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Summary-Harry found himself hating his sixteenth birthday after a small surprise of a creature inheritance. To say he's please to find himself looking for his mate and having a body guard thanks to a minor problem. His life is more complicated now then ever and he's going to kill his two godfathers if they don't stop taking pictures of him. Just how bad is his sixth year going to be now?

Warnings- Au, Live Sirius, Creature Harry (Wolf pup Demon), Manipulative Dumbledore, Language, ooc, and Lime

Pairing- Lucius/Harry, Sirius/Remus, Draco/Blaise, and Hermione/Charlie

Crazy Inheritance

Chapter 1 -Inheritance

Rubbing his eyes sleepily, raven hair teen yawns watching the clock slowly change two more minutes till midnight, sixteenth birthday. He would be so glad to know there be one before he can leave the Dursleys as at last despite he's close to two of his relatives, his aunt and cousin.. One would find it strange the teen would wait patiently staring at the clock. Expect he's no normal young man. The lightening bolt on his forehead tingles earning a soft growl of irritation along with an insult.

"Can't that annoying walking snake leave me some peace for once?" He grumbles not caring if the most fear wizard could hear him.

Harry James Potter begin to count the seconds softly, "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two."

He pauses seeing the straining second before it move to midnight. He could have shouted out in joy if it weren't' for the sudden pain flaring up. He doubles over moaning softly biting his lips while fighting back the tears. What's going on? He closes his eyes feeling most of the pain the top of his head, in his mouth, hands, and above his ass. He could see black behind his eye lids finally passing out from the pain. Not once realizing the few changes he require as his inheritance.

-Following morning-

Emerald eyes flickers open seeing below the bed. The teen groans sitting up not once noticing his reflection of the wolf pup like ears or the tail. Tapping on the window alert the sixteen year old of possible mail he receive. He wasn't wrong at all. He grins happily recognizing the familiar scrawl of his friends and godfather greets his eyes. Subconsciously his tail begins to wag behind him.

Feeling a sudden breeze hitting his back Harry glance behind him to see a moving appendage that stop and stood alert. His eyes widen as he takes in his reflection in the mirror. His normally messy hair still messy but reach his shoulders and more nice looking then before. A slight tan on his skin that looks really soft. A pair of ears twitches as he notices his normal ones is no longer there. The thing behind him he realizes it's his tail after tugging on it and wouldn't budge.

Opening his mouth he shouts out that could be heard for miles causing many heads to gaze around wondering what that is about. "WHAT THE FUCK?"

Doing some business in Muggle London Lucius Malfoy and his son decide to have some quality time together. Curious how his son is taking the divorce between him and Narcissa, he asks. "What do you think, Draco?"

Draco glances at his father furrowing his brows in thought. His mouth form an 'O' shape then answers, "The divorce between you and mother?"

Seeing his father nod in response the blond hair teen continues with a small touching his lips. "I'm happy that the two of you can be happy with your own lives and no more problems or arguments between the two of you. I know mother will be well taken care of by Uncle Severus."

Lucius finds himself smiling as well retorting, "That's true. What would you think I might be thinking of looking for someone Draco?"

Draco shrugs telling the older man as they walk around. "That's fine as long you are happy. That's what matters to me."

"You change slightly and become more considerate ever since you started dating Blaise Zabini, son." Lucius comments watching the bliss look pass on the teen's face thinking of his boyfriend.

"I'm happy when I'm with him," he admits shyly.

The older man nods feeling his Veela side kicking in sensing Mate has finally woken up this confuse him when a sudden shout reaches their ears. "WHAT THE FUCK?"

Both father and son glance at the other not quite wanting to say how familiar that voice is. Draco could feel his veela half shift in him as if knowing an unmated creature is around and deserves to be protected. He sighs wondering if he should bring up the small friendship between him and the Golden Boy.

"Not going to ask," Lucius mutters ignoring the snickers from his son who caught the lust look in his eyes.

Draco smirks evilly thinking of something. 'So father likes Potter then eh? Interesting, I wonder if Harry still has that denying crush on him still.' Rolling his eyes mentally, Draco begins to think he's spending too much time with his sweetly dark vampire mate. He follows his father back to the pub ignoring his scheming side flooing back to the Malfoy Manor

*Dursley Household*

Harry begins pacing back and forth after reading the letters. He thinks over the letter Hermione sent and giggle gleefully. She's dating Ron's older brother Charlie. To him he thought it's about time. He could see and feel the chemistry when the two of them around the other. Ron's letter show he's having a good summer other then finding out Charlie's girlfriend besides learning he has a crush on Lavender.

Sirius's one is rather surprising to him. He's not only free from the charges to the recent catch of Wormtail but he gets to finally live with him. To say Harry's hopes are high is true. He could have bounce on the wall if it weren't for the part Sirius and Remus are going to have a talk with him. Harry could feel his tail droop down at the idea of the talk. He just hopes it's not a sex talk.

Shivering imagining Remus and Sirius giving him the talk give him the chills. The idea of them trying to be reasonable and be strong while not blushing is another thing. He starts to giggle crazily not once realizing outside of his door, Petunia holding a decent meal for her nephew she begin to know after his third year seeing her mistake. She blinks then groans muttering about the two men who are taking the boy so Vernon doesn't hurt him anymore. Even Dudley begins to get close to him on his own choice.

She sweat drops a bit opening the door seeing her nephew now has gone through a huge change. At the sound of her opening the door and walking in the black ears twitch. Her mouth drops open in surprise as Harry stares at her eyes wide wondering if she is going to scream or what. What he didn't expect for her to go over to him rubbing one of his ears softly grinning.

She mutters, "So much like that puppy Lily and I use to have."

He groans not liking being compared to a puppy. He glance at the door again to see his cousin enter his room holding a cup with a drink she forgot to pick up as well a water bottle for later. The blond snickers telling his cousin, "Nice puppy ears, cousin."

Harry gives his cousin a dark look pouting more adorable. His ears flops side ways, he grumbles under his breath and his tail droop giving a pitiful site of a wet, sad puppy look. Petunia rolls her eyes gazing around the room not seeing much of the boy's personality other then the trunk she made Vernon put in here so he wouldn't leave it in the cupboard lock up.

He snaps out throwing his hands in the air. "How can this get worse?"

Sound of the door bell echoes through the house getting Harry to moan while Petunia and Dudley laugh well naturedly figuring it must be his godfathers to pick him up.

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