Harry had no idea what he was going to do. He couldn't even blame it on the war any more. The war had ended in sixth year. He was free of the pressure of war. But not free from the looks. The newspaper had gone from slandering him to hounding him for interviews. It had been a year but it hadn't died down. They were now on career watch. He was the BWL but also one of the richest wizards in Europe. Some thought he would go politics and others an auror. He had the classes and marks for auror training but he was tired of putting his life on the line. All of his friends knew what they were going to do. Ron was going to be an auror as long as he passed his Newts. Hermione was on for law school in the ministry.

Remus knew his son was struggling. He had adopted Harry even though he had been nearly an adult. He thought maybe some time away from the UK would be good for his son. He had heard muggles took a year off to travel. He knew Harry wouldn't be one to sit and do nothing.

Harry came to have dinner with him a month before exams. Remus had returned to defence "Hi dad."

Remus kissed him on the cheek "Even with the season over you have been busy. Have you reconsidered quidditch?"

Harry sighed "I will play national this summer. But the United has no opening for another season. And I would like to play with Oliver."

It was in part an excuse Remus knew. He knew his son would in fact love to play with Oliver. But Harry wasn't sure about professional so soon. He was dreading the PR from being who he was already. Harry had tried out and made the new seeker for the national team. He would start before the end of school. But it was only a summer commitment. Oliver was now keeper for it. Katie was on the United but not the national.

He knew the twins had even considered but had opened a second shop recently. Harry had even thought about working with them for a time. He admitted to his dad he was a silent backer in the company. But his heart wasn't in it. It was another red head Remus looked to.

Harry was surprised when his dad mentioned going abroad "Trying to get rid of me are you?"

Remus laughed "You know Filius wants you to take over one day. But you would be bored as an apprentice. And some time away may be good for you."

Harry could tell his dad had something in mind "Why do I have a feeling you have made plans for me?"

Remus assured his son "It is your choice. But I thought it was something you'd like. And in a few years you could take over for Filius."

Harry didn't mind his dad meddling. It was nice after how he had grown up to be cared about. He was surprised though at what his dad had in mind for him. It seems Charlie was bored with being in the UK. He had gone to work for Lucius Malfoy of all people. The man was working with Xeno to create the first magical zoo. And they were interested in adding some more dangerous species to it.

Harry thought dragons were illegal in the UK. But Lucius got special permission from the ministry to bring certain species. Charlie was to head a team finding them in the wild. The ones they could use were much smaller and more rare.

Remus admitted "I spoke to Charlie. He could use an assistant. And from Voldemort we know dragons have enough in common with snakes."

Harry hadn't even thought of his gift "If Voldemort could talk to dragons why not use them in battle?"

Remus shook his head "The kinds which could have been used don't have enough intelligence to be controlled. The smaller ones do."

Harry was amazed "A job where my power is seen as an asset and not a link to dark magic."

Remus nodded "And a chance to spend some time away from all of this."

He knew his son had a lot to leave behind. He had started going out with Ginny again this year. Remus thought his son was fooling himself but wouldn't push. He thought a year away might open his son's eyes about other things as well. But his friends would stay in touch. And he could come back in an year if he wanted to play for the United. Filius was willing to wait up to four year to retire to give Harry some time to train and such.

Harry couldn't deny it sounded amazing "I will send word to Charlie I will join after quidditch. But I don't plan to tell any one until after exams."

An: This will be a two part story. The first will be Charlie and Harry off on travels. Harry is still in the closet. The sequel will see them back in the UK and the aftermath of the revelation of their romance.