Snatches of a Manic Scarf

A collection of assorted drabbles for the Fourth Doctor and his era, most inspired by writing prompts from the dw100 community on LiveJournal, to be added to from time to time.

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That face it going to take some getting used to. (prompt: fungible)

It's in the Eyes

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"Time Lords are fungible, you see. We don't essentially change. You can exchange the face or height, but the man remains the same - which is why I can say without a doubt that that man there, though apparently of innocent appearance and demeanor, is the very essence of evil and my mortal enemy."

"Doctor, it's not him."

He frowned."Why do you say that? You don't understand fungibility, do you? No. Your people only get one face per personality. Can't trade humans across the board, never works."

"Because it's your own reflection," the Brigadier said, pulling away the mirror.