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Author's notes: Well I decided on a new fic, because I've had this new idea kicking around in my head (in different slowly evolving forms,) for a while. Tenth Doctor and Rose this time, just because well I think Ten is the best new series Doctor for this particular plot, and I think he worked best with Rose in the series. This would technically be AU I think, because it does not align to the events of season two at all, but follows it's own series of events. This story will potentially be several chapters long and have plenty of room for some real character development.

"I remember that one," Rose Tyler cried in excitement, laughing out loud and stopping on the sidewalk to rest her hands on her knees as a fit of giggles escaped from her control. She composed herself after several seconds, looked up and with her eyes watering from laughter exclaimed, "that kind of remained me of that time back on Alteron Three. Remember that six armed blue thing..." she doubled over laughing again, and stumbled slightly over her own left foot, trying to walk and laugh so hard at the same time. "Trying to look so scary and mean... running with all four eyes looking at us... the wet floor in the hall..."

"Luckiest escape ever," the Doctor said, laughing slightly himself, and reaching out to stop Rose from falling over a crack in the uneven sidewalk.

"Boom!" Rose cried, still laughing loudly, and throwing her arm forward to indicate how a nine foot tall and cobalt blue alien, had hit the floor hard after slipping in a puddle of water, left by a floor mopping bucket the creature itself had earlier stepped in.

"It was Alteron Four though," the Doctor said. "Alteron Three is just so hot. Molten rock, steaming mountains. Not a place to visit at all."

"Three, four, five, all the same to me. I can't keep track of all these planets," Rose replied as her laughter subsided.

"Seriously though," she said, as the two to them made their way along a quiet side street of London in the evening. "I'm just happy to travel with you to... everywhere and anywhere. So, clearly we are in London, England, Earth, but when are we?"

"Oh, around the middle of March, in the year 2007."

"Great. Hey I might just go and see my Mum, while we're in the neighborhood. Want to come?"

"No, no. I don't still don't think she likes me very much. I might just drop in on an old friend of mine for the evening. I have some business to take care of."

"So, that's why we came here?"

"That and your Mum of course, yes."

"Thank you," Rose said, turning to him with a smile on her face.

"Have a nice time. I'll meet you back here in the morning. We're not too far from the estate. You have your phone?"

"Of course. Call me if anything comes up."

Rose stood with the Doctor on the corner of the quiet street as they both looked around at the closed shops and the traffic lights across the intersection. It was obviously a Sunday evening, because most businesses had closed early. She found it a little strange to think in terms of days of the week, in the midst of a life in which days were of no real consequence, and fell in no real and particular order anymore. A bus rolled down the road, with a few people on board. The lights from inside it showed dimly through the windows. Two men walked out of a pub a short way up the street, clearly tipsy, cheerful and both chuckling over a woman named Mary-Clare. Both men nodded a greeting, and Rose and the Doctor both cheerfully responded with polite nods of their own. A red car pulled up to a red light at the corner, music blasted from within, and it's driver, a young redheaded woman, tapped her hands on the wheel. The light changed to green and she took off, driving fast. It was just another simple and ordinary evening in London. A night full of ordinary people doing ordinary things. After a quick wave to each other, the Doctor and his companion turned in opposite directions and began to walk off to the places they intended to go.

A girl running up the street caught the attention of them both. Such a thing would typically not have attracted much notice at all, except that she was looking backward as she ran, as if she were looking for and fearing seeing, someone behind her. Rose saw her as a multi-colored blur of motion as the girl hurried past, pushed her lightly out of the way without saying a word and ran toward the entrance to an alleyway. Rose would have continued on her way, after deciding there was not a thing she could do about it, and hoping the girl was alright, if she had not been knocked right off her feet by a big bald headed man in a motorcycle jacket, and jeans.

"Stop you little fool," she heard him shout at the girl, as she pulled herself to her feet and looked around frantically after the pair.

"Give me your wallet!" the big man bellowed, running with the poor girl still ahead of him. Rose looked around for the Doctor, and found him at the end of the block, standing in his own shocked position against a brick wall. She hurried over to him.

"Help," she cried, as she ran. "Someone stop that man. He's tryin' to mug that girl!" But there was virtually no one around, and those few that drove by in their cars just drove on past.

The Doctor took off running after the would be mugger as soon as it registered in his mind, what he was witnessing. Rose turned as he hurried past her, and she ran after beside him, pulling her mobile phone from the pocket of her jeans as she ran.

"Go on to your Mum's" he said. "I have to stop that guy, but I can deal with this one alone."

"No way," she answered, continuing to run. "I'm sticking with you!" They both saw the mugger chase the girl into the alley and they rushed after him.

"Stop!" Rose called to the man, doing her best to sound authoritative, and in control. "You've been caught. Now leave her be." The big brute of a man only ran onward, ignoring her.

"Looks like a dead end up ahead," the Doctor whispered to her, as they both slowed their pace a little. "He will find himself with now here to run." He grinned, as a plan of action crossed his mind. "Stay here. If he turns and comes back this way, try to trip him with your foot." He raced off running again after the mugger.

Rose stood at the entrance to the alley, watching to see how everything would unfold, hoping to God the mugger did not have a hidden knife, and waiting for a chance to make a move of her own. The alley was just a simple ordinary urban London back alley in a working class district of the city. The brick walls of the backs of a few apartment buildings, as well as a several bars, restaurants and various shops, stood tightly against each other. The glow of a few dim lights illuminated everything from the narrow and well worn doorways. Trash bins stood here and there against the walls, and various bits of old junk had been discarded carelessly.

The girl, dressed in a red tank top, a pair of tight black pants, rainbow leg warmers, and with her black hair streaked with pink and blue, falling loose under a bright purple barret, ran straight toward the dead end wall at the end of the poorly lit alley. Her multi colored plastic bracelets caught the light as she ran. Rose felt the dread rising up in her stomach. That poor girl could not have known she was running into a dead end, when she had decided on to make for the alley. Of course, Rose also knew full well, a back alley was not the safest place she could have chosen to run in the first place. For crying out loud. Didn't this girl know a thing about street smarts and personal safety in a city? She was certainly more than old enough to know much of what she clearly didn't know. She made a mental note to herself to give this colorful young lady a few lessons on urban common sense when this matter of the attempted mugging was resolved.

"I said give me your wallet you little brat!" The mugger bellowed. He was catching up to her, but at the same time the Doctor was even faster in gaining on him. Rose had no idea whatsoever what he actually planned to do once he managed to catch the guy. The man was bigger than him and at any rate, the Doctor was hardly the slamming folks into walls and threatening them, type of man. She supposed he must have intended to simply distract him and give the girl a good chance to get away.

"Over my dead body, creep," the girl shouted, turning back for the briefest of seconds. She knocked over a trash bin with one hand as she ran past it. In nearly a single motion she was across to the other side of the alley and had knocked down a second one, as the mugger flew over the first. Several worn out tires, piled behind an auto repair shop, were knocked down next. The girl pulled on free of the bottom of the pile and that sent the rest flying. She sent the tire she had pulled out, rolling down the gravel of the alley. The big bald man fell again just as he got to his feet. This time he fell right over the second bin face first. He landed on top of the tires, stunned and winded and gasping for breath. The Doctor unfortunately fell over a rolling garbage bin himself. he'd been running to fast to stop dead, and avoid the metal bin.. He fell backward, landed on his backside, and sat on the dusty ground, shocked into speechlessness. He quickly stood up again, unhurt, as rose rushed over to help anyone she could. The girl in the brightly colored outfit, bounded in one jump, to the top of a big blue dumpster at the end of the alley, in front of the back wall of a six story apartment building. With one more, much simpler jump, she grabbed onto the bottom of the fire escape, pulled herself up onto it and climbed it up to the roof. She took some of the steps two or three at a time.

"Well she had that one under control by herself," the Doctor remarked, as Rose ran up beside him. "Wow, she has some quick moves. What fast thinking. She seems brilliant."

"But how is she going to get down from the roof?" Rose asked in concern.

"Oh, she will just climb back down the way she came once this guy here is not nearby." he gestured to the mugger and took his sonic screwdriver from the pocket of his coat. Of course he couldn't hurt him in any way with that. It was not a weapon, but the man could never have known that. Rose realized right away that the simple bluff he was planning to use to scare him away might just work very well. He pulled the shocked, and now very nervous mugger to his feet and pointed toward the street, trying to drive home his message about getting away from that place, and his narrowly escaped victim. The man's eyes grew a little wider as he turned to run away fast. The Doctor and Rose looked up to the rooftop, but the girl, instead of climbing back down the fire escape, was running along the top of the roof. She clearly intended to make her way over to the next building.

"Gallifrey shall never be forgotten," the girl shouted down from the roof, without even looking back. "A Time Lord lives on!" The Doctor was shocked into stunned and frozen silence. The screwdriver, fell from his hand and fell to the ground. Rose picked it up, and hesitantly moved to hand it to him. He was startled and shocked and his eyes were open wide as he slowly looked up over the line of the rooftops.

"What?" he said, more to himself than to his companion.

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