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Sokka- 19

Zuko- 19

Suki- 19

Katara- 18

Toph- 17

Aang- 17

Katara went to college for a year before University, Sokka, Zuko and Suki have been in University for a year, Toph and Aang are both a year ahead than they're supposed to be.

DISCLAIMER: All the credit goes to Bryan and Mike.

Katara yawned and stumbled through the house, searching for the stupid phone. The obnoxious ringing assaulted her poor ears, immediately giving her a headache.

Finally she found it and put it to her ear.

"Hello?" She mumbled sleepily.

"Hey!" Katara winced and moved the phone away from her ear.

"Sokka? Is that you?"

"'Course it is!"

Katara groaned. "Why are you calling me at five in the morning?"

Sokka laughed loudly. "Because I wanted to!" Now she was glaring at the phone, as if it was Sokka himself. "Listen, if you insist on talking to me would you please quiet down?"

"sure thing, sis!"

Katara realized that there was no getting out of this. So she got comfortable on the couch and wrapped herself in a thick, blue blanket. (her favourite)

"Okay. Now please explain why you really are calling."

"Do you remember my friends Aang and Zuko? The ones who went to st. Agni's?"

Katara shifted through memories. "Umm… yeah I think so. Zuko is the one who is the same age as Toph and Aang is your age."

"Nooo Katara! Aang is Toph's age and Zuko is my age."

Katara rolled her eyes and yawned again. "Whatever. Just get on with your story."

"Right. So anyway, the three of us found a house! After living in dorm rooms all through high school, we decided that a house would be a nice change."

"You mean that's it?" Katara asked in disbelief.

"Well… yeah."

"Why," Katara started icily, "Did you have to tell me this at five in the MORNING?"

Sokka laughed nervously. "I told you already, I wanted to. Aren't you excited for me?"

"No." Katara told him moodily.

"So!" Sokka quickly changed the subject. "Have you girls found a house yet?"

Katara smiled, remembering how her and her friends had gotten all that done quickly. "As a matter of fact, we have! We're just waiting to find out who our roommates are."

"Roommates? You mean you guys aren't each other's roommates?"

Katara rolled her eyes. "No. Anyway, I need to go sleep. Goodbye Sokka."

"But wait! I have to-" Katara hung up halfway through his sentence. To prevent anymore disturbance, she unplugged the phone.

With a lazy smile, she slipped back into her warm, inviting bed.

++++++ 3 WEEKS LATER

"I can't believe this!" Suki exclaimed. "We're actually doing this!"

"It is too early in the morning for all this excitement." Toph pulled her hood up and zipped her forest-green sweater to the top to keep out the early morning chill. "I don't understand all your fuss. You've already had one year at UB."

Suki smiled, unfazed. "That's true but last time I stayed in a tiny dorm room, not in a nice, spacious house with my two best friends!"

Toph shrugged and leaned against the limo. From inside the vehicle, a voice called out to them. "Toph, sweet heart, are you sure that we are picking up Katara here?"

That was Jen. Jen was supposed to be her Father's second assistant, but had somehow become Toph's older sister. She was twenty five, and only a bit taller than Toph. (who was really short) She had a kind face, the type that always put you at ease when you saw it.

"Yeah I'm sure." Just as those words left her mouth, Katara came running down the steps of her house, brown curls flying out behind her. Her father followed, carrying some of her bags.

Their friend came to a stop in front of them, a huge smile on her pretty face. " Sorry about-" Katara's eyes widened when she saw their transportation. "Is that really necessary?"

Toph turned around and looked at the SUV limo. "Oh you mean that? It's not like it was my idea. Besides, it's the only thing that will fit all our junk."

Katara took a step closer to the huge limo and peeked inside. "Wow."

After Katara's things had been stowed in the vehicle, it was time for her to face the inevitable. Reluctantly, the turned around to face her father and grandmother, who had come out to say her goodbye's.

"I'm going to miss you guys so much," The blue-eyed girl said tearfully.

Her tiny grandmother opened her arms with a small smile. Katara dived into them, pressing her face into the old woman's soft, white curls.

"I'm proud of you Katara. I know you will do good and look after that brother of yours."

Katara sniffed and gave the woman a tight squeeze before she pulled away.

"I will. I love you Gran-Gran!"

"I love you too sweetie."

Then it was her father's turn.

Hakoda rested his hands on his daughter's shoulders, tears pooling his azure eyes. When he looked into her own blue orbs, a shiver ran down his spine. It was exactly like looking into her mother's eyes.

Then he was hugging her to his broad chest. Her face was buried in his shoulders, and her slender arms hugged his neck.

"Your mother would be so proud."

Katara pulled back enough to look at him and to see the moisture in his eyes.

"Thanks dad. Now don't go missing me too much, I'll be back at Christmas!"

Hakoda laughed lightly and let her go.

The three girls got into the limo. Katara leaned out the window, waving to her family. "Make sure you keep Sokka out of trouble!" Hakoda called to her.

Katara laughed. "I will!"

She continued to look out the window at them, until they faded from tiny dots into nothing.

Katara closed the window and sighed.

Toph was stretched across a row of dark leather seats, watching the TV in the limo and drinking from a can of coke. "Calm down Sugar Queen, you're going to see them again. It's really not a big deal. Don't be a crybaby."

Suki rolled her eyes and moved to sit next to Katara. "I know how you feel, when I had to say goodbye to my family for the first time last year I felt so lonely. But it gets better with time, and you have us!"

Suki offered her teary eyed friend a hug, which she accepted.

"Yeah sweetness, just think of all the fun times and the freedom we'll have!"

Katara sat up straighter and lifted her chin. "You're right Toph, I need to toughen up. This is going to be great, I'm going to be living in Ba Sing Se with my best friends!"

"Yup. Well, your best friends and our roommates." Toph said.

Suki reached for a can of coke. "I hope they're nice."

"I hope they're not messy." Katara said, wrinkling her nose.

Toph rolled her eyes at Katara. "Well I hope they're not boring and lame!"

"I guess you guys will just have to wait and see." Jen spoke up from the front.

"Sokka, why don't you pay attention to these things?" Zuko asked, pinching the bridge of his nose.

The water tribe teen put his hands up defensively. "Hey, it's not my fault! I was busy doing other things to pay attention to the details! Besides, that didn't really matter to me. The house is great, and huge! And it's in the Upper Ring. The Upper Ring! You shouldn't be complaining, you have to admit that we got lucky."

Zuko did not share Sokka's enthusiasm. "Sometimes I wonder if you even have a brain."

Sokka's cerulean eyes widened. "I so do have a brain! They accepted me into UB, didn't they?"

"It's called pity Sokka." Zuko smirked.

The darker skinned boy crossed his arms over his chest. "I will have you know that-"

"Hi guys!" Aang busted into the house. "Have you been to the park down the road? It's really nice, there's all these trees and a big pond and-"

"Yeah Aang that's great. Guess what?" Zuko interrupted.

Aang furrowed his eyebrows, confused. "What?"

"Apparently, we have roommates." Zuko said, throwing Sokka a glare.

"Really? Where are they?" Aang asked, looking around.

"They're not here yet, but according to information Sokka failed to read, they will be here. Soon." Zuko informed grumpily.

At first Zuko had been really excited to be staying in a house instead of a dorm room. He had been in boarding school since the ninth grade, and he was tired of living in a small, cramped space. But hearing about how they were expecting roommates caused the excitement to wear off.

Both Zuko and Sokka eyed Aang carefully, each hoping for a different reaction from their friend.

Slowly, a grin stretched across his face. "That's great! We'll have new friends. And there's plenty of space in this house, it makes sense that we would to share it with others!"

Sokka grinned. "See Zuko, Aang doesn't have a problem with it!"

Zuko slapped a hand to his face. "Ugh. Whatever."

It was late in the night when Toph, Katara and Suki arrived in Ba Sing Se but that didn't stop the girls from being excited. All three of them (and Jen) had their faces pressed to the tinted windows of the limo as they drove through the massive city.

The few people walking the streets stopped to stare at the luxurious limo passing by.

"Are we close?" Toph asked the limo driver.

"Yes, shouldn't be too long now." The middle-aged man answered.

Jen twisted around in the passenger seat to smile at Toph. "I'm gonna miss you kiddo."

Toph's green eyes narrowed. "Don't call me kiddo."

But Jen's smile only widened.

"Do you think our roommates are already there?" Suki suddenly asked, turning her face away from the window. The city lights caused shadows to dance on her pretty face.

"Who knows. I kind of hope not, it would be nice if the three of us could get settled in, without strangers there." Katara answered, sighing a little.

"How big is the house anyway? And how many roommates do we have?" Toph inquired.

"Obviously not as humungous as your place, but still pretty big." Katara's smile reappeared on her face. "And I'm sure it's just a couple of girls or something."

They all talked about it for a bit longer, until the limo pulled up at the house.

A two SUVs were already parked in front of the building.

"Well, I guess that answers our question. They are here." Toph grumbled tiredly.

Katara was already grabbing one of their suitcases. "Come on you guys, we have a ton of 'junk' to get inside."

Toph, Suki, Jen and the limo driver all grabbed some luggage and carried it towards the large front door. Katara found the keys that had been mailed to her and unlocked the door. She opened the door to a dark, quiet house. Looking around the moon lit area, she walked in and used one of the bags to prop open the door.

Quickly, she stepped out of her shoes and walked across the wooden floors in her sky blue ankle socks.

"Hello?" She called out.

She turned around when she heard the sound of wheels rolling across the floor. Toph stood behind her.

"Maybe they went out?"

Katara shrugged, walking deeper into a house.

Toph followed. "Well now what should-"

She stopped talking when a light was suddenly flicked on. All of them blinked rapidly, adjusting to the bright light.

A pair of footsteps could be heard moving towards them, and then there was a slim, brown-haired, blue-eyed teenage boy in front of them.

"Sokka!" Toph, Suki and Katara exclaimed in usion.

"What are you doing here?" Katara asked, dropping her bags and moving towards her brother to give him a hug.

He hugged her back. "Uh.. I live here."

Katara pulled away, her eyes widening in horror. "You guys are going to be our roommates?"

Sokka grinned. "Looks like it. Welcome to Ba Sing Se, little sis!"

Katara groaned. "Well, this should be interesting."

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