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Day five

-[Next morning]-[Stella, Eben , Sarah, Nick ,and George]-[Next morning]-

Stopping the car Nick let out a contented sigh. He'd driven like a maniac all night, but had managed to get there in good time.

Glancing towards the back seat where he knew the four vampires were sleeping he sighed heavily. Jake might not make it to night. He'd have to search alone.

"We're here. I'm gonna take a look around."

A grouchy half intelligible grumble was his only response, and he took it as a go ahead to leave them to sleep and check out the town.

With a small smile, the ex-cop opened the door, making sure to lock it after he got out and set the alarm. Taking one last look at the car he made his way out into the snow covered landscape, clutching at his jacket.

Teeth chattering, he made his way slowly towards the sign in the distance which he guessed was the town sign. As he approached the frost covered sign the silhouette of a figure, half covered in snow.

As he got closer he could barely make out the pale familiar face of what appeared to be a teenage boy barely clinging to life. More specifically, Jake Olemaun, the exact person they were looking for,barely clinging to life.


Quick as he could Nick was at the unconscious teen's side, digging through the snow in an attempt to uncover him. The process took longer than he had hoped, but, after much hard work, he had him uncovered and, carefully, situated in his arms.

Then, with a determination and strength he didn't know he had, he trekked back to the car, Jake in his arms. By the time he reached the car he was tired and cold, the teen's freezing body definitely not helping. He hadn't realized just how far he'd walked earlier. It hadn't seemed so far. It must have been the added weight.

With an act of pure balance he managed to get his keys from his pocket without dropping the slender teen in his arms into the snow, unlocking the door. Finally he was able to relax, putting the half frozen teen into the passenger side and sliding into the drivers side, immediately turning the heat on high. A glance at the teen told him the heater alone wasn't gonna do it. He was too cold.

The poor kid's lips were a pale blue, standing out against his white skin which glistened with what he assumed was frost or maybe even ice sheeted across the boy's cheeks.

He hurriedly flipped himself around so he was facing the back and, with a quick glance behind him to be sure the sun wasn't too bright, pulled down one of the several blankets hanging between the back and the front.

Silently thanking Sarah for triple layering the blankets due to her paranoia, he wrapped the blanket around the unmoving teen in the passenger seat, making sure to keep him warm and enveloped by the double layer cloth.

Finally satisfied that the teen would be okay, he let his own eyes slip closed as fatigue from the walk caught up with him. Seconds later he was asleep.

-[That night]-[Stella, Eben , Sarah, Nick ,George, and Jake]-[That night]-

It was dark and he couldn't see anything. It took him several moments to remember why the situation was so familiar. The last time he'd woken up like that it had been surrounded by vampires. At that realization he jolted up, panic over coming him.

His breath coming in gasps he thrashed around, frightened by the fact that his arms seemed pinned to his side, keeping him immobile. There was no getting away this time. He cried out in frustration and fear, thrashing harder, as hands grabbed at him, attempting to stop his violent movement.

"Jake relax! You're okay!", a familiar voice cried, as some one grabbed hold of him. "You're okay."

"No! No…no…no! Just kill me now! P-Please!"

"You're okay…", the voice said softly, then, most likely to someone else. "Pull away the blankets. Let some light in."

Seconds later the soft flow of moonlight illuminated his surroundings and he could feel his heart lurch. His brother-his dead brother- was holding tightly to him, black vampire eyes steadily trained on his face which held a look of utter shock and disbelief.

"E-Eben…", he managed, shock causing him to stutter slightly. "H-How…? You were-you were dead."

Eben glanced into the backseat, and it takes Jake a few minutes to realize that he's staring at Stella who's squashed between two other vampires and a normal man, her eyes telling the teen that she too is a vampire.

"It's a long story", His brother says with a sigh, eyeing him with a mix of concern and fear. "Are you alright?"

Letting out a snort he nodded shortly, hysterically letting out a small whimper. "I got in a car crash, I was kidnapped by vampires, and my dead brother is sitting next to me." A slight panicked sob. "What the hell happened Eben?"

Another sigh from his brother. "Like I said, it's a long story."

"I thought you were dead…", the teen mumbled, eyes on his brother's face. "I thought you were dead. Why didn't you find me? Why'd you let me believe-"

"It was better that way. You were safer.", Stella said quickly.

Turning his head to glance at her Jake was reminded that they weren't alone.

"Yeah. Safer.", he said with a slight roll of his eyes. The look of hurt on his brother's face made him feel a flash of guilt. "So," he said, nodding his head in the direction Of Nick, Sarah, and George. "who're they?"

"Friends.", Eben said firmly. "They helped us find you."

Jake turned to smile at them. "Thanks."

George flashed a cocky grin. "No prob. By the way. I'm George.", he motioned to Nick and Sarah respectively. "Nick. Sarah."

"Thanks aga-"

His thanks was cut off by a shrill vampiric shriek, many more answering. Eyes going wide he turned to glance out the car window before turning back to the others.

"They're looking for me!"

"Well they're not gonna find you.", Eben said, starting the car and slamming his foot on the gas.

The squeal of the tires and surprised cries of the vehicles occupants couldn't cover the shrill cries that were much closer than they'd been moments before. Looking out the windows they could make out the swift shadows who managed, thanks to their superhuman speed and strength, to keep up with the speeding vehicle.

As they plowed through the snow, catching sharp corners and dangerous turns, a loud thud as one of the pursuing vampires jumped onto the hood of the car, slamming their fists into it and leaving dents.

Thinking fast George slammed his fist into the roof, eliciting a squeal of pain from the vampire as it went flying off.

"Good o-"

Before Nick could finish congratulating George a large boorish vampire tore the passenger door off, smiling maliciously at Jake and grabbing his arm, attempting to pull him out. Thankfully, Eben caught hold of his other arm, holding tight while attempting to drive.

"Jake!" He cried, trying to both see his brother and keep an eye on the road. "Hold on!"

Eben struggled to keep hold, losing his grip. Just as the vampire was about to pull Jake from the car, Sarah, thinking fast, kicked out at it, striking it in the head and causing it to let go of the teen's arm.

"Oh thank-"

A group of vampires slammed into the driver's side of the car, sending it careening down a snow bank, and onto a frozen lake. Due to the missing door and no seat belt Jake was flung from the car, body bloodied and still, onto the cold ice.

Seconds passed in absolute silence, then- all hell broke loose. Vampires swarmed onto the ice as Stella, Sarah, and Eben pulled themselves from the wreckage, George helping Nick, and dashed for the teenage boy.

Before they could reach him however, they were each attacked by a small grouping of vampires. Immediately it was bloody, vampires tearing each other to shreds. Blood splattered the ice and no matter how many they killed more seemed to come, blocking their path.

Nick, who had pulled his gun, was shooting left and right, vampires dropping dead, while Eben and Sarah decimated their attackers with the help of their claws. Stella however seemed more intent on avoiding them and getting to Jake who she feared was injured.

While they fought to get to Jake a small pixyish vampire already had. Giving a fang filled smile, she leaned down, teeth grazing his yielding flesh, claws digging in, and- was pulled backward harshly, body slamming onto the ice with teeth chattering force.

As she got up she found herself face to face with a very smug George, who held a defensive stance between her and the unconscious Jake, claws out at his sides.

"Not a chance lady.", He growled, eyeing her carefully.

Face twisting into a mask of hate, she lunged at him, shrieking violently as their bodies collided. She viciously swiped at his arms, face, anything she could, while he slowly worked his hands to her neck, stabbing his nails into the pale flesh.

This time her cry was one of pain and she violently lashed out, clawing the left side of his face, blood splaying everywhere.

Getting off him she darted for Jake only to be slammed into by Stella, who caught hold of her jaw, pulling it down until her cheeks tore and blood gushed out, splattering the ice.

In a fit of rage and pain she slammed onto Stella, the ice cracking beneath them as she continuously slammed her head onto it. A pool of blood formed beneath them as the ice broke apart, sending Stella, the vampire, and the unconscious Jake plunging into the below freezing waters.

As they sunk into the ice cold abyss, the ice above them cracking over the whole lake and sending most of the vampires save the few who were lucky and ran away into the garish cold, Eben dove in, swimming towards his brother, while George did the same, swimming towards Stella.

When they reached the snow bank around the cracked lake, they collapsed in a heap, Jake, who was now conscious, whimpering and moaning, as if in pain.

"J-Jake…? You okay?", Eben asked, leaning over his brother, eyes full of worry and fatigue.

Jake let out a shuddering gasp, eyes clenching shut in pain. "M-My arm…it hurts….AUUUUGHHGH…Eben!"

Tearing the cloth sleeve of his shirt they found themselves staring with horror at four long deep scratches that seemed more akin to claw marks.

Letting out a choked sob Stella moved to his side, eyes wide. "Oh god no." She glanced away as his screams grew more pained, she knew what would come.

Eben on the other hand found himself unable to look away, horror rising in him, as his brother arched his back, crying out in pain, eyes bleeding from a soft kind blue to a vicious demonic black.

His skin paled and each vein underneath became prominent, showing through easily. Nails hardened and his body shuddered, screams becoming shrill monstrous vampiric cries, chilling them all to the core.

He lashed out, striking his brothers cheek, his claws tearing the flesh and sending a thin trail of blood over the snow. Eyes focused on each face and a slight bit of recognition resonated deep inside. His hand, raised to swipe again, fell to his side. His eyes gently closed and he stilled.

At that moment, as his cries stopped and his body grew still, a soft light began to creep over the landscape, causing their eyes to go wide. One by one they turned to look behind them, hearts speeding up.

Glancing down at his brother, then back up Eben let out a horrified gasp. "Sunrise!"

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