"Head On, apply directly to the forehead!" A voice said as the commercial demonstrated just this. "Head On, apply directly to the forehead!" It said again, louder. "Head On, apply directly to the forehead!" The voice said once more, and it kept on saying this over and over again. Even the actor in the commercial looked uncomfortable with keeping it up. That was until a gun cocked and the person resumed rubbing it on, fearing for their life.

And then Iron Man landed down and blasted the commercial actor away for no reason, he wasn't the dude behind it, he just wanted to blast someone. "I am Iron Man, and man this commercial pisses me off!" He fired a shot at the sound booth, revealing that the ghost of Billy Mays was providing the voice.

"Hi, the ghost of Billy Mays here with the new, escape-o-pod, let me show you how it works!" He flew over to an escape pod that quickly appeared out of nowhere and it started to rumble. "Just hop in, set your coordinates and get the fuck out of there, it's JUST THAT EASY!" The pod flew away...though why a ghost needed an escape pod is a mystery.

"I am Iron Man, and this seemed like a total waste of time...oh well, at least I'm drunk, so whatever." He stood there for a second, completely still, and then the next second landed flat on his face, out cold.