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The next few days were quite tense for Bree. She had decided to ditch Dr. Goldfine, the thoughts she was having were ridiculous so she tried to shrug them off.

Tried was a big key word, she couldn't stop thinking about Michael.

Bree honestly believed she had gone mad!

The last couple of nights Bree had been having these horrible nightmares that involved her, Michael, and Sydney.

Bree awoke every night crying at the loss of her lover, not understanding why she felt this way and why she had such a sinister hatred for Sydney.

As every dream got more detailed and livid she soon began to gain feeling of true dislike for Sydney.

Bree had managed to convince herself that she was someone else, and she had to get Michael back

Bree had truly lost sight of herself, better yet…who was Bree?

Kimberly thought to herself as she pulled her stockings up.

She peaked out her bedroom window just in time to see her love walk by.

Kimberly had to talk to him, but she couldn't talk to him as Kimberly.

She had to be someone he was comfortable being friends with, as much as she dreaded attaching the word friend, she knew she would have him in her arms once more.

How could he resist her?

He was practically drowning on saliva the other day.

Kimberly just knew she had him where she wanted him.

"Michael!" Kimberly shouted as she ran after him

"Hello Bree," he smiled, greeting her

"Yeah," Kim muttered, still smiling, "I was just wanting to…apologize for not sending your muffin basket as promptly as I should have,"

"Oh," he laughed," They were amazing and I think you were prompt enough, don't beat yourself up," he joked, patting her on the shoulder.

"I still feel guilty so I was hoping you would like to come to the dinner party I'm hosting this Saturday," Kimberly suggested, trying to sound like Bree

"I'll have to check," Michael told her, turning around," Screw it, I'll be there," he laughed

"Thank you!" she smiled, "I'll send you a R.S.V.P tomorrow,"

"Alright then, Sydney's been dying to get out lately anyway," he informed 'Bree' crushing Kim's hopes

"Yes, yes," she smile, trying to hide her discontentment.

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