Through the highest window overlooking a scene that was a little too familiar, that was like a warm memory tickling down her spine and flashing inside her veins, she watched with a little nostalgia at every movement that happened below.

Her brilliant mind pondering over the never-ending subject of fate, of destiny; and how nothing that was going on could have happened if it wasn't for a law that brought them all together more than fifteen years ago.

"- -Oi, oi!" Exiting the backdoor of the house, Angelo Zabini marched heatedly towards a couple a few yards away; two little figures following after his steps. "What do you think you are doing, mate?"

Furrowing his brows, Fred Weasley looked between the apparently-angered boy and the girl rolling her bright green-eyes. "I was just helping her- -"

"Oh, I'm sure you were." Zabini snapped at the redhead, interrupting him. But quickly sensing the daggers being thrown at him by the witch next to Weasley, Angelo turned his glare at her. "And you - isn't there a room inside the bloody house that you can change in?"

"The zipper of my dress wasn't fully up, Angelo, and Fred was just helping me." Savanna hissed, crossing her arms over her chest as her brother snorted. "Besides, if I wanted to take off my dress and expose myself to Fred, I would do it somewhere more privately, don't you think?"

And at that comment, both brother and boyfriend to Savanna looked equally taken aback from it.

"I…erm." Weasley coughed, clearing his throat and taking a step back as Zabini's tanned cheeks started turning red from bubbled outraged.

"Are you running your manky fingers over my sister, Weasel?" And having the guts to take a step closer to the older boy, Zabini made sure the redhead could see his fingers twitching to grab his wand. "Because if you are, I will make sure - -"

"- -Angelo, you dropped your wand in the dinning room." Exiting out the backdoor Zabini had stormed out of, Molly Weasley II marched over to him; twirling his wand between her fingers like if it were a baton. "Got to be a little more careful, sweetie."

"Sweetie." Fred chuckled mockingly, repeating the little pet-name his cousin had just thrown at Zabini; forgetting all about the 'anger' the Slytherin had been feeling a second ago. Which was good for him, because he did not need Angelo making a spectacle out of that. Especially since his Grandmum was hanging about somewhere, and she had already gone mental when someone had let it slip that Victorie and Teddy showered together. (Something that James and him had or hadn't made up the moment Lupin refused to share the Firewhiskey.)

"Shut it." Zabini retorted, his fingers enlacing themselves with Molly's. "I've overheard Savanna's gushy conversations about you - Pumpkinpop."

At that, Fred felt his ears turn red as he silenced himself instantly; throwing a complaining look at his girlfriend. "Sav."

And just as she was about to make amends for herself - because she does remember acting like a head-over-heels witch when her Grandmother Chang asked her about her boyfriend - Savanna noticed her parents enter the garden, her mother looking especially infuriated.

"Oh, there you are."

"Here I am, mummy."

Narrowing her eyes at Angelo, Cho walked past him to the two small figures sitting on the grass; half paying attention to the teenagers and half playing with the ladybugs on the blades of grass. "Didn't I tell you to take care of him, Angelo?" She scowled, bending down and grabbing the boy and dusting him off from the grass.

At the frustration in his mother's eyes, Angelo hid behind his redheaded almost-girlfriend. (They were dating at this point, Angelo wasn't sure if the relationship thing was for him. He really was a bachelor and needed to keep his options open.) "Demi was taking care of him."

"She's three, Angelo!"

"And he's six, mum!"

"- -And that's a custom-made suit!" Interrupting both wife and son, Blaise took out a silk-handkerchief and leaned down to the little dark-haired boy; dusting him off. "Now, listen here, Garret. I don't know what rags your father had you wearing, but as an honorary-member to the Zabini-family, I suggest you take better care of your clothing. We are constantly being photographed, we're like royalty here."

"Of course you are, Zabini- -"Walking behind the tanned-man, George Weasley took a swig of his cup. (Which was mostly liked filled with liquor than bubble-juice.) "And I'm the Queen of England."

"You keep drinking more of that, and you'll act like it later, dad." Fred spoke, looking disapprovingly at his father. "Mum warned you."

"Hush, hush, boy." George rolled his eyes, turning back to the Zabini couple. "But really, mates, that's a very generous thing you two did. Taking in Goyle's little lad, warms my heart."

Smiling sympathetically as Garret Goyle put his head down, no doubt some kind of wretched emotion passing through his chest at the mention of his father, adding to a confusion of why he wasn't with him, why his mummy was gone, why his older sister was not around to boss him around could phase him, Cho put her hand gently on top of his head. "He needs a family."

Savanna and Angelo smiled too, both staring at the little boy with affection as their father nodded along in agreement with their mother.

"I've always wanted a son, you know. Someone to make me proud."

Angelo's smile wiped off. "Oi, I'm standing right here, dad."

"Exactly." Blaise snapped at him in return as George and the other two Weasleys walked away from his family. "You're standing right there, Angie, and you did not pull the boy away from the dirt? That's dragon-skin, that is! Hand-wash only, crippled-wizard made, one of a kind."

"Angie." Savanna snickered mockingly, picking up Demi Malfoy from the floor, who hadn't been watching the interaction; interested more in the little flying insects on the grass. "Come on, Dem, let's get you cleaned up before someone else throws a fuss."

Just as they took her away from her ladybug-friend, Demi looked past from Savanna's shoulder and waved her little palm up to the person looking out from the tallest window. A smile on both their faces.

"- -Oh, come on, just tell me, Pans."

Tearing his eyes away for a quick second as the Zabini-girl dragged his little sister up the staircase, asking the three year-old what's with her fascination with bugs, which then led to Dawn Thomas chasing after them, suggesting that perhaps Demi would end up a naturalist, Scorpius Malfoy leaned against the doorframe of the living room. Watching carefully as Mister Weasley stalked behind his wife and his mother, demanding an answer that Pansy had refused to give him for a month now.

"I said no, Ronald." His wife retorted, spinning on her heels before her mother-in-law helped her onto the couch. "Now, shut it before I curse you back four months when you did this to me."

Knitting his eyebrows a little, sharing a slightly disgusted look with Dean Thomas, the Chosen One cleared his throat to get his two-cents in. "Um, Pansy?"

"What, Potter?" The latter snapped, throwing herself onto the open seat, face sweaty and angry-looking.

But deciding against his next comment, because he saw Scorpius eyeing all the adults carefully, Harry turned away from his best friend's wife, and throw him a sympathetic look. (It was not the time to be impudent with kids around.)

"If you would just tell me I'd have an idea of what to buy, Pans. Come on." Ron begged again, remaining determined. "Besides, you told Ginny! That doesn't make it a secret, it's just cruel now."

"Yeah, but she likes me." Snickering as she entered the living room, looking smug, Mrs. Potter released the hand of her youngest child; holding her still for a second as she adjusted the bow on her head.

Ron frowned. "Well, she liked me when I helped put that baby in her belly."

"That's precisely why she doesn't like you now, Ron." Ginny replied, shrugging. "You're the reason why she will ending up putting on twenty pounds, and breast-feeding for a few months. All that will require a nasty-tasting potion to get rid of once the baby can feed regularly."

Pansy scowled harder from her seat, her mother-in-law patting her shoulder gently. (If anyone knew about the downside of baring children, it would be Molly Weasley. She brought seven to the world.) "I have a double-chin, now, Weasley. Parkinsons do not get fat, this is all your fault!"

"All your fault." Ginny repeated to her brother, smiling as Lily wormed her way out of her hold.

And just before his niece escaped towards the staircase and away from the torture that was being a girl, Ron managed to pull off the bow that had taken Ginny ages to perfect on Lily's red hair. "I just want to prepared here, that's all." He explained, frowning again. "If it's a boy, I will be thrilled, maybe I can get things right, because all of you know how bizarre Peyton is- -"

"My son is not bizarre, Weasley." Pansy hissed.

Ron rolled his eyes at that because, honestly, who knew anything about what Peyton did? "Or if it happened to be a girl, I'm going to need time to adjust to that too. You know how hard it has been for me to….."

Just as the redheaded man trailed off, his eyes flickering towards the door, where a blonde leaned against the wall, his gaze lit up with what could be assumed as a grudging anger.

Scorpius smirked at the man, not being able to help himself. (It was just going to take longer now for Mister Weasley to accept him, especially since the day he found out the truth.)

'- -Ron, Ron, no. Your niece is here, stop it.'

Peeking an eye through the thin crack left open by her bedroom door, Rose watched carefully, and a little sickened, as her mother slapped her father's hands away from her waist.

'Oh, who cares. I'm sure Lily has seen worse things.' Ron scoffed. 'Besides, she's with Peyton and Luna's daughter, what's-her-name. They'll be entertained for hours.'

Being able to see the shake of head her mother gave, Rose stood silent as the woman spoke again. 'Fine, but you have to come with me to visit my parents. I'm telling my mother about my unexpected, but blessed, pregnancy to the Blood-Traitor they have yet to accept after sixteen years of marriage .'

Taking a step back from his wife, Ron looked down at the watch his mother had given him years back. 'Oh, well, thanks for the offer, Pans, but I've got a meeting at the Ministry in a few hours. Can't miss it, can I? Duty calls. I'm sorry, love.'

And as her mother cursed her father, the two heading down the hall and away from her room, Rose closed the door quietly. '….That can only lead to disaster.'

A chuckle broke behind her, so taunting.

Rose crossed her arms over her chest, frowning as she turned away from the door. 'You could have just said you were coming over, you know? You didn't have to use my cousin and Dawn to sneak your way in.'

Sitting on the chair of her vanity, a blonde boy with enchanting silver-eyes smirked devilishly back at her comment. 'Where's the thrill in that, Weasley?'

Rose rolled her eyes, her back still pressed on the surface of her door.

'What?' His smirk disappeared, frowning at the girl. 'What did I do now?'

'I wouldn't have enough time to explain that to you, Malfoy.'

And this time, Scorpius rolled his eyes. 'Whatever.' He said to her, watching as the redheaded girl walked towards her bed, sitting herself at the edge of it.

'You know, if we just told him we're together then this wouldn't be a problem.' Rose said after a few moments of silence. 'Call me naive and all, but I don't really lying to my parents.'

Spinning slowly in the chair, just to get a better look at Rose, Scorpius looked as solemn as he could get. 'Telling your father is not the best idea, Weasley. He'd go mental and make a skeptical out of it, you know that.' He watched her frown at his comment. 'Besides, we're not even together. We are dating.'

At that, Rose frowned harder, her freckly face almost turning a shade of vibrant red like the color of her hair.

Rolling his eyes again - this time to himself rather than at her - because he was just never going to get this thing fully right, Scorpius picked himself off from her chair. Walking towards her with a little hesitance. (He just didn't like apologizing.) 'Alright, how about we tell your mum, yeah? That way her parents can ease up on her about having another child with 'Blood Traitor Weasley.' Mind you, I am a Malfoy.'

'You're a half-blood, git.' Rose snapped, scooting a little to the left to make room for him next to her. '…Just forget it.' She whispered a little after, crossing her arms again.

Scorpius grimaced despite his nature to always remain cool and indifferent. (Yeah, it was a safe argument to say he had no clue how to handle this.)

But just looking at her tapping her foot on the wooden-flooring of her bedroom, her arms crossed in annoyance, her beautiful face holding irritation that did not suit her, Scorpius couldn't help but to feel a little bad. Well, more than he would have wanted. He did like her after all - well liked her more than what he would have wanted. (And that there was surely not his fault, his heart is the one who played dirty there.)

So grunting to himself, Scorpius reached for Rose's hand, uncrossing her arms. And with a swift but soft trace of his thumb over her knuckles, he whispered something quietly to her. '…When the right moment comes, we'll tell both of our families, alright? Promise.'

Rose stopped tapping her foot, turning in a small angle to raise her eyebrow at the blonde boy.

Scorpius grinned a little at the stubbornness on the redhead's face. 'I'll tell them that you're my girlfriend and that I love you.'

Letting the scowl on her face dissolve into a smug smile, Rose squeezed Scorpius' hand in return. Her heart pounding inside her chest like a magicked drum. 'That wasn't so hard was it?'

Malfoy frowned, his grin withering. 'Don't get cocky with me, Weasley.'

The witch laughed happily, pushing him on his back as she jumped onto him; a glee so immense running through her blood stream at the close encounter. She had been dreaming forever to be so close with Scorpius, to have him hold her, to have him love her, and to have him kiss her. And wanting that glorious sensation of his passionate lips, Rose leaned herself closer to him. Capturing his mouth with hers, their lips moving together.

'Guess what, Rosie? You're going for tea at your Grandmother Parkinson's- -' And just before the rest of the sentence could be completed, just before Scorpius could clutch onto Rose's waist, just before Rose could snake her fingers through Scorpius' hair, the door to her bedroom banged open. In coming a redheaded man that looked like he had just stumbled on the Dark Lord having a romantic date with Dumbledore.

'Dad!' Rose squeaked, rolling of Malfoy's body and landing on the floor from her sudden shock.

Ron Weasley gaped, a vein pulsing on the side of his forehead as his face started growing redder and redder. ' You - Malfoy - Him - Rosie, no!'

'Well, I'll excuse myself now- -' Scorpius cleared his throat, standing up from Rose's bed and adjusting his clothes casually. 'The Floo is downstairs, right?'

Ron opened his mouth, incoherent blabber coming out as he watched shockingly, so frozen as the Malfoy-boy helped his daughter off the floor; and then dared to give her a peck. (A peck! On the mouth!)

And right as he was about to pass the gaping-man, Scorpius stopped for a quick second before slithering his way out of the bedroom. 'Oh, and before your daughter murders me via letter later, I think you ought to know, Mister Weasley, that we're together now.'

The redhead's man eyes practically popped out.

Scorpius leered at the sight, feeling accomplished as Rose grinned. (Maybe this would work out after all.)

"- -What's going on?" Exiting out of the dinning room, Rose appeared next to the blonde boy; her eyes narrowed at her father ranting about something.

Feeling a jitter of electrical currents racing the surface of his skin at her proximity, Scorpius tried to cover them up by shrugging indifferently. "He wants to know the gender of your future sibling."

Rose rolled her eyes. "Wait and see until he finds out, it's going to be hysterical." She told him, both of them enlacing their fingers and heading away from the living room.

And just as they were making their way out the backdoor, Scorpius smacked the back of brunette's head; making her waves sway around from the action.

"Oi, mate, seriously?"

Malfoy chuckled as he continued to walk with his girlfriend. "Sorry, there was a fly on the beast."

Glaring with hatred, the brunette's hand sprinted towards the wand tucked through the cloth of her dress.

"Ana - Ana, no." But being quick on his reflexes, Al Potter yanked the wand away from the girl. "No magic, remember?"

Ariana puffed out angry air through her pursed lips, glaring with all her might at her brother a few yards away. "I can't wait to go back to Hogwarts; my revenge will be beautiful, Potter, mark my words."

Al laughed a little hesitantly, knowing that the girl was not attempting to be funny and that a war would break out once they returned for their Fourth Year at Hogwarts. "Can't you take it easy on him? He does have a girlfriend now, maybe he'll ease up."

"Maybe I can just blow his brains out," Ariana returned, "then Ron will be forever thankful that I wouldn't get arrested."

Shaking his head at the fury Ariana had, Al sighed a little as he grabbed her hand. "What am I going to go with you?"

"- -Hand her over to me." Appearing next to them, out of nowhere, James smirked grandly at his brother and his ex-girlfriend. "It won't be a big shock or anything, you know, since I've snogged her and all."

The brunette witch rolled her eyes and the boy next to her glared, his green-eyes popping out in anger.

Well, it's true, isn't it?" James continued, fixing the sleeves of his robes casually. "And, at a point, little Al, Ana was very happy with me. So much that a point she frenched me." His brown-eyes now glittered with that leer. "You don't know what that is, do you? Well, one time when Ana and I were kissing she - -"


"Oi!" Looking bewildered from the sudden hit he got beside the head, James and the two other kids found Ginny Potter standing with her arms crossed as she frowned at her oldest son. "Are you mental, woman? That's abuse!"

"Go to the yard, James - now." Mrs. Potter snapped, pointing a finger towards the backdoor of the house. "Come on, come on, move on."

"I wasn't doing anything!" James protested as his mother kept pushing him away.

Sighing to herself, because she could feel Al shaking with fury in his stance, Ariana pulled her hand away from his so she could cross her arms. "…I've only kissed him twice, and that was it. There was no…nothing."

Al still glared, not really at her, not really at James at that point, but because he had been a stupid boy all that year. (How could he have let himself lose her for a bit? And to his brother for that matter?)

At the silence that the boy was still in, Ariana felt a little pang of guilt and of panic. She never meant to hurt him, she was just lost and confused. And he knew better than anyone how rubbish she was with the emotions-thing, she didn't now where she was half of the time. "…Al?" But then she decided to take a leap, because she never wanted him to feel like she was a monster.

"…Yeah?" The boy mumbled, not really looking at her.

"I," she took a breath, "I…I love…I…"

And like the last two minutes with his brother didn't happen, Al looked up at his girlfriend with a glowing smile; a small flush on his cheeks. "I love you too, Ana." He said brightly, reaching for her hand again.

"You didn't let me finish." Ariana Malfoy protested, frowning as she let him take her hand. "I was almost there."

With nothing said, because that attempt was worth it, Al just kissed the back of her palm and led her towards the backdoor.


She could hear the voices, the soft murmur of whispers, and even the light and gentle sounds of a harp coming from the level below. She could hear it as she stood at the top of the staircase, breathing in and out, her body at peace but her heart thumping like she had just ran a marathon.

This was it - once again.

"Alright," and from the bottom of that staircase, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley stood, looking up, "ready?"

She nodded her head, taking the first step with a deep breath.

It was funny, so ironic how things tend to repeat themselves, challenges and lessons the same way. And it's because of that ironic humor, because if they had learned that lesson already why did they question it, why did they not believe in it, why did they have no faith that that's how things were meant to be, that led the Golden Trio back in the spot that started it all.

Peeking his head out the backdoor, Ron turned to Harry and the other with a smile. "Let's do this."

Rolling his eyes behind his glasses, Harry enlaced his arm through his friend's, waiting for his brother-in-law to hurry and take the other. And once he did, the three were chained, a symbol of how they have been kept together for so long, the three smiled at each other; taking a breath together as they headed towards the backdoor.

In the backyard of the Malfoy home, two sections of chairs, separated by a cement pathway that had been made and placed there for the day, held a handful of people; many familiar faces, all of friends and family. Everyone was dressed in their best, smiling with wide smiles and teary eyes, for some women - and Blaise - as they all turned to see Harry and Ron walking slowly towards the front where a majestic tree sat; Hermione Malfoy in the middle of them with a glorious white dress on her body.

And up in front, waiting with a sense of repetition, but with some twists of course, was Ginny Potter, still a fiery redhead, Luna Thomas, eccentric and dreamy as always, and Pansy Weasley with her pregnant belly highlighted by her peachy-orange bridesmaid dress.

On the other side of the women stood Blaise Zabini; handsome as ever with his fine suit and bright green eyes. And like it was accustomed, he stood there as best man, eyes filled with tears and knees shaking. Next to him, not a wobbling child like he was the first time around, Teddy Lupin rolled his eyes, elbowing him in the ribs for the scene he was making.

And in the middle of this familiar scene, Draco Malfoy stood solemn and firm, looking magnificent in his attire as he waited for Potter and Weasley to bring to him what was already his; what he loved much more than his own life.

Arriving, after what seemed like forever, to the arch and canopy serving as an alter, Harry and Ron both detached themselves from their best friend, both giving her a small kiss on opposite sides of her cheeks; then headed towards the groom's side to stand next to Zabini and Teddy.

"Dearly beloved," and it began as Hermione and Draco smiled at each other, gazing into their eyes before turning to the man awaiting to start the ceremony, "we are gathered together here in the sight of God, and in the face of this company, to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony; once again. To relive and reestablish their vows to their marriage, to their love, and to God as they intake their promises to one another once more."

Hermione smiled, squeezing Draco's hand as the muggle Priest continued on. She couldn't believe that here they were again, renewing their vows, their bond, but this time in the eyes of God; the muggle way. Honoring that part of Hermione that had kept her from Draco, that had been Draco's hatred and disgust years before, and that now was a very true part to the marriage they had for fifteen years; a legacy of muggle-blood that now ran in the veins of their kids. Half-bloods, all three of them.

"I, Draco Malfoy," ripped away from her little smug thought, Hermione was now looking deep into her husband's silver-eyes as he spoke," retake you, Hermione, to continue living by my side, to continue loving you like I have for the past sixteen years, to continue rebuilding the family we have already created, to continue growing old with one another, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part."

Giggling once, though she was trying to hold it, Hermione smiled a teary smile at her husband, at the fact that he had taken the vows said by a muggle man to his muggle wife; pride and love in his voice as he said them. "I love you, Draco Malfoy," she took her spin on things, "and I am happy and forever blessed that we are here again, standing before our friends and family, showing that we are stronger than what they gave us credit for. That our love is strong, that we were meant to be, and that not even death nor disaster could ever take that away." A tear slipped from her. "We have three beautiful children, a life I couldn't have dreamed up, and I am happy because I have it all with you."

And as Draco stared lovingly at his wife, Blaise broke out into tears in the background; supporting himself up by Ron's shoulders as he cried into him. "….So beautiful!"

"By the exchange of vows," the muggle Priest spoke again, "you have proclaimed and affirmed your intentions to enter into a sacred union, once more. In recognition of the above, and, as a Priest of the Church and in accordance with the laws and statutes of Great Britain,

I now renounce you Husband and Wife, and your bond strengthen once more in the eyes of God."

And without allowing the priest to say, "You may kiss your Bride," Draco went forward and hurriedly pressed his lips to his wife's, savoring the moment like it was the first time or that kiss could last forever. He held her to him, like he has done plenty of times before, but his heart still banged and beat the way it always had when he first acknowledged that he was in love with her. A sensation that he knows he will continue to feel until the day he departs the world; because this was where heaven was. With her, with his wife, with Hermione.

A loud round of claps began, more children than there was in the first wedding, aside from Teddy and Victorie who were now adults, cheered and hooted; smiled and laughed.

"…Embarrassing." Ariana and Scorpius mumbled at the same time, putting their heads down and hiding their matching silver eyes from the guest and the muggle priest who stared wide-eyed at the commotion exploding.

Through that loud commotion of laughter and cheers, of love and happiness, Demi Malfoy turned her head and attention away from her parents kissing in the middle of the canopy as she sat in her Grandmother Narcissa's lap. She saw something, something there in almost a fusion of thick fog at the edge of the bushes that separated her home from the muggle-neighbors.

There was a huddle of people, ones she recognized from a dream, from a place she had visited for a long time.

'How do you like that,' a redhead spoke, standing with an arm draped over a pink-haired woman's shoulder, 'Malfoy and Hermione, remarried under muggle-law. That's inspiring, mates, someone should write a book about it.'

'You're ruining the moment, Fred.' Tonks gave the redhead a shove with her elbow, scoffing as she moved towards the side of two men who stood together; watching the re-wedding. '…Look at our Teddy, Remus,' she spoke in a sweet whisper, her eyes focused on the blue-haired bloke in the other dimension; talking animatedly with Victorie who was hugging him. 'He's beautiful.'

'He looks like you, Moony,' with a chuckle, Sirius Black looked at his best friend who remained solemn, 'though, he gets his attitude from my lovely cousin, I see.'

Tonks rolled her purple-colored eyes. 'I'll take that as a compliment.' She said, her eyes moving from her son as she spotted Andromeda, her mother, chatting away with Molly Weasley in a row of seats.

"- -Oh, no." Spotting Ariana reach for her wand, the Priest raising his eyebrow as the girl pointed it towards her brother, Narcissa Malfoy placed Demi on the ground. "Wait here, darling." And she got up with her parental expression on, heading towards her eldest grandchildren.

Not phased by the woman's action, Demi wobbled her way towards the bushes, smiling as she waved a palm at the unexpected guest.

'Oi, looking snazzy with your dress, Dem,' Fred spoke as soon as he spotted the little girl, 'though I think you should roll around in mud to make it better. I'm sure your mother will adore it.'

Demi rolled her brown eyes and stopped in front of a blonde man standing aside from the group, looking firm and standing tall in his foggy-presence. "Granddad." She stretched her smile.

Uncrossing his arms as he looked away from the scene yards away where Hermione and Narcissa tried to calm Ariana, Draco scolded Scorpius for aggravating her, and Potter tried hurrying the Priest out the yard, Lucius Malfoy blinked his silver-eyes down at his granddaughter. '…Dem Dem.' He smiled too.

But before Demi could open her mouth and say something else to her grandfather, or even to the people that she knew but everyone told her they were gone, a pair of arms picked Demi from the ground. "- -She's bloody insane." Teddy Lupin hissed to the little girl in a mumble as he managed to get away from Victorie. "I knew Draco and Hermione shouldn't have invited her to this damn thing. Now she's going to be expecting a ring, and I'm too young for that!"

Turning away from the bushes where the people stood in their white and airy essence, over Teddy's shoulder, Demi waved at the presence of Tonks, Remus, Fred, Sirius, and Lucius. But it wasn't a wave goodbye, because she knew, even at such a young age, that they will always be there, following and visiting their loved ones, always going to be around her, even though no one could see them.

Well, no one but her.

But that was okay. They got to see that the people they left behind were happy, were living, and were making the best of the life they were ripped away from someway and somehow. And that even though times got hard, they all stood together; mighty and tall like a family should.

And in the end, no matter how tough the day was, in the night it was always a simple kind of life.

Just as the others were beginning to disappear, Fred turned to Tonks, who stayed an extra second to stare at Teddy, and said, 'Oi, does Ron look fat to you?'

And the rest was left to the living.

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