50 Ways To Make A Girl Smile

Sequal to 45 Things A Girl Wants

Description: It's been 3 years since I last saw Kagome, all because of that stupid bet. It's my second year of university and I think Kami gave me a second chance. Why? Well, I have the same classes with Kagome. This might be my chance to fix things, and hopefully get back together.

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I sighed as I dropped my stuff by the couch in my new dorm room. My parents finally decided to let me live in a dorm rather then at home. Sure it would be more convenient for me to live with mom and dad since my university is in my home town, but I want a taste of independency. You know, before I'm completely on my own in case I make a dumb mistake or what not.

"This room seems really nice." I heard my mom say when she and my dad caught up to me. Dad dropped the two other bags I had but couldn't carry since I already had three. Yes, I brought everything I owned, okay, well except all the unnecessary items like my gaming systems. Okay, I brought my PS3, sue me. I have to have at least one gaming system.

"It's alright." I said. I would probably like this place a lot better if I didn't have a room mate. I tried to get a single person dorm, but they were all taken so I had to get a dorm with one other room mate. I wish we could pick who we were bunking with. If we could, I would have roomed with Kouga and Miroku. But since I knew that we couldn't pick dorm mates, I knew the chances were extremely slim we'd be together so I decided to take a two person dorm.

"Do you need any help unpacking, sport?" my dad asked.

"Since when do you call me sport?" I asked. That ones new.

"I called you that when you were a young pup." my dad chuckled. "And now your 20 years old."

"Your not going to cry are you?" I rolled my eyes. My dad just rolled his eyes and patted my shoulder. Somehow, he still made me feel like a little kid. But not in a good way. In like, he's still bigger then me type of way, though he didn't scare me. My dad is far from scary.

After an hour or so, my room mate still hadn't arrived and my parents finally left. At least I got to chose the bigger room, though the size differences aren't all that great. My room just has enough space to fit a double bed instead of a single, so my room mate gets the single bed, which is awesome.

I decided to sit down on the three seat couch and turn the TV on and play some Call Of Duty. I swear, I've been playing this game for years and its still a lot of fun. I'll never get tired of it.

I had been playing for half an hour when the door opened. I looked up and pressed pause so I could meet the guy I would be staying with. Hopefully he's not one of those stuck up pricks.

"Mom, stop!" the guy yelled as he struggled to get in the room. I watched as his mom clung to his arm, begging him to come home. I laughed, my mom was being the same way at home before we left, but she accepted it before we got here.

"Mom, I'll be fine." the human guy rolled his eyes.

"Do you need some help?" I asked him with a laugh. He just looks like your average normal guy. Bright blue eyes, dark brown hair. Big muscles. I bet if I was a girl, I would have taken a whole paragraph to describe him. Thank god for being a simple minded guy!

"Please!" he begged and handed me his bags so he could push his mom off of him.

After a lot of struggle, we finally got his mom to accept the fact that my room mate was going to university. Geez, she was worse than my mom. We spent about an hour unpacking. I helped since his father is on a business trip in China at the moment so it would have been a bit hard if I hadn't. Plus I don't want to look like a lazy ass and my mom raised me like this.

"Thanks a lot man," the guy said as he scrathed the back of his neck. "By the way, I never got your name." he laughed.

"Oh, right. I'm Inuyasha Takahashi."

"The Inuyasha Takahashi?" he gaped. Great, he knows I'm rich.

"The one and only." I shrugged.

"Nice to meet you." he shook my hand. "I'm Hayaku Shizuka."

"Nice to meet you too." I nodded my head. So far it seems he's not interested in my money... Oh well, I'll see. All I should be worried about is school tomorrow. I have one year down, six more to go and I can finally be a doctor. Six years, just six years... Do you know how fucken long six years is? Oh gawd this is going to be a very very very long wait till I can reach my goals. Frig me...

By the end of the day, me and Hayaku learned a lot about each other. He's going to school for Law, like my brother is, though my brother is attending school in Yokohama. Thank god I don't have to look at his cold face all the time, though this is his last year before he comes back to Tokyo. Yay...

Anyways, Hayaku has a half wolf demon girl friend named Akai who he's been dating for nearly four years now. He will not shut up about her! Apparently she's going to school for Graphic Design which will take about three years. Less than half the time I need. He said they've been friends as kids and never imagined to start dating. She's loud and outgoing, and very hyperactive, though she's very respectful of other people. I'm not sure if I want to meet her if she's as hyper as a five year old on chocolate...

I told him that I'm single, I haven't had a girlfriend, since well, the bet. I know, I still feel horrible about it! But I don't want to talk about it so I'm moving on. Though I didn't tell him about that part, of course.

I told him about Miroku and Kouga, who he'll probably meet soon. Uhm, stuff about what I'm going to school for, my swimming and music interests, you know, that fun stuff. But now I'm going to bed cause I have my first class is at nine in the morning tomorrow.


My first day. My first class. Funny thing, I'm kind of excited. I'm not really all that sure why though cause I really hate school. Having to sit in a desk for hours straight really sucks you know? My first class is Bio, which is in the right wing of the school, which is unfortunately the farthest from my dorm. Which sucks cause that means I gotta be up even earlier.

I walked in and there seemed to be around 100 students already. I'm pretty sure this class has about 300 kids in it. I looked at the teacher and he was a yonger professor. Hopefully he wont be boring like those really old professors.

I looked around and decided that the middle would probably be a good spot to sit. It's not in the back where I would likely slack off, and it's not in the front where I will look like a nerd. I sat down beside a female cat demon, who looked mighty fine might I say. Though there's no chance in hell I'd date her, dog demons are band from doing so. I wouldn't want to anyways. They're all stuck up bitches/pricks who think they're better than everyone else.

I looked at my watch to see that there was only five more minutes until class officially began. When I looked back up, I saw a few more students walking in, including a gorgeous looking girl with raven black hair. Her hair's wavy down the her mid back. If it was straight it would probably reach to nearly her butt. She's wearing tight jeans that flare out at the bottom and a pink tank top. I couldn't help but stare at her. She just stood out.

I shook my head out of my daze when I saw her walking up to the middle section, where I am. The closer she got, the more familiar she became. She has doe brown eyes that shone with joy, and a cute smile. She sat down just a few seats down and to the side of me.

And that's when it hit me.

That's Kagome!

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