Frodo's Song

Though the road goes on and on,

Though the shadows pierce to night

We will stay faithful to our task,

To journey to evil land.

To face the trials still,

Though we do not know the way

We will stay true to each other.

The Fellowship won't die

For a hope may still remain;

Though divided are our paths,

May we meet again some day.

This burden that I bear

Becomes heavier with every step I take.

Going on without much chance,

Having Sam right by my side.

Where there's life there must be hope,

Guiding every step I take.

Leading me right to my doom,

But I take it with no regrets.

Torn apart but still together,

Till we find one another again.

Evil is all around us

We can feel it in the air.

Helping me to find my way,

Is my Sam who I do love

Until that Gollum did appear,

I could not complete my task,

And he and I did fight.

Now I `m laying on the ground,

With my own blood upon my hand.

With my Sam protecting me,

This may be the very end.

Yet the Ring is now destroyed,

May we live in happiness.

The Fellowship is still

Because hope still remained.

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