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NoDrogs created the twins in his story A Small Possibility, I changed their origin.

Double, double toil and trouble

Shego strapped Jane's car seat into the middle of the back seat and drove over to pick up the twins at Jessica's.

"Girls, get your stuff together, Shego's here to take you to Briana's!" Tara called as Shego pulled into the Mankey driveway. The green woman parked and walked to the front door, never leaving the line of vision of the two-year old. Parenting books said small children became anxious if left alone. Shego had the additional worry that Jane might wriggle out of her car seat, climb into the driver's seat and instinctively know how to hot-wire the car.

As Tara stepped out to talk with her, Shego waved to the little redhead, who enthusiastically waved back.

"So, how's the oldest established permanent floating slumber party in Middleton?"

Tara looked exhausted, "Kasy was impossible!"

"Kasy is always impossible."

"Last night she was worse."

"Sorry, Jason brings out the worst in her. She's got no business flirting at her age."

"Kasy wasn't flirting. Last night she screamed at him!"

"What? Kasy screamed at Jason?"

Tara nodded.

"Okay, that's weird," Shego admitted. "Come to think of it, she's been worse than usual at home the last day or two. Still, one piece of good news."

"What's that?"

"Neither of us have to put up with her today."

Tara and Shego exchanged high-fives as Kasy, Sheki, and Jessica, barely visible under various belongings trooped out the door and got in the car. Kasy rode in the front seat while Sheki and Jessica flanked Jane in the rear.

Jessica smiled at the little redhead and played with her as they drove. "I wish I had a little sister."

"You're only saying that 'cause you don't have one," Kasy warned her. "They're a pain."

The ex-thief gritted her teeth and kept her mouth shut. She preferred not to scold the children in front of their friends.

Perhaps Shego had grown less observant after years of not being wanted by the police, or perhaps the noise in the car distracted her, but she had missed the car whose driver had been watching them and which followed at a distance as she drove to the Crandalls.

Her years with Drakken served Shego well as she tuned out Kasy's litany of complaints on the drive. "Out, people," Shego ordered when they arrived at Briana's house. "Eemah has to get Jane to daycare and go to work."

Shego went to the door to pass on Tara's warning about Kasy to Alicia Crandall.

The Crandall's six-year-old son answered the door, "Bree! Your pests are here!" he bellowed.

There was a squeal of joy and the sound a running feet as Briana hurried downstairs and ran out to help her friends ferry things into the house. Mrs. Crandall came out of the kitchen, drying her hands on a dishtowel. "Tommy," she warned, "how many times have I told you not to say that?" She looked at Shego, "Sorry."

"No problem, I had siblings." Shego stepped partially aside to make room for the line of little girls bearing pillows, blankets, and overnight bags trooping into the house. The green woman lowered her voice slightly, "Tara warned me that Kasy is more impossible than usual today."

"Nothing peanut butter cookies won't cure," Alicia laughed. "I just started making a batch. When will you be back for them?"

"Between four and five… I'll give you a call if I get held up at the office."

Shego backed into the street and headed for daycare, still not noticing the car which had parked a block away and whose driver had carefully watched the girls going into the house.

Alicia greeted the girls, issued a warning to her son, and had barely returned to the kitchen when the doorbell rang. "Mom, somebody at the door," Thomas yelled.

"I'll get it. Sharon must have forgotten something." The girls must have assumed the same thing and they headed for the front hall to see what was going on. Alicia Crandall didn't even glance through the security peephole. "What did you…"

It wasn't Shego. Some would argue it is more frightening to confront a calm gunman, a man who conveys the sense he has killed before and would have no qualms about killing again. But the sweating, nervous man who confronted Mrs. Crandall was perfectly terrifying. The shaking gun barrel warned he wasn't certain what he was doing and anything could happen. He saw the girls in the hall behind Alicia, "Girls, my car," he ordered in a trembling voice.

"No," Alicia tried to tell them.

"Now!" he screamed hysterically.

Briana saw the gun pointed at her mother, and moved quietly for the door. Kasy and Sheki, confidant they possessed the martial arts skills to take him down when he wasn't threatening Mrs. Crandall followed. Jessica went along only because her friends were leaving the house.

The stranger backed towards his car, and panicked. He hadn't planned on four girls. There weren't supposed to be this many. What could he do with them? "Three of you, in the back. You," he pointed to Briana, "front seat with me."

"If any of you in the back cause problems," he warned the girls in the back, "I shoot her." He was right-handed. He needed his right hand to turn the key in the ignition and put the car in gear. He should have thought this out better. He held the gun in his left hand, pointing it at the girl in the passenger seat as he fumbled for the key and started the car.

Shego had almost reached the daycare center when her phone rang. "Hello?"

"Pull over, stop your car!" came a hysterical voice.


"Pull over, stop your car!"

The green woman followed instructions, "What happened?"

"The girls. A man, he had a gun. I-"

"Was anyone shot?"

"He took them. I-"

"Which way did he go?"

"He… He turned south at the corner."

Shego considered turning around and going in search of the kidnapper, but knew it would be futile without more information. "What have you done?"

"I called the police. I called you after I called Steve."

"I'm coming back. I-"

"Call Kim first," Alicia suggested. "I'll call Tara."

Shego sat thinking for a couple seconds. She wanted to get back to the Crandalls and see if she could find any leads. Kim needed to be called. "If Kim got the news first," Shego asked herself, "would I want her to call me first thing?" Shego called Kim.

Three police cars, lights flashing, arrived at the Crandall home slightly before Shego. Jane, with no understanding of what was happening, sensed something was wrong and fussed as Shego pulled her out of the car seat and headed for the house. A young officer warned her to stop and got knocked on his ass for his efforts. A second rookie reached for his gun, then hesitated; threatening an unarmed woman with a pistol, when she had a diaper bag slung over her shoulder and carried a toddler in one arm, seemed wrong. Fortunately an older officer recognized her, "You idiot, she's a mother," he barked at the rookie, "let her in."

Alicia Crandall, in a state of shock, sat on a chair in the living room. The initial questioning had been geared towards information helpful to finding the kidnapper. In addition to her worry over her daughter Alicia felt miserable. In her terror she hadn't noticed anything she was supposed to notice except how big the barrel of the gun pointed at her appeared. Fortunately the six year old had make, model, and a partial for the police. As a reward for his presence of mind Shego handed the diaper bag to Thomas Crandall and set Jane on the floor, "Watch her."

"Kim's on her way," Shego told Alicia. "Don't know if it's legit, but Global Justice will be looking."

"Steve's coming home. I don't… Tara was too upset to drive, the police went over there to see if she knew anything."

"Doubt it. Poor Jessica, the wrong place at the wrong time. Between Steve's work as DA, Kim, and me we've got a lot of enemies." Shego suddenly felt like the most hated woman on earth. There still could be enemies wanting to harm her from her days with Team Go. She prayed to God that Hellpike remained in jail. She had enemies from working for Drakken. And even if the District Attorney had more criminals wanting to harm his family Shego still had clients who might blame her rather than their own crimes for the fact they ended up in jail. If this were one of her enemies seeking revenge she'd never forgive herself.

"I think you're right," Alicia agreed. "Maybe he'll turn her loose."

"Maybe." Both women felt slightly ashamed for hoping their daughters were not who the kidnapper wanted, and both feared that the man might not want to leave witnesses.

The stress made his head hurt. He tried to drive, keep a gun pointed at the girl beside him, and watch the three girls in the back in case they tried to signal passing cars. The amber alert siren blared from the radio, warning listeners to watch for four kidnapped girls. "Turn it off!" he screeched and Briana quickly hit the switch.

He pulled to the curb and put the car in park, then twisted his body to try and allow him to cover all four girls with his pistol. "I don't need you all," he gasped.

Kasy and Sheki tensed, it would be difficult to attack from the rear seat of the car but they had to try if he attempted to shoot anyone.

"I only need one of you. The rest of you can get out here," he told them.

Jessica couldn't believe the claim. "Really?"

"Really," he assured her. "I just… This was a… I only wanted one of you. The others can go, just get out now. Which one of you is Jessica Mankey?"