Disclaimer: I obviously don't own 30 Days of night…no matter how much I wish I did.

Summary: As revenge for the events at Barrow, the vampires kidnap Jake, since Eben and Stella are both "Dead". When Eben finds out he'll do anything to save his brother…,but will he make it in time?

Takes place in movie/comic verse [Eben has been resurrected and Stella is a vampire]

Also features Nick, Sarah, and George from Dust to Dust.


Bark. Bark. Bark. Jake Olemaun shifted restlessly in his beat up twin bed, his neighbors dog's constant barking making it incredibly hard to sleep. Not that he slept much anyway, but still. A little common courtesy. It didn't matter that he never slept ,because if he did the nightmarish memories of that month of darkness would surround him. The dog still could have shown some common fucking courtesy!

Bark. Bark. Bar-rak…..! Silence. The awful, penetrating sound of his neighbors small dog had suddenly stopped dead. He sat up in bed and glanced out the grimy window that looked out on his yard. Being on the second story he could easily see into his neighbors own large shadow filled yard. At first there was nothing ,just the tilted darkness, but a quick flash of movement had him alert and curious.

A shadow had darted across his neighbors yard before disappearing. It had been a quick blur, but he was sure he had seen it. He sat up, curiosity piqued. He had to know what was down there, because something was most definitely down there. He felt a chill go down his spine as he carefully stood up ,his bare feet cold on the icy wood floor. He had the distinct feeling he was going to regret this. After all, who knew what that shadow in his neighbors yard had been? Oh well. Making his way through the hall and downstairs ,he felt a dark and familiar feeling of dread as he realized it could be one of them. He shook his head. 'Great.,' he thought" Now I'm freaking myself out.'

Still the idea nagged at him. The shadow made him think of them. Fast and agile. Dark. Deadly.

"It's nothing….",he whispered to himself." Probably just my imagination…."

He padded through the kitchen and opened the backdoor slowly ,stepping out into the cool night. Post storm winds ruffled his hair and caused him to wrap his arms around his chest. It was cold ,and not just willy-nilly cold, but a biting dry chill that froze your insides. The damp grass swayed in the breeze as he made his way over to the fence that divided his adopted family and his neighbors yards.

Bracing himself for a gruesome scene of death and mutilation he peeked over…and let out a sigh of relief. Nothing. He quickly turned around ,his curiosity satisfied…and felt his heart drop. A tall familiar male figure stood across from him, his neighbors small dog limp in one clawed hand. Blood dripped onto the grass as the small animal squirmed and convulsed until it finally stilled it's glassy eyes staring into nothing.

Jake backed up to the fence and ,recovering from his shock and revulsion, dashed for the still open back door of his home. Dashed for safety. Before he could reach it however he was thrown backward onto the ground. His vision flashed for a second as white hot pain pervaded his mind.

When his vision cleared he could make out the figures features through the haze of pain since it sat on top of him. His assailants bald head gleamed in the moonlight and his black eyes glinted with amusement as Jake shivered and whimpered in fear. It was one of them! They'd come back for him.

The Grinning figure still had the same disturbing smile that had haunted Jakes dreams for three years. Jake struggled to get out from under the strong bloodied man…no, vampire…,but he was too weak to move. His vision was blurring and he felt tired. So very very tired. Why was he struggling again?

He stared up at the vampire and struggled weakly again. Oh right, He was going to die if he didn't get away ,but he felt so slow. Why was he so tired and weak? Why was the world so blurry and dark? Did he hit his head or something? Wait. That makes sense. He must have hit his head when he fell. That's why the world was so dim and distant. That's why he couldn't fight to get away. As he sunk into unconsciousness he could just barely hear the victorious shriek of the vampire above him.