Chapter One

Satin/Silk: So apparently One Night Only was so epic and awesome that people demanded a sequel and I had to give it to them. Because I am that kind of a person and my muse says I am so full of crap…except he used another word. Any who, here that sequel that you wanted and I have NO idea what's going to happen so yay for surprises.

As well as far as Astoria Greengrass is concerned, I have no knowledge of her whatsoever so a lot of this is made up. I had to research who she was because I kind of refuse to read the 7th book but that's another story. This fan fic was inspired by JHoliday's song Suffocate.

As well as I do not own any of the characters presented or implied in this chapter! They all belong to J.K. Rowling. Though there will be some OOCness due to the interpretation that I have to how they would react in this unlikely circumstance.

Summary: "'Cause I can't breathe when you talk to me, I can't breathe when your touching me. I Suffocate when your away from me so much love you take from me .I'm going out of my mind."

Chapter One

She was perfection. She was simply perfection and if he had really looked at her, he would have seen the sparkle of her eyes, the smooth shine to her hair and that smile. If he tried, he could love her and he saw that now. Astoria Greengrass was perfection and it wasn't because she was willing to marry him, it had nothing to do with her background or the fact that she was willing to give him a chance. She was simply perfection and he was in awe of it. Draco Malfoy was hardly in awe or rather he would have thought so before he saw Granger dance on the floor. Since then, he realized that awe came as easily to him as happiness came to others.

And if he had tried earlier, he could have been in awe with her from day one but he hadn't. He was consumed by his grief and by his own tortured mind that he hadn't noticed what she was before. It wasn't just the sparkle of her green eyes or the way her hair was never out of place. Unlike Granger's hair which was always out of place and it didn't matter what she did. A great example would have been that morning when Granger was ready for work. Her hair was no longer the frizzy disaster from school but smooth perfection. Almost perfection with those few strands that refused to obey and adhere to the rules of what must be so. It made Draco smile despite it all.

She made him smile not that Astoria couldn't but smiles hadn't come as naturally with her as they did with Granger. Astoria looked up from the book that she had been reading by the nearby Malfoy Garden Fountain. She was wearing a simple but beautiful and form fitting summer dress. It was formal, expensive but compared to Astoria, it looked like some second rate rag. She looked at him with boundless curiosity, apprehension, and quiet determination. That had been the thing that always drew Astoria to Draco; determination oozed from her every pore. It was a familiar and it made her comfortable for him to be around.

"Drac," Usually the nick name would make Draco flinched.

She only called him that to piss him off and in turn he called her Tori because she felt the same way about it. Astoria was a little taken back by his cool demeanor, his easy going spirit and the smile at his hated nick name. She liked it but hated it. He could bare her no good news and yet somehow she knew it was coming to this. She turned towards him and placed the book on her lap. She allowed room for him to sit and he did so effortlessly. Sometimes she wondered if he was really a god among men or just graceful.

"Tori," She tried not to flinch.

"Did you do what you needed to do," She stared into his eyes even though she hadn't wanted to.

"Yes and no," He stared back.

"Meaning," Her voice was strong and he respected her for it.

He opened his mouth and then closed quickly. His smile was gone and it was replaced with a frown. Astoria bit her lip, an ugly habit that would have made her mother faint, and old Draco would have sneered at it. Instead he grabbed the tip of her jaw and kissed her with such a passion that it frightened her. Despite the intensity of the kiss, there was nothing. She pulled away from him immediately and wondered who was before her. And then she realized something. He didn't smell like him. There was more than his usual scent. There was an undercurrent of a feminine scent beneath it, no tangled with it as it created a new scent that she didn't recognized. So that was it.

"Who is she," She said simply.

She was unsure if she was upset or just jealous that someone got that close to him.


The music still pounded in his head and he was sort of grateful for it. It made it easier to forget what she said. Although it was impossible to forget what his soul mate had said to him. The loud noise didn't erase what he felt when she left him and grabbed someone else. He closed his eyes tightly as he tried to ignore the feeling of them together. If that image wasn't bad enough, he couldn't help but admit to himself that they looked perfect together. They were perfection in the form of grinds. How ridiculous was that? How bloody insane was that he was happy in a sick sort of way.

And yet, he was miserable because he lost her and all because he hadn't shown up that first night. She explained it all in an owl to him. He had been so upset that he hardly could stand to read the whole thing but he did. And to think Malfoy had sent him that owl only to steal his girl from him in front of him! The audac-…the audaci….the bastard! Merlin, he couldn't make sentence now but that probably had more to do with the smooth burning sensation going down his throat.

How did this happen? You don't just hook up with a stranger or rather someone you hated your whole academic life or did you? He shook his head, and turned to see something that he could call perfection. It was another club but different. He didn't understand why he would come to another one of these but he had. Maybe he had thought that he could find clarity if he was in one. Maybe he could find perfection with someone or Hermione would change their mind and they could be perfection. He had doubted the thought before but now, he couldn't dare to think it.

She was perfection. Her dark hair and glowing eyes called to him. She wasn't Hermione, she didn't move like Hermione but Merlin knew she had a dark seduction of her own. Like a moth to her flame, he went to her. She was slower, her movements were dirtier and god if there could be one person to embodied sex, it would be her. She made him hard with a single thrust of the hip. It should be illegal, was this how Malfoy felt. In all honesty, he didn't give a damn. His mug shattered on the ground somewhere and he heard the outrage but he had to touch her. And he did, he touched and she let him. And he fit unlike with Hermione; he fit her with a woman that he didn't know. He couldn't see her face but he didn't know if he wanted to. He couldn't breathe; it was like he was suffocating.


The day had been longer than Hermione had anticipated and when it came time to go home, she was a bundle of nerves. Was he coming back? She didn't know honestly. They hadn't spoken that morning at all. No words were exchanged; he smiled at her and then smirked. The look made her weak with need. Merlin, who could he do that with such a thing. The expressions haunted her the whole day and made her spill her coffee. Then she called someone the wrong name and she had to rewrite her letter to Ron five times because she couldn't spell. The man was a disaster but she had decided to try.

Her flat was empty and her heart sunk. What had she been thinking? Had she honestly thought he would be there when she got back? She shook her head and she was unsure what she was suppose to think. She put her things down and grabbed her iPod. It had been a present from Harry and Ron. The mere thought of Ron made her smile but want to weep at the same time. She ignored the thought; she pushed the thought away as she put on the first song that she could find. The beat overtook her and she ignored how silly she felt in her work clothes.

Instead, she closed her eyes and it surrounded her. Her body only needed a moment and she was engulfed. The sways of her body were slow at first and until things picked up and she moved with such accuracy. Her body was no longer hers but the music as it demanded her to move that way. She focused on the music and nothing else. And then there was that moment that she could always count on. He found her.

His hands were on her hips and his body so perfectly molded with her own. She smiled to herself and took one of her earphones and put it in his ear. Even though, it didn't seemed to matter; his body was naturally in tuned to hers and it didn't matter what she did. Somehow his body would be right there catching up with every note that she danced to. She was never too fast for him, they were of the same world and it delighted her. He was hers and the thought put over the moon.

They swayed and she swooned at the thought of being his. When the song was over, they stopped than they didn't want to. His hands were all over her body, her fingers in his hair and her hand over one of his. His breath was hot, heavy and sweet. The mere feel of it sent earthquakes up and down her spine. Merlin, what was it about this man? They stayed like that for what seemed like hours. Her own breath eventually slowed like she could fall asleep like that. And a part of her knew that she probably could but now wasn't that time for it. She pulled away and she could have swore that she heard him whimper.

She turned to look into his eyes that she hated for so long. There was a look in his eyes that she couldn't describe. He hadn't wanted to let go of that movement. They weren't in the club anymore. They were in her flat and they had to deal with this.

"Did you-" He nodded before she could finish the sentence.

"And you?" She nodded as well.

"Malfoy, I …" She what?

"Granger, don't get soft on me, alright. I have had enough of female frailty for one day." She couldn't help the glare that she produced.

"Frailty," Maybe that hadn't been the right word.

"You can't expect me to know what words are coming to offend you," And yet she did.

"Really, because I remember the beaver comment and that certain one word you threw around like it was hello or perhaps a boomerang,"

He gritted his teeth. What could he say to that beside nasty things? Did she want an apology for that?

She shouldn't.

He wasn't going to. Couldn't they accept that was in the past and things were different now or were they? Maybe this couldn't work. She grasp silently to herself as if she could read his thoughts. What had she been thinking, this couldn't work. They were insane; their hatred was bound to arise when the music ended. It was their nature and it was their way.

Without words between them, Malfoy turned away and started for an exit. Hermione turned around, trying to compose herself. She had made a mistake and that was all it was. She was entitled to do that every once in a while was she not? And then suddenly, he grabbed her, twisted her around, threw her body into his and slammed his lips onto hers. There it was that spark, that energy that made her wants to die in his arms. She was flashed to that first moment and she didn't want to let go. She wanted him as hers.

He pulled back, feeling what he had missed when he kissed Astoria. He couldn't go back. He had just proven that this was as good as he was ever going to get. Astoria was perfection but Granger was his deadly siren drug. He couldn't miss a dose of that and perfection could come about with proper application. He looked at her.

"I am willing to try," It was all either one of them could say.

The word seemed to echo in their heads as they just stared at the other. There was no going back now but how were they suppose to try?

Satin/Silk: *fans herself* I don't know about you but wow. I thought Weasley deserved some closure and he and his mystery lady might pop up every now and then as will Astoria. As for Dramione, can they really try? I have no idea but let's see shall we? Listen to OMG by Usher while reading.