Arashi: I know it been a while since I updated Crazy Inheritance. ^^; Life been coming also so I finally have a piece here. I decide to have some more characters feature. Some of the Weasleys aren't going to be that friendly. Ron I haven't decide his fate as of yet. To be a true friend or Enemy.

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Summary-Harry found himself hating his sixteenth birthday after a small surprise of a creature inheritance. To say he's please to find himself looking for his mate and having a body guard thanks to a minor problem. His life is more complicated now then ever and he's going to kill his two godfathers if they don't stop taking pictures of him. Just how bad is his sixth year going to be now?

Warnings- Au, Live Sirius, Creature Harry (Wolf pup Demon), Manipulative Dumbledore, Language, ooc, and Lime

Pairing- Lucius/Harry, Sirius/Remus, Draco/Blaise, and Hermione/Charlie

Crazy Inheritance

Chapter 3-Lucius and Draco

"What? How? Why?" Harry sputters out wondering what's going on. Then he finally adds softly, "Why do you want a freak as a son?"

Remus snaps scolding his new found child gently, "You're not a freak!"

Harry stares at Remus wanting to ask why when the man continues, "You are perfect as you are, Harry. You mean so much to me and Sirius before and after learning the truth you our son."

Harry could feel the tears forming in his eyes at the words making him murmur, "Thank you….Re-Da-…Er...I don't know what to call you."

"You can call us by our names until you are ready to call us dad or anything you like." Sirius reply seeing the unsure expression in his son's eyes.

"Thank you," Harry answers hugging both of his new found fathers in gratitude.

"We should be going," Remus reminds Sirius who nods watching Harry have his trunk already pack. With Hedwig's cage on top empty. "Is Hedwig still at…"

"She is along with the order," Remus answers quickly then drops his voice to a whisper. "Other then you get to meet more members that are spies for us. So don't be surprise if you recognize those that use be as enemy. Since enemies can be the closet people to you."

Harry gaze at the werewolf with confusion unsure what those words suppose to mean. He could only nod as Sirius shrinks the teen's trunk and owl cage. They head out of the room down the stares to find Petunia and Dudley standing there unsure what's going on until Harry's aunt glance from the two adults and her nephew. She smiles sadly hugging her nephew.

"Take care, Harry." She whispers getting the boy to hug her back.

"You can always stay with us so you can be protected," Remus offers getting Petunia to gaze at him.

Dudley looks with hope in his eyes asking, "Can we Mum?"

"I'll think about it and give me another week or so and I'll give you answer." Petunia answers knowing her husband won't be happy with the fact of her leaving him but she doesn't care about him.

Sirius nods leading the small group out of the house walking to the marker to apparate back to where the meeting is being hold in Grimmauld Place. Harry groans feeling dizzy was glad with Remus having his hand on his shoulder. He gives the man a smile showing he's fine. They head inside only to have one of Harry's friends to hug him.

"Harry you made it!"

Harry laughs seeing Hermione seems bouncy but figure with Charlie around she's going to be like this. She look closely at him noticing he looks different but just smiles. Hermione tugs on his hand accidentally bumping into Draco Malfoy who been talking with his boyfriend at the moment.

"Watch it mud-"

"Draco what did I tell you," The Italian teen hiss out getting Draco to look ashamed.

"I mean Granger. Oh Harry you are here." Draco amends earning a understandable look.

"Your forgiven Draco," Hermione tells the blond getting Harry to smile at Blaise.

"How's your summer been Blaise," Harry ask rather curious how his other friend been doing.

"Well actually other then learning my…Er…I think its for Draco to tell you." Blaise replies glancing at Draco meaningful as the group heads to the kitchen where the rest of the order are eating.

"Tell me what Draco?" Harry ask glancing at the blond teen who seem to find his shoes rather interesting. He glance around the room to find a shocking sight Lucius sitting beside Tonks talking with her as if nothing.

His heart starts racing up in his chest at the sight of the older blond. He blushes darkly not missing the knowing expressions in Draco's eyes. So he has a slight well huge crush on the older Malfoy. He doesn't know why but he just wants to curl up in Lucius lap and let the man have his way with him. Maybe the man could take him to another room and fuck him as a birthday gift. Harry shakes his head trying to keep his mind out of the gutter.

"Harry, Lucius is one of our top spies for the light other then Severus," Hermione tells her friend seeing he's drooling over the older Blond.

"Oh…really?" He ask dazedly not paying attention.

Hermione chuckles a bit just as Ron walks toward them giving a slightly dark look seeing Draco and Blaise are around. So he has to get use to the fact of them with in the group. At first he thought he had feelings for Hermione but it seems not that. He has feelings for the one person his sister is in love with, Harry Potter. He doesn't know if he could help his mother find away to get Harry to join the family but he wouldn't mind to fuck him. With more adults around its going to be hard to do.

Arashi: It seems Molly and Ginny are up to something but the twist of Ron having feelings for Harry is something else. Is he actually going to do the right think and be a friend or will he break the trust they have? If anything or suggestion is also appreciated. Please read and review.