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Chapter 1/Prolouge


Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated?


Whenever you watch the news you hear stories, about women and kids that are getting abused.

Sometimes they even raped.

You always think about how terrible it must be.

To watch someone you love hurting you.

You can hardly picture anyone doing that to you, a friend, a sibling, or your mom.

You say, "If that ever happened to me I would tell someone!"

Than you go home one day to find your drunken father lying on the couch, and then he hits you.

My name is Sonny Monroe. And I was abused as a child.

I was 9 years old when it began.

My dad just lost a job so he was drinking.

It was after my dress rehearsal for my first dance recital.

My mom had to work late so my best friend Lucy took me and dropped me off. I ran right through the door to my small living room.

It was dark.

The TV was loud and my dad seemed to be hypnotized with it. He was watching football.

"Dad!" I said smiling.

"What?" He asked almost yelling. That should have been my first hint to just leave, but I was only 9 years old.

"I want to tell you about my dance rehearsal!"

"Shut up Sonny! Can't you see I'm watching something?" He asked annoyed.

"But Dad! I haven't seen you in awhile! I want to talk to you!"

That was when I started getting worried.

He got up slowly walking towards me. I could tell his face was red with anger even though it was dark.

I felt my stomach twist up into knots.

I honestly didn't know what was going to happen next. I didn't have enough time to think anyway.

He clenched his fists.

What did happen next began the first of many.

He hit me, right across the face.

I didn't really know what to do. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to scream or cry.

Once he hit me, he grabbed another beer and sat back down on the couch as if nothing happened.

But we both know thats a lie.

I walked slowly up the stairs covering the red side of my face.

"Oh yeah. Sonny?" He said not even looking at my face.

"If you tell anyone that. I will kill you." He said it like he was being sarcastic. I knew he wasn't. He laughed.

Once I made it to my room, I put my pajamas on and I crawled into my bed. I felt the side of my face and started to cry.

I didn't exactly know what time it was when my mom came into my room. I rolled on to the side that was red.

"Sonny?" My mom said. I didn't dare sit up.

"Hey mom." I said trying to hide the fact I was crying.

"I'm sorry I missed rehearsal." Her voice was soothing. "I'll be there for the recital though okay?" I nodded, my face still in the pillow. I couldnt let my mom see me cry.

"Connie." My fathers' voice was calm like nothing happened.

"Let Sonny sleep. She's been through a lot tonight." I didn't even need to look at his face to know he was smiling.

I started to cry but somehow slowly drifted off to sleep.

Nobody ever knew what was going on.

I thought about telling someone everyday.

But then I realized if I told my mom or someone I cared about, and my dad found out..

He would hurt them too.

You know, he was great at keeping his little secret.

I always thought when I was little, that if people saw my bruises they would know.

As I got older, I realized that nobody was ever going to find out.

He would mostly hit me in the stomach.

Sometimes, above my knees.

It was moslty where I would be covered by clothing.

The winter was the worst time obviously. He would hit my arms, kick my legs, and I would be wearing long sleeve shirts and jeans anyway so nobody would know.

I never told anyone. Except for for one day I couldnt take it. On that day, I was about 11, I was limping to the bus stop.

The night before my dad kicked me right in the shin. I told my mom I fell down the steps. When I got to the bus stop I saw Lucy.

Shes been my best friend forever. I told her EVERYTHING. Except for this.

"Sonny!" She screamed. "What happened?"

I couldn't take it anymore.

I sat down and started sobbing. I told her everything.

I started from the very beginning. I told her about how nobody knew, I showed her my bruises and scars, and I told her she wasn't allowed to tell anyone.

She didn't yell at me about how I shouldn't keep this secret.

She just let me cry in her lap.

Which was good enough for me.

When the bus finally came we sat down as if nothing happened.

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