"That bitch," Bree muttered under her breath loud enough for the girls to hear as they watched their newest neighbor move boxes and other odds and ends into the old Young house.

"Bree," Gaby looked at her friend in shock,

"I don't like her," she told them, "I don't know why but there's something about her I just don't trust...at all,"

"Honey, you haven't even met her yet, at least give her a chance," Lynette commented

"I'll give her a chance, but that's all" Bree stated firmly,

"Good, now let's go meet our new neighbors," Susan smiled as they all made their way to the Young's Bree made it a point to have to use the restroom.

"Hello, I'm Lynette Scavo," she smiled, shaking the shorter woman's hand, "This is Susan Delfino and Gabrielle Solis,"

"It's nice to meet you," she smiled," my name is Sydney, what a lovely street this is," she added

"Thank you," they answered

"Hey girls," Bree smiled, coming up beside them

"What are you doing here?' Sydney asked, looking utterly shocked "Michael!" she exclaimed backing up.

"What Syd ...Kimberly?" he asked looking directly at Bree,

"I beg your pardon?" Bree asked

"I'm sorry you look exactly like my ex-wife, it's remarkable" Michael marveled at her, "Sydney there are boxes in the house you should be attending to.."

"Like I'm leaving you alone with her," Sydney huffed

"Sydney, I swear if you start your crap," he pointed his finger at her

"Michael, I swear… if you start your crap," Sydney mimicked in a more threatening tone as she walked in the house.

"Sorry about that," He apologized,"she didn't exactly get along with my ex-wife so she may be a little skeptical,"

"hahahahaha!" Gaby cackled, "how ironic," she smiled,

"Gaby," Bree cocked her head to the side, warning her, "So where are you two from?" she asked him

"We're from California," he smiled, answering.

"What brings you to Fairview?" Lynette asked

"We finally decided to settle down and Melrose Place really wasn't the place to do it," Michael told them, oddly Bree felt a ting of jealousy

"Melrose Place," Bree smiled, "Sounds familiar,"

"Maybe it is," he smirked

"Maybe," she smiled, looking him straight in the eye and feeling her stomach flutter for the first time in years.

"I just remembered," Gaby interrupted the moment, "We have to go see Katherine, she just texted me,"

"Oh, well I guess we have to go," Bree smiled, shaking his hand

"It was nice meeting you," Michael told Bree, "It was nice meeting all of you," he corrected himself

"Yeah, you too," Lynette smiled as they made their way towards Katherine's house.

"What was that!" both Lynette and Gaby exclaimed

"Yeah!" Susan exclaimed, backing off as Bree glared

"I don't know what you're talking about," Bree answered coyly

"Maybe," Gaby mocked her

"I do not sound like that," Bree told her

"Admit it, you were flirting your ass off," Gaby said

"I..was not,"

"You kinda were," Lynette commented

"Told you," Gaby laughed

"Was not and anyway he's married,"

"So did you see the way his wife backed off?" Susan asked

"Yeah that was odd," Bree smiled


"Yes, I need to see Dr. Goldfine?" Bree told the receptionist

Hello, why Bree I haven't seen you in years, He smiled and ushered her into his office "So what's on your mind," he asked.

"I met a man and There's something about him," Bree confided ,"something familiar, it feels like I've met him, known him, even loved him, but at the same time he scares me,"

"Aren't you married?" he asked,

"Divorced," she answered


"I'll fill you in later, but what do you think I should do,"

"I think since your newly divorced you're looking for a replacement, someone to rid the loneliness and possibly he resembles Rex, or someone else,"

"That's the thing, he looks so familiar, even his wife; like I knew them in a past life or something,"

"Well, Bree, as you know I don't believe in reincarnation...you mentioned he's married,"

"Yes, to Sydney Mancini," Bree frowned at the thought of that woman

"I have an appointment, but I am going to reschedule you for tomorrow, Bree be careful these things get out of control quick,"

"You have nothing to worry about it's not like were in some lifetime movie or something," Bree smiled as she walked out the door.

*WELL I hope you guys enjoyed, I decided to rewrite this chapter. The changes aren't drastic or anything, mainly a little grammar and change of words.(: