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Flashback: Ivan's Home, Earlier that day


Gus tentatively and experimentally put his right foot in the door, causing Shawn to laugh out loud. Gus glared at him, but still refused to put his foot down fully. He chewed his bottom lip nervously, debating the pros and cons of breaking and entering. So far, the cons heavily outweighed any and all of the pros.

"C'mon, buddy," Shawn coaxed from inside the house. "You're acting like the building will explode if, God forbid, you do your job." Shawn proceeded to 'do his job' by lifting every badly upholstered couch cushion and inspecting the area underneath.

"I am a pharmaceutical sales representative, not a burglar, Shawn," Gus stated indignantly, adopting an unyielding stance just outside the door. "This is not my job."

A look of mock hurt settled over Shawn's features, and he slapped a hand over his heart, as if Gus had physically wounded him. "What about Psych?"

"I was forced into that and you know it," Gus snapped, crossing his arms over light purple shirt. "If you hadn't told the police you were psychic I wouldn't have to constantly haul your pasty white ass all over Santa Barbara in search of 'clues'".

Shawn smirked, "You know you love it." Gus's only response was to look away, and that was enough for Shawn, who grinned and added, "But if we're playing the blame game, then you really should be blaming Lassiter for all of it. If he hadn't tried to arrest me for something I didn't do..." Shawn trailed off and Gus snorted, vaguely amused, but not quite willing to show it. "Anyway," Shawn continued, "just wait for me out front and call if you see anyone coming."

Almost immediately, Gus had turned and was walking away. It was then that Shawn had a very important thought.

"Hey! Hey, Gus!"

"What, Shawn?"

"Will you bring me a snack?"

Gus didn't even look back; just kept on walking. If Shawn really wanted that snack, he could damn well get it himself. Burton Guster was no one's manservant.



Present Time


Juliet was just itching to get out of her partner's stuffy car. She may have told him where to go, but he'd insisted on driving. Because of him, it had taken them an extra ten minutes to get to Sadusky's home. It shouldn't have taken them long, but Carlton had decided they needed to take the 'scenic' route, then, just as they were only minutes away, his phone rang. Her partner had then pulled the car over, saying talking while driving was too much of a distraction in that situation, and answered the phone.

It had been Henry, she could hear him loud and clear, even though the phone wasn't on speakerphone. She couldn't be sure, but she swore Henry said Gus was missing. She listened intently as Lassiter continued talking while putting the car in drive again.

"What do you mean he's gone?" Her partner questioned, and it was followed shortly by "Dammit!" and Lassiter snapping his phone shut.

"What's going on, Lassiter?" Juliet asked, unable to stop the anxiety that crept into her voice.

"Spencer says Guster bailed on him at the hospital," Lassiter answered.

Juliet's brow furrowed in confusion. "Why would he do that? He's Shawn's best friend, he would want to be there for..." Juliet felt her throat constrict and tears fill her eyes and had to take a moment to compose herself. "He would want to be there for him."

"That's what I thought," Lassiter told her. "Then I thought about how the families of victims tend to react after they've lost someone."

Realization dawned on Juliet then, and she connected the dots. "You think he's looking for Ivan. To get revenge." Saying it out loud caused Juliet to frown; something about that theory just wasn't right. "That doesn't sound like him."

"Think again, O'Hara. What would you do in his position?"

Juliet didn't have to think; she already knew. She nodded, conceding that he was right. She was just about to tell him that when the police scanner crackled to life.

"1732 B-bush street," a familiar voice called out, "O-officer down. I-I repeat," the man let out a wet cough and Juliet winced, "of-officer d-down!" Then there was nothing.

Juliet and Lassiter shared a glance, but no words were exchanged. They weren't needed; because both of them knew exactly where that address was.

The tires of Lassiter's car screeched as he switched on the siren and lights and barreled down the road toward Ivan Sadusky's home.


Ivan raised a stake he seemed to have procured from thin air and prepared to plunge it into Gus's all-to-soft abdomen. It would be easy for Ivan to kill him in the position they were in. When Ivan had tackled him, Gus had been thrown to the floor and landed on his back. It had only taken a few seconds for the psychopath to kneel on top of him. He froze in fear for a moment before his self-preservation instincts kicked in, causing him to raise his hands in some sort of a protective gesture. It was futile, but he had to do something.

"Wait! Wait!" Gus cried, panicked.

"Why should I?" Ivan questioned, curious. "You're the spawn of the devil. I saw you break into my house with the other vampire."

"I-uh," Gus stammered, searching for a way out of this. Now that he had him talking, Gus might be able to stall him long enough to get out of this alive. Of course, he reminded himself with a wince, talking hadn't saved Shawn.

He saw Ivan grip the stake tighter, and his mind began screaming, Think like Shawn! Think like Shawn! So he did, and said the first thing that came to mind: "I'm a vampire slayer!" Great, Gus thought, now I sound like I just jumped out of a Buffy movie.

Ivan faltered. "Wh-what?" Gus nearly cried in relief when he saw some of the tension leave his attacker's body and his grip on the gleaming length of wood in his left hand lessen.

"Uh, yeah," Gus continued, trying to stay cool and collected. "I'm, um I've been hunting these, uh, foul, loathsome creatures for my whole life."

"Is that why you were here earlier?" Ivan asked. "Were you hunting that demon?"

"Yes!" Gus exclaimed, so relieved that his life was no longer in immediate danger he forgot to keep his exuberance in check. "I mean," Gus lowered his voice so it sounded calm and authoritative, "yeah. I'm a, uh, level three vampire and, uh, demon hunter with the Bureau of... Demonology."

"Oh!" Ivan scrambled off of him. "I'm so sorry, sir. I didn't know."

Gus could scarcely believe his luck! It was working! His half-assed plan was actually working! For a few moments, Gus was high on his victory, then a weak cough from the back of the garage reminded him why he was there and what was at stake. He composed himself rather quickly and stood, brushing himself off as he did so. He was surprised that he managed to maintain his composure the whole time, especially considering how fast his heart was beating, the fact that Shawn was dying and that he could see McNab lying in a pool of his own blood only feet away.

"Of course you didn't," Gus said slowly, trying to figure out what to do next and save both his life and McNab's. "I've been... undercover."

"Undercover," Ivan repeated, his brown eyes showing his confusion.

Gus nodded in affirmation. "Yes. You see, the police required my... services to, um, flush out the demons in the department." At this, Ivan nodded fervently, believing every word. Gus supposed that as long as he went along with his fantasy, he wouldn't become Ivan's next victim.

Next victim. The words made him shudder. Stephanie Lillard, Shawn and now McNab were Ivan Sadusky's victims. Gus swore then and there that he wouldn't be next, but not just for his own sake (though that was a major factor). He could see a light at the end of the tunnel now; there was still hope. He still had time to fix things. To save Shawn and Buzz.

But how? He racked his brain for an answer, but couldn't come up with anything. This wasn't his area of expertise, his forte. He wasn't a cop, and he certainly wasn't Shawn!

But today I have to be, he realized. He had to do this. There weren't any other options.

Returning from his internal debate, he saw that while he had been consumed by his thoughts Ivan had turned away and was now busily shoving various items into his brown satchel. As Gus watched for a moment, he realized that Ivan had probably reached his breaking point, and Gus knew from watching several episodes of Criminal Minds last week that it made him much more dangerous.

Suddenly, Gus had an idea. "Sadusky!" He called, channeling Lassiter for the time being, and Ivan whirled around, clutching the stake to his chest like a lifeline. "The Bureau needs your help."

"R-really?" Ivan stuttered, his pale face flushing with pride upon hearing that a fake agency needed his help. "What can I do?"

"Stand outside and wait for instructions from Detective Lassiter," Gus ordered, knowing that he was entering dangerous territory. He also knew that he had no other choice, and absolutely no other options. All he could do was hope that Ivan still believed him and that he hadn't taken his little charade too far.

Apparently, judging from the expression on Ivan's face, he had. Uh-oh, Gus thought, feeling panic and fear constrict his heart, which was thumping faster and faster. He took a step back, away from the lunatic in front of him, but Ivan simply took another step closer.

The look on his face was terrifying, and it was clear that he no longer believed Gus's lies. "Detective Lassiter?" He questioned. "That's the man that's trying to arrest me!"

"Oh, really?" Gus feigned ignorance, attempting to stall for just a little while longer. He knew he wasn't the only one that heard Buzz's call for help, but he didn't know when help would arrive. The last time he had seen Juliet and Lassiter had been at the hospital, and they'd said they were going to search for Ivan. They had to have heard the transmission and were on their way. Gus only hoped they'd get there in time.

"You're a liar!" Ivan spat, brandishing his stake as he got closer. "You're not with the Bureau of Demonology, you're a cop! You're trying to arrest me!"

Gus was about to defend himself, come up with something to hold him off, but didn't get the chance to because it was at that moment that Ivan decided to show off his impressive right hook. The impact caused Gus's head to snap to the right, he cried out in pain and stumbled in the direction of the punch. He was still recovering when Ivan landed another blow, this one to the solar plexus. It sent Gus to his knees, wheezing, and he knew it was only a matter of time before Ivan finished him off. He'd done what he could to hold him off, and now, because he had failed, he, Shawn and Buzz were all going to die.

But he wouldn't go down without a fight. Gus looked up and glared at Ivan, who was once again holding the stake above him, gripping it in both hands. The man had basically killed his best friend of more than twenty-five years and had wounded another friend of his. Gus couldn't die without trying to save himself and the others; he had to stay alive.

So, without hesitation, Gus lunged forward and grabbed Ivan's left leg and pulled, making the man loose his balance and fall backward onto the hard, cement floor. However, there was little time for satisfaction. Gus scrambled to his feet and stumbled over to McNab. He heard groaning behind him as his hands fluttered nervously over McNab's still form. He didn't know what to do; he didn't even know if McNab was still breathing!

Just then, much to Gus's relief, McNab uttered a low moan. He was still hanging on, but just barely. Unfortunately, Gus didn't have any more time to think about things, because Ivan had finally regained his bearings and had struck him on the head with something. All Gus had time to register was the blinding pain before he blacked out.


The minute Lassiter stopped his car and parked just behind Gus's blue Echo beside the curb, Juliet opened her door and leaped out. Two other cops and an ambulance soon pulled up as well. Despite Lassiter's calls for her to wait for him, she went ahead. She had pulled her gun the moment she got out of the car, and was heading for the front door of yellow, single-story house when she heard someone cry out. She stopped in her tracks and turned in the direction of the sound; she found herself facing the garage, which was separated from the rest of the house.

She started to run towards the garage, but slipped on something and fell on her backside. She spared one glance at the ground as she rose to her feet and found a sickening sight. Blood smeared the ground beneath her. It was on her clothes and covered the grass. She couldn't believe she'd missed it.

"O'Hara, what is it?" Lassiter asked as he caught up to her, his own gun drawn as well.

"Blood," she answered, looking up at him with fear in her blue eyes.

Lassiter's face hardened. "Let's go," he said, and they rushed to the garage door, leading a few officers with them. It was hardly a second after they'd reached the building that Lassiter threw open the door. The sight they were met with shocked them to the core.

They had opened the door just in time to see Gus get whacked over the head with a stake, which was wielded by none other than Ivan Sadusky. They watched, stunned, as Gus fell to the floor next to another body. One in uniform, one they recognized almost instantly as Officer Buzz McNab.

They soon recovered though, and their weapons were immediately aimed at Ivan's head. Their fingers were poised on the trigger, ready to fire at any moment.

"Drop your weapon!" Lassiter bellowed, moving forward and into the garage. He was beyond surprised when Ivan complied with the order almost immediately, but he didn't show it. Instead, he simply moved forward, returning his gun to its holster, and with practiced ease cuffed the man's hands behind his back and began reading him his Miranda rights. "We need a medic!" He shouted once he'd finished, and a pair of EMTs quickly rushed by to aid the wounded men on the ground.

Juliet, however, couldn't help the way her eyes bugged out when Ivan simply dropped the stake and raised his hands in a submissive gesture. They'd been chasing this man for days, and now he simply surrendered? It was bewildering, but Juliet had to get past it. She suddenly remembered something of extreme importance.

Lassiter was just passing her, leading their perp to the car, when she blurted, "Lassiter, wait!"

"What is it, O'Hara?" He asked tiredly. This day had taken its toll on him, and it was beginning to show.

"I need to ask Sadusky something." She then turned to the criminal and asked, "What poison did you use?"

She only got a blank stare in return. Ivan acted as if he didn't know anything, thinking that he could get away with not telling them anything. Then Lassiter shook him from behind. "Answer her!" He demanded.

"No," Ivan said defiantly, a smug smirk forming on his face. "I can't let you save the demon."

That was the last straw. The crazy lunatic of a man standing before her calling Shawn a 'demon' finally caused her to snap. Within seconds of him finishing the sentence, she had her gun up and pointed directly in Ivan's face.

"What did you say?" Juliet practically growled, and the fear on Ivan's face was practically worth all the paperwork she would have to file after this incident.

"Please don't shoot me!" Ivan begged, attempting to shrink away from the blonde detective. "I'll tell you everything, I promise! Just don't shoot me!"

Juliet cocked her gun. "Tell me what poison you used!"

"Sarin!" Ivan yelped as Lassiter 'accidentally' pushed him closer to Juliet's gun. "I used Sarin!"

"Tell me where the antidote is," Juliet ordered, her gun never wavering.

"I-it's in m-my satchel," Ivan was practically sobbing by now, the thought of his own death at the hands of these people too much to bear. He was no longer a defiant criminal, instead he had turned into a pile of quivering jelly when he'd found himself on the receiving end of a weapon.

Juliet stowed her gun quickly, and practically ripped the glorified purse off his body. She threw out the contents as she came across them, until she found a bottle and a syringe. "Is this it?" Ivan nodded, a tear leaking down his face. His life as he knew it was over, ruined; there was no point in lying.

Juliet looked up at her partner, and one desperate, pleading look was all she needed.

"Go," he told her. "I've got this under control."

She was already running off towards his car when she called back a quick, "Thanks, Carlton!" She knew he wouldn't appreciate her taking his car, but he'd left the keys in it and there really wasn't another option.

Lassiter watched his partner run off and jump in his precious car. He sighed as the tires squealed in protest when she pulled away from the curb at a highly illegal speed. There wasn't time to focus on it though; he had much more pressing matters to attend to, such as ascertaining the status of McNab and Guster.

And also, arresting Ivan Sadusky and making sure he shared a cell with the most brutal criminal the SBPD had in custody.


Henry didn't know what to think. He had been sitting in the hospital waiting room for what felt like forever, and no one had called him to explain things! Not even his son's doctor had made an appearance.

To make a list, Henry didn't know: 1) Shawn's current condition. 2) Where Gus was. 3) Why the hell the cops hadn't been able to track down and arrest Ivan Sadusky!

It was frustrating, really. Though maybe a bit more infuriating considering the current circumstances. There he was, sitting in a stupid, uncomfortable hospital chair alone in an empty waiting room. Everyone had disappeared (some more mysteriously than others) and no one had bothered to check in with Henry! Not even to wonder how much time Shawn had left, which Henry wasn't sure of himself. The doctor had said a few hours, but never specified how many exactly. At the moment, Henry wasn't sure if he'd rather know or not.

What he did know though, was that he really didn't want to be alone.

"I've got it! I've got it!"

Henry practically fell out of his chair when he heard a feminine voice yelling at the top of her lungs. Fortunately, he didn't, and he stood quickly to face the newcomer. His eyes widened when he took in the form of Juliet O'Hara running down the hallway as fast as she could, waving her arms in the air like a madman.

Henry stepped out in front of her, effectively blocking her path. She stopped right in front of him, a slightly crazed look on her face that made him a little suspicious and put him on edge.

"Mr. Spencer!" Juliet blurted excitedly. "You won't believe what just happened! Lassiter and I were looking for Sadusky, and then we heard Buzz on the radio, and Gus got hit on the head and then we arrested Sadusky and I got the antidote!" She summarized quickly. It took a minute for Henry to understand what the detective had just told him (and to be honest, most of it still didn't make sense), but when he got to the last bit he didn't have to think at all.

"DR. RATHBURN!" He bellowed, and began running in the same manner (minus the arm waving) that Juliet had been before, and she too joined him in his quest to find the doctor.

"Dr. Rathburn!" Juliet shouted, "WE HAVE THE ANTIDOTE!"

"DOCTOR-" Henry began again, but was cut off by another voice to their left.

"Yes?" Dr. Rathburn cocked his head to the side quizzically.

Henry and Juliet rushed at him the minute they saw him and both began talking at once, Henry seriously and Juliet in a bubbly, euphoric voice. The doctor couldn't understand what they were saying, but when Juliet shoved the bottle and syringe into his hands, he got the idea.

"Let me guess..." The doctor began, a small smile forming on his face, but didn't finish his sentence. He wasn't quite sure yet, but knew one of the two would clue him in.

"He used Sarin," Juliet said, cutting right to the chase. "This is the antidote." Then, on a more serious note, she asked, "Can you save him?"

Dr. Rathburn blew out a breath and stared down at the bottle, studying it, before saying, "I'm not sure, but I'll try." Then he turned in the direction he'd come from and headed to Shawn's room, calling for various doctors and nurses along the way.


Several hours went by as Juliet and Henry waited together for news on Shawn's condition. It worried them that they hadn't heard anything, but at the same time, they were comforted; because if they didn't hear anything new, then Shawn hadn't died. If no news meant that Shawn was still breathing, then they'd take it.

Somewhere during the passage of time, Lassiter joined them, along with a slightly disoriented Gus, whose worst injury was a concussion from being knocked unconscious. He informed them that Ivan was being processed by some other officers, and that Buzz had made it through surgery just fine. Soon, he said, the young officer would be conscious and coherent.

Juliet was relieved that everything seemed to be working out just fine. Still, she wondered how long the streak of newfound good luck would last. She knew it couldn't go on forever, but she couldn't help but hope it would last long enough to encompass a full recovery for Shawn. It was a long shot, she knew, but they had come so far in so little time. He couldn't just die, not after all that had gone down that day. It just wouldn't be right. She refused to believe the universe could be that cruel.

And so they waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Then, finally, Dr. Rathburn approached the group, complete once more. He was clad in scrubs and the like. The group wasn't sure of exactly what had gone down during the time they'd spent waiting, but it didn't seem as if whatever it was had been easy. The doctor's countenance was tired and drawn. It had been a long day for him, too.

"Mr. Spencer," Dr. Rathburn greeted, exhaustion lacing his voice. He moved to stand right in front of Shawn's father, and the other three people waited just to the side of the two. Close enough that they could hear, but far enough away that the illusion of a private conversation was still intact.

"Doctor," Henry greeted in return, anxious to know what was going on with his son, but worried that he would receive bad news. In the end, he decided to just bite the bullet and ask, "How is he?"

The doctor blew out a breath and put his hands on his hips. "I gotta say, I haven't had a patient like your son in, well... actually, I've never had a patient like your son."

"He suffered some severe physical trauma," Dr. Rathburn continued, "and that added to the poison, which Detective O'Hara correctly informed me was Sarin, made for a lethal combination. I'm not going to lie," he looked at Henry rather seriously, "we nearly lost him several times."

Juliet moved forward then, and blurted, "I thought you just had to give him the antidote?"

Dr. Rathburn nodded, "Yes, well, unfortunately, one of our residents missed some minor internal bleeding when Shawn was first brought in. This progressed into severe internal bleeding when he seized early today." Then the doctor checked his watch, noting the time. "Make that late yesterday," he corrected.

"Stop beating around the bush, Doctor," Henry ordered. "Will my son... Will he live?"

Dr. Rathburn exhaled deeply. "I can't say he's out of the woods, Mr. Spencer." At this, Henry's shoulders slumped slightly, almost unnoticeably.

"But from what I've seen so far," Dr. Rathburn continued, "you're son's a fighter. That, and his body seems to be accepting the antidote. The next twenty-four hours will be crucial, and I don't want to get your hopes up, but I'd say things are starting to look up." Then he smiled, happy to finally be delivering some good news. Well, semi-good.

And for Henry, for all of them really, it was enough.


Somewhere during the course of the night, Juliet and Lassiter had gone home. Juliet hadn't wanted to at first, but then Henry had insisted and Lassiter had pointed out the fact that she still had blood on her clothes from when she'd fallen earlier. After that conversation, she'd been willing to return to her place, but only after making the remaining two men promise to call if there were any changes in Shawn's condition.

Henry had also tried to make Gus go home, but Shawn's best friend was stubborn. Plus, he didn't have anyone at his apartment to wake him up every few hours, which was necessary because of his concussion, and he shouldn't drive in his condition anyway. Henry had dropped the argument, which had been weak to begin with, then and the room lapsed into silence.

Henry knew he couldn't leave. Not while his boy was still hospitalized and nothing was certain. Still, he also knew that he couldn't stay there forever. Eventually, he would need to go home, but he couldn't bear leave. Apparently, Gus couldn't either.

And so the two waited. Just as Henry and Juliet had earlier. Henry was beginning to suspect that karma was at work, and the universe was getting back at him for every time he had snapped at Shawn out of lack of patience.

But he still waited.


By the time twenty-four hours had rolled around, the entire group had congregated in the waiting room again. Of course, they had all, except Henry, come and gone as the hours passed. Juliet and Gus had already gone to visit McNab, who was conscious and in the same hospital, twice and Lassiter had just gotten back from his house.

They stood as one when the doctor approached. It felt like an old habit by that point. They were like well-trained, obedient canines.

They all relaxed as they saw that the doctor wore a smile on his face.

"Hello, again," Dr. Rathburn said. "I'm just going to get right down to it: Shawn's body responded to treatment, and I expect him to begin recovering very soon."

When he heard that, Henry smiled for the first time in days. Juliet and Gus hugged, and both teared up a bit. Lassiter pulled out his cell phone and called Chief Vick to tell her the good news.

In time, everything would return to normal and Shawn would heal. He would be back at the station and bugging Lassiter while solving cases in no time.

In the end, they had overcome the obstacles set before them and survived.

That was all that mattered.




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