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Chapter 2

The dress and sword

Ariel woke with start. She rubbed her eyes and sighed. It's been 10 years since Jim was rescued and they were only children back then. Now she was a sixteen year old woman and he was a 15teen year old man. She looked around to make sure no one was looking. She pulled her bureau drawer, move some things, and found the medallion. 'Why is it that dream keeps haunting me?' she thought. She went to her mirror and put on the medallion. 'I wish that Jim would call me by my name.' she thought as she set the medallion. Jim would always be formal with Ariel. He would always call her Miss Triton and not once he did not call her Ariel. Her thought was stopped when she heard a knock on her door. It was her father who was knocking.

"Ariel? Are you alright?" Asked Governor Triton. The redhead had to look like she was still in bed; she didn't want her father to know what she was doing. "Are you decent?" Ariel looked at her chest and saw that the medallion was showing. She the medallion in her nightgown and said, "Yes, yes!" Her father came through the door with a smile on his face and saw that his daughter was still in her nightgown. "Still abed at this hour?" Asked her father as he opened the window doors. As soon as he opened the doors, Ariel was blinded by the morning light. "It's a beautiful day." Governor Triton looked to Jane and Jasmine with Ariel's gift. "I have a gift for you." Triton handed her a pink dress and his daughter was excited about it. "Oh, it's beautiful!"She said as she waved the dress around. Triton was happy to see his daughter happy and said, "Isn't it?"

The redhead knew something was up; her father wouldn't give her gifts unless there was an important event or a party. "May I inquire as to the occasion?" Triton knew that his daughter was too smart for her own good and said innocently, "Does a father need an occasion to dote upon his daughter?" Ariel smiled and went behind the dressing walls. The Governor looked to the maids and said, "Go on." Jane and Jasmine went to help the redhead with the dress and sighed. "Actually, I, um…I had hoped you might wear it for the ceremony today." This caught the redhead off guard. "The ceremony?" she asked as she removed her nightgown. "Captain Smith's promotion ceremony." Stated the Governor. His daughter knew something was up; she went to the side, not to show her naked body, and said, "I knew it!" He then told her, "Commodore Smith, as he's about to become!" The maids then began to put on the corset on Ariel and not to mention she hated it.

Her father continued on and said, "A fine gentleman, don't you think? He fancies you, you know." The redhead was having a hard time breathing as Jane tightened the laces of Ariel's corset. "Ariel? How's it coming?" Asked her father. Ariel didn't want to say anything rude because of corset crushing her lungs. "It's difficult to say." She said as struggles to breathe through the corset. Triton was worried that his daughter didn't like the dress and said, "I'm told it's the latest fashion in London." Ariel got angry and said, "Well, women in London must've learned not to breathe." Jane and Jasmine finally finished tying the corset and begin to put the dress on Ariel. The butler, Grimsby, came through the door and said to the Governor, "Milord, you have a visitor."

Meanwhile, Jim was downstairs waiting for the Governor with a case under his arm. He was wearing a dark brown jacket, a black shirt, pine pants, and brown boots. He had a ponytail and an earring on his left ear. He was studying a sconce and thought, 'This would go great with my project.' He thought. When he touches it, it broke off one of the pieces, and he panicked when he heard footsteps. He buried it into the vase that was holding canes and umbrellas. Just in time too as the Governor came down the stairs and said, "Ah, Mr. Hawkins, good to see you again." Jim was happy to see the Governor Triton and said, "Good day, sir. I have your order." He opened the box, took the sword out, and handed it to Triton.

The Governor took the sword from him and unsheathes it. "Well." Said the Governor underneath his breath as he examined the sword. Jim noticed that Triton was impressed with it and explained to the Governor about the sword's quality, "The blade is folded steel. That's gold filigree laid into the handle." Triton was surprised when heard what Mr. Hawkins said. "If I may." Said Jim as he held his hands out for the sword. Triton gave him the sword back and Mr. Hawkins balanced the sword with ease. "Perfectly balanced. The tang is nearly the full width of the blade." Said Jim as he flipped the blade and presented the sword gracefully. Triton chuckled at this and took the sword back. "Impressive. Very impressive." Said Triton as he put the sword back in its sheathing. "Ah, now, Commodore Smith is going to be very pleased with this." Jim smiled at his own talent and finally someone to recognize it. "Do pass my compliments on to your Master. Hmm?" Asked the Governor with sincere smile. Jim winced at this and faked smiling. 'Great. He's taking all the credit again.' He thought.

"I shall. A craftsman is always pleased to hear his work is appreciated." He said as continued to fake smiling. He then heard footsteps on the 2nd floor; he looked up, and saw Governor Triton's daughter came in with the pink dress her father picked out for her. "Oh, Ariel, you look absolutely stunning." Complimented her father. The redhead looked to her father and then looked to find Jim in her home. "Jim! It's so good to see you." She said with a smile. As she came down the stairs Jim hid his blush so her father wouldn't see. 'Miss Triton looks so beautiful in that dress.' He thought taken in by her beauty. Somehow the corset wasn't hurting as much as she saw him.

"I had a dream about you last night." Said Ariel with a smile. Jim was taken by this and asked, "About me?" Triton saw where this was going and said, "Yes, well, is that entirely proper for you to…?" Ariel ignored her father and asked, "About the day we met, do you remember?" How could Jim not forget? When he saw Ariel for the first time, he thought he saw an angel hovering above him. "How could I forget, Miss Triton?" Asked Jim with a smile. Ariel's light blue eyes shined, she then smiled, and asked with a light laugh, "Jim, how many times must I ask you to call me Ariel?" Jim couldn't because of her being the Governor's daughter and said, "At least once more, Miss Triton, as always." Governor Triton smiled and said, "There. See? At least the boy has a sense of propriety. Now, we really must be going." He handed his daughter a parasol and said, "There you are." The Governor left for the carriage and before Ariel left, she gave a cold stare at Jim and said in an icy tone, "Good day, Mr. Hawkins."

Jim was taken back at what Ariel said. Never once in his life was he called Mr. Hawkins by Ariel. "Come along." Said Governor Triton as he entered the carriage and Ariel followed her father. "Good day…" Jim said as he trailed them as the carriage was leaving he then said under his breath, "…Ariel." The redhead turned around and thought, 'Did he just say my name?'


Elizabeth Swann- Ariel

Joshamee Gibbs- Pete

Norrington- John Smith

Governor Weatherby Swann- King Triton

Will Turner- Jim Hawkins

Servant- Grimsby

Maids- Jane from Tarzan and Jasmine

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