I had a plan- and no one could deny it's greatness. I was going to make him so confused and uncomfortable that it hurt him. He wanted to act professional and discreet, that was fine. Then so would I, and by the time I was done with him, he would be begging at my feet. His small glances and comments drove me crazy and I didn't have to take it anymore. Someone should give him a taste of his own medicine, and I was going to be the one to do it. That little kiss during Fishers job had put me on edge. He hadn't even commented on it afterwards.

How the hell was I supposed to know what he thought about me? Was I just supposed to fall into his arms without so much as a " I like you." Maybe he didn't even like me at all. Well I was going to find out. And if for some reason he didn't like me, then he would by the time I was done with him.

I was going to make him squirm, and I had the first move set and ready. Step one, be the tease. Make him think I want him, without actually giving him anything.

It was time to leave for the warehouse, but I was starting to get somewhat nervous. I had never flirted, let alone seduced a guy before in my life. It just wasn't me, but I knew I was capable.

By the time I got to the warehouse, I was ready for anything. Bring it on baby. I walked though the door with confidence and spotted Arthur sitting at his desk. Of course he would be working on something, even if we didn't have a job yet.

I suspected I was supposed to be here because of a new mission. I hadn't seen the boys in a month. Exactly enough time to come up with my brilliant plan. Arthur must have already had his target. Why was I always the last person to find anything out? Boys.

The next person I saw was Cobb. I made my body move faster and put an excited expression on my face. Dropping my bag I gave Cobb a huge greeting. He in turn wrapped his arms around me, smiling. Even if I didn't like Cobb the way I liked Arthur, I still missed him. I mean, I had seen him every day for months straight.

"Hey Cobb," I said to him.

"Ariadne, it's good to see you." He returned, smiling down at me. I knew Cobb liked me in a sisterly way. I was a lot like him. We both were artsy with huge imaginations. We both loved the thrill of creating something that was beyond magnificent. We were, for lack of a better word, addicted. I could never go back to my boring life in class. He knew exactly how I was feeling most of the time. It was usually comforting.

The next thing I did visibly made Arthur flinch.

"Eames!" I sprinted from Cobb's arms and into the ones awaiting me. I knew that Eames wouldn't not milk having a girl in his arms, and a reason to make Arthur unhappy. He grabbed me in mid-air and span me in a circle. To create the full effect I giggled. That's right, I let out a flirty sounding noise. And in turn, I heard Arthur cough. Eames immediately put me down, I frowned.

Arthur got up from his seat and walked towards me. I started to feel a little nervous but kicked myself out of it. His faced was stone, and completely unemotional. He didn't look happy to see me at all, perfectly shocking! Not.

I put out my hand to shake. His face fell just the slightest, but was back to it's normal self before I knew if it was really there. I decided to do something one better then a handshake. As soon as his hand reached mine I pulled him to me for an embrace. My arms wrapped around his neck while his arms slowly came around my waist. It was a second before I muttered,

" I missed you Arthur," into his ear. It was just low enough for him to hear. And my voice was just deep enough to come of as sexy. I felt a faint shiver run up his body and I smiled. I pulled away just enough to see his face. Before letting go of me, he gave a slight nod and side smile.

I turned from him as fast as possible not wanting him to see my smirk. At that moment, I knew I could do it.

"How is the research going?" I walked up behind Arthur leaving my hands on the back of his chair. I had recently found out the new job. It was a simple one, we had to retain information in a two layered dream. I was of course, to make the mazes. And knowing myself, I would be spending a lot of time on them and not enough time on making Arthur squirm. Oh well.

He turned his head to look at me before turning back to the computer. Once again, his faced showed nothing.

"Perfectly well." His voice only held the tone of a employer to an employ. And when I thought about it, the notion was crazy. He was NOT in charge of me. I walked behind his desk and computer in order to look at him full on. He was so handsome. God dammed, he looked amazing in his three piece suits and designer shoes. How could a person look so…perfect. That was the only way to describe him, perfect.

"Could I ask you something?" I said to him, keeping my face completely clear of any emotion. It wouldn't have mattered, his gaze never left the computer.

"Of course." He responded. I was watching him intently and noticed a smirk on his lips, even if it was a very slight one.

"Have you ever worn a t-shirt in your life?" My voice became light and flirty as I said this. The key was to be bi polar. I went from professional to flirty. Nice.

This time when I talked, he looked up.

"For what reason?" I smiled and pointedly looked at his upper body.

"Just wondering." I stated while walking around the computer to my desk. I heard him mutter something about girls to himself before going back to his work.

Instead of going back to mine, I walked over to where Eames desk was, which was to the right of Arthur's. Which meant Arthur boy could see everything, even hear something.

Eames was focusing hard on whatever he was doing but didn't fail to look up when he heard me coming over. He gave me a feline smile and wink.

'Darling, what sends you over?"

"Well I was hoping you could give me a few tips on something." I smiled at him while being friendly. After all I really did like Eames as a friend. He was the perfect distraction from the chaos around me. It was easy to be friends with someone who liked every person he saw. And plus, I knew he didn't like me anything more then an easy flirt or conversation.

"I have a problem firing a gun." I looked down at the ground while saying this, a little embarrassed. I was the only one on the team who had no idea what she was doing. I mean, there was a very good chance I would need that talent in the future. I had tried to teach myself, on days that no one else was in the warehouse, but it was useless, I couldn't do it alone.

"Luv, it would be my honor to teach you such a talent." Eames replied. He immediately got up form his chair and went to open a drawer. He pulled out a gun and handed it to me. Then he took my hand and led me to a clear space in the middle of the warehouse. Right between Arthur's and his desk.

"All I want to see is your stance. We'll practice actual shooting later, in a dream. It really is safer there. You cant actually hurt anyone. Even if it would be very entertaining to see poor little Arthur get a taste."

"Hmpf," I heard Arthur grunt and couldn't help but laugh. Eames really did like to stick it to him. It was hilarious.

I got into what I thought was a stance and heard Eames cluck his tongue.

"No, no, no. Of course the shooting wasn't working out for you. Your stance positively sucks."

"Hey." I said giggling. "Well then fix it, what do you think I hired you for?"

"I wish for something else," he told me winking. I couldn't help but laugh, but someone else wasn't to happy.

"Shut up Eames, don't harass her." Arthur grunted from his position at his desk.

"Jealous mate? Did you want to fix her stance? Well sorry, I think I might enjoy that."

Arthur looked incredibly pissed off. He stood up from his chair and walked closer to us, leaning on a nearby pole. His arms were crossed and he stood very ridged. Man would he be relaxed by the time I was done with him.

"Well get to it, Ariadne doesn't have all day." Arthur said.

"I can very well speak for myself Arthur." He flinched just a little and I almost felt bad. Well lighten up man, and I would have to take action.

Eames went behind me and fixed my posture. He commented on everything I was doing wrong and touched places where I needed to relax or tighten more. He was actually a very good teacher.

I looked at Arthur a few times to see how he was taking it all in. He looked upset. That was the only way to put it, the scowl on his face made him seem scary. He glared at Eames like he hated him, and I knew it was because of me. Everything was working out perfectly.

Then Eames did something not so appropriate. His hand might have taken a feel of my butt.

"Oops, Sorry I could control myself." Eames commented with a evil smirk. He was staring at Arthur. But so was I, I couldn't even think about what Eames had just done, because I was worried about Arthur. What he might do.

"Don't touch her," he growled. At that moment I thought he might try to go at Eames. When he started to move forward, so did Eames.

"Are you telling me what to do now champ?" Eames cracked. "I'll do as I like."

Arthur made some kind of animal noise again and they had become to close for my liking. I stepped in-between them, but closer to Arthur. I put a hand on his chest and looked pointedly at Eames. He raised an eye brow at my hand. I just smiled.

"Alright guys calm down." Arthur didn't seem to be backing down any time soon so I looked up at him. "Hey, I'm fine. He wont do it again." I said very softly. I was looking at him very hard and he was staring right back. Almost making sure I was really fine.

He signed and backed up. Eames smirked and started to walk away. But as he passed me he tapped me on the shoulder, "Till next time sweetheart." He left with his signature wink towards Arthur.

Arthur, of course had to be calmed down again. I put both my hands on his chest and whispered, "forget it, its over. Eames likes to mess with you, so don't let him feel the satisfaction of it working."

"I'm sorry, I just know how he is with girls and I don't want him to pull that with you." he said to me sincerely. I was melting inside. I was losing my nerve. He was showing emotion and that was when I couldn't control myself.

I had to do something to keep reeling him in, I could use this to my advantage. When an idea came to my head, I acted on it without thinking.

Keeping my hands on his chest, I rose on my tip toes to give him a chaste kiss on the cheek. I lingered a little longer then normal to give him the full effect. He would be feeling that kiss the rest of the night. My head was still very close to his when I finished and I could see him staring at my lips. When his eyes moved up to mine I said, "Thank you Arthur. What would I do without you?"

He was till staring, his body tense. I slowly moved my face from his without braking eye contact. When I was a good two feet from him. I rubbed my eyes. I needed an excuse to brake the contact somehow, tiredness was an easy one.

"I think I'm going to be heading home. Too tired for my own good." I signed and began to turn away, "Goodnight Arthur."

He quickly grabbed my wrist before I could take full leave. "Sweet dreams." He whispered before letting me go. I watched him for a short moment before leaving.

Oh yeah, he was already hooked.