A/N: This is a spin-off of Hime-chan's "Raven and Crimson" – happens right after her 7th Chapter, I'll give you the synopsis but you should go over there and check it out some time before or after you read this. Planning it to be a two-shot, but depending on my muse, there might be more. Warning: This is hard yaoi, and it's my first time at hard yaoi, so please don't kill me!

So far : Renji is a part of a Mafia family called Seireitei, he was dating Kuchiki Rukia, but fell in love with her older brother, Kuchiki Byakuya, a successful businessman and heir to a giant corp, associated with Seireitei. Byakuya also loves Renji, but being Byakuya he denied his feelings, and rejected Renji. A heartbroken Renji decides to leave Japan and move to Italy, in an attempt to get over Byakuya. Byakuya learned of this and sends his right-hand man Hisagi Shuuhei to seek out Renji and be his eyes and ears. What will happen when Renji and Shuuhei quickly become aquainted with each other?

Renji's POV

"Do you have a girlfriend, Hisagi-san?" I asked casually, earning a slight blush from my companion.

"N-no, I don't. I try not to, or rather, I don't really get a chance to date, since I'm with Kuchiki-sama most of time" he answered shyly.

"Ooh, is that so?" I responded, a dirty thought creeping into my mind; I glanced over at him and gave him my best devilish grin, "So, what do you think of Italian women, Hisagi-san?"

Hisagi shrugged sheepishly, his cheeks now burning bright crimson. I thought it's just adorable how shy he is with this subject, or maybe he's just shy about women? The very thought caused my smile to widen. I didn't have a mirror in front of me, but I imagine the grin plastered on my face would match that of Kenpachi's. Kenpachi was Seireitei's blood-lusting Head Hitman.

"They surely are a lot bolder than Japanese women," Hisagi shrugs, answering my previous question. He moved to check on the hot pot he was preparing, and went back to chopping some more vegetables to add in it.

"Heh, yeah…they're nothing special, Japanese girls are a lot cuter." I smirked, I went pass him to the fridge to grab myself a beer, I opened the can and went over to lean against the counter next to him.

"So, Hisagi-san –" I started, but he cut me off

"Shuuhei." He said plainly.


Hisagi tucked his neck into his shoulder, blushing violently, "You can just call me Shuuhei, Abarai-san, I'm just a man-servant, there's no need to use formality toward me."

An image of Hi…Shuuhei in a maid costume caused me a slight nose-bleed. Hey, it's his fault for being so fuckin' sexy. Hearing myself being addressed as "Abarai-san" snapped me out of it.

"Renji." I demanded, "I'm just a fuckin mongrel, no need for formality, especially because you're older than me."

Shuuhei nodded sheepishly, "Hai, Renji-kun."

I flashed him a smile, "A'ight, so you call me Renji-kun, I'll call ya Shuuhei-san," I stated, I lean in closer and whispered playfully in his ears, "or perhaps Seenpaai?"

I laugh when he didn't respond and give him a pat in the back.

"Relax, I'm just playin', bro."

He gave a nervous laughter, obviously unconvinced.

"So, what type of girls are you into, Senpai?"

"I- - I'm not really into girls." Shuuhei mumbled

"Eh? What was that?" I asked, not sure I heard right.

"I - - I'm….gay." Shuuhei stated. I nearly choked on my beer laughing, well that cleared up a lot of questions.

Shuuhei must have mistake my reaction for revulsion, he gave me a indignant look, "You have a problem with that?" he asked, his voice stronger.

"N-No! no-no-no-no-no! I'd be a hypocrite if I did."

Shuuhei contorted his face into what I thought was the cutest look of confusion. "Y-You mean, you're also….?"

I merely shrugged, "I'd say I'm bi, actually. I've always been with girls…..but….I'm in Love with a man."

Confusion was still on Shuuhei's fuckin' sexy eyes, "I – I don't mean to prod, but….is that why you left Japan?"

I nodded my head sadly, "Yeah, I had to get away….from him,"

Shuuhei gave a sympathetic smile, "He didn't return your love, did he?"

I gave him a bitter smirk in return, "Try, down right rejected me." I cleared my head and waved it off after a few second, "Meh, but forget about it, that IS what I'm trying to accomplish."

Shuuhei gave me an apologetic smile, "Yeah, sorry I brought it up."

We grew quiet again as he went back to his cooking with me sipping on my beer and watching him. I don't want to think about Kuchiki Byakuya right now….I don't want to think of him anymore….I am NOT thinking about him! I decided to turn my attention to Shuuhei, but that just reminded me of a question that had been bothering me. Shuuhei had told me that Byakuya had sent him to check on me – or spy on me in other words – but why? I've told myself that he is simply trying to see if I'm keeping my words about being miserable, so why is Hisagi-san being so kind to me? to the extent of cleaning and cooking for me, to the extent of caring for me? Maybe it's just Hisagi-san's nature to be kind and caring, I told myself, Byakuya doesn't know that Shuuhei is staying with me; maybe he doesn't know that Shuuhei is also taking care of me. I'm fuckin' out of my fuckin' mind, I scolded myself there, standing with his ass facing me is a fuckin smexy man, and I'm thinking about a pompous ass that only cause me misery. I had no clue to what I was thinking, but at that moment I walked over to Shuuhei and wrapped my arms around his waist, causing him to jump a little.

"What do you think of me, Senpai?" I whispered my question in his ears.

"A…Abarai-san…I…I…Argh!" I cursed myself when I saw that Shuuhei had cutted himself with the knife he was holding.

Shuuhei's P.O.V

With a harsh curse, Renji spun me around to face him, grabbing a towel off the counter and tied it around my wrist, over the cut. I was amazed that my cheeks were still burning despite the blood loss from my wrist.

"I-I-I'm so sorry, Hisagi-san!" Renji cried, his face a mix of concern and frustration. "C'mon, the First Aid kit is in my bedroom, we'll treat the cut properly in there." Renji drags me into his bedroom, leaving no room for objections, his hand tight around my wrist, raised over our head as to stop the bleeding. He drags me into the room and sat me down, instructing me to hold on to the now bloodstained towel, and digging in his bedside closet for the First Aid kit, taking out alcohol pads and a roll of bandage and quickly cleaning and bandaging the wound, the whole time cursing himself for his "stupidity." I wasn't sure if it was from the loss of blood knocking me silly, but seeing the look of concern on Renji's face made me smile like an idiot. He finished bandaging me and looked up, raising a tattooed eyebrow at me when he saw my smile.

"Oi, did you loose too much blood Shuuhei-san? What the hell are you smiling at me for?"

I laughed and grab his hand, "I'm okay, Renji-kun; it wasn't even that serious, you shouldn't have gotten so worked up about it."

"Well, it was my fault you got hurt." He mumbled, looking away from me. I grabbed his chin with my fingers and lifted his head up to face me,

"Hey, I'm okay, promise!"

He searched my eyes for reassurance and when he found it, he gave me a smile. I took my hand from his face and felt the heat creeping up my cheeks. Renji laughed when he saw me blush, which didn't help at all. I looked up at him again,

"Do you still want me to answer that question earlier?" I asked sheepishly

"Depends, do you still want to answer that after I just slit your wrist?" a smile cracked on his face, making me laugh a little.

"Renji…I…I…" I started sheepishly, "I'm very attracted to you, ever since I saw you, I've been fascinated by you. But, well….you weren't really available then…."

Renji just stared at me blankly for the longest time, I blew out a sigh and turned to leave the room, "I'll be -"

Suddenly I felt an arm tugging me back and spinning me around. Before I could comprehend what was going on, Renji had pulled me tight against him, his lips crashing with mine.

Renji POV

I didn't know what got over me, I almost didn't even realized I had kissed Shuuhei, but once I did, I didn't want to stop. My hands slowly traveled down his cheeks, down his sides, until they paused at his hips, and snaked around his waist, I wanted him closer, if that was even possible. Shuuhei awarded me with a low moan as he wrapped his arms around my neck, pulling himself closer to me. I was awarded another moan when I nibbled at his bottom lip, caressing it with my own, sucking its scent into me. After a little while, my toungue started darting out, licking at his lips, demanding entry, to which he graciously granted. I snaked my tongue around his and sucked it into my mouth, tracing circles around and around it, smiling into our kiss when he partly opened his eyes to gaze into mine. I spun him around and eased him down onto the bed, pinning him under me before reluctantly breaking our kiss, as my lung was begging for air. I looked down at him with my best devilish smirk, his beautiful face nearly taking my breathe away,

'R-Renji, w-what….?" He panted through half closed eyes shaded by long lashes, his face an enticing shade of pink.

"Gomenessai Hisagi-san," I whispered breathlessly, "I don't know what the hell either, I just want you…I just wanna fuck you right now!" with that I leaned my head and bit down on the side of his neck, earning a sharp gasp. Don't ask me what the fuck I'm thinkin'…..I doubt I'm even thinking, at that very moment, I just wanted this man under me.


I allowed Renji to rip my black muscle-top off as he continued his ministration down my neck, taking extra time on my collarbone; clenching it between his teeth and flicking his tongue across them, causing an involuntary gasping moan to escape my lips. His kisses burned wherever they went, but a thrilling chill crawled up my spine everytime at the same time. He repeated his clenching and licking on one my nipples, tracing the other with his finger, sending yet another gasping moan out of me. As his lips traveled lower, so did his hands, every moment sending a shock of pleasure through my entire body. Renji raised his head off my body momentarily to look up at me with a hungry grin as he fumbles to undo my jeans. Seconds later his thumbs hooked into my pants, pulling them down, boxers and all. As soon as he got it pass my balls, my full erection popped out, causing him to give me another demonic grin as he licked his lips,

"Gifted, aren't we?"

My face burned at the tease, "Shut up and just take me!"

"My, My, anxious aren't we? Just for that….." Renji darted his tongue out at the bottom of my sac and slowly licked his way up, stopping at the head. "you know what I did to your tongue?" he said, as he starts to flick his tongue across the head, and then around and around, snaking his tongue around my cock until he had taken it in full length, licking and sucking, his moans vibrating through my manhood and shooting up my entire body. I finally couldn't resist it any longer and begun to rock my hips, pushing myself in and out of his throat, encouraging him blow me. When I bucked my hip, as if on signal his hand slid from my hips to my butt, squeezing my cheeks everytime he took me into his throat.

After a few seconds, he took his hand off one of my cheeks and raised it to my mouth, pressing three fingers against my lips. I quickly took the hint and took them into my mouth, sucking them as he's sucking on my cock. He pulled his fingers out of my mouth shortly, and after a few seconds, I felt a wet finger pushing into my other entry. He pushed deep in and let it rested before pushing in and out.


The gasp and moans from Shuuhei sent my blood racing through my vein, and took all of my self-control to pace myself as I pushed a second and then a third finger into his crack. I noticed as I pushed in that it was quite tight, is Shuuhei still a virgin? I reminded myself that I'd have to ask him later. After a few minute of fingering him, I slid my fingers out, and slowly slides of his cock. I looked up at him with what I hope was a gentle smile,

"Are you ready for the big gun?"

When I was answered with a gentle nod, I lifted myself off of him, hooking my arms under his knees, I raised his legs and wrapped it around my waist.

"here I go," I told him before sliding my cock into him. Once again, the gasping moans took all I had not to pound into him right then, if Shuuhei was indeed a virgin, I'd have to be gentle at first. When I was deep inside him, I started pulling in, out, in, out…..everytime trying to find that sweet spot. When I heard a shuddering gasp the fifth time I went in, I knew I've found the spot, and kept on pumping into him. After a while of pumping into him and when I feel myself getting close, I grabbed his cock and started pumping, up, down, up, down…..twice as fast as I was pumping into him.


I could feel myself coming close to the edge as Renji slammed into me faster and faster, taking me harder and harder.

"R-Renji…..So….Close…..faster…..harder….please!" I gasped. And indeed he did. I heard his breath as I felt my own breath hitched, he slammed in hard one last time before screaming out "FUCK!" through his explosion. I screamed out my explosion as well as I felt the thick white fluid gush out of me and spatted onto his muscled, inked abs, and started seeing stars. He collapsed into me a few seconds later, huffing and puffing, laughing.

"Damn, that was a hell of a fuck, ariagatou, smexy."

"Do people usually say 'thank you' after making love?" I laughed breathlessly

"When it's this good, hell yeah!" he laughed.

I chuckled lightly and wrapped myself around him. Something caught my attention, "Are you sure you've never been with a man before, Renji?"

"You're about to ask me how I'm so 'skilled' aren't ya?"He gave me a booming laugh and shrugged, "I dunno, I guess I just went with what I was given." I chuckled softly and felt sleep pull at my eyelids,

"Not just yet," Renji commanded teasingly, "we still got cleaning up to do, Shuuhei-chan."

I thought he would've left to get a hot towel to clean us up, but a few seconds later, I felt a hot, wet tongue traveling all over my body, lapping up our cum off our body. Afterward, he cuddled up to me and sleep took over us quickly and peacefully, we still had real cleaning up to do, but the hot shower can wait later.

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