50 Ways To Make A Girl Smile

Sequel to 45 Things A Girl Wants

Description: It's been 3 years since I last saw Kagome, all because of that stupid bet. It's my second year of university and I think Kami gave me a second chance. Why? Well, I have the same classes with Kagome. This might be my chance to fix things, and hopefully get back together.

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Please Note: This story shouldn't be all that confusing without reading 45 Things A Girl Wants, Actually, you probably wouldn't be all that lost without reading it, though I HIHGLY suggest you read it first.

Please Note 2: This is my 4th attempt at writing in the first person. My first three attempts weren't great at all, so let me know what you think. But don't get confused if I suddenly switch back to third person.

PS. You guys are going to HATE me by the end of this chapter xD You have been warned!

This is wonderful! It's getting chilly out, winter is coming. We're all wearing jeans, big sweaters under our coats, hats, scarves, gloves, you name it. We're expecting snow any week now…

It's been nearly a month. No more, Kuki, err or Hojo? Or, I don't know..

Here's what happened.

Kagome ended up passing out and I had caught her just before she hit the ground. Kouga had made a mad dash to try and get, what ever that was, and bumping into everything might I add. Sango rushed to me to see if Kagome was alright, and Miroku went to help Kouga out.

I heard a few cops snicker at my two dumb ass drunk friends as they ran into each other, trying to catch the shape shifter thing.

I leaned down on my knees and laid Kagome on the floor and Sango stayed beside her while I went to help the two idiots.

Akai had come from nowhere with a cold, wet cloth and placed it on Kagome's forehead and joined us in trying to catch the, I don't know what to call it? Him? Her?

I noticed Hayaku sticking with Sango in case it came near Kagome. Two drunks protecting her is better then one is what I always say. Literally. It's better to have two drunks taking care of someone who's passing out at a party.

"Inuyasha, don't hurt him!" A way too familiar voice said from behind me as I tried looking for, it. I turned around just to see, my mother?

"Mom?" I stopped, wondering why the hell she suddenly came here.

"Hunny, he didn't do anything wrong! You shouldn't punish him." she said to me and extended her arms out like she was going to hug me.

"Inuyasha you're such an idiot!" Akai yelled and punched my mom in the face. She fell to the ground and I turned to Akai, ready to beat the shit out of her. "That's not your freaken mom! Get your mind straight and realize who ever this is, is playing mind games with you!"

I took a deep breath and let out a low growl as I turned to 'it'. She glowed a bright yellow again before turning into Kuki.

"Inuyasha, please! No more, I'm done!" she cried to me. I took a gulp and looked at the police. It seemed like they understood what my eyes had asked them as they nodded to me.

"I don't normally hit a girl," I said as I walked up to her, watching her groggily get up. "But you've been stalking me and you hurt Kagome's feelings, you almost broke us apart again and I can't forgive that. See those cops? They gave me the okay, and now it's judgement day for you…"

And then I went ahead and beat some of the shit out of her.

Turns out, Kuki wasn't actually Hojo. She only turned into him to confuse me, and to get Kagome out of the picture. How? I don't know. That's just what heard her yelling when the cops put her in the car. That was the last I've heard of her, and it's nice that she's out of the picture.

But that was a whole month ago, or well, close to it. And yes, I did make sweet love to Kagome that night. It was amazing. I can't even describe it. And it wasn't the last time either.

But, let's forget about that for now and let's focus on what's actually going on right now.

Me, Kagome, Miroku, Sango (who are dating now!), Kouga, Ayame, Hayaku, and Akai are all walking out from Sango's father's trail. She had decided to show us all it, and we've been having lunch there every Saturday since. It's about two in the after noon, and we're walking down a path with dead leaves all over the place. All the leaves on the trees had fallen so snow is due any time now.

I have noticed something a little 'off' about Kagome though, she seems to be acting a little different lately. For the past week to be exact. I have no idea why, but I'm sure I'll figure it out at some point or another.

I sighed and grabbed Kagome's hand. "This was yet another great Saturday!"

"Amen to that." Miroku said and tried reaching behind Sango, but she caught before he was able to lay a hand on her butt.

Kouga rolled his eyes as he wrapped an arm around Ayame's shoulder and Akai jumped on Hayaku's back, getting yelled at in the process. Seems like we're all finally happy.

But everyone knows what that means. Something bad is probably going to happen. That's usually the case when everything is perfect.

But I'm not going to think of bad possibilities right now, cause I can't be happier. The eight of us are supposed to go to my parents house tonight for supper, which everyone seems to be excited for. Not to mention Sango, Akai, and Hayaku are going to meet Sesshomaru and Rin. Oh have I mentioned that they got engaged last year and are getting married in a few months? If I didn't, well to tell you the truth, it just slipped my mind. That and I don't care too much. Well I'm happy Rin is settling down, but I don't give a rats ass about my so called brother. And now we're off topic.

We just arrived back at the dorms, and we went to our own rooms to relax for a bit and get ready for supper.

"What are you doing?" Hayaku asked me as I started to clean a certain spot on the counter.

"You know like two months ago when I caught you and Akai making out, her topless might I add?"

"Uhm, yeah, what of it?"

"Well with everything that's been going on, I forgot to sanitize this spot, so I decided to do that now."

"You're a dick." Hayaku threw the cloth he was using to clean the dishes with. I caught the nasty cloth and threw it back at him, calling him the same thing.

I finished cleaning the now sanitized spot, I put the cleaner back and threw the paper towel out, then I grabbed my cell phone and texted Kagome. we're supposed to leave in an hour so I'm sure Akai and Kagome will be at our dorm any minute. Then we would go meet up with Miroku, Sango, Ayame and Kouga who would all be in Kouga's dorm.

She answered that she was in my dorm within two minutes. I looked at my phone weirdly just before Akai cam barrelling in and jumped on Hayaku's unsuspecting back while Kagome came in behind her, laughing at how hyper Akai is at the moment.

Kagome was wearing the cutest wintery outfit I've seen. She's wearing dark blue, skinny jeans with the cutest grey sweater with fake fur on the inside of her hood. Akai had light blue jeans on with a bright orange American Eagle sweater. I like Kagome's outfit better.

"Well let's go now then so we can be there on time." Hayaku suggested. I nodded in agreement and we put our shoes on and left to meet up with the others. Once we had gotten all together, we called a taxi (a mini van taxi) to come pick us up. We only had to wait for fifteen minutes before is arrived. Three of the girls ended up having to sit on us, once again to the drivers discomfort, but I (of course it would be me again) paid him extra.

We arrived at my parents mansion and we piled out of the taxi then made our way to the front door. Instead of knocking on the door, I just let myself in and we were quickly welcomed by Rin and Sesshomaru who seemed they had just gotten in the door.

"Inuyasha!" Rin automatically hugged me. 'I haven't seen you for SO long!"

"Hi Rin." I gently patted her on the back. Normally I would give her a real hug, but every time she hugs me my brother sends me a glare that says 'touch her and I'll kill you'.

She let go and I introduced everyone to them, and Akai seems to have taken a pretty good liking to Rin and Sesshomaru. I have no idea how she's doing it, but she's having a full blown conversation with the two of them. I'm not surprised about Rin, but Sesshomaru? Really? He's my half brother and I can't talk to him for more then three seconds without being shot down.

Hayaku decided to stay by me, seeing as he's a little nervous about the size of Sesshomaru, and I showed him and Sango around as we followed the three to where my parents should be.

We easily found them watching TV in the family room. My mom noticed us right away and she shot straight up to great us all. My dad on the other hand, well he's too focused on the football game to even notice my mom disappeared from his side. My mom tried getting his attention by calling his name, but she failed miserably. So I just grabbed a throw pillow and hit him as hard as I could on his head, that definitely got his attention.

"Inuyasha!" he roared when he turned around and realized it was me. "You messed my hair up!" he yelled as he tried fixing his ponytail. He failed miserably so he went to the washroom where there's a mirror and his damned hairspray.

My mom invited us to sit down in the dinning room and we gladly took the offer. My dad joined us in a little bit and he flashed me a dirty glare. I just gave him a big toothy smile and cute wave like I always did when I was a little kid.

My mom and dad sat at either end of the table. On the right side is Sesshomaru, beside my dad, and beside him is Akai, Kouga, Sango, then me. At the other end is my mom, and across from me is Kagome, then Miroku, then Ayame, Hayaku, and Rin. We were all basically sitting across from

our partners.

"It's so nice to meet all your new friends, Inuyasha." my mother smiled to me as everyone started chatting up a storm.

"It's only, like two people? And Sango, but she's an old friend." I answered my mom just as the servants came in with our food. They placed the platters in front of everyone and once we all got our plates, they lifted the lid and I swear Kagome was going to cry when she saw the meal.

Noodles with Alfredo sauce and garlic bread. This is exactly what we ate when she first met my family.

"Champagne, mam?" the servant came and asked Kagome once he served Miroku.

"No thank you," Kagome answered him. "I'll just have a glass of water please."

"Alright," the servant said and pulled the champagne up just before he poured it in her glass. "I'll be right back with it as soon as I serve miss Izayoi."

"Take your time." Kagome nodded to him. I looked at her oddly, seeing as I thought she would gladly take the offer based on the night we went to the bar. I just shrugged it off and continued with our conversations and eating the food.

"Inuyasha, Sesshomaru," my dad started. "Do you two remember when you had your friends over and you guys made a food fight?" he said.

"Oh yes," my mom giggled. "Miroku and Kouga were here. How did it start again?"

"Like this," I heard Kouga say before some noodles flew directly in my hair. I calmly put my fork down, wiped my mouth with a cloth, took a small breath, then stuck my hand in my food, grabbed a handful of noodles, and chucked them at Kouga.

"You did not just…" he grumbled and threw his half eaten garlic bread at me, hitting Sango instead of me. She got angry, and threw a napkin at him, seeing as she didn't want to waist the food the cooks spent a lot of their time on. I just laughed at her and Kagome gave me a dirty glare.

"Oh lighten up." I said and threw some noodles at her. She gasped as I got it on my target, down her shirt (breasts to be exact) and she yelled my named before pulling the noodles out and throwing them back at me, though she somehow missed and got Sango. Poor girl.

And before we knew it, everyone was having a food fight. As I began to laugh at how Akai is attempting to catch food with her mouth, Ayame got a good shot at my face, getting sauce in my eyes and nose. I stopped laughed and basically freaked out trying to get it out, I had to use my shirt to get my face back to normal. Once I finished wiping my face, I noticed that my dad had disappeared somewhere.

"Mom, where did dad go?" I asked my mom, who's hiding under the table.

"I don't know dear," she gave me a shrug and I stood back up. When I looked at everyone, a few of them were starring straight at me with surprised expressions on her face. Before I even got the chance to ask what they were so surprised about, alfredo sauce fell over my head, covering my whole body.

"Are you fucken kidding me?" I yelled and turned around, just to see my dad with the pot in his hands, laughing so hard he was leaning against the wall. I could see the chef leaning against the frame of the entrance with his arms crossed, shaking his head. I looked back at everyone and they were all on the floor pissing themselves laughing.

"Kagome, you're not laughing at me, are you?" I spotted her, grabbing onto the table trying to keep herself from falling on the floor. She stopped laughing and looked up to me, seeing my arms extended out. You know what that means….

"Can I have a hug?" I gave her a big cheesy smile.

"Uhm, no thank you!" she squeaked and ran away. I went after her, well slid towards her, and caught her from behind. She screamed as I gave her a big hug, getting her covered in sauce.

"How about a kiss?" I asked and forced her to turn around. Before she could protest, I gave her a big kiss. When I pulled away she had a funny look on her face.

"Ew, too much sauce." she said and rubbed some sauce off my nose.

"This is definitely a moment to treasure!" I heard Rin say. We both looked at her just as she took a picture with her digital camera. I stuck my tongue out at her just as some servants came in with mops and gave them to my dad and a couple of our friends. I laughed and announced I was going for a shower. I feel just a little bit gross…


"So, did you have a good day?" I asked Kagome as we laid in my bed back at our dorm.

"Yeah, I did. It was nice having supper at your place again." she rested her head on my chest. I answered her with 'That's good' and rested my chin on her shoulder, taking in her amazing aroma. Though, her scent has changed a lot within the last month.

"Kagome," I said and intertwined my fingers with hers. "Are you okay? Your scent is a lot different from what it was a month ago…"

"Well," she said, and clutched onto my hand a lot tighter then she normally does. That usually means she has bad news… "Remember when we made love after the whole Hojo Kuki thing?"

"How could I not?" I answered with a smile. That was the most amazing night of my life.

"Well, you realize it was unprotected, right?" she said, and I raised my head off her shoulder to look at her face. "Well, I took a pregnancy test earlier this week, and…"


"I'm pregnant…" she said and all of a sudden tear poured out from her. Now her weird behaviour and not wanting the champagne makes sense. She curled up in a ball, like she always does when she's depressed, and balled her eyes out. All I could do was hug her, rock back and forth, and give her soothing words.

I can't believe this happened…


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