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It was in China that Alice Kingsley made a most surprising discovery.

So wrapped up in the fascinating world of her father's business, she had not much time to think of her adventures in Underland. Of course, she would normally reflect upon them while she lay in bed each night- though her days were very tiring and she often found herself asleep before even a memory could make it's way into her head. The times she could remember, though, were always filled with longing. A longing to be with her friends- especially one.

Hatter had been the first one to recognize her as the Alice, a title of which the remainder of the occupants of Underland had been so keen on denying her. Now, they simply wanted to be sure, but Hatter knew. Granted, he had also referred to her as a 'him' rather than a 'her', but his suspicions of her true identity were correct. Even Alice herself had not realized such a fact until her journey had nearly come to an end.

Alice missed Hatter, though she knew nothing of the reasons behind this. She supposed it was they way he could brighten her mood in an instant- no matter the cause of her foul attitude. His madness was contagious, she had learned- the expression on her mother's face when she'd attempted the Futterwacken upon her return had been quite hilarious. Some part of her had wished Hatter had been there to witness it. He probably would've burst out laughing, joining her in the silly dance. Oh, if she could just hear his laugh once more!

Alice sighed, walking aimlessly though the streets of Hong Kong. She hummed quietly to herself, running her finger across the sides of the buildings she passed. It was amazing to see large groups of people such as these, all heading in different directions. She briefly wondered where they were going.

Her thoughts were erased when she felt something, or someone, grab her wrist. Startled, Alice let out a yelp. It was only when she saw the small woman's fingers wrapped around her wrist that she calmed down, not in as much danger as she'd thought.

"Hello," Alice greeted her, giving her a rather strange look. The woman simply smiled, her worn features lighting up.

"I read your fortune- yes?" she offered. Alice considered this for a moment, then nodded. She quickly wondered what she was getting herself into.

The strange old woman led her to a small shop a few streets over. The paint on the door was chipped and peeling, matching the shabby appearance of the building's sides. A faded crimson fabric hung over the door, presumably acting as a shield from the rain. It hadn't been very effective.

The woman led her inside the shop, gesturing for her to sit in a nearby chair. Alice obliged, taking in the cluttered atmosphere. Small ceramic sculptures lined the walls, along with several scented candles. The faint scent of incense lingered thoughout the place, giving it a homey feel. In front of her, an ornately carved wooden table sat, decorated with peculiar looking items. She recognized a deck of cards, but the rest were a mystery. The woman shuffled to the table, plunking down in front of her. Alice fiddled with her hands, suddenly wary of this person.

"Give me your hand." she instructed. Alice hesitated before raising her right and laying it in the woman's outstretched palm. She watched as the woman's eyes closed, hearing her breathe deeply. It was a few minutes before she spoke again.

Abruptly, her eyes flew open, causing Alice to jump. The woman smiled, seeming quite pleased with herself. She leaned forward, murmuring quietly to Alice.

"You miss friends from journeys passed. One better than others. Go to him- he is your destiny." she instructed. Alice gently removed her hand from the woman's grasp, her eyes widening. How would she know about that? One better than others- she didn't mean to imply Hatter, did she? Alice decided that Hatter was, indeed, who this woman spoke of, swallowing nervously.

He was her destiny?

Now that she thought about it, the idea made sense. He had been there for her, willing to give his own life in exchange for her safety. Their little conversation on the balcony had made her realize that he was more than just a person- he was her friend. He'd distracted the Jabberwocky during battle in order to keep her from being eaten, looking rather fearsome as he did so. She missed him dearly, and now she knew why.

She loved him.

The very idea sent shivers through her, making her smile with delight. She looked to the woman, who seemed very smug.

"Thank you."

"No trouble. Get to it!" the woman shooed her off, grinning in the process. Alice happily complied, rushing from the shop and immediately commencing her search for the deckhands from the ship she'd taken on her journey to China.

She needed to get back to Underland, and soon.

A year later, Alice found herself approaching the ports of England once more. The trade business had been handed over to Lord Ascot, who supported her decision to 'follow her heart', albeit rather hesitantly. However, he understood that the young lady wasn't like others among her age, and trusted that she would make the right decisions.

Alice craned her neck against the breeze, trying to get a glimpse of the slowly approaching harbor. She huffed, mentally urging them to arrive faster. For a moment, she considered diving from the vessel and swimming there herself, but then she would be drenched when she returned to Underland.

Yes, she was as eager to return as she'd been a year ago, when she'd discovered her love for Hatter. Over the last twelve months, her feelings had only grown stronger, causing her many a crying fit when she realized the tediousness of the journey back to England. Now, she was scarcely a mile away, her heart thrumming excitedly in her chest. She smiled, whispering to herself.

"I'm back."

Looking down, she pulled a piece of parchment from her coat pocket, reading it's contents for the last time.

Dear Mother,

Although you may think it rude of me, I must leave you in order to pursue my dreams. I've found someone, and I must return to them quickly. I know you must be surprised, hearing me speak of someone with such fondness, but it is true. Please know that I love you, and that I always will. The same goes for Margaret. Should we never see each other again, know that I am well. I shall miss you both dearly.



Tears welled up in Alice's eyes as she read over the words. She wished she could wish her mother and sister goodbye in person, but it would be harder for her to leave. This she knew. So, she tucked the note back into her coat pocket, watching with bliss as the ship pulled in towards the harbor.

As soon as they had touched the side of the dock, Alice handed the note to the ship's captain, instructing him to deliver it to her mother immediately. She hadn't informed her of her return, opting instead to allow her to think she remained in China. Once the note was free from her possession, she flew from the ship, heading towards home. Her new home.

When she finally reached the familiar forest, she searched for the rabbit hole.

"Where are you?" she muttered, hunching over in order to see the ground better. A flash of white caught her eye, making her smile.

"McTwisp?" she whispered, seeing the infamous rabbit's head poke out from behind a bush. His eyes widened as they recognized her, an almost happy expression crossing his features. He leapt from the bush, producing a pocket watch from his waistcoat and pointing to it urgently. Alice sighed.

"I know. I'm late, as usual." The rabbit appeared to nod in agreement, scampering off. Alice gathered her skirts, following close behind. He led her to the tree she'd been searching for, disappearing down the hole that rested before it. Alice approached it excitedly, offering one last look around before jumping in.

The fall this time was not as scary as before. Alice assumed that this was because she was happy about it, rather than scared. Articles of furniture flew by her head at unimaginable speeds, some almost hitting her. When she slammed into the floor, (or the ceiling, rather), a sense of excitement built in her chest, threatening to explode. The room turned upside down, causing her to drop again to the floor with a thunk.

"Oof!" she exclaimed, picking herself up from the floor and dusting off her dress. Looking around, she spotted the bottle of Pishsalver on the glass table in the middle of the room and picked it up. Before she could raise the bottle to her lips, however, she remembered something.

"I will not make the same mistake twice." she murmured, picking up the key from the table. Satisfied, she quickly downed the horrid tasting drink, coughing as she felt herself begin to shrink. It seemed to take longer than the last time to reach a height of about four inches, but she couldn't be sure. The key had clattered to the ground as she shrunk, landing just in front of her now discarded dress.

"Clothes…" she whispered, looking for something to cover her body with. Suddenly, she got an idea. The box containing a small amount of Upelkuchen lay just a few feet away, and she approached it. Breaking off just a little bit of the cake, (for she had learned that a tiny amount was all one would need) she grabbed the key from the floor. With both items in hand, she crawled into her dress, dragging it along with her to the door. She climbed back out through the neck hole as she reached it, shoving the key in the lock and pushing the door open with as mush strength as she could muster.

Holding the door open with one arm, she scooted her dress through it with her foot. Once it was completely through, she stepped out into Underland for the third time. She forced herself to sustain from marveling at it's beauty long enough to crawl back inside of her dress and devour the bit of Pishsalver she had taken. To her delight, she began to grow back to her original size. Her head poked through the neck hole of her dress, stopping just at it's normal size. Now she could return to Hatter clothed. She chuckled at the thought of him seeing her in the nude. Oh, how her mother would die if she had heard of such thoughts!

With a grin, Alice set off towards the Tea Party, her cheeks rapidly turning an enlivened pink.

A while later, she heard the familiar tune of an old record. Her heart hammered wildly in her chest as she recognized the sounds of the Tea Party. He was there.

With new hope, Alice skipped down the path towards the man she loved.

When Alice reached the clearing, the sight that met her eyes was…less than cheerful. Only one person was seated at the cluttered table, his head down. His bright orange hair stuck out from beneath his hat, which covered his entire face. Alice could only imagine her friend's sad expression as she silently approached him, trying not to give her presence away. It was only when she stepped on a broken teacup that he noticed her. The naughty little bugger had been lying there on it's side, imperceptible to Alice. She gasped when her foot made contact with it.

"Ow!" she exclaimed, rubbing her foot. Thankfully, the glass hadn't embedded into her skin. She removed her eyes from her injured heel when she heard Hatter stir. Tucking a lock of golden hair behind her ear, she met his eyes, which were rapidly turning from a dull gray to a vibrant green. A large grin was spreading across his face, revealing a large gap between his teeth. He looked incredulous, as though unsure if this were really a dream.

"Hatter." Alice breathed, grinning from ear to ear. Said person stood abruptly, knocking over his chair. He paid it no mind as he stared at Alice, who looked as though she were about to burst from happiness. She walked quickly to him, becoming enveloped in his outstretched arms and wrapping her own around his torso. Tears of joy spilled over her cheeks as she breathed him in, burying her face in his chest.

"Alice, is it really you?" Hatter's voice sounded above her. She smiled, wiping her eyes.

"Yes, Hatter."

Her answer prompted Hatter to hug her closer, uttering the words he never thought he'd be able to say. "I've missed you."

"I've missed you, too." Alice replied, pulling back to look at him. His eyes were no longer green, but a strange shade of pink. She hoped that was a good sign.

"Alice, are you…staying?" Hatter asked hesitantly. She smiled.

" Forever and always, Hatter."

With that, Hatter proceeded to lift her off her feet and spin her in a circle, hooting with delight. Alice laughed as he set her back on the ground, grinning wildly. His eyes had remained that strange shade of pink, and she felt herself drawn to them.

"Hatter?" she asked quietly. He smiled at her.

"Yes, Alice?"

"Your eyes. What does pink mean?" she questioned, staring into them. Hatter's expression faltered- became nervous.

"Ah, it means," he looked around for something, ANYTHING, to change the subject with. Finding nothing, he was reduced to answering her question. "Love."

Alice's smile grew as she inched her face closer to Hatter's. They were only around an inch apart now.

"You love me?" she asked. Hatter suddenly grinned. A mad, Cheshire-worthy grin.

"Yes. I suppose I do."

Alice couldn't have been more ecstatic. "Good, because I do believe I love you, too." she said softly.

With that, she leaned forward and pressed her lips to Hatter's. It started out soft as a whisper at first, then rapidly grew more passionate. Hatter's arms slowly encircled her waist, while hers found their way around his neck. It would've been a most romantic scene, had one of them not lost their balance, causing them to tumble to the ground in a heap. They laid there for a moment, clutching their sides from giggling so much. Alice repositioned herself, laying her head on Hatter's chest. He wrapped an arm around her, chuckling once more. To anyone else, the scene would've appeared quite mad.

To Alice and Hatter, it was the beginning of forever.

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