Now before you all think I'm crazy for re-printing chapters one to six I was just really annoyed by some of the spelling, Grammar and the date mistakes I made. They weren't big and you probably won't notice them but they were really annoying me.

The cold air whipped around Lily's face pulling her long fiery red hair in many different directions across her face as she ran to platform 9 and ¾ with her brothers. It was Lily's fourth year in Hogwarts, still living in her father's shadow having done nothing outstanding at school yet unlike her brother James who was now head boy, he had become Keeper in his fourth year and Quidditch captain in his fifth year, managing to keep his title for three years running, or like her brother, Albus who was at the top of every class and seeker for the Gryffindor Qudditch team following in his fathers footsteps making him proud of his two sons, but not yet his only daughter. Lily, struggled with most of her classes just scrapping by in each of them, nor did she play on the Grffindor Quidditch team, being afraid of flying she refused to even attempt trying out.

Lily grabbed her hat just as it made an attempt to fly off her head she ran straight at the wall between platforms 9 and 10 with her brothers just as the a large elegant clock chimed 11 and the portal was sealed between the wizarding world and the muggle world. Lily turned back towards the now sealed portal and beat her fists against the wall.

"Come on Lils the train will be leaving in a minute." James called as he started making his way towards the Hogwarts express.

"But we didn't get to say good bye to mom and dad" she called after him.

"It's ok Lils we can send them an Owl when we get to Hogwarts." Albus told her.

Albus-always being the most caring of her brothers-stroked her head and ran off towards the train.

Lily nodded and accepted the fact that this was all they could do now. It was James' fault they'd been late in the first place if he just hadn't over slept in the first place. She scowled at her eldest brothers back annoyed that she couldn't say good bye to her parents, this wasn't the first time her annoying eldest brother had made them late for something.

On the train Lily sought out the company of Hugo and Rose Weasley two of her many cousins from her mother's side. She found them sitting in one of the compartments at the back of the train with some of her other cousins Dominique and her twin brother Louis, Lily's uncle bill's children they were in their last year with James now while there older sister, Victoire was following a carrier in fashion as she left Hogwarts about five years earlier. She was now successfully running Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions alongside Madam Malkin who was now very frail with age. Victoire was also planning to get married to Teddy Lupin in the following spring which everyone was over joyed about as teddy was practically one of the family after Lily's father had taken it upon himself to help raise Teddy with his grandmother-Andromeda Tonks-after his parents Remus Lupin and Nimphadora Tonks had died in the great war of the Wizarding world before Lily was born. The war against the dark lord which her own father had defeated making the Potter name so famous the very reason she found it so hard to live up to the Potter name.

Most of Lily's other cousins were still in school except for her Uncle Georges son Fred named after Georges twin brother who also died in the war and her Uncle Percy's daughter Molly. Lily's Uncle Ron and her dads best friend's children, Rose who was in the same year as Albus and Hugo who was in the same year as Lily were her closest cousins they were her best friends, as well as her cousins. Her other cousins she loved to bits she just didn't feel as close to them. Lucy her Uncle Percy's other daughter was in the year above her along with George's only daughter Roxanne.

The journey to Hogwarts seemed incredibly long. They spent most of the trip reminiscing about their summer, laughing at silly things like when James had tried to impress her cousin Victories' friend Antoinette and had fallen into the Gnomes that infested the bottom of her grandparent's garden. He had come out with bite marks all over his body and his clothes ripped quite badly and had to spend the rest of the day with their mother Ginny Potter while she applied a healing potion over his body.

Lily laughed at the memory her cheeks turned a rosy colour and her eyes sparkled in her fit of laughter, a smile reached from one side of her face to the other.

The door to their compartment suddenly slid open. A brawny male with platinum blonde hair and silver eyes that reminded you of moonlight stepped in he took one look around the compartment and a look of pure distain washed across his face when he saw them.

"Sorry didn't realise this was where they kept the trash." He stated a smirk spreading across his chiselled face.

"Move along Malfoy no one wants a snake stinking up the place." James said coming from behind him as he got back from his head boy meeting with the prefects.

Hatred sparkled in his eyes; his hands balled up into fists at his sides, the skin over his knuckles turning white and his body went ridged.

Malfoy let another smirk escape his lips before responding to James.

"Gladly Potter, frankly the stench of blood traitor is hurting my nose."

Lily watched as Malfoy turned to leave, the Charmed Galleon that never left her pocket burned making her thigh were it rested flush pink from the heat the whole time the galleon whispered up to her repeating softly in her mind:

Hi, I've missed you.

Lily looked down to hide the small smile that snuck onto her face as her brother slumped into the seat next her muttering incoherent things and cursing under his breath about how much he hated the Malfoys. How he never understood why dad had tried to make them be friends with the ungrateful slytherin when in truth James had never given him a chance in the first place.


Come on guys they'll be here in a minute" Harry called up the stairs to his three children.

"Were coming Dad, I still don't see why their coming in the first place I don't know about Draco Malfoy but his son is a nasty piece of work." James stated as he slid down the banister and towards his father. Ginny came into the hall just as James jumped off of the banister almost colliding with his mother and she dropped the cup of tea she was holding.

"Honestly James you should try to use the actual stairs now and again." Ginny said as she pulled out her wand and waved it over the mess on the floor causing it to speed up into her hands as one full piece. Just then Albus came whooshing down the banister of the staircase knocking into Ginny again who managed to keep hold of her cup of tea this time. Ginny walked back into the kitchen.

"We should have just had three girls instead" she called jokingly over her shoulder

"Oh Ha-Ha we love you too Mum" James called back to her.

Just then a little girl appeared at the top of the stairs her long red hair floated down to her waist, freckles were dotted about across the bridge of her nose and her eyes sparkling hazel colour.

Lily Potter was the spitting image of her mother from the Weasley' fiery red hair to her slender hands, the small girl started to jump pulling her self up on the banister trying to copy what her two elder brothers had just done.

"Don't even try it flower you'll just hurt yourself" Harry chuckled lines fanning out around his emerald green eyes.

"Daddy please" Lily just watched her dad shake his head once more and came bounding down the stairs flying into his open arms.

"Why are they coming daddy? James says their evil people who tried to kill you. I don't want them here if they'll hurt you." Lily stated boldly.

Harry let out a slight chuckle at his daughter's protectiveness over him. He turned to glare down at his eldest son who had done a disappearing act and had run into the next room where his mother was.

"There not evil, sweetie. The Malfoys have helped me a lot over the last few years."

What harry said was true the Malfoys had in fact helped him a great deal in capturing all of the death-eaters that had managed to escape after he had killed Voldemort but he was under no circumstances about to tell his eleven year old daughter this.

A knock came from the front door. Lily jumped out of her father's arms as he went to answer it. Three tall figures stood in the open door way. The first was a women she was tall and slender. Her long blonde hair was scrapped back into a bun and was streaked with silver. She had lines around her face some from age and some from smiling. Narcissa Malfoy looked genuinely happy to see the Potters unlike her brooding son. Draco slumped against the frame of the door, one hand on his sons back. His son looked a lot like Draco same platinum blonde hair and silver/grey eyes, but he looked more muscular than his father would have been at his age. He looked rather confused not sure if he should follow his grandmother and be happy to be there or brood with his father.

Lily was fascinated by the Malfoys. She couldn't take her eyes off them, but she was also quite intimidated by them and took a step back behind her father. Draco seemed to spot this gesture and a small smile slipped across his face.

"Draco it's good to see you again." Harry stated

Draco nodded curtly and stepped into the house pushing his son along with him and followed the hall round to the next room. Lily swiftly followed them to curious to stay with her father for any longer. She could hear Narcissa strike up a conversation with Harry and apologise for her son's behaviour.

After a while the Potters and the Malfoys all went and sat down in the main room with drinks and grandma Weasleys home made biscuits. Lily hovered around the room not sure were to sit or to stand.

First she sat down on her fathers knee but some strange erg to impress the Malfoys told her that this would make her seem like a baby, so she went to join her brother James who for some reason that Lily could not understand was in a fowl mood. Lily didn't want to seem like she didn't like the Malfoys so she eventually just sat directly in the middle of the room, no man's land.

The conversation about the ministry and work dwindled and Harry introduced Lily more officially to the Malfoys in an attempt to fill the awkward silence.

"I'll be joining Hogwarts this year, I'll finally be going with James and Albus." Lily told them proudly.

"How wonderful dear. Scorpius is in his third year now aren't you dear?" Narcissa asked him.

Scorpius gave a quick nod before looking at Lily for the first time he reached out and picked up a strand of her flame red hair that had fallen on her face.

"I see she has the Weasleys trade mark hair."

A loud crack suddenly filled the room and the only thing Lily could make out was her eldest brother's fist connecting to Scorpius' face and a whole lot of blood.

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