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Sokka could scarcely believe how great he was. What other guy would think to do something this thoughtful for his girlfriend?

He sat on the floor of his room, rummaging through his basket and making sure that he had everything.

Food? Check.

Cheap wine? Check.

Movies? Check.

He exited the room with a huge grin slapped on his face and an extra bounce in his step. He swung the basket back and forth in his hand, oblivious to the fact that he was close to hitting the paintings and breakable décor that lined the hallway.

"Sokka! Where are you going?"

Sokka stopped, his hand inches away from the front door's knob. He turned his head, threw a smirk over his shoulder, and said: "My girlfriend's place, kid." He couldn't help but say kid in the most condescending way possible.

Not waiting for a reply from Aang, he threw open the door and jogged down the front steps.

As he walked down to the City Train station he recalled the conversation he had with Azula earlier over text.

Sokka: hey babe whats up

Azula: nothing. Just being bored to death here and wondering what could possibly be more important than me.

Sokka: aw babe u know that I wish I could be with you! I just have stuff to do.

Azula: yeah well, why you take care of 'stuff' I have to sit here, alone.

Sokka: I promise to make it up to you, k? :)

Azula: you better make it up to me.

She was going to be so surprised! He couldn't wait to see that beautiful sly smile and collect his reward.

His mouth curved into a lazy grin when he thought of the kisses he would get that night. Just the thought of them made him increase his speed until he was almost running to the station.

Sokka slid into a spot and placed the basket on the seat next to his. He had wanted to borrow Zuko's car but when he stuck his head in Zuko's room, it only took one dark look from his best friend for him to suddenly have a change of heart and decide that the City Train was the way to go.

His impatience made the ride seem like an eternity but eventually, he arrived at her apartment. Even the elevator ride felt like it stretched on forever. Sokka leaned against the wall, squinting at the bright green numbers as they increased with each floor.

1, 2, 3, 5...

Six. Finally.

The elevator doors opened with a satisfying ding and he was sprinting down the hall.

Anyone else but Sokka wouldn't have dared to run down that hall. Azula's building was an exclusive, expensive one with luxurious blood-red carpet floors and premium wood doors painted dark cherry. Modern furniture was placed throughout the floor, serving no other purpose but to look tasteful.

Without a care, Sokka raced down the floor, his too-long hair streaming behind in it's little ponytail. The carpet tried, but it failed to swallow the harsh sounds of his nike-clad feet slapping against the floor with each step. He barely skirted around the turns and each time, he came dangerously close to colliding with the lethal corners of a useless, ultra-modern piece of furniture.

He arrived at her door panting. He clutched the basket with one hand and raised the other to knock on the door.

But before he could knock, the door swung open.

Ty Lee stood before him, clad in a scandalously short skirt and a mid-riff baring top with a plunging neck line. For once, her light brown hair was down, falling in waves past her smooth shoulders. Her face was devoid of make-up except for a light swiping of pink lipstick across her pretty, full lips.

"Sokka!" She cried excitedly, beaming. "It's so good to see you!"

Sokka opened his mouth to say something but was cut off when she launched herself at him, wrapping her lean arms around his neck and pulling him uncomfortably close.

He froze, unsure of how to proceed.

She gave him one last tight squeeze before pulling away.

"I bet you're here to see 'Zula, right?" She asked him, running her fingers through her pretty hair coquettishly.

"Uh, yeah." Sokka mumbled, awkwardly clearing his throat.

She turned her torso and reached forward with one hand, grasping the door knob, twisting it, then throwing it forward. Before it could swing back she caught it with her foot.

"Well she's here. Actually, she's-"

"Well it's been good to see you," Sokka cut in. "I think I'll just go in and find her now."

He quickly stepped over her outstretched leg, squeezing past her and into the apartment.

"Hey wait up cutie, I just-!"

Her voice was stolen by distance as he voyaged deeper into the apartment.

He really was excited to see her. Christmas break was in a couple short days and then it would be two weeks before he could see her again. He wanted this last night to be perfect.

He was turning the corner that lead to her room when he heard the voices.

"Now do you see what I was saying? I knew it would all work. When do I ever miscalculate? This will teach you not to doubt me again, I hope."

Sokka came to a halt outside the door.

"I didn't doubt you! I never doubt you." A distinctly male voice said.

"Yeah, well…"

Her room behind the door was abruptly plunged into silence. Sokka stood frozen, wondering what was going on behind the door. What was a guy doing in his girlfriend's room?

"What's going on with you lately?" The male voice again.

"Nothing." Azula snapped. "I'm just not in the mood, Jet."

Sokka frowned unhappily. Jet? Not in the mood? Which mood?

"Anyway, it worked perfectly. She believed everything I told her about him. I did a little spying afterwards and he looked completely miserable. I know my brother, and I know what- or rather who- he likes. And I know that he's never going to get her now! And the part where he can't even console her after you broke up with her? Priceless. His ridiculous hero complex will have him dieing to hold her in his arms and whisper worthless crap in her ear, but she won't let him anywhere near her. Just priceless, the whole thing." She laughed gleefully.

At first Sokka had no idea what she was talking about, but then he quickly put two and two together.

Oh crap. He thought.

And then he realized that his sister's relationship with Jet had been a setup too. Anger ripped through his entire body and left him shaking. Nobody intentionally hurt his sister. Nobody.

He threw the door open and stomped in. Azula and Jet looked up at him, their eyes wide with shock.

Taking advantage of their surprise, Sokka stepped up and swung his fist at Jet's jaw.

His fist made contact with a disturbingly loud crunch. Jet staggered back, a sound of pain and shock gurgling in the back of his throat. He clutched his aching jaw.

Sokka glared at him, cussing loudly. "Who do you think you are, you…" He rambled off, labelling Jet with every vulgar name he could think of.

A hand landed on his shoulder. "Sokka, calm down-"

"And you." Sokka whirled around, trapping Azula with his livid, cold eyes. "Everybody told me to stay away from you. Everyone warned me. But I gave you the benefit of the doubt."

"Sokka, you don't understand! I just-"

"I can't believe you would stoop this low. Of all the things that you could have done, hurting my baby sister was the worst. I can hardly look at you anymore."

As if to prove his point, he sharply turned his head to the left and looked out the window.

She reached for his shoulder again. "Sokka you have to forgive me."

Suddenly his eyes were on hers again. "I don't have to do anything you ask of me. You don't even have the right to ask me to do anything, anymore!"

His hands shook at his sides. He dropped the basket roughly.

"Was it even real? Or was I just another person to toy with?" He asked. This time his voice was low and contained more sadness than anger.

"Of course it was real!" Azula insisted, her eyes wide and pleading. "You have to believe me, it was always real with you."

Sokka pursed his lip and looked away again. His eyes skimmed over Jet, who sat crumbled in the corner as he nursed his jaw.

"It's over Azula."

He bent down and lifted up the basket. No way was he giving her his precious food.

He turned on his heels and marched out the room and down the hall.

"Wait Sokka, why can't you forgive me?" Azula was hot on his heels.

He picked up his pace and refused to look back.

"Stop," she demanded. "Listen to me!"

Sokka sprinted the rest of the distance and threw open the door. He slammed it behind him.

Seconds later he heard the door open again behind him.

Azula rushed after him, grunting in annoyance. "If you just give me one second to explain-"

"There is nothing to explain!" Sokka stopped and turned. She almost ran straight into him.

He reached out and grabbed her lean biceps with rough hands. "I never, ever want to see you again." His face was mere inches from hers. "I finally get what everyone is talking about- you really are a sick, evil person. Leave me alone." He shoved her away and continued on his way.

Azula watched him go, feeling complete and bitter remorse for the first time in a long time.

She knew that he meant every word.


Aang loaded the last of his friend's bags into the limo and closed the door, panting a little.

"Good job Aang." Katara said, grinning at him.

Aang's heart fluttered, but not like it used to when she smiled at him.

"Thanks Katara. I hope that you guys have a good trip!"

She nodded distractedly, staring at something in the distance. Her lips fell into a small frown and her azure eyes narrowed just the slightest bit.


She jumped and looked at him, her eyes wide. "Sorry, what?"

"I said that I hope you guys have a good trip." His eyebrows furrowed worriedly.

"Oh!" She exclaimed. "Thanks Aang, you too."

Without warning, she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug. It lasted for just a second, but the sweet jasmine scent of her hair still lingered in his nose.

"I'll miss you, you know? I hope you can make it to our New Year's party."

Aang's face flushed and he shoved his hands in the pockets of his jeans, trying to appear nonchalant. "I'll try my best."

Katara gave him one last smile before disappearing.

Aang sighed and leaned against the SUV limo. He watched his friends as they got ready to leave, feeling a strange sort of sadness.

Yes, he knew that we was going to see them again, but this was the first time since they all moved in that they wouldn't all be together for longer than a couple of days. He hadn't realized how close they had all grown. He had no idea that it would be this sad to say goodbye, even if it was just a couple of weeks.

His eyes automatically searched for his two best friends- Zuko and Sokka. They were standing together by the front steps, speaking in low voices with grim, serious expressions. Zuko was running his fingers through his hair and breathing through his nostrils. Aang noticed his other hand clenching and unclenching and knew then that something had angered him.

He looked away and decided to ask them about it later. He found Toph next, standing a little far from the rest of the group with Teo. They held hands loosely, their heads bent close to each other. Toph leaned on her tip toes and whispered something in Teo's ear, causing him to burst out laughing. He sneaked a quick kiss on her cheek.

Aang swallowed and looked down at his feet. An uncomfortable feeling blossomed in the bottom of his stomach. Why did their relationship bother him so much? He couldn't help but feel glad that the two would be separated for two weeks.

He pretended not to notice when Teo ducked his head and pressed his lips to Toph's for a slow, deep kiss.

When they separated he walked back to the group, Toph following from behind.

"Well I've got to go catch a flight, but I'll see you guys after Christmas break! I hope you all have a good one."

Everyone went up to say goodbye to Teo. Aang could only offer a tight smile and a nod.

After giving Toph a hug and another kiss, he left. Katara and Suki quickly swarmed Toph to tease her about it.

When it was time to leave, the whole group came together in a circle.

"I'm going to miss you guys." Katara's voice was surprisingly thick. When he looked up at her, he saw tears shining in her eyes.

"Oh come on Katara, get a grip." Sokka scolded. But Aang could see that he was barely suppressing a smile.

They weren't pretending that things were perfect between them. Sokka still felt awkward around Suki and Suki was still upset with Sokka. Katara and Zuko weren't completely back to normal yet- she was still shy around him and he didn't quite trust her yet. Toph couldn't shake off her annoyance at everyone's behaviour and Aang didn't know how to act around her anymore. Yet they all still instinctively came together in a big group hug, a tangle of arms. Feet were stepped on, heads were bonked and elbows were shoved into ribs.

"Ow, watch it Sparky!"

"I swear Sokka, if you step on my foot one more time…"

"Get your armpit out of my face!"

In the end the end it all dissolved into laughter.

"Okay on three, we all shout 'roommates for life' okay?" Katara instructed enthusiastically.

The rest of them exchanged looks, grinning and rolling their eyes. They were all thinking the same thing: how Katara. Of course, they would never admit that they secretly loved her over-enthusiastic group cheers.





They all knew that no matter what happened, they would never forget those days or their friendship.


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