"…I can't believe this."

Danny was surveying himself in the mirror with his shirt off, and had realized – to his distress – that there was a long gash in his back stretching from his shoulder blades to his hips… and it had been stitched back together.

"Stein," he muttered to himself. "'Watch your back,' my foot. More like 'watch your back heal from the scar I inflicted upon you.'"

He had been back home for about an hour, and had come back to find that no one had missed him much. His parents had been busy with some new ghostly trinket that would be sure to make Danny's life miserable, his sister had assumed he was with Sam and Tucker, and Sam and Tucker had assumed he was busy at home or ghost hunting. He found this slightly insulting, especially after the people in Death City had treated him so well, but he supposed it was better this way.

Right when he got home, he had made sure he emptied the thermos, dumping Parasite back into the Ghost Zone where he belonged. Danny almost felt sorry for whichever ghostly officer in Walker's jail was stuck with the job of being his warden.

Danny sighed. He missed his friends from Death City already, even though he had only spent one day with them. Death the Kid might have been unusual and a little neurotic, to say the least, but he and Danny had fought side-by-side. He hadn't had as much time as he had wanted to get to know Liz, Patty, or Tsubaki, either, and even his relationship with Maka seemed like it could be promising… but he was home now, and despite his misgivings about leaving too soon, it was a relief.

"Danny!" his mom's voice called from downstairs, breaking through his thoughts. "Dinner's ready!"

"All right," he yelled back. With one last forlorn glance at his back and another curse aimed at Stein for good measure, he slipped on a t-shirt and headed to his family, all of which were sitting at the kitchen table, waiting for him. His plate had already been filled with chicken, mashed potatoes, and salad; it surprised him because his mom was usually too busy with ghost research to make dinner. Shrugging to himself, he sat down and took a bite of the potatoes. Deciding they were too bland, he grabbed the salt shaker and put some on his food.

"So, Danny, your mother and I came up with a new device," his father enthused, the gleam in his eyes illustrating his excitement. "It uses a net of ectoplasm to…" He trailed off, looking curiously at his son, who seemed to be rearranging the salt and pepper shakers with intense concentration. "What are you doing?"

Danny froze, realizing that he had been trying to move them into a perfectly straight line. "Ah… nothing," he muttered, recoiling his hands. Had Kid really rubbed off on him? He shuddered at the thought.

His father waved his hand in dismissal. "No matter. So, as I was saying, I'm going to call this device the Fenton Entangler, and…"

As Jazz rolled her eyes at her father from across the table, Danny smiled. It was good to be home.