The Series Continues

Season Three Episode 63

July 12, 2008

Continued from Supergirl Illusions of Grandeur

Marlon Hackman brought along his newly bought gun to the school's radio station.

Kara and Roman were still trying to reason with Leslie.

"Folks, we've got Linda Danvers here along with her boyfriend who she bullied recently," Leslie reported, "apparently they want me to ease up on Marlon the Fruit Basket."

Lenny stood there, silent. Frozen.

"Leslie, that's enough," argued Kara, "please consider the guy's reputation."

"A guy? He's not a guy!" Leslie responded.

"He's still your classmate," Roman said, "plus he hasn't hurt anybody."

"Come on, he lied about being gay," Leslie said.

"Leslie does have Freedom of Speech," Lenny told them.

Suddenly, Marlon busts through the door, gun drawn.

"You bitch, how dare you?" Marlon screamed franticly.

Now Leslie looked scared.

"Oh no, I wasn't expecting this," she said.

"Shut up, you pile of gutter trash!" Marlon yelled.

Lenny was too scared too speak.

"Marlon, you don't want to do this," Kara said.

"That's true, Marlon, and we don't blame you for being angry, added Roman.

"Yeah, get lost, Marlon and show Leslie respect next time," Lenny said.

Marlon hit Lenny in the face with his gun.

Marlon was crying. "Look, Roman, Linda, I have no quarrel with you two, so you can go," he said.

"Listen to you friends," came a voice. They looked over. It was Superboy. Marlon looked shockingly at him. So did Leslie. Kara used this moment to use her heat vision to make the gun heat up. "AWWWW!" Marlon dropped it. The gun went off as it hit the floor, but the bullet only

Hit the wall just one inch away from Leslie.

Marlon was fired up.

"You've ruined me!" Marlon screamed.

The school principal and the police rushed over. They took Marlon away and the principal reprimanded Leslie and fired her from her radio job. Lenny was taken to the hospital.

"Nice going, Kara," Superboy said.

"I don't think Leslie will changer her ways," Kara responded.

"I'm afraid you're right," he added, "but you still did good and I'm proud of you."

They hugged.

At the company of Garrison Denton…

"Nicely played, Miss Willis," he said, smiling, nicely played."

Denton heard that Kara (he of course knows her as Linda) was there. Sure Superboy was there as well, but he didn't physically stop Marlon, even though he could've.

Denton then talked to the police and offered to pay for Marlon's psychiatric care.

July 13, 2008

Denton got Marlon treatment at the Richard Lester Hospital.

July 16, 2008

Marlon Hackman escaped.

"Aw, just as I had planned," Denton said.

At the Willis home, Leslie and her parents were again arguing over her working for Denton after what happened with the school's radio station.

Leslie: It's my destiny to make it in radio. So what if I got too controversial? Plus I only told the truth about Marlon. People just can't handle the truth. Their hero turned out to be a fag. Not my fault.

Clifton Willis: Leslie! You're living under my roof and you're out of control. And you're still grounded. You humiliated that boy! You don't even care that you destroyed him. You've ruined his life. What is wrong with you? Leslie, you don't have any remorse. Not even an ounce. What kind of a daughter have I raised?

Robin Willis: You're father is right. You need discipline and you need it in the worst way. You are far too spoiled. It's clear you've been far too pampered. And it stops now. You will apologize to that boy. Is that clear?

Leslie: The only thing that's clear around here is just how unfair this is.

She stormed off. Her bedroom door slammed behind her. At this point, Marlon was in disguise. He stole a shirt from a street vendor and ripped off pants from a clothesline in a person's yard. Next, he stole a brand new baseball bat from a school's supply truck which was to be used for a summer baseball league.

"Never been used… yet!" spoke Marlon.

As he walked around he heard voices behind him.

"Hey fag!"

Marlon was more and more furious. Kara and her parents were spending time visiting Metropolis, enjoying a vacation.

11:16 PM Marlon burst through the door, by bashing the door open. Mr. Willis was about to call the police, but Marlon swung the bat at him, knocking the phone out of his hands.

"You should've raised your daughter properly!" screeched Marlon, as he continued to beat Clifton Willis unmercifully with the bat. Now he chocked him out with the bat. Robin ran down and screamed in panic.

Leslie had her headphones on, listening to loud music.

Marlon gave one last shot to Clifton's face. The blood splattered. Robin fainted. Marlon heard sirens. He ran out in a panic.

Leslie noticed the police lights flashing outside. She went downstairs and found her parents laying there with the police surrounding them.

"NOOOOOO!" Leslie shouted.

The police knew it was Marlon they were searching for. The ambulance came for Clifton, but he was pronounced dead. Robin was taken to the hospital. The police searched the house for any sign of Marlon, but were unable to find him.

Leslie was driven to the hospital by a cop after being questioned. When it was all clear in the Willis home, Marlon immerged from his hiding place in the shaft behind the closet.

"Ironic, it all started with a closet," he said.

Marlon then fixed himself some dinner right at their table. He drank and relaxed. Then he used their bathroom and even took a shower.

Next he put on clothes from the Willis home complete with new shoes. Then he located something in Leslie's room: A hair dye kit. So he did it and watched their TV set while he waited for it to set in.

At the home she was at in Metropolis, (her uncle, Fred's brother) she got a call from Roman.

He told Kara about what Marlon did. She didn't want to tell Fred, so she decided to get away for a while and use her super-speed to get back to Leesburg.

Kara put on her Rainbow Blur and searched around for Marlon, not thinking of looking for him at the scene of the crime, Leslie's house.

She called her cousin, Superboy.

He took a look around town.

"He definitely does not want to be found," he said.

"I can't believe he did this," she added.

Superboy said he'd look around for Marlon, while she return to Metropolis, so for it wouldn't cause suspicion with Fred's family.

Reluctantly, she agreed.

Back at the Willis home, it was 5:57 AM; and Marlon's hair was completely dyed.

He looked into the mirror.

"It's not over yet, bitch," he said.

July 17, 2008

8:22 AM

Marlon was hanging around the hospital. People looked funny at him for wearing a jacket in July.

He went to see Robin. From his jacket, he took out his bat.


Right across the head. He quickly left. Marlon had ended her life like he did to her husband's.

After it was discovered, Leslie was notified immediately.

She was afraid she'd be next.

After Roman informed Kara of what happened, she took off again.

Lenny was now staying with Leslie to protect her.

Roman went to Leslie's house.

The doorbell rang. Leslie jumped. Lenny went to check it out.

"It's Roman Gibson," he said.

"What's he doing here?" she asked.

"I don't know, should I let him in," he responded.


Lenny opened the door.

"Roman, what's going on?" asked Lenny.

"Just came to check up on things," responded Roman.

Leslie joined them.

"Come in," she said.

Roman: Leslie, first off, I'm very sorry about your parents. I hope things turn out well for you in this ordeal. We've had our differences, and I was and still am against what you did to Marlon, but he was wrong for what he did.

Leslie: Wow, I don't know what to say. If you're concerned for my safety, don't be. Lenny is here to protect me until my uncle and aunt arrive. If you'll excuse me, I'm going for some water.

Leslie leaves the room.

Roman is left speechless.

Lenny: You'll have to excuse her, obviously she's been under a lot of stress. But I'm glad you stopped by. I wish Linda had stopped by too. I have a lot to get off my chest. I really haven't been my self since I've been with Leslie.

Roman: I'll say. But the important question is, have you been happy?

Lenny: I like my new found confidence and hanging with the popular kids, but I feel rotten with the way things were left with my good friend, Linda Danvers. It was never my intention to disappoint her.

The door opened, it was Kara.

Kara: Hello, Lenny, I heard what you said to Roman.

Lenny: I guess it's all a part of being the girl of steel. Look, I am so sorry for what I did. For the way I treated you.

I hope you can forgive me.

Kara: I do forgive you, Lenny. I care about you and our friendship means so much to me.

They hugged each other. Leslie walked in.

"What have I walked into?" she asked.

They all stared at her.

Lenny: As you can see, Leslie my dear, Linda stopped by. She too is concerned about you.

Leslie: Well, she's not welcomed in my house. I want her to leave.

Lenny: Leslie! That's not very polite!

Kara: It's okay. Really. I am sorry for your loss, I really am.

Leslie said nothing. Roman left with Kara.

"I don't know about her," Kara said.

"I know what you mean, for a girl who just lost her parents…" added Roman.

Marlon was hiding out at the homeless shelter. He had his bat well hidden.

Back at the Denton building…

"This Marlon thing is working out brilliantly," Denton said, "Man, when the pieces of the puzzle fall together…"

Kara and Roman decided they'd be back later to check up on Leslie.

They went to a diner to have coffee and talk.

Suddenly, she got a text message.

"Oh, looks like I need to rush back to Metropolis for some family stuff, but I'll be back," she promised.

"Okay, I'll hold down the forth until you get back," Roman responded.

They kissed each other.

"I love you!" she said.

"I love you, too," he added.

Kara zipped on out of there.

Marlon was already traveling towards the Willis home along with his trusty ball bat.