One shot! As if Kelly Gibbs (L.J's daughter) is alive and working at NCIS when the sexual harassment lecture happens!

"Does stuff that happens off the job count as points against us? Cause I live with one of the people I work for," I raised my hand.

"Will you shut up Susie-needs-to-know-everything?" Tony said to me silently.

I reached across and pinched his arm.

"Why do you live with someone you work for?" The lady opened her eyes wide.

"Gibbs." I pointed to myself. "Gibbs." I pointed to my dad.

"Oh, it's okay if you're married-"

"Back up, stupid." I stood up. "That's my dad!" I yelped.

"I'm her husband." Tony stood up and wrapped his arm around my waist. I elbowed him in the gut and threw my pencil at him.

"Only in your freaky dreams, pervert." I laughed.

"Wait!" The lady yelled. I felt the sharp end of a pencil hit me.

"Ow, what the fuck?" I turned and saw that Tony was aiming at me with a straw and McGee was celebrating him hitting my back.

"Language, Mrs. DiNozzo!" I turned and looked at the lady.

"That is NOT my husband." Something wet hit the bare skin of my shoulder. "DiNozzo, you're going to die."

Tony was already up and running.

I jumped over a desk and pounced on him, taking him to the ground. I pinned him.

"Please! Please! Stop!" The lady was freaking out.

"Nice catch." Abby said.

"Anything you'd like to do now that you've got me pinned under you?" Tony chuckled.

"Please stop with the harassment!" The lady was yelling now.

"A lot of things, but not in front of so many witnesses." I smiled mischievously.

"Want to describe?"

"How about just shooting you?" I smiled and let him up.

Tony looked shocked and then relaxed at my smile.

"That is called sexual tension; does that count as harassment in the work place?" Ziva asked

"Sexual tension?" Tony and I both said slowly.

Abby and McGee where rolling, laughing so hard that they where leaned against each other. Jenny was chuckling over her notes. My dad was even smiling. "No, it doesn't, as long as neither of them acts upon it with out the others permission." She smoothed her skirt out and tried to continue, I sat on the desk, legs criss crossed.

"Hey, I can't see!" Abby said, she stood up and pushed me off the table. I got up laughing.

"Hey!" I turned on her.

"Please, Director Shepard, get them to calm down!"

"Guys, sit down." Jenny said.

"Yes mom." I sat back down in front of DiNozzo.

"Hey." Tony whispered from behind me. "How about we ditch this lecture and go do all things she's warning us against?"

"How about I end you?" I turned, smiling.

"Sleep with me first?" He asked.

"Not a chance." I threw my pencil over my shoulder and heard him yelp when it hit him.

"Ow." He said.

"I hope that poked out your eye. One less creepy thing to leer at me." I threw a smile over my shoulder.

"Grab your gear." Dad started walking out of the room.

"Wait! You can't just leave." The woman said.

"Jenny." Dad looked at Jen.

"I will take excellent notes for them." Jenny looked at the woman.

"Let's go!" I jumped up and ran out of the room, right behind my dad.

Tony laughed and kept up, right on my dad's heels. "On your six boss!"

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