(A Journal Entry)

By Silverwolf

Jeff narrates.

(Mentioned characters: Matt, Jason, Amy, Trish, Shane, and Adam)

A year ago a tragic car accident killed my best friend Adam and left me brother with several large scars and a permanent limp. I now raise Adam's daughter, Alexis. It is so weird to see her smile. Or at times to even look at her. I see Adam. I miss him terribly especially when I look at his daughter. It is so strange to hear call my name in the middle of the night. She knows her dad is not able to be with her.

At the age of four she was an orphan. Her mother didn't survive her birth. It seems like yesterday Adam was recovering from her mother's death in order to be able to pick up the pieces and raise Alexis. Now Alexis is my responsibility. Everyone still remembers the day I received the phone call along with Jason. She has become my world. And Jason hasn't stopped coming to see her either.

I wish that Adam could be here, but I know he's watching her grow from heaven. When she cam to live with me I made sure that the pictures of her parents was left hanging in her room. I was told it would be better to take it down.

She has this stuffed mouse that she has all dressed up. She is so attached in it. She takes it everywhere. Some of the guys at work think it's crazy, but I agree with Shane: it's her way of hanging on to her dad.

Adam or my brother Matt didn't cause the accident. They were just the ones in the car that got hit. It slammed into the driver's side killing Adam, harming Matt, and scaring the hell out of Amy and Trish.

My only hope is that I raise Alexis up with Adam's approval along the way.

Jeff can't write anymore as he shuts the worn leather journal's cover. He goes to check on Alexis who is asleep in the other room. Jeff pulls the blankets back along her. "Sleep tight little one," Jeff whispers. He goes back into his room and falls asleep.