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iCarly and Sonny with a Chance Crossover

iGot a Chance of Siblings



"My little brother's coming here for Spring Break! He never knew he had a big sister til now and I just can't wait to hear how he reacted to his 'mom' actually being his aunt! Too bad we don't have Spring Break and we still gotta rehearse and such…" She glares. "He's from Seattle."

"Well, my little sister is coming here for Spring Break from Seattle, too. Yeah, our mom's a little… crazy… so I came here to live my normal-ish grandma and get me into showbiz… well, she actually encouraged me to…"

"I'm going to L.A. to meet my long- lost brother or something like that. My mom's not telling me who it is, though, but he's living with my grandma. What if he doesn't have a criminal record? He can't be my brother if he doesn't!"

"The same thing as you… I'm flying out to L.A. to meet my long-lost sister, too, but my mom's not telling me who it is..."

Fine and Good get a new user.

"So will you guys do it?" asked Carly.

"Fine," said Freddy.

"Fine," said Sam.



"We good?"

"Oh, we're so good!"

They both stormed off to leave a confuzzled Carly in the hallway. "Where did that come from?" she asked herself.

And what was expected to only see each other a few times over Break…

Well, maybe we won't havta see each other this week; well, except for Thursday and when we discuss what we're doing for iCarly. Freddy texted.

That would make momma happy! Same texted back.

turned out to be more times than what they wanted.

"I got a feeling we're gonna be seeing each other more than intended this week…" said Freddy.

"Same here, Fred-o…"

And their siblings are finally revealed.

"Ok, who are you?" asked Sam, now fed up with this charade.

"Let's just say that it's a good thing you guys don't have a crush on Chad Dylan Cooper and Sonny Monroe…" hinted Chad.

Then something clicked in Freddy's mind. He looked up at Sonny and Chad with wide eyes. "So… you guys are…"


"I'm Sam!" Sam screamed into the camera set up in the room.

"And I'm Freddy!" Freddy said into the camera.

"And this is iCarly!" They both said.


"Now, I know that we're in a very different place and Carly ain't here…" Freddy started.

"But we've got some new segments, people to meet, secrets, and via video chat with Carls!" Sam said excitedly.

new segments

"We've got Messin' with Marshal, Prank'd in the Prop House, and Tawni Tips!" Freddy smiled into the camera.

"We've made this as a special edition iCarly segments, but you will see them often, too!" Sam smiled.

people to meet

"And here's the cast of So Random!" Freddy announced and pointed to one side of the room. The remainder 4 cast members entered the Prop House.

"And the cast of Mackenzie Falls!" Sam said and pointed to the other door as the remainder four cast members entered.

via video chat

"Florida is great! I love Disney World! How's L.A?"

"Is that who I think they are behind the camera?"

"So are you say that your siblings are…"


"We recently found out who our siblings are!"

"Do you want to come out here, guys?"


"So, we know Chad likes you, but do you like Chad?" Freddy asked.

Sonny looked around before leaning into his ear. "Yeah, kinda, but don't tell anyone!"

"Dude, you seriously go 'the long way' to your dressing room just to see your crush?" asked Sam whilst laughing.

"Sonny is not my crush!"

"Ha, I never said it was Sonny!"

"Yeah, I do."

"Do you like Freddy…?"

"What? Hell no! That's the tech geek, Fred- weird, the dweeb… I don't like him! Pfft…"

He smirked. "I think you do..."

"Do not!"

"Look, Sam, I'm your big brother. I think I can tell you're crushing on him. Plus, I've been in the denial phase before, so I know what you're going through."

"Whatever, he likes Carly anyways…"

"You never know; things could change," He concluded.

"Do you like like Sam?"

"No! She always picks on me! Why would I like her?"

She sighed. "Because you're my little brother and I can tell that you like her."

"Fine, I like her…"

c h o i s e s

"Do you want to go back to Seattle or stay in Hollywood?"

"We can't leave Carls!" "She's our best friend!"

"It's either here or there. It's your choice, guys."

The two younger siblings looked at each other, unsure what to do next.

Join the adventure in…

iGot a Chance of Siblings

Sonny with a Chance


Sonny Monroe

"Well, yes- it's a plastic chicken!- but that's not the reason!"

Chad Dylan Cooper

"Well, I'm the Bad Boy and I'm sometimes called a JERK or a HEARTTHROB or a MEANIE or CONCEITED or something along the lines of THAT!"

Tawni Hart

"Tawni Tip #1: Tawni Town is one heck of a town!"

Skyler DeVane

"Just beware; my character – and occasionally me – can be as bad as Zora!"


Freddy Benson/Monroe

"I was the producer… of bagels, putting ice on a sweaty man's stomach, taking care of a puking dog, and cleaning up what me boss produced."

Sam Pucket/Cooper

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me! Is this some kind of joke? Am I on Prank'd or something?"

Carly Shay

"Is that who I think they are behind the camera?"

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