i wrote this at 4:00 o'clock in the morning please don't be to harsh

The best explorer in the world

I ran out of the back gate into the surrounding wood.

Having fun and playing like every young lad should

But then a metal fence cut through my fun.

I saw a boy with a shaved head and a number 32451.

He said his name was Shumel and he was 8 like me.

He sits out here and lets his mind wonder free

But he's really stuck in a farm and he won't tell me why.

It's time for me to go now and I have to say goodbye.

I come again tomorrow with food so he can eat.

Colour floods his face, he looks so old and week.

I come again tomorrow and every single day

And every time Shumel begs me to stay.

We talk, eat and play checkers too.

I was the explorer who found a nice Jew.

ahhhh i loved Bruno so much he was so innocent and sweet