand and asked the question, "What would happen if a person would get bitten by this spider?" Connors gave me an interesting look, but answered, "Well, that is unsure; we would probably think he would be poisoned by the radiation in the system that would be transferred to the human's bloodstream.

That's when I began to worry; Dr. Connors even came up to me afterwards asking if I was alright. I knew he was onto me, or knew I had some information, but I just told him I was alright, even though I left the campus right after that. I slowly escaped the crowd of our class, and sneaked out of the labs. I took a cab, and I headed home, however, I never actually made it home.

I woke up in the hospital the next day. I had no clue what had been going on. My Aunt May and Uncle Ben were there and seemed overjoyed that I was all right. I guess I was, at least. The Spider sent the radiation through my body, I felt it. Why I was still alive, I wasn't sure. That's when the doctor came in. He told me that my blood was as unique has he had ever seen. Gee, you think? They did say however, there wasn't any need for concern, and I could leave.

When was there any reason to trust a doctor? I was going to conduct my own blood tests at home. I had the skill and the equipment to do so, thanks to last year's Christmas present. Aunt May filled me in on the story on our way home. She told me that someone had found me lying on the street near ESU. They called the cops and ID me, and took me to the hospital. I was there all night, and the doctors and surgeons couldn't figure out what had went wrong with me, because everything was fine.

Everything was not fine. I immediately went upstairs, passing up dinner, although I hadn't eaten anything in a whole day, I at least could have had some water, but I wanted to know what that spider had done to me. I ran the tests on my blood, looked it over, and was amazed. The average doctor couldn't see the difference, but I know Dr. Connors. My blood had mutated somehow. The radiation transformed it into that of a spider.

But how did that affect me? The next day, I stayed home from school to rest up. I couldn't rest up though; I wanted to know what had happened to my entire DNA. As I was messing with my computer and blood samples, I began to feel a strange sensation on my fingers. They were tingling as if I had slept on it all night. However, the reason for the sensation was the tiny little hairs creeping out of my fingers. The little hairs on spider enable to it to crawl on surfaces, which is exactly what it enabled me to do. I was able to climb on my own bedroom wall, and even onto the ceiling.

Over the week I began to develop strength and agility. I mowed the lawn twice as fast, and clean my room three times as fast. My aunt and uncle were very impressed with my productivity lately, but that wasn't the real kicker. It wasn't just a little strength, and speed. A very curious Peter Parker lifted up the back end of my uncle's car. I was able to dodge the small rocks that the brat neighbor always throws at me, and to top it all off, I could crawl on walls, All I needed was the ability to string web, and I'd be an actual spider man.

I thought I was amazing. The last month of high school, I focused more on my new grown powers than school itself, I ended up with an A- in Social Studies, and the teachers were shocked. I then thought to myself, what I could do with these powers I have gained. They shouldn't go to waste like that. I saw an ad in the Daily Globe of a wrestling team that had been traveling through the east coast. It would be in New York for three days. I figure, a great chance to try out my new strength, and earn a little cash in the process. Yeah, I was cocky. I was a little skinny kid from Queens hoping to take down professional wrestlers in the ring. Only difference, I had powers.

Uncle Ben had dropped me off at the library that next Saturday. I told him I was going to study for the finals in the next few weeks. I never lied to Uncle Ben, but I couldn't tell him what I was really doing. After he left, I went across the street to where the wrestling match was held. Once you stepped foot into the building, the whole rush of yelling and screaming hit you like a hammer. Most of the crowd, if not all of them, looked drunk out of their minds, and they were all chanting, "CRUSHER! CRUSHER!" I figured he was the winner that I would have to face.

I signed myself up as someone to fight him. I was the shortest, the smallest, and the weakest looking in the line of fighters. They looked at me like I was nuts, hell, maybe I was! I was next on the list though. The man who last fought him suffered a broken collarbone, wrist, and leg.

I actually began to fear what I was doing, but I was called next – The Spider-Man. Yeah, that name was cheesy, but it fit me. I crawled into the ring wearing my red sweater and blue sweatpants. I wore a black ski mask over my head and tennis shoes on my feet. I looked like a complete dork. The guy in front of me, Crusher, wore nothing but wrestler tights. He never said anything when I entered and he didn't need to. His muscles did the talking for him and they said, "I'm going to break you like a toothpick."

They sent us to our corners. The people in the crowd were laughing, mocking, and yelling at me. They were also puking up all the alcohol that was in their system. When the bell had rung, my head suddenly got this tingling sensation. Almost like the feeling I got when the hairs started growing. At first I was confused, but then I realized what was going on. It felt like time had slowed down. I looked both ways before the Crusher even began his fast charge toward me. I quickly dodged to the right of the ring, and his uncontrollable speed sent him crashing into the corner of the ring.

I was fast, faster than before. My powers were growing every day; I now even have this warning system in my head! I went to the opposite corner, and signaled him over with my hand. I didn't exactly know where that came from, but I was into this fight. He walked over this time, and went for a punch, but the spider sense warned me before he even attempted it. I dodged my head to the right when he went with a left hook, and vice versa.

I then crouched down below and slid under his legs. I ran into the cords on the other side of the ring, and pushed back as far as my strength would allow me. Crusher turned to face me with an evil look in his eye. I lifted my feet off the ground, and I flung feet first, right into the Crusher's chest. I could feel the impact through my legs. I charged at him with all the power I had. He fell hard into the ground, and I was able to catch my balance by jumping off of his chest, and doing a flip into the air. Yeah, I know, that was a little showy.

I had won though. The host of the match declared me a winner of a thousand dollars. A thousand dollars – I said it to myself over and over in that ring and I still didn't believe it. I collected my money from the man in charge of the place. It was pocket change for him, but for me, it was more than I've had my whole life. I turned around and bumped shoulders with a creep in a hooded jacket. I didn't really care what he was doing there; I just looked at my money, and left the arena. As I changed back to my street clothes from the locker room and put my mask into my backpack, I heard some yelling down the hall.

Two police officers were chasing down the guy I had bumped into. I watched him go by and dive out the two-story window. The officers saw him in a dumpster down below; they doubled back, and ran down the stairs. I watched this happen before my eyes, and as I pulled the backpack over my shoulder, the owner of the arena grabbed my arm.

"What the hell was that?" He yelled

"Hey, the cops had him." I pulled my arm away, and walked away as he stared me down.

Yeah I could've helped, but why should I have gotten involved? I had nothing to do with the criminal or the owner; I only came for the money. I left the arena and headed back to the library to wait for Uncle Ben.

However, across the street there was something going on. There were two cop cars, and a crowd of people circling around something. I didn't know what was going on, but as I got closer, my heart began to race. Somehow I knew something was wrong. I approached the crowd and pushed my way to the front and lying on the ground with blood running from his shirt was my Uncle Ben.

I quickly leaned down and grasped his hand.

"Peter . . ."

"Uncle Ben." I said, "Who did this?"

"Peter . . . I know."

"What?" I said in a shocked tone as tears fell down my face.

"About you . . ."

I stared at him and gripped his hands tighter.

"Remember . . . with great power, comes great responsibility."

"Uncle Ben, No! Uncle Ben."

I could feel the grip on my hand loosening. He was dying right before my eyes. I couldn't help it either. I felt helpless and sad. However, another side of me was full of anger and pain. A flood of police cars sped past the library. I slowly stood up, took one last look at my uncle, and ran off in the police cars' direction.

On my way there, several things went through my head. The fact that my uncle had died, the fact I just got out of a wrestling match, and the fact I needed a faster way to travel than jumping from building to building. I was crying inside my ski mask, but my eyes were focused on one thing, the driver of my uncle's car. Apparently the thief had shot my uncle down for a getaway car. I swore I was going to bring him to justice.

I arrived at a small warehouse soon after the crook had. I crawled into a window and hid in the shadows of the dark. I only knew two things about this guy. One, he was armed, and two, he would have gone to the top floor.

I immediately scaled the stairway, and crawled straight up to the top floor. I hid in the corner where the ceiling and wall met in a very dark shadow. There was no way he could have spotted me. I saw him looking out a window, trying to plan his escape from the cops, which had arrived when I did. He held a bag of money in one hand, and a gun in the other. That gun had killed my uncle. I crawled on the ceiling until I was directly on top of him.

I released my grip on the ceiling and landed right behind him, grabbing both of his arms.

"What the hell?" He yelled out.

I pulled both his arms, which caused his body to fall back. He shot his gun out of fear, and it caused me to let go out of surprise. He immediately tried to smack me with his money bag, but my spider-sense warned me. I ducked below, and the weight of the bag caused him to lose his balance. I punched him straight in the jaw. He dropped his gun, and I kicked it away from him.

"Please, I'm sorry, just don't kill me."

"Why shouldn't I? You took the life of an old, innocent man!"

I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, and pulled off the mask that covered his face. It was the crook that stole the money from the arena manager. The one I should have stopped. If I had stopped him, Uncle Ben would be alive right now. It was all my fault.

The crook tried to take advantage of my surprise, and pulled a knife on me, but my spider-sense helped me again. I grabbed his arm, and twisted it, causing him to yell in pain. I turned my head and realized that cops were running up the stairs quickly. I looked back at the murderer of my uncle, and punched him square in the face. I didn't hold back. The murderer was knocked out. The cops finally reached the top floor, and took him in, confused of how he obtained bruises on his face.

If it wasn't for my uncle, that man would be dead, and I would have blood on my hands just like he did. But I listened to those words, "With great power, comes great responsibility." I will never forget those words, and I will live by them for the rest of my life.

During the summer, I was able to conduct a chemical attached to a small device on my wrist. The chemical was a sticky, white substance, almost like webbing. I created two small, mechanical switches that would allow me to spray the "webbing" and use it to web swing, zip, and contain criminals.

I use this power for my Uncle Ben, and because of my Uncle Ben. I hope he's proud of me, because I made the mistakes, and he had to pay for them, and no matter what comes my way, I will deal with it with responsibility, as the Marvelous Spider-Man

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