Chapter 12: She might be the one

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Introduction to chapter: Red alert is beginning in less than an hour. Inuyasha's arrival from a misson

She stared from Sesshomaru back to Inuyasha who had stopped laughing finally and was shaking his head. He had a hand on his ribcage, and Kagome would have spat something extremely arrogant as her comeback, but her words caught in her throat when she took him in fully. His reliance was darkened on the spot he was holding and his whole entire forearm was scarlet with blood. She widened her eyes not knowing what to say. His smiled disappeared automatically when he followed her eyes down to his wound. He sighed turning only slightly to acknowledge his brother. "I'm going to take off." He told him as Kagome put a hand to her lips. He squeezed past her and she quickly moved to allow him access. He rolled his eyes; he didn't know why it annoyed him to know that Kagome had been so shocked by his wound. He hated it when people took pity on him, and most didn't but he had seen the rim of pity growing in her dark blue eyes. He was half way to the shuttle when he sensed her behind him. If he wasn't wounded he would have made it, but though he walked normally he was significantly slower.

"Shouldn't someone look at that?" She asked as she met him in front of the hi-tech elevator. He ignored her while she just stared.

"Don't you have something productive to do with yourself? It's just a flesh wound. It'll heal in no time." She didn't seem too convinced. He pressed a series of buttons making the two doors of the shuttle open. He took a step forward and though he hoped she wouldn't, she followed him in.

"Hello agents, this is an official announcement, everyone should head to their rooms at this time. Red alert begins in less than ten minutes." A robotic woman said through the speakers. Inuyasha glanced Kagome's way knowing that this was his opening to get rid of her, but she just stared up at the ceiling for awhile before turning back to look at him.

How did you get it?" She asked and he just sighed while stepping forward. She watched him and he didn't seem to want to answer. She got the hint and just faced forward as the shuttle doors closed. After a few clicking it took off down several flights in only a few seconds. Like usual she had to hug her stomach. But Inuyasha on the other hand winced slightly turning away from her in total pain. She didn't notice till the doors opened and he stepped back. "Are you okay?" She asked her tone was sincere, and it made him extremely annoyed.

"Can you go away? Please." He snapped and she stepped back but not away. He took a deep breath and stood straight trying to take a hold of his emotions. She bit down on her lip. Just because he was a huge ass didn't mean he should have to endure something so painful. "Did you get it from your mission?" She asked but he didn't say anything, he just stood forward and began walking again. "You should go get some medical attention." She said while staring at him. "Even if it does heal by tomorrow, if you leave it like that you'll be exhausted." She said and though he didn't show it. He was shocked that she was actually that knowledgeable about youkais, but she was a miko, and a powerful one at that. They would have taught her basics. He ignored her though and continued forward. She followed. They were down by the top agent hall, his room was just around the corner adjacent to hers, but when he came to her room she didn't bother going in. She just watched him as he stepped towards his own.

She didn't like how he looked. Yeah he was walking, and yeah he was holding his own well, but his tan complexion was pale, and even his bright golden eyes were dull. He was weak, and it didn't help that he was only a hanyou, she knew a thing about demonic healing, she had to practice it as a miko. They didn't teach her too much, just enough to heal minor wounds, but she could only heal wounds that other mikos caused. She knew other mikos must have known more, but it wasn't something that she dabbled in. She had never been interested. There was little to nothing she could do for Inuyasha though, he didn't even want her near him. He also wouldn't let her see the wound. She stared at him, she didn't even seem fazed that his room was down the same hall and opposite of hers.

She continued her staring at him as he punched in the codes. The hall turned a bright red and continued to flash. And though she would have thought he had done that, another announcement was signaled. "Agent's five minutes till shut down." The flashing continued and Inuyasha's door opened and he walked into his room. It looked a lot like hers, but plainer. She was going to let him leave, go back to her room. She didn't know what happened if an agent didn't report to their rooms by the end period, but as he walked into his room she remembered something.

He had told her something earlier during their first day of training. As soon as she remembered she rushed forward, before his door could slide closed. "You have to be fucking kidding me." He cursed turning to face her. "What the hell." She looked only for a second at his immaculate room. It was just white, a dresser to the side, a desk, no bed no nothing. Of course when he programmed them they would pop out, but still even her room was more decorative. He narrowed his eyes at her. "Get the fuck out." He cursed, and when he did she just took a step forward. "You can't be here; the hall closes up once red alert begins." She didn't understand what that meant and he could tell she didn't. He sighed in frustration going towards the door.

"Wait, you remember what you told me. You told me that the reliance couldn't be punctured by anything but a miko." She said but he wasn't listening. "So a miko did that to you." She assumed, but he was way past listening. He wanted her out of his room before the countdown ended and she was trapped in till the morning. "I can help you then..." She told him, but he still wasn't listening. She walked towards him and placed a hand on his arm, making him turn harshly.

"Maybe you don't understand." He snapped. "I don't want your fucking help. I don't need it..."

"I'm just trying to help."

"And that's exactly what I don't need from you." He said while staring down at her, she held his glare for a moment. "And I damn sure don't need your pity." He said and she stared at him not knowing what to say. She had overestimated the amount of hatred Inuyasha had for her. She had once thought it was just dislike, but now he almost acted as if she was just a nuisance, someone that he'd do better without. It made her unbelievably mad; she wanted so badly to prove him wrong.

"Red alert begins in 2 minutes." The announcement said. "If you are not yet in your room, please quickly and timely get there."

"We only have two minutes." He said turning away from her. He walked back to the door placing his hand on the wall. It didn't open, probably because the timer was ticking. He'd have to put some extra information in to make it open, and he was afraid that he wouldn't have time.

"The systems will be locking in less than 80 seconds." The robotic woman announced. He grunted walking forward and poking at the blank walls and making them light up. He did it for awhile before a pad emerged. He placed information in it so quickly Kagome couldn't comprehend half of it. He didn't have to think for a slight moment and though she was fascinated she only stared for a second before focusing on his wound. She knew how to heal it. Finally years of attending extra classes daily just because she was a miko would pay off. But half of her didn't even want to help. It would probably in the end exhaust her, she was always tiered out when she used a large amount of her energy, and his wound seemed pretty huge. But on the same token she had to do it. She knew in the end once she did, he'd know that she wasn't just useless, that even though she didn't know the reason, but she was actually here because she had some sort of talent. She walked up behind him letting her left arm shine a dark blue for a moment, she waited and soon it scorched to a bright white. He could sense her creeping closer, but he wasn't on the defense like he'd usually be. Why would he be?

It wasn't until he sensed another aura did he feel the need to turn, and when he did that's when she calculated she'd strike. "What are you..." he asked before looking over at her arm.

"Move your arm." She said. He didn't turn towards her on the side that was wounded. Duh, she was so dumb. Why would someone turn leading with the wounded side? No one would do that, and especially not an agent. "Please. I can help really." He laughed for a moment.

"You have to be kidding me if you think I'm going to let that anywhere near me." He said and she just stared, she had never tried it before, but she was pretty sure it would work.

"Inuyasha, I think I know what I'm doing. We have to train tomorrow, if you want to make it. You'd let me help." He rolled his eyes parting his mouth wanting to say something but before he could the announcer counted down loudly from five, and he shifted his eyes to the door, knowing it was too late. Now he'd have to re-circuit everything just to get her out. He was the only one who knew the code to disarm red alert, and tomorrow he'd have to explain to his brother why he had to. He wasn't looking forward to that talk.

"5... 4...3...2...1, System lock down, agent's you have successfully entered code red. Systems will dispatch when accessed." The announcement died down and Inuyasha groaned momentarily, he didn't even know if he remembered what the damn code was. Sesshomaru and Rin were the only other two who knew it. How was he going to get to them? He thought over it for a second realizing that he could try reaching her from their orbs, but if the system was on lock down, then no phone calls, or any technology like that could be used. The cameras were down too so he couldn't even scan her. He gave Kagome a look she seemed deep in thought. Her arm had died down as she thought about something revolving around how to heal bigger wounds. She was trying to recall what she had been taught.

He left her towards the door opting to go towards his dresser. He placed a hand on it making that weird pad pop out. Apparently it was properly called an orb, though Kagome still didn't know what it was exactly. He turned it on watching it shine bright yet show a dark screen. He sighed. "Reach Rin..." He said, the screen shown red and he knew it was impossible. He turned facing Kagome. "You better pray that I know the right codes to get you out of here." He said, but Kagome wasn't interested in that.

"I think I remember," She said and he looked at her hopefully. He didn't know how she knew the codes, but if she did, then that was phenomenal. He could get her out of here.

"Really," he said and she paused at the interest in his eyes.

"Yeah, really, I need you to lay down first." She said and he crossed his eyebrows not understanding. She stared just waiting for him to do what she said.

"Wait... you know the password to dispatch the lock down?" He asked and it was her turn to look confused. He sighed walking to another part of the room. He knew the area of the room so well that he could simply place a hand on a fragment of a wall and something would pop out. This time it was some sort of cabinet. He took out first aid equipment and walked past her, placing his hand on another area of the wall, and Kagome watched as two doors erupted from the wall itself. She widened her eyes in shock. That essentially meant that Inuyasha's room was bigger than any other agents, but that wasn't the first thing that came to mind. She stepped forward wanting to see deeper, but as soon as she came closer he threw her a look. "Don't follow me... stay right there, and don't move." He said going into the two doors and staying in for awhile then popping back out moments later. He had a roll of white bandage in his mouth and he was tearing it with his teeth. When he looked up he was surprised to see her standing exactly where he told her. Her arms behind her back looking around the blank room as if something would pop out. He looked her over again, but he dismissed the fact that she looked unbelievably gorgeous. He had seen her enough times to know that that was never going to change.

She looked over at him. He had stopped holding on to the wound. His fore arm was also cleaned. He had washed the blood from it. She had a good look at the puncture on his side. He had said it was a flesh wound, but it was simple to see that it had taken out a few of his ribs too. But being a demon his bones would have been the first thing to realign itself. That's what would have taken the longest too. She thought about that for a moment as he bit off a piece of the bandage and walked over to his desk. He sat on top of it, wincing only slightly while skillfully putting a hand on the top of his arm. Just like that the Reliance began peeling off. She watched growing instantly more and more interested. He continued down the arm revealing extremely toned and muscular biceps. Now her interest turned instantly to attraction. And though she told herself she wasn't going to try the same tactics she used to attract guys on Inuyasha, she couldn't help but allow a gorgeous grin to illuminate her face. She took a few steps towards him before reminding herself mid way to not try seducing him, she dropped the grin and walked normally towards the desk and pulled out a chair.

He only looked down at her for a fragment of a second before continuing what he was doing. "I could make it so much better." She mumbled while resting her chin on her upright palm. He ignored her. Instead he continued slowly pulling off the reliance till he got to his chest. She already knew what was underneath. She could tell how endowed he was physically from the reliance. She knew that his chest was going to be extremely toned. When he pulled it off slowly she was still shocked yet pleased. As he did she leaned forward getting a better look and he turned towards her noticing instantly. He knew why she was looking, and he had to hide a smug smirk.

"Would you like me to strip for you?" He asked sarcastically and she looked up not understanding. "If you like you can touch me... is that what you want?" She instantly understood and she pushed herself back making him shake his head then go back to pulling down the rest of the stretchy material. He moved it low enough to see the wound and when she saw it fully she widened her eyes.

"That's a bullet wound." She identified, and he didn't say anything. She could see the burnt skin around his wound and she knew a miko had done it. That's what he had been showing her how to do this whole time. He pulled the reliant down even more. Wincing as he did, she stared at it rising slowly from the seat. The top of his chest was revealed and she could see the dry blood. She stared as he opened the first aid kit, grabbing something to clean the wound. He unscrewed the bottle slowly dabbing it on a wide pad and placing it on the spot exactly. She closed her eyes then shifted her glance on his face which showed as little pain as possible. But she knew it had to be painful. When you were a hanyou you always had to deal with massive wounds as if they were minor to people, without the power to heal them instantly without tampering with them like a full fledged youkai. That was surely painful. At least if the same wound had happened to her, she would have been taken to a hospital for surgery. Maybe blacked out, or died from loss of blood, but he didn't have that comfort.

He left the pad on the wound for a moment then shifted to reach the bandage he had cut. "Let me get it." She said, and though he hated the fact that he showed such obvious weakness to her. He allowed her to get the bandage. The truth was he didn't know what else to do. He had to see to the wound. He didn't have the leisure of just leaving it alone for much longer. He wasn't a full youkai. He watched her as she grabbed scissors from the first aid box and cut the end that he had ripped with his teeth. She made it perfectly ended before positioning it so she could place it on him.

"I can do it myself." He said but she pulled it away before he could grab it.

"Just let me..." she said, and he didn't have the energy to argue with her. She placed the bandage with obvious skill over his back and shoulder then wrapped it to the front of the wound. "Should I leave an opening for the bullet?" She asked knowing if a youkai was healing from a gun wound it slipped out on its own. He shook his head.

"Purified bullets disintegrate." He said and she nodded not knowing. He watched her as she slowly went around to the wound. And when she did, unbeknownst to him her hand lit a bright white. He sensed it but didn't see it, and before he could object she placed it on the wound. "What the hell..." He said obvious anger lining his voice. He jumped down from his spot and she backed up from him.

"I had to, you were acting ridiculous. I'm not the most skilled miko, but that's one of the things I can do. And you were just going to suffer through it out of pride."

It wasn't for you to fix." He said. And though he had more to say he let his eyes look down at the wound. Not only did it not throb as much. It had diminished in size. He paused before looking at her in shock. "You are fixing it..." He said bluntly, and she smiled knowingly.

"I'm good right." She said but he didn't say anything. "Let me finish. It'll be quick." She expected him to put up a fight, but he actually walked forward. He sat back down on the desk and she positioned herself in front of him letting her hand turn the bright white again. He looked away just waiting. He couldn't feel a thing and when she was done he looked down. Seeing virtually nothing only dried blood. She examined the area before looking back up at him. "Now if only I could do that to all wounds. For some reason I can only heal wounds done by other mikos."

He stared at her not knowing what to say. She waited patiently for a 'thank you,' but of course it never came. He just sat there for a moment then stepped down again. "Let's get you out of here." He said and she stared at him incredulously as he walked towards the front of the room. He didn't say anything he just tried deeply to remember a series of numbers and letters.

He couldn't quite figure them out. His mind was on something else. He couldn't sort his thoughts, the idea that maybe she wasn't as useless as he thought. Maybe his brother was on to something. Her aura was extremely high for a miko. He tried comparing it to Kikyo's but he dismissed it as soon as it popped into his head.

"I think thank you was the word you were looking for." She said while walking forward and stopping behind him. He didn't say anything for a moment before shrugging.

"I didn't ask for it. You did it on your own accord. Why am I saying thank you. For anything you should be thanking me for allowing you to do it. Especially since you seemed so hell bent."

"You have to be kidding me." She said, and he didn't say anything. He just waited, took a step forward deciding he'd try a series of things. As soon as he punched them in, the wall read in bright red letters.

"Incorrect. You have two more entries."

"I bet you really believe that too." She said and he put a hand up wanting her to shut up.

"I'm concentrating." he stated and she crossed her arms, frustrated. He took a brief moment to think about what to do next. She watched silently and without warning he walked forward and placed in more numbers. The wall went read again before reading:

"Incorrect you have one more entry." He stared blankly at the wall as the situation fully soaked in. If he tried again he'd have to be ensured that this entry was correct. If it wasn't then an alarm would sound waking everyone up, putting the building in defense mode. He didn't know for sure, and he couldn't be completely sure that the next code was accurate, so he didn't want to risk it. He turned away from the door facing Kagome. She was staring ahead waiting for him to continue. He didn't know what to do at the moment. His wound was cured, but he still needed rest if he was going to be efficient the next morning. He didn't need the scandal of waking up with another agent in his room during high alert. Though he knew there was no way he'd be able to hide it from Rin or his brother. The only thing he could hope for was to at least hide it from the rest. It wasn't that he cared what the other agents thought of him, he knew that Kagome did though, and he didn't want her emotions scattered when he trained her tomorrow.

He walked past her and like lately she followed. "Can you sit somewhere?" He demanded as he tried thinking. She scowled as she crossed her arms and stopped right in her spot.

"I'd like to go back to my room." She announced and he turned to glare at her.

"I'd really like that too. You know what I'd really love. I'd love it if you had went into your room in the first place." He snapped and he could already see her gorgeous face turning a scarlet red. She was mad, he always sensed well when mikos were mad, most had tempers and he knew from reading Kagome's files she had a really bad one, her aura was going up tenfold.

"Oh really, is that so. Well I'd really love that too. In fact I'd love if I had left you here all night with that huge gash on your side and you managed to roll on top of it and bleed to death. That's what I'd really love." She snapped back and he stared at her not knowing what to say. He could see a soft blue around her. Why did she care so much about how he felt or what he said towards her? That's what he got from her. She cared a lot about people's opinion of her, she cared a lot about his opinion of her too. He smiled slightly, it was unexpected and she just stared up, her face still a red. As soon as he smiled her aura went down completely, confirming what he expected. It was unusual. He knew already she didn't like him. She was extremely odd, the first woman to ever turn him down, yet he saw so much of her and she was always sauntering around him.

"Listen..." he said calmly taking her off guard. "I don't remember the code; we don't go on high alert often. You're going to have to stay the night." She widened her eyes at that as he turned away. His reliance was still partially off but right at that moment he slid it back on easily. As soon as he did the burnt gash in it closed up to cover his now healed wound. He walked towards his drawer and grabbed something out of it she couldn't see. When he turned she noticed it to be a simple shirt. Black and folded in his arms. "In code red you're supposed to sleep in your reliance but seeing as they need to be cleaned you can put this on. We have less than an hour before the power turns off completely and we won't be able to use our electronics, so we need to move quickly.

She stared at him a little shock that he was actually helping her. He seemed so calm which she didn't expect. Maybe he was bipolar? He walked towards the blank wall putting just a finger to it. It erupted like last time showing two double doors. "I can only access the bathroom right now, so you can get changed and take a shower. This way Tomorrow morning we can maybe try sneaking you out early, but I don't see it..." He trailed off as if the other bit of information was useless.

He didn't say much else; she stared at him as he waited for her to go off to the bathroom. She did after awhile. When she left the doors shut behind her. She stared at the pristine bathroom. Besides the contents of the first aid kit sitting around the sink it was all very clean, bigger then her bathroom and spacious. She rested the plain black shirt on the sink and sat down on the toilet. Everything was out for her to use, he had probably done that to ensure she wouldn't have to call him for his prints. After awhile of sitting and just soaking in everything he had said, she got up and walked into the shower, like usual the reliant began peeling off, and as it did she pushed it off completely and laid it on the floor. She took her shower quickly before coming out and searching around for some sort of towel. She didn't find one out in the open and she was forced to just walk soaking wet over to the sink and grab the shirt she was given.

She pulled it on soaking it completely before lifting it up again to dry her face. She stared at herself in the mirror, she was still so wet and the outline of her naked body could be seen in the thin black shirt. She didn't see it wise to go out like this. She had no intention of seducing Inuyasha, not if she expected to win him over. She needed another tactic. She turned looking around for something to dry her. She was still searching when the door to the bathroom reopened.

"We don't have that much time..." his words dropped when he took a good look at her. She was facing away from him, her long black hair dripping wet and curly down her back. The shirt stopped mid thigh, and when she felt the slight breeze she turned around hugging herself automatically.

"There's no towel." She said as she tried to pull the shirt down farther. She blushed as he looked over her. None of them said anything for awhile. He let his eyes glide over to the reliance.

"Why is the reliance so wet…? Why is the floor so wet?" He mumbled looking anywhere but at her. He already felt an intense heat somewhere south.

"There's no towel." She mumbled again. He walked deeper into the bathroom walking towards her. She was so sure he'd make his way to her, as soon as he got to the sink she closed her eyes expecting for him to embrace her but he didn't. He instead placed a hand to the wall leading to a little closet and grabbed a robe. She turned to face him. "I'd rather have a towel." She said and he pulled one out putting the robe back. "So..." She said and he tensed up. He didn't know why he did. He just knew something was extremely attractive about seeing her soaking wet in his ordinary training clothes. "Where am I sleeping?" She asked, and though he had set up a spot on the floor for himself, he was beginning to reconsider it. She had the towel now and was trying to desperately dry her hair.

He wanted to sleep with her, he really did, but he had given his tabs to Miroku, and he wasn't much for sharing girls like all the other agents. It was one of his setbacks, especially seeing as he wasn't one for dating either. He didn't believe in monogamy but on the same token he was territorial about the women he slept with. It was better to leave Kagome alone, especially seeing as she wasn't an actual agent, she didn't understand the rules, and he sort of hated her. Well, he didn't hate her; there was something about her that just really got to him. She really pressed his buttons in a way he couldn't quite explain, but he couldn't call it hate, not when he could be so annoyed with her one second then completely and irrevocably attracted to her in another. She had shown she had skill so he couldn't use the excuse that she was a waste of time or talentless. He was just ready to see what type of skill she truly had, and he wanted her to see him as a superior first before anything else. If he started a relationship with her, giving her personality, he could see how the lines could get muddy. She was a great manipulator and he was good at taking advantage of people, the two combinations just didn't mix. He had a hundred and ten reasons to remain abstinent, not just from her but from all the other agents. He told himself it wasn't because of Kikyo. He didn't feel anything lingering for her, he was positive. He just had to keep his mind on the task at hand. In a few months they'd all be ready to endure the hardest mission they'd ever been on, he couldn't afford any distractions.

"The bed." he said after awhile. "Dry yourself off, do not wet it." He warned. He didn't say anymore, and she just stared at him as he walked over to her reliance and picked it up. It was extremely wet and before he could ask why, she decided to tell him herself.

"I don't know how to take it off." She admitted. He didn't make eye contact. He was afraid if he did he'd lose his self control. "It only comes off when I'm taking a shower, and" she paused not knowing how to phrase it. It was awkward and she knew the only reason she was telling him this was because she wanted him to give her his attention. She didn't need to have sex with him like Inuyasha felt the need at the moment to sleep with her. She just desperately wanted to know she had the ability to evoke that kind of feeling in him. That's how she worked. There was something about him that challenged her. Almost as if he knew all of her plans. "You know when someone takes it off." That of course got his attention and he glimpsed at her before picking it up and walking out of the room. She knew it, he was like he was on to her.

She quickly followed him watching wearily as he punched something in. "At the end of the day you're supposed to put your Reliance in this shoot, it'll clean it and send it back in the morning. But because it's high alert you're supposed to keep it on during the night and check the shoot in the morning for a new one. We trade them off bi-daily. She nodded staring at him as he dropped hers down the shoot and closed it. He checked the time by looking past her and at the desk clock. He didn't comment on anything, instead he turned towards the drawer and picked up something while heading to the bathroom.

She watched him go, the door closing behind him. The bed was out so she quickly sat on it knowing it would flip back up in a few seconds. Beside the bed was a mattress with sheets on it and a pillow. She looked down for a moment before looking up again to witness the bathroom doors sliding open. She only got a glimpse of him in his underwear, shirtless, before the lights went out. She could still soak up the image, he was so undeniably fit. His body so tone. She wanted to get a better look, but he made no move to turn the lights back on. "Uh... what just happened...?"

"The power goes off at nine." He stated as he walked forward setting something down and walking towards her. She couldn't see him at all, but he could see her. He was a hanyou and it came with being a youkai, he could see quite well in the dark. She was sitting on the edge of the bed just staring down at her hands. It wasn't until he began to descend on to his makeshift bed did she hear him and look down.

"You don't have to sleep down there." She said quickly making him pause in his spot. She knew she got his attention by the lack of movement. "I'll make room for you up here." She said and he caught the double meaning in what she said. He paused actually thinking it over, it was very tempting, actually too tempting. If he ever felt himself giving in to the temptation to sleep with her, he knew he'd make sure it was on his terms. It was dangerous to fully give in to Kagome. He didn't respond, instead he laid back down while she moved to the top of the bed. "We don't have to do anything... we can be mature about it, it can't be that comfortable down there."

"It's plenty comfortable." He said staring up at the dark ceiling. "And when did you start caring about my wellbeing."

"Well... I did get locked in here for worrying about your wellbeing, so I'd say awhile." She said and he just rolled his eyes.

"Well you don't have to be reality I don't truly know you. I hope you're aware of that. I don't consider you a friend... I don't understand the attachment or the nature of our relationship." He paused for a moment waiting for her to speak, she didn't though. "Well lack of a relationship. You know nothing about me, so you have no reason to be concerned."

"Well whenever I see anyone bleeding from a bullet wound I tend to be concerned no matter who they are." She mumbled. "I think it's the humanity in me." He silenced completely at that, he understood what she truly meant; the statement definitely served as an insult, a cleverly built one too. "And if we don't know each other then I don't understand why you made it your duty to have sex with me... do you remember that..."

"Yeah I do..." He said placing his arms behind his back. "I don't know. That was a mistake." He admitted and for some reason that stung her ego uncontrollably. "I shouldn't have done that." He didn't say anything else.

After awhile the quiet got unbearable and she decided to speak up. "So..." she began making him open his eyes. He was attempting to sleep, though he couldn't. "How is being an agent like?" She asked. It was a stupid question but it eased the tension. "Is it like the movies?"

"I try not to watch TV." He said as his answer and she furrowed her eyebrows. "It's a lot of hard work; it needs all your time and effort. It's not a game and it's not fun, it puts you in life and death situations all the time. You have to know when to ignore the bullshit so you can focus on what's really important." He said and she narrowed her eyes having noticed the insult in his answer.

"What's that supposed to mean." She asked and he turned to his side wanting to end the conversation. "If you're trying to imply something just come out with it." She said sitting up in her spot. "I get it you think I'm some spoiled naïve shallow rich girl." She said. "I'm only fit to take advantage of."

"I didn't say that but if that's what you induced..."

"I only induced it because you implied it." She snapped and he just shrugged before closing his eyes. He heard her moving close to him for a moment. He didn't think anything of it till he felt her weight pounce a bit harshly on top of him. He turned quickly. She had purposely stepped on him entirely before walking over him and towards the left. As a reflex he grabbed hold of her foot at the ankle, making her freeze in her spot.

She almost fell abruptly, "What the hell are you doing." He snapped as she tried to get her footing.

"I'm sorry I need to use the bathroom. Did I step on you?" She asked mockingly and without warning he brought her down. She fell to the ground with a soft thud as he sat up in his seat. "Maybe you should watch where you lie." She said while pushing herself upwards. "Or perhaps watch what you say."

"Is that a threat?" He asked and she shrugged in the darkness. He could sense her aura rising, she had a very bad temper. He could see that now, the slightest mark on her integrity and she was literally steaming. "Am I wrong?" He asked and she narrowed her eyes not quite understanding. "Aren't you naïve and spoiled... or did the truth hit too close to home."

"You really don't know anything about me." She said countering him thoroughly."

"That's where you're wrong I know everything about you, down to your blood type."

"You think because you know stupid facts like my birthday and my blood type you know about me... about my personality who I am. You know my dad's income so you think what you want to think. Whereas I've made some conclusions about you as well, but I don't try to judge people by the situations there in."

"You have... why don't you indulge me?" He asked and she just stared at him. She could now make out some of his features; he was sitting back against the wall. Her eyes had adjusted to the dark and the small blue aura that had just erupted through her body helped slightly. "I really want to know what you've found about me."

"I don't think you do." She said and he just stared at her waiting. "Well..." she began. "Besides the fact that your ego is gigantic in size. You think you're literally the best thing that's ever happened. You really believe deeply that you can have any girl you want just by looking at her. You're good at what you do granted, that simply makes you better. You have all these people who work with you but you don't give them the time of day because they're below you. So you sit down away from them and pray that none of them talk to you, but in reality the reason why you don't socialize is because no one would want to be around such an egotistical no it all chauvinistic jerk, so it makes it a lot easier to pretend you don't want to be around them." She spatted and he lifted both his eyebrows. She wasn't sure if any of it was accurate, the way people buzzed about Inuyasha, she was sure that they all pined to be closer to him, but she didn't care, when she got like this it just helped to derail the other person as much as possible.

"Oh and don't get me started on your personality, you're such a brute. It looks like you've been here way too long; you literally have no genuine feelings. You care about no one but yourself and you're not afraid to show it. And the worst part, you love to belittle people to compensate for it. It's that sort of attitude and total narcissistic thinking that had you here trying to have sex with me… when you don't even know me. You literally didn't care about my feelings and how it would affect me. You just love taking advantage of people...Did you ever think that maybe I wasn't attracted to you?" she asked..." Did you ever think that anyone could find you unattractive? So yeah maybe I'm a little spoiled, a bit naïve, and I'm way too concerned about what people think of me and what clothes I wear, I'd rather be like that any day then some self loving, no it all, dick." Her face was red and her breathing a bit spent. He just stared at her as she stared daggers at him.

"Are you done..?" He asked and she didn't reply. "I hope that tired you out enough to sleep." He said while sliding himself down into his sheets. She just stared at him as he laid back down completely unaffected. He literally did not care and something about that made her so unbelievably mad. Her blood scorched the aura got thicker encasing the room in blue and before he could sit up to examine her she launched herself at him.

"I hate you so much. I wish that miko would have shot right through your heart." She said while hitting him repeatedly on his back. The forces of the thrust were heated, but she did it so quickly that he couldn't feel the impacts of the burn. It wasn't too painful all he had to do was turn around and seize her by the waist. She pushed in his arms trying to hit him but he was much too strong and when he sat up he pinned her to his lap."You're such a stupid asshole; I can't wait to purify a bullet. When I do I'll make sure it goes straight through your heart." She was still kicking and thrusting, but he had a good hold of her. It would have been an even better one if he wasn't completely surprised by the attack all together. He never saw it coming. He slowly rose himself up and her too as she sprawled around wanting to get out of his hold. "Put me down!" She screamed. She was extremely hot, so hot in fact that he really wanted to heed her warnings, but he didn't want to risk her turning around and hitting him again. "I said put me down!"

"If I put you down will you leave me alone?" He asked.


"Well then I'm not putting you down." She kept kicking for a while longer until finally she stopped. "Okay are you calm now?" He asked but all of a sudden he could feel his arms growing hotter and hotter till the room got a bright light blue and he had no choice but to put her down. She fell harshly on to the floor. He began rubbing his arms to fight the heat. "You're such a stupid immature little brat." He spatted. And she quickly rose up from her spot. He dropped his arms ready to combat her if she was going to launch towards him but she didn't. She just stomped past him towards the bed. He watched her as she climbed into the sheets and put them over her head. She didn't say anything or even acknowledge he existed, it wasn't until he returned to his own makeshift bed did he smell the fresh scent of salty tears.




He woke up extremely early, a lot of agents weren't aware of this because there had been very few high alerts over the past years, but the electricity began working around three or four in the morning, he used the time to get ready before the alarms signaled. As he rose he could see Kagome, she was wrapped in a ball in his sheets. Her whole body covered but her long hair that hung loosely in waves off to the side of the bed. She seemed to be very deep in sleep and he really didn't want to wake her. He walked quietly around the bed towards the bathroom. It was smart for agents to keep the doors on manual so they could use the bathroom during the night. They couldn't take showers unless they did it before nine or in the early morning like he was. The toilet was the one thing that worked throughout the night.

She moved silently and what happened last night played out in his head. It made him reconsider everything he thought about her. She was full on crazy, something he noticed about most mikos he came in contact with. She had gone through all that therapy according to her file but she still couldn't handle a couple punches to her self esteem. And though he thought nothing of it last night, she really hit to kill. He had burn bruises on his back where she widely began thrashing him. He should have been mad but he couldn't help the sudden surprise of actual sympathy come over him. Did he actually want to for the first time apologize to someone? Of course he wasn't going to, but the idea that he felt that she deserved one spooked him. Just more of a reason he was in unmarked territory when it came to her.

Something was definitely a bit off with her. Once he was done showering he stripped on a new Reliance from the shoot. It had been cleaned over last night and now was strapped with a mission belt. It was a belt customized for individual agents that swung like a sash around one shoulder. It had pockets containing things that could aid an agent according to his skills, weaknesses, and the terrain they were going to. Because it was fitted for high alert it had things to aid an individual agent in training. He pulled off Kagome's seeing her belt hanging neatly from the new Reliance, he already knew what that meant. Both Rin and Sesshomaru knew she had slept in his room. Sesshomaru would most likely over look it, perhaps ask him how she was in bed, assuming that he had actually slept with her, but Rin would get over weary and try keeping him as far away from Kagome as possible. Rin thought him to be the devil. That opinion of him might actually come in handy this time, seeing as he wanted Kagome as far from him on a personal level as possible.

He already knew what would be in Kagome's belt. It was most likely the same as Kikyo's. They didn't know her yet, so they had to improvise. He checked the clock again, it was almost five. He wanted to wake up Kagome, see if he could get a hold of Rin and open the doors early to avoid scandal. He walked over to her bed and quickly and roughly shook her. She didn't wake up, instead she just sprawled herself about facing upward now. He did the same thing again but still nothing, he had to all but push her off the bed to get her eyes to open, and when they did she still seemed to be in a dream state. "Kagome..." He said harshly making her eye him sleepily. "Wake up and get dressed. I'm going to try to open the doors early." He said but she just rotated in his bed. He stared at her, the sheets lifted up and the shirt she borrowed was now rising, revealing all of her legs and a part of her bare ass. It made sense; in the reliance it was required for agents to be nude. He had looked over that simple fact, but now she was wearing his shirt, and for some reason that heated him up too no ends. He didn't say anything as he looked down at her. He could feel his stomach heating up, and though he knew he had to wake her, instead he cleared his throat for a moment, saying her name again. He didn't even try shaking her. He knew touching her would just help take him overboard.

He took a deep breath looking elsewhere as he lowered himself and placed his hands on her shoulders. He shook her again, being careful not to touch her directly. She moved suddenly, but he could see her opening her eyes. "Hey..." He said loudly, and as soon as she heard him, she woke up instantly. The realization of where she was sunk in, she reacted to the draft on her backside. She quickly tugged at the hem of her shirt. He watched her reddened face while she quickly sat down with her back against the bed post. He stared at her for a moment. She was pushing her long black hair out of her face. She seemed extremely embarrassed for some odd reason, he felt as if he should have been the embarrassed one, but she obviously wasn't aware of the heated feeling that went through him at the moment.

"I'm naked..." She muttered while looking up at him. He nodded slowly realizing that. He took a deep breath turning away from her. It sounded like an annoyed sigh, but in reality it was just him releasing his pint up emotions. He felt movement behind him, and before she could say anything else he turned to face her.

"Get dressed. I'm trying to get you out of here early." He said and she watched his back for a moment. He was walking forward. He had his reliance on, and was trying to grab his orb from his suit. It fell like a cube before turning into a square. He tried accessing Rin, but the cameras were still down. He was growing extremely frustrated, between the overwhelming attraction he felt for Kagome, and the conflicting need to get her out of here, he was beginning to lose his grip on things, he was starting to think about leaving her here, they had a bit over thirty minutes. What could they do in that time? He turned partially seeing Kagome facing him with the mission belt in her hands. She had climbed off his bed and was looking down at the belt. It was almost like she had no idea she was undeniably gorgeous.

He stared at her, just watching without a thought in his mind. She pushed a hand through her hair. It had dried throughout the night and was long, voluminous, and wavy down her back. When she pushed her hand up to touch her hair his shirt moved up revealing all of her bare thigh. She had no idea he was feeling the way he did, it was almost like she didn't seem to care or notice, she was more confused than anything. "What is this?" She asked while putting her hand down and touching the pockets to the belt unlocking them. There were funky looking buttons on them and she pushed them for a moment before pressing against the weird small pad at the top of them. Just like most things in the hi-tech building the pockets opened, and she looked inside finding small beads. She narrowed her eyes and looked up at him.

"Uh..." he said making her look up, when she saw the way he was looking at her she narrowed her eyes. "We'll talk about those later. Get dressed..." He said making her drop her suspicious look, she didn't bother arguing either; she just took the reliance and headed towards the bathroom. He watched her as she left for a moment heading to the front door. He was going to try opening the doors again, but before he could the door slid open itself. He backed up, he wasn't too surprised, a bit caught off guard, but right in front of him Rin stood looking completely and utterly angered. She had on her reliance and her dark brown hair was just in a high ponytail.

He'd usually be upset to just see her letting herself in. Rin knew the codes to everyone's room, she stored the information in her gigantic size brain, she was a genius and she could easily store a large amount of information. He would've been a bit upset, but she looked amazing in her reliance, something he hadn't gotten used to completely. He smiled slightly at her and she rolled her eyes. "Where is she?" She asked and he narrowed his eyes playing dumb. "Don't play games, you couldn't just keep to yourself, you can have any other agent here...anyone in the whole building, why her? Why Kagome?" She asked while letting herself in. The doors slid open and she looked around for her. "Where is she?"

"She's getting dressed." He said and Rin just shook her head in complete anger. She walked towards the bathroom away from him. "You know what Rin… it's not what you think. We didn't do anything." He said, he didn't care if Rin thought he had slept with her, but for Kagome's sake he'd explain. He could picture word getting out that he had sex with her. Ayame and Sango would run their damn mouths. He already knew that would upset Kagome, and she wouldn't be able to train.

"Okay then why did she spend the night?" She asked turning to face him. It was the first time she realized the mattress lying on the ground. The sheets were on top of them and they looked a bit discarded. She narrowed her eyes seeing that he might actually be telling the truth.

"Because she wouldn't leave me alone, she insisted on trying to fix my wound from yesterday, and she got stuck in here. I couldn't remember the damn codes to dispatch the security setting." He said and Rin shifted her eyes to his chest. If he had any still healing wounds the reliance would have allowed an open space to let them heal, but it seemed completely covered up.

"Did she do it?" Rin asked in shock, walking forward. She knew a bit about healing youkais and almost nothing about hanyous. Inuyasha allowed her to lean forward towards his chest, and he just stuck an eyebrow up. She placed a hand on his ribcage, poking around, trying to find a tender spot, but he didn't show pain, and everything seemed unbelievably firm….

"Rin..." He said and she looked up. Her face turned completely red when she realized what she had just been doing. He ignored it, if there was one thing he was used to, it was the attraction that most women had over him. It always caused them to react stupidly to things that were just casual. It was fine that she had touched him. She didn't have to act like she had just made the biggest mistake of her life. "Yeah..." he said, "she did," Rin widened her eyes in shock.

"'s that strong..." She mumbled while mentally checking that on her list. It took a fairly strong miko to be able to heal wounds; of course it all depended on the wound and the person. To heal a youkais injury would be a lot simpler than healing a human's. Demons of course healed on their own a lot faster.

Inuyasha backed up slightly, "well she said she could only heal wounds done by other mikos." He said and Rin thought that over.

"Okay well...we'll have to teach her to heal other wounds." She said and Inuyasha rolled his eyes.

"How are we going to go about doing that? Do I look like a miko to you?" He asked and she shrugged.

"We'll get another agent to teach her..."

"Yeah Rin...if we had another agent capable enough to heal wounds, then we'd have her in Kagome's position...I'm not even sure if Kikyo knew how to do it." He mumbled and Rin seemed surprised by that. She didn't quite understand miko abilities too. It seemed like something that she'd have to learn up on.

"Wait, I thought that all mikos had the ability to heal know depending on the wound itself." He shook his head and she furrowed her eye brows in confusion. " only depends on the mikos strength...that alone determines rather or not she can heal greater wounds, but the ability is universal."

"No it's not Rin..." Inuyasha said stopping her rant. He let his eyes look towards the bathroom wall. He knew Kagome would be coming out in less than thirty seconds. "They teach the ability as if every miko is able to do it, but it's not actually universal. Only a few are able to, if whoever taught her how to heal had known she had the ability... then she could of learned how to do more than miko inflicted wounds... she's' not well trained in the area, which is common, it's a very rare ability to possesses." Rin seemed still so confused and she was about to say something when the bathroom door opened.

Kagome was dressed in her reliance. Her long black hair was in a ponytail that trailed down her back. She was holding the mission belt in her hands. Besides the fact that she was imaginably gorgeous, something that he was teaching himself to get used to, he also noticed something different in her aura. He couldn't point out what it was exactly, he wasn't too accustomed to her scent or power. Rin turned to face her and smiled as soon as she took her in. "Good morning Kagome..." Rin said causing her to jolt her head forward.

"Oh hi Rin...I didn't even notice you...I was in my own little world." She said and Rin grinned. "What are you doing here?" She asked.

"I came to get you. I got word early this morning you were in Inuyasha's bunk so..." Kagome's smile disappeared suddenly, hoping Rin didn't think she had slept with him. For some reason when agents found out she was involved with Inuyasha, they began spreading rumors about her, but she didn't have to worry about Rin though. She wouldn't tell anyone, but she was afraid who ever she heard the news from might.

"It's not what you think..." She said quickly and Rin nodded.

"Inuyasha told me...don't worry we'll avoid scandal. We still have about a half an hour till everyone reports down for training. If we get you to your bunk you won't have to worry about it." She said and Kagome just nodded before shifting her eyes towards Inuyasha. He was looking at her; actually he was doing more than that. He was staring at her, gawking even, he had been doing it since she left the bathroom, but she was now noticing it. When she finally saw him and took in his staring face, he quickly looked away making her narrow her eyes again. "I have a question to ask before we go? Inuyasha says you have the ability to heal wounds?"

"Not all wounds..." She said quickly. "Just ones that mikos do...I learned it in school during my training." She said deciding she'd just let whatever the staring thing he was doing go.

"All the mikos in your school learned it? Can they all do it?" She asked and Kagome shook her head.

"I don't know...we learned how to do it, but we never demonstrated it. It was just sort of like a lesson, we didn't practice very much...other mikos must know more. I've tried healing other wounds, but I'm not able too." She said while looking back down at the belt. "What is of the pockets are filled with beads."

"It's a mission belt...wait how did you know you could only heal miko wounds?" Rin asked and she looked up catching the interest in their expression. She didn't understand why though. It was sort of a known fact that mikos were able to heal wounds.

"Uh...I don't know... when I was younger sometimes I'd burn people, and I was able to heal them, but one time my brother or someone came to me with a paper cut, and I couldn't do it." She said and Inuyasha smiled slightly at her answer, it was of course a sadistic grin, he didn't really smile to show actual happiness.

"Why would you burn people?" He asked knowingly, and she narrowed her eyes.

"It's hard sometimes to not hurt stupid people…I know you'd understand that…you do remember last night right?" She asked and his grin disappeared making Rin throw a very questioningly look her way. "I don't know...I didn't really care to learn anything else anyway. I'm sure if I was paying more attention in class I'd know more..."

"Not necessarily..." Rin said. "According to Inuyasha it's taught a lot, but only a few mikos have the capability." Kagome shook her head not believing that. "That's what Inuyasha says, but of course I'll look in to it."

"No, it's not that I don't believe him, it's just that, every miko class I've been in it's always been the same. Some of us can do some things and some of us can't do others." She said while letting her eyes shift elsewhere. "Some girls could barely do anything at all, so we really don't show our skills; we just sit and get taught." She said and Rin looked towards Inuyasha.

"Really they don't split you up into classes based on ability..."

"They don't really know our ability," She said with a shrug and Inuyasha threw Rin a look that showed that he was very obviously right. He turned around grabbing his mission belt and attempting to attach it to his chest.

"A lot of times the standard classes for mikos are only made in order to control their powers. They are not made to develop their abilities." He said and Kagome stared at him wondering how he would know that. It had her thinking. Maybe he was right? There weren't a lot of demonstrations given in miko classes. She only really got to use her power when they taught her how to relinquish it. For instance in archery she was always taught to lower her aura before shooting. "It's just a myth..." he clarified. "Not all mikos can actually do it."

"But I can..." Kagome said interrupting him. He turned from Rin to her. "So I can probably heal any type of wound...I just need to be taught?" She asked while waiting for one of them to confirm her thoughts. No one said anything and she shifted her eyes to Rin. She didn't seem sure at all so she looked over at Inuyasha for the answer. He seemed to know a lot about the subject. Kagome was beginning to understand that he seemed extremely educated on Mikos. He was the one teaching her how to purify a bullet, and now he seemed to know more than she did.

He looked away from her again, looking towards Rin to continue his conversation. "It should be...well its naturally easier for her to heal miko inflicted wounds, but she should be able to heal other wounds."

"So you can teach me?" She asked and he spared her a glimpse. She seemed so intrigued all of a sudden. Kagome didn't seem to really care or have any interest in her talents as a miko. He understood that about her, she really didn't have an interest in anything but what he considered to be extremely shallow, but even though he knew a lot about mikos. He wasn't sure he'd be able to teach a skill like that.

"No..." He stated and he could see her confusion. "Do I look like a miko to you?" He asked again and she seemed to want to argue that, but Rin interrupted.

"Well I can get Sesshomaru...he has the files, we'll find an agent who can." She said while turning around to exit the room. Kagome let her eyes follow her for a second before quickly going after her. Inuyasha turned to watch her go, realizing something.

"Wait..." He said and she turned quickly looking his way.

"Meet me at the running gate..." He told her and he could see the confusion on her face. He swore Rin hadn't done anything to inform her about procedures, she acted more like a friend then an adviser. "When the alarm rings come back to my room, don't be late either." He said and she narrowed her eyes. He took a step forward, "actually don't go anywhere, we have around twenty minutes left, I need to..."

"Actually..." she said cutting him off. She was backing up as he talked. "I have to talk to Rin." He looked like he might want to fight her on that, but before he could say anything she slipped out of his room. She took off down the hall meeting Rin before she could enter a shuttle. She was pushing in an abnormal amount of numbers just like Inuyasha had been doing the night before. "Rin..." She called out making her turn to face her. She stopped punching in digits and turned around completely.

"I totally forgot to unarm your room so you can get in." Rin said while stepping forward. Of course like usual she was in a hurry to speak with Sesshomaru. When she had gone to talk to him earlier, he just informed her abut Inuyasha and Kagome, and went on to answer some calls. She knew she shouldn't expect more from him, she liked the way he looked at her now, but it was wearing off quickly, and she didn't know what else to expect. Pursuing Sesshomaru now was actually sort of stupid on her part. Red alert was starting, she had too much to worry about and so did he.

"Oh yeah…I know, but that's not what I meant." She said while following Rin back to her room. "Have you seen Sesshomaru today?" She asked and Rin quickly tensed up and gave Kagome an uncomfortable look. "You're wearing your reliance again…you look good. You want me to do your make up." She asked and Rin quickly turned to face her.

"Sshh…" she said while looking around the empty hallway. She was more concerned with Inuyasha hearing, his room was the only open one in the hall. "We can talk about you know who later…" She whispered and Kagome looked around following her eyes, before setting them back on her. "And no…It'll be fine…I have to train today so…"

"Oh you're training too?" She asked, and Rin just nodded, she looked like she was in a hurry to do something, and Kagome knew what it was. "Okay so there's no way we can somehow ditch this red alert training thing right? I can go down and talk to Sesshomaru…"

"Kagome no…" Rin said while turning around again. She began punching codes in and Kagome just stared at her in a very perplexed way. "High alert is extremely serious Kagome…everything has to be in order, and right now you can't be out in the hall…" She said and that just made Kagome a bit suspicious.

"Okay I get it…well is there a way that I can maybe sit it out… I'm exhausted…and I'm not up for running four miles." She said. And Rin backed up as her door began to slide open.

"I don't think so…"

"What do you mean you don't think so…it'll be fine…I feel like I'm going to pass out…" She said and although that was an exaggeration it was somewhat true. Her aura was down from using her energy last night, sometimes when she got angry she'd use a large amount of it and it tired her out a bit.

"Kagome I'm sorry, but there is nothing you or I can do. You have to train." She said and she knew Kagome wasn't used to being told she couldn't do something. And maybe if she talked to Sesshomaru she'd get what she wanted, she was good at getting what she wanted, but they had less than fifteen minutes now, so they couldn't chance it. "I'll see you at breakfast; you have around eleven minutes." Kagome walked into her room and Rin threw her a grin. She didn't return it she just let the door close and turned away going for the bed. It was of course closed and she put a hand to the wall wanting to open it, but the wall flashed red before going back to normal.

"You have to be kidding me…" She said. Her room was bare and she knew because of this stupid red alert nothing would work. She leaned her back against the wall and slid down to sit on the floor. She laid her head back and stared forward towards the opposite wall. She could feel herself doze off slightly when she noticed something in a silver case. She narrowed her eyes and crawled suddenly for it. Her room was extremely bare besides a couple things she left on the floor off to the side. The room hadn't yet sucked it up and placed it in its proper spot. She sat on her knees picking up the metal case, and just like that she remembered what it was.

It was the gift Rin gave her. She sighed opening it and looking at the gloves. They were black and opened at the knuckles allowing her fingers to be shown. She didn't understand exactly what they were for, but just out of curiosity she undid the Velcro straps and pulled on the thin gloves. They blended in with the reliance pretty well, almost like they came together, but as she examined them fully she began to feel a bit different. At first she was a little exhausted, but all of a sudden she felt a lot better like she had taken a nap or had a rather large cup of coffee. She stared at the gloves wondering if they had anything to do with it. She thought maybe it was all in her head, but on the palms of the glove was a small cursive 'M' and it shined blue. "Wow…" she mumbled. She opened the case again wanting to fine instructions, but she didn't see any. She felt instantly guilty for considering the gift useless at first.

She automatically wished she could thank Rin. She wondered how long they lasted for? How did they work? It was all confusing, but she knew better to ask, everything in the building worked in a way she couldn't quite describe. She placed the metal case back on the floor and just like that the room sucked it in, it did the same to Sango's gift. She had left her moms gift on the ground as well and the room quickly took that too. Later she'd be able to find them in one of the drawers. She decided that since she was filled with energy she'd explore the weird belt she was given, but before she could even go for it the room began to rapidly flash red. She stood up obviously alarmed, she went for the door and all of a sudden a loud shrieking noise started sounding. She could feel her heart begin beating and she placed a hand on the wall wanting her room to open, but before it could the walls of her room began to quickly lower into the floor. Her room became completely bare the side that led to the bathroom disappeared; everything began to shift around her. She didn't know exactly what to do, but as soon as the walls were gone she could easily identify other agents. She could see them standing right in front of the last remaining wall. They were facing forward, and she didn't want to seem out of place, but she was still surprised that her room had turned into just another section of the hall. It now seemed as if the hall had just gotten wider, and although everyone waited patiently in position for something, she had no idea what it was, they never turned to face her, even though she knew they could see her.

She quickly went for her belt sitting on the floor where her bed would have been. Then she walked forward towards the last remaining wall. "Hello agents…" A robotic woman's voice said. "You have successfully entered the first day of red alert, please quickly get to the running gates, you have twenty minutes." Just like that the wall opened and she stared forward. She had the belt lying on her shoulder. Every agent seemed to have it skillfully hanging like a sash around their abdomen and left shoulder. She didn't know how to place it there but lucky for her standing with his arms across on the opposite section of the hall was Inuyasha. He didn't wait for the wall to go up completely before quickly meeting her in just a few strides.

She wasn't as surprised to see him as she felt she should have been, but as soon as the walls on each of the agents rooms went up completely they all formed a well organized line, and the hall became extremely filled with walking people. All of them wearing the reliance, all of them with the sash placed correctly on them. "I told you to stay." He said between clenched teeth. She was too preoccupied by everything going on; though all the agents were in organized lanes staring forward, a few did turn to look at her and Inuyasha. That was exactly what she needed. She could already picture them forming opinions and turning them into gossip.

"Yeah so I can hear their gossip." She said and he looked down at her. He turned seeing the agents walking past them. He didn't really care about what they said about him. But He honestly did hate when people placed him in the center of their topics and life. He liked to fly under the radar, but something always brought him back to center eventually. He sighed while grabbing her belt from her shoulders and quickly fixing the straps before placing it on her shoulders and turning behind her to strap up the back. He didn't think anything of it, but while tightening it slightly he could feel her tense up and he automatically realized how odd ithe whole thing was. He backed up slightly. "Thanks…" She said but he didn't respond. Instead he walked forward.

"Follow me…" He said and she of course did. He didn't join the line of agents; instead he walked off to the side in between the open spaces that once were agent's rooms. They did that for awhile, he was walking extremely quickly and she was trying to keep up while looking over at everyone. At the front of the line the agents were placing their hands on the side of the wall making a pad appear. As soon as they did the wall opened up and they headed down a flight of stairs. Inuyasha quickly walked past them off to the center towards the shuttle. He placed his hand on the wall then thought about something for awhile before placing it into a pad. The pad flashed red telling him whatever he just put in was wrong. He cursed under his breath, but he tried it again, this time it shown green and he stepped to the side wanting her to go in first.

"Thank you…" She said in an overly enthusiastic voice, she was obviously mocking him. He wasn't voluntarily nice enough to hold doors open, but they didn't have too much time so he wanted to make sure she was moving quickly. He rolled his eyes at the comment, he obviously didn't mean for the gesture to seem polite at all, but he didn't comment on it.

"Okay…" he said, and as he walked in the elevator he realized that her aura was up significantly. He could identify the changes completely, yet it seemed a lot stronger. He looked over at her for a moment. She was staring forward just looking around; he didn't say anything to her, though he was slightly confused. He walked forward placing digits into the buttons off to the side. He still couldn't remember what the codes were for high alert, but luckily the shuttle was working on his own passwords, so he didn't have to worry about it. "I'm going down to Sesshomaru's office…" He said as he waited for the shuttle to start up. He needed to find out the codes for high alert, and he didn't have too long to get them. He paused for a moment as the shuttle began to rattle before dropping down with extreme speed. He wasn't very affected by it but Kagome had to wrap her hands around her stomach again. She was wondering when she'd get used to it.

The shuttle stopped and they ended up at the end of a long familiar hall. She knew the hall ended at Sesshomaru's office, but it was usually filled with cubicles off to the side, but they were all gone. There was a wall up now where they would have been, and the hall was now extremely small, it was just a lone narrow pathway. When they got to the end of the hall there was no double doors, there was nothing. Inuyasha placed his hand on the blank wall. A dark red line took the outline of his palm. That's all he had to do, there was no additional digits to put in. The doors appeared just like that and he easily opened it wanting to go in. Kagome followed and he stopped before she could go in fully. "No…" he said turning to face her. "You stay out here and wait…" He stated and she backed up a bit surprised at that. She narrowed her eyes and he could tell she was going to say something smart so he interrupted. "I don't care…stay…" He said and she took a step forward, he was beginning to understand her scents and her aura now. It spiked and he just smiled smugly. "Stay…" He stated before turning around.

He moved forward to face his brother; he was sitting in his office chair staring at him. He had a knowing smile on his face and Inuyasha just rolled his eyes. "It's not what you think." He said quickly.

"All I know is this morning I got a message that there were two agents in one room." He said suddenly, and he knew that he had gotten the information from the building's system. "Normally I'd be upset by that, but you can imagine when I found out who it was…"

"It's not what you think…" He repeated again before walking towards him and taking a quick seat at the edge of a chair.

"Well you should explain…"

"I don't really have time, but I do need some of the codes for code red, I forgot them." He stated and Sesshomaru nodded quickly backing up in his seat and going to a conveniently placed drawer. He grabbed a few things from it then turned to face his brother.

"Rin was just here…" He said telling Inuyasha that he obviously knew nothing had happened between him and Kagome, though he could understand why Sesshomaru was still very spectacle. They were in the middle of high alert and they had give or take less than fifteen minutes before they had to start their runs, and though she should have been at the running gate stretching, he had brought her with him. He was now wondering why he did that. "Well she told me Kagome successfully healed your wound completely yesterday." He said, and Inuyasha just nodded. He didn't have time to talk about this. He also didn't feel like talking about Kagome and her talents. He wasn't in the mood for that. "Well that's quite an accomplishment don't you think…how is she, is she drained of power? I've heard that…"

"She's fine…" he said, but at that moment he realized something. Her aura actually seemed higher, which he was now realizing was a bit weird. A lot of times when it came to mikos, they weren't very good at controlling a concentration of power; they couldn't release their energy in a steady enough flow to conserve it throughout the day. It was an easy enough skill, but it had to be learned, and because they were taught from an early age to relinquish their powers, it would be like starting from the beginning with Kagome. If she had been an agent from birth like Kikyo than she would of learned it years ago.

"Well that's great…the only problem is we don't have any other agents who can teach her how to heal wounds. That's a skill we could really use. I can send for someone, but we're in code red. I'm not sure we can get someone now. We can postpone the first initial attack…"

"Hell no…" Inuyasha said sitting up. He grabbed the packet of papers his brother had been handing him. "We're already delayed; I think we should be pushing past this, getting out of code red as fast as possible." He said.

"Well maybe…" Sesshomaru said, and he was a little surprised that Sesshomaru seemed to agree. "I do have an idea. But right now, since the attack yesterday, I'm a bit wrapped up. I have to recircuit everything." He said and Inuyasha knew what he meant without added explanation. After what happened yesterday, Kikyo was on the enemy's side, she was under contract and a top agent; she basically knew every password they had, but not the high alert codes, which is why it was a great defense to stay in code red till they were ready to attack.

"Well what's the plan?" His brother asked… Sesshomaru seemed to be getting something out when red lights flashed and the announcement came on reminding them they had only ten minutes. Inuyasha sighed; he didn't have too much time.

"You can come back up here at breakfast…" He said, and he just nodded. He took the papers with him. "Don't forget to shred them when you're done." Sesshomaru reminded.

"I'll burn them." He said as his answer. He quickly walked towards the door, and to his surprise Kagome's scent wasn't completely noticeable to him. That basically meant she wasn't pressed against the door trying to listen in. He opened the door looking for her. She was off to the side leaning against one of the walls. When she saw him she turned to face him. Her aura was still up, she wasn't upset though, it was just unusually high. He was wondering why. "We're going to run ten miles today…" He told her and she widened her eyes. The first time she ran was around a week ago, she had ran four miles, he'd usually keep it to four or five, but she seemed like she'd be able to do it. Her aura was strong.

"Ten…." She said, and he just nodded while walking past her. She followed quickly. "Ten…that's impossible, the most I've ever ran is one and a half, and just a week ago you made me do four and I didn't even run all of it." She said and he thought back to that day. She had stopped around two and a half…he himself ran a lot more than that. Today he'd only run ten, but he was used to running at least twenty for warming up, but he was a youkai, she wasn't.

"Maybe…seven…" He mumbled, and she was surprised that he'd actually lower the number. "We'll see." She stopped talking suddenly. He seemed to be in his own world. Instead of taking the shuttle they went down a flight of stairs. She walked side by side with him. He was deep in thought and when they got to the bottom flight there were two thick doors. He opened them quickly. He didn't bother holding it open for her, she had to thrust her whole weight to push it open and allow herself through. He was thinking about what he'd do for her training. She had good form when running. She just wasn't trained to run long distances. A human could run quite long distances when trained, a youkai about twice that amount, a miko could probably do fairly more than a well trained human. They had an excess energy flow helping them. He didn't think she could conserve her energy well enough to do ten miles though; he didn't want her to be too exhausted. She was pretty powerful now, considering that it was fairly early in the morning and she had used a lot of her energy to heal him, maybe she did know how to use a steady flow of energy. She was powerful enough miko to probably never exhaust completely. He could tell that already, but he just needed to get a better feel of her.

They were walking outside in the dark. It was still four something in the morning, she was surprised seeing as she didn't typically wake up this early, but she still seemed pretty energized. She looked down at her gloves. The stitched 'M' was still shining blue on the palms. She wasn't too sure, but she thought that had something to do with all her energy. It didn't take long for them to get to a large field. It was the same one she had ran in before. But this time it was filled with a large amount of other agents. They were all stretching around the field and when they got there a few of them turned to look. "Stretch…" Is all he stated but she was more concerned at looking around to find someone familiar. "Kagome…stretch…stop looking around." He told her and she turned to face him. "We have around ten minutes now to get ready and meet at the gate." He said. She could see some of the agents lining up at the start of the track. Some other agents lined up in the middle of the track, off to the side was an actual gate. She hadn't noticed it the first time she ran.

"Okay…quick question…" She said looking at the agents who were stretching on the center of the track. She found all of them familiar, even though she was pretty far from them. She thought she saw Rin talking with Sango…that sort of made her mad. "Why are they in the middle and everyone else is on the track?"

"Top agents run a separate coarse than other agents" He said and she narrowed her eyes. "We're actually going over there in a minute, so stretch and meet me at the end of the line." He said and she just sighed watching as he left her. She felt awkward now. She could see agents lining up at the start of the track, some of them talked, some just stared at her. She waved and a couple waved back, but others just turned away. Nothing was the same since that night at the club. Ayame and Sango had ran their mouths off, and now everyone seemed to hate her. The agents at the starting line were separated. Youkais lined up to the right, there was also a middle lane for what she thought were maybe mikos. There was a third line too, but she thought maybe just humans. She wasn't really sure, but that's what it seemed like.

The robotic woman came on again saying they had less than five minutes. She sighed wanting to just go to the middle of the track with Rin, but she noticed Inuyasha who was in the middle now. He was standing alone, but that monk she had met awhile ago was making his way towards him. Inuyasha didn't seem to notice though. He was just staring at her. When he saw her looking back he gave her a look, then placed his right arm in his left hand, stretching it. He was obviously telling her to stretch and she turned away as her response. She hated it, because she was alone, everyone was just staring at her. It wasn't until the robotic woman began counting down from thirty did Inuyasha sign for her to come. She quickly did feeling everyone's eyes on her. She could see the monk still talking but Inuyasha gave him a sturdy annoyed look, and he quickly walked away. He waved at her before he did, and she just waved back.

Everyone lined up in two seprate lines. She seemed more concerned with trying to reach Rin who lined up adjacent with Sango. She groaned a bit upset by that. The robotic woman was at ten and he turned and faced her. "Focus…" He said and she eyed him. "Focus, and line up straight…you're getting ready to run." He said, and she furrowed her eyebrows. He cracked his neck suddenly relaxing himself. The robotic woman counted down to one, and just like that sirens began to ring and everyone took off running. The group of agents at the start of the track did as well and it didn't take long for her to realize the gates had opened and everyone in her line had taken off. She ran forward too, but she wasn't in the business of sprinting like some people did, instead she just jogged, pacing herself. Rin, Sango, and Miroku were doing the same, and surprisingly so was Inuyasha, but he was only doing it to keep up with Kagome. He wanted to examine her and how she ran.

They all jogged past the gates and to her surprise the entrance of the woods. The ground itself wasn't exactly paved, but it was cleared enough for them to run side by side, but in a line of two. She didn't know exactly why she was upset that Rin was talking to Sango and Ayame, though Ayame had ran forward already, she was off to the distance, Rin and Sango were jogging with little effort in front of her, and Miroku in front of them. All the demons were ahead, but surprisingly Inuyasha was still beside her. He could tell her mind was on something else completely. She was pacing herself well; she was good at pacing herself. The trail they were on was a few miles long, but it had a lot of exits, so when they got to the seven mile mark, depending on how she was holding herself up they would stop.

They jogged like that for awhile, and she was going on the third mile mark, the terrain wasn't very difficult, but by the five mile mark it did get a bit rough. The hills got higher, she didn't seem too tired out though. She was actually running faster. "Pace yourself…" He reminded her. And she turned slightly to look at him.

"I am… I just…I have to talk to Rin…" She said and Inuyasha rolled his eyes.

"You have to do that now?" He asked and she realized what he was getting at, though she didn't care. She just jogged quicker before calling Rin's name. Both she and Sango turned, and when Sango noticed her she just turned around and ran faster towards Miroku.

Rin turned and smiled… "Hi Kagome…your doing great…" She called out.

"Yeah thanks…can I talk to you?" She asked and Rin seemed uncertain about that.

"At breakfast okay…" She called out and Kagome narrowed her eyes as Rin turned forward and continued jogging. She didn't seem to want to take that as an answer. And she increased her speed, but Inuyasha quickly called for her.

"If you catch up with Rin, you'll be running twelve miles…" He warned, and she slowed down significantly. "That's better…" he said obviously happy that she was taking actual direction from him. "If you leave, then I'll be all alone…" He mocked sarcastically and she sighed loudly looking away. She was a bit surprised at how well she was doing. She felt like it had everything to do with the gloves.

"So…." She said after some time. He didn't say anything though, so she decided it was okay to continue. "How many miles have we done?" She asked.

"No talking." He said and she groaned. She really hated this, she really disliked him. She had a lot of time to think though. Usually she'd be trying to control her breathing when running, but she was filled with energy. She felt like she could run a million and one miles. She was breathing easily, she could increase her speed, it was all so easy. She didn't speak to Inuyasha, but she could think clearly finally, and by the time she began seeing the exit of the woods and a spacing of the trees, she felt amazing and proud of herself because the sun had come up which meant she had been running for awhile. No one slowed down though they just took off down a hill towards a large body of water, she saw the whole thing as an adventure, she wanted to see what it led down too. She wanted to go down towards the water as well, but before she could go Inuyasha grabbed her by the arm. She spun rapidly, but when he touched her he backed up. "Shit…" He cursed looking down at his hands. She had burned him…

"What's wrong?" She asked looking over at him. Her aura had spiked to an all time high, and she was extremely heated to the touch. He rubbed his hands together trying to distinguish the heat, but he couldn't completely. He looked over at her and she could tell he was really mad but he took a deep breath and faked calmness. He really hated the fact that as a miko she was all over the fucking place. She could barely contain her energy. He just took it as a defense mechanism. Maybe she was deep in thought and she heated up in surprise. He wasn't going to scream, though he wanted to, he decided to hold it in.

"Ten miles…" He said turning around and heading off to the side.

She didn't know what he meant at first, but she let it soak in and she yelped in happiness. "I did ten miles…" She said. He just rolled his eyes. "Did I do well…did I make good time…I'm filled with energy…" She said but he clenched his jaw to stop himself from going off.

"Well that's good, because we're going to try to purify a bullet again…" He said and she nodded. She felt like she could do anything at that moment. They walked a few ways into a hidden building she hadn't noticed at first. He had to put in codes he couldn't remember, so he took out the papers Sesshomaru gave him from a pocket of his sash. Once he opened the door the room was dark but as soon as she walked in the lights turned on and they were just in a shooting cage again. It wasn't the same one she had been in at first. Actually she wasn't sure.

"You know…" she said with a smile on her face. He looked over at her, but when he caught her fully he looked away. He thought he was getting used to her appearance wise. Even though she had been running, she was still gorgeous, her ponytail had fallen slightly and flowed down past her shoulders to her waist. She had sweat dripping around her neck, but that wasn't exactly a turn off for him, it was actually more of a turn on then anything. "That's the longest I've ever ran…I'm super proud of myself…" She said and he sighed while going off towards a closet. He put digits into a pad and pulled out what looked like a gun. She stared at him as he grabbed a box of something else. He opened up a pocket in his mission belt and placed the box into it. He had the papers his brother gave him in the same pocket, so he had to push it in to make way for both of them.

"Okay...We'll try this for a moment, and if you can't do it then we'll go back to the bow and arrow…" He said and she nodded while taking a deep breath. He looked over at her. "Here…" He threw the gun towards her. She screamed and jumped to the side. The gun of course fell to the ground and she gulped looking up at him. He looked annoyed, but surprisingly amused too. She took a moment to grab it from its handle and look it over. "It's on safety…" He said and she nodded. "Get in position." She walked over to the target and sort of stood there. He narrowed his eyes before walking towards her. "This is postion...go ahead and place the gun in both of your hands." He said and she nodded. "Feet shoulder length apart." He watched as she did that too. He walked towards her, and he didn't think anything of it, but he placed his hands on her hips and aligned them. She tensed up, and just like earlier it became awkward. "Just…uh…your legs are too far apart." He said backing up suddenly.

She nodded and he watched as she rotated herself. "Okay that's good…" He said, though he could see some things that weren't really accurate, but he didn't know how to fix it without touching her. And though he worked with a lot of people, his dad recruited some of the brats at the boarding school sometimes, and he had to train them, he never cared about making physical contact, but with Kagome it was different. He had no idea why, but it just was. "I don't want you to worry about hitting the target." He told her, and though he didn't want to touch her because of the strange feeling that went through him he did place his hands on her arms positioning them the way he wanted them to go. "Just think about purifying the bullet…" He said and she nodded while rotating herself. He noticed quickly she was pushing forward a bit too much and he slipped his hands on her waist rising her. "And then aim the gun where you want the bullet to go." He whispered, and that feeling came back, it was a warm feeling that made the hair on his neck rise, but for her it was completely hot, and it took over her stomach.

"Okay…" she whispered… "Can I shoot now?" She asked, and he noticed what she was asking, he had his arms around her for a bit too long, but he hadn't noticed.

"Yeah…when you're ready…" He cleared his throat and backed up. She narrowed her eyes and pressed on the trigger, but nothing happened, just a soft click. He smiled slightly at the absurdity of the whole situation.

"I…uh…it's not working…"

He walked over to her and took the gun. "It's still on safety." He said and she watched as he flipped something up and handed it to her. She laughed nervously taking it from him and turning around again. He watched as she placed herself back in the previous position she once was. "Watch your legs." He reminded her, and she waited for him to put his hands on her hips again, but he didn't. She moved in slightly and he waited for her to shoot the gun. It was then when he realized something. "You know what… wait." He backed up and went to the closet. He grabbed some earmuffs and turning to face her with them. "You might need these…" He said and she nodded agreeing.

"And the goggles…" She asked and he just shook his head like he didn't want to be bothered with them. She nodded while turning back around. He walked over to her handing it and she smiled. "Thanks…" he looked away at that but she didn't seem too effected by it. "You know…you're being a lot nicer today…" She said and he just gave her a look. "No really…I mean you're no welcome committee, but this is a lot better than last time. Or actually you know what." She said while thinking it over for a moment. "A lot better than earlier today too..." He thought that over knowing exactly what she was talking about. He remembered how rude he was towards her the first time she trained. He wasn't sorry for it, though he had known he was being unusually rude. "You should act like this more often…"

"You know I'm as nice as you are corporative." He said standing off to the side and watching her. She was adjusting the earmuffs on her ears before facing the target again.

"Really" she said. And he just nodded. "Well you know when you were really nice?" She asked pushing the earmuffs off to face him. "That time I came into your classroom…you remember…I came into your classroom with Rin a few weeks ago. You were super nice that night." She said sarcastically. "Oh yeah that's right... you wanted to get into my pants…" she said bluntly. "I should have been super corporative then…you would have been a saint now." He looked over at her and narrowed his eyes with extreme aggravation.

"Can you just shoot the damn gun?" He snapped and she smiled slightly while turning around. She knew she shouldn't have said that, but she couldn't help it. There was just something about him that rubbed her the wrong way. She was still very interested in trying to win him over, but he just had this way of pressing her buttons, and she couldn't resist retaliating. She went back to the target positioning herself for the third time and staring at the target. She narrowed her eyes than counted to three before pressing down on the trigger. The bullet hit something, but it wasn't the middle of the target. She turned around watching Inuyasha. He didn't seem very annoyed anymore. He seemed more confused than anything. When he realized she was staring at him his expression changed. He looked over at her. "What the hell was that?" He asked and she bit her lip feeling obviously embarrassed.

"You told me that I didn't have to hit the target." She said and he walked forward.

"Yeah…but you didn't use any energy. There was no aura…" She seemed confused by that and he narrowed his eyes. "The object of this is to purify a bullet. You are aware of that. I didn't bring you to the shooting cage so you could shoot for fun or insult me and my personality." He said referencing to what she just said earlier.

"Well you didn't say that."

"It was implied." He let a shockingly handsome sadistic grin take over his face. "I should probably start spelling things out for you. I mean I do take you for an idiot, just not this dumb."

"Hardy har har…" She said sarcastically. It wasn't the reaction he expected. He would have thought she'd get extremely mad, but she was always confusing him in different ways when it came to her personality. He decided he'd just settle with the fact that he didn't know her well enough. "Well let me try it again." She said light heartedly, and he was surprised by that too. She didn't seem too offended by his insult at all.

"Are you sure you can?" He asked, but she didn't say anything. She turned to face the target again and without thinking he walked behind her placing his hands on her shoulders and rotating them to face the target completely. "I know I said don't worry about shooting the target, but I'd like it if you got somewhat in range." He mumbled and she felt her blood turn hot. She hated he had that effect on her. "Your good at shooting arrows right? You have awards…it's not that hard, shooting an arrow is actually harder." He said and she eyed him as he backed up. He was looking forward at the target but she was staring at him. She was wondering why he was being so nice, maybe he wanted to sleep with her again, but she had a feeling that though Inuyasha was in fact a dick. He wasn't the huge colossal one she might have previously thought he was.

She took a deep breath and tried concentrating on extracting power. She could feel a little vibrating in her fingers though nothing came from it. She knew that she wouldn't be able to do it. She couldn't really understand the idea of it at all. She couldn't fathom it. All she could really do was allow the power she had to flow down to her hands. She thought about putting her power into the gun, but all it did was make the gun heat up and from past experiences when she heated up things they'd just melt or disintegrate, what good would that be? "Can I ask a question?" She said and he raised an eyebrow waiting. "How do I go about doing this?" She asked and he sighed in his classic agravated stumper, as if no one could tell he was annoyed by his facial expression.

"How do you usually go about using your energy?" He asked he was obviously mocking her. "Just try visualizing it Kagome…" He said in frustration. She turned back around and he narrowed his eyes. "Your legs…shoulder length apart." He reminded for the third time. She did just that sighing lightly. She didn't even know how it looked like to purify a bullet, but he said visualize it, she thought about it for a moment, and she counted to three again. She shot the gun, and to her surprise she didn't hear a sound. Instead all she felt was a sort of 'whooshing.' She turned around looking at Inuyasha who stood up in shock. She walked forward her eyes widening. She turned towards the target seeing a dark rimmed hole off to the side of it. It was a huge gaping hole and she stared back at him.

"What was that…did I do it…?" She asked and he ignored her. He just felt something huge come out of her aura wise. It washed through the whole room, and just like that it was gone. It was the biggest blast of power from a miko he had ever felt, but it literally lasted seconds. He walked over to her shooting range. All he could see was the hole, and Kagome she was still standing. She was still the same, her aura extremely high. She should have been exhausted.

"How did you do that?" He asked and she just shrugged. He gave her a look, and though he had over looked it throughout the day, he let his eyes go to her gloves. When he had first saw them he just thought they were training gloves. Just her trying to be cute, but now he was becoming a bit spectacle, but where would Kagome get Miko training gloves from? "What are those?" He asked and she followed his eyes down towards her hands.

"What do you mean what are those? You've never seen gloves before?" She asked and he narrowed his eyes walking forward and yanking her hands up abruptly. He obviously noticed the stitched 'M.' It was glowing extremely bright which meant she had a nice amount of her own energy going through her body. She was the type of miko who was powerful enough to never be out of power flow. She might have been awful at spreading the power out, but she still had a good amount flowing. The thing about training gloves made for mikos; they were designed to help them extract power that they kept from their reserves. Miko power worked a lot like the human body, meaning there was a ready flow of energy, and there was a secondary flow that was used as a reserve. The only difference was that the second flow could be used at all times completely, but mikos weren't trained to extract power this way in the everyday world, they were taught how to restrain it. Kagome of course was powerful enough to do everything without the gloves harshly stealing her power reserves, but she probably didn't know how to release the power evenly on her own. What the gloves actually told him was that Kagome was extremely powerful. The gloves didn't give power; they just forced the miko to release their own.

"Who gave these to you?" he asked and she yanked her hands from him.

"There mine." She lied. "I brought them here. You hurt me by the way. You were squeezing my hands." She said. She began massaging her flesh suddenly and he narrowed his eyes.

"You brought them from home?" He asked. He knew she was lying obviously. Training gloves for mikos were advanced technology equipment; only people who worked for secret organizations had them. They weren't sold in regular markets. She of course didn't understand that, she didn't see anything different from this world and the world she once lived in. She'd understand soon enough. He gave her a slight smile, he didn't say anything, but he wasn't happy. She didn't know this but as soon as she took off her gloves she'd be extremely exhausted, she wouldn't be able to take them off for the whole day, and it would take her body awhile to reciprocate without them. And they were amazing at making mikos act at their very full potential, but they were horrible at actually teaching them how to learn the skills on their own. He had the smile on his face because he was excited to see how tired out she'd be once she took them off, but as for the rest of the day. He needed her at her full capability. The gloves were going to force her to use all of her miko energy, though she had an excess amount of it, so she'd never be fully drained, but she wasn't used to using her reserves, so she'd be worn out. "Kagome…" he said knowingly. "You didn't get them from home…I'm not an idiot…"

"What does it matter…?" she said backing away from him. No wonder she was able to continue running, no wonder she was filled with energy. The thing about those damn gloves, they always constantly kept releasing her power, even when she didn't need it. If she was trained enough to use her own energy she'd be able to turn off her energy at times like this. That was why he kept feeling her aura so unusually high, it should have powered off while she walked around or was just speaking.

"It matters…" he said, "When you take them off…you'll see…it matters." He said going towards the gun she stupidly dropped on the floor.

"What's that supposed to mean?" She asked and Inuyasha gave her a look.

"Next time someone gives you something run it by me. Don't take the gloves off till tonight." He said turning around towards the clock sitting on the wall across from him. "We have to go…" He said. It was still a bit early. The other agents would probably still be running, but he had to talk to his brother. He had said come back at breakfast, but he had more to tell him at the moment. He turned towards the right going down a hallway. She followed a bit confused.

"If I take them off what will happen?" She asked and he smiled slightly.

"If you tell me who gave them to you, then I'll tell you what'll happen." He said and she hesitated and just like that he knew. He didn't understand Rin and Kagome's relationship. Rin was supposed to be an advisor, but she did an awful job at cluing Kagome in. She was still loss, and they acted more like friends than anything. Kagome was amazing at manipulation, Inuyasha knew that much, it didn't take an idiot to realize that's what she was doing with Rin. Though she seemed to genuinely care for Rin, because she was willing to keep the gloves a secret, which was idiotic to him. He didn't have friends or make loyalties like that. The only loyalty he had was to himself, and the only reason he tried training Kagome to the best of his capabilities was because she would soon be his partner, and he didn't need her holding him back. But when he trained other people that his brother appointed to him, he sort of put them through the phases; he never cared too much if they soaked up the lesson fully.

"You know…" he said after awhile. They had stopped at a door and he quickly jotted a few things into its pad and allowed it to open. She looked around in complete shock when she saw where they were entering. It seemed like a glass hall. She could see the whole forest they ran through. She was so taken aback by the hall she didn't care what Inuyasha was getting at. But at that moment he had a plan, he wasn't spending a year training Kagome just so the other agents would spoil it. Kagome had a lot of work to do if they were going to get her into top shape and what he could see today, she was good for it. He wasn't ready to admit it, but she did have potential. "Have you ever thought about separating yourself from the other agents?" He asked and she turned away from the glass walls to look up at him.

"Why would I do that? What have you heard?" She asked and he realized what she meant. It had to do with the gossip that had been going on. They got to the end of the hall and he placed his password in it.

"That's what I mean." He said as the doors opened. She was surprised to see another shuttle elevator. She was of course not too happy to get inside. "You know if you separated yourself from them you'd get a lot out of training…you wouldn't have to worry about petty gossip." She rolled her eyes at that before walking into the shuttle standing side by side with him.

"Yeah but then I'd be an outcast like you…" She said bluntly and he shrugged. He never seemed to care really about her insults. There were little times he did show anger, but most of the time he was indifferent, it was a quality she wished she could learn.

"You could learn a lot by being like me." He said stepping forward to place in numbers She turned away from him hugging her stomach. She was ready for it to go either up or down, but to her surprise the room thrusted off to the right. It did that for awhile before thrusting upwards. When it stopped she actually felt like vomiting, but of course they ended right in the same hall they had been earlier in the day. Right next to Sesshomaru's office, she walked behind him down the hall and when she got to the doors she stepped to the side. He turned to face her and she rolled her eyes.

"I know…I know…stay." She said and he smiled nodding.

"You're beginning to get it." He mocked and she looked away. The door was showing without having to put his print on the wall. That meant that Sesshomaru had just entered himself. He opened the door quickly. His brother was sitting behind the desk, but he looked up as soon as his door opened.

"You're early." He said, but Inuyasha didn't seem in the mood for pleasantries. "And in a bad mood" He watched him take a seat in one of the chairs across from the desk. "Kagome's with you again? Why don't you leave her with the other agents, so she can learn the proper procedures of code red?" Sesshomaru asked him. Sesshomaru found it a bit odd that Inuyasha had Kagome with him for the second time.

"Yeah that's what I came down early for." He said and Sesshomaru looked up waiting. "I want to put Kagome in solitude." He said. Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes; of course he didn't like the idea. "I think she can get more from her training if she's not with the other agents."

"I think solitude is a bit much don't you think?" Inuyasha waited calmly for him to continue. "I mean we're already on high status, the other agents don't have time to fraternize anyway."

"Trust me they find a way. And honestly, I don't think we have a year to train her." Sesshomaru seemed extremely unsure so Inuyasha did something he really didn't want to do. He really didn't like Kagome, she pushed his buttons something awful, but he truly saw something in her today that made him for the first time believe that his brother actually hadn't made a mistake. He sat up in his seat and took a deep breath. "You know Sesshomaru…honestly…she's powerful…" He said and that made him look up. "She might actually be the one, but she's still clueless…she doesn't have the years of training that the rest of us do. We don't want to send her out there without out the proper skill, we could lose her." He waited for his brother to say something but he didn't. He seemed like he was still in thought. "Now she's missing some key training as a miko…we can set her up with another agent to help her bring out her abilities. I can try to help as much as I can, but she needs to be serious about this, and honestly Rin is doing an awful job at helping her take this seriously."

"Now I do anticipate an attack in around three months from now." Sesshomaru said and Inuyasha nodded showing that he was indeed right. "I think I could grant you this. You can become her new advisor." He said and Inuyasha seemed like he wanted to say something. "Inuyasha if she's in solitude all she'll see is you. Now this is what I've been scheming at. We'll train Kagome in advance for a few weeks, I'll give her a test, and if she passes then we'll go ahead and take action." Inuyasha seemed extremely pleased by that. "That of course means she has to be excellent in every sector…you can go ahead and place her in solitude, but you'll have to be there with her. I don't want any corners cut."

Inuyasha didn't seem too happy at all. "Well I don't think I need to join her."

"Inuyasha you get that or you get nothing at all." He nodded he was willing to do that if they'd finally get to attack in less than a year. "I'll have your stuff moved today. You both can head to solitude tonight." He said watching his brother's expression. "This'll be good for you, she's your partner, and you don't seem to be too accepting of her. Maybe spending a few days with her will do you good."

"Yeah…" Inuyasha mumbled while standing up. That was defiantly not what he wanted.

"Just don't start any emotional attachments… I don't want another Kikyo on our hands." That made Inuyasha tense up and his brother knew it. "I'm not trying to upset you…I just wanted to inform you." He didn't say anything as he opened the door and headed out. Kikyo was one of the reasons he so desperately wanted to attack, he couldn't wait to stick a bullet in her heart. It wasn't the emotional attachment that he had for her that his brother was hinting at. It was the feelings Kikyo had for him. Though still with that information, she still managed to thrust that arrow through him. He knew she had purposely hit him on the side, missing any vital organs, but still. His mind was wrapped around that idea in itself as he closed the door and looked up. Kagome was leaning against the wall again. This time her hair was down and she was fanning through it with her fingers. She pushed it to the side so it could fall in waves down her back when she saw him.

"Oh your back." She said and he froze just staring at her. "That was quick…" She stated, but he continued to stare. When was he going to get used to her and her appearance, now he could defiantly see an attachment happening with Kagome, but maybe for the first time it wouldn't be an agent obsessed with him, it would be the other way around. He had these weird feelings that jolted in him when he saw her, he thought maybe they were purely attraction, but she didn't seem to have them back. Yeah he could tell she found him attractive, but that seemed to be all with her. That didn't occur a lot for him; he was beginning to figure out the pieces. No wonder he disliked Kagome, no wonder she was the only agent he couldn't seem to admit had actual potential. Something about her blinded him to it. Was he getting overly attached, is that what his brother was hinting at. Maybe that's how it seemed, she had slept in his room last night, he was forcing her to go everywhere with him. Now he was putting her in solitude, which basically meant she'd only be seeing him. It had been a thought that emerged while running, Kagome always seemed too effected by what other agents were doing, but maybe it was a thought that appeared after Miroku told him before the run that he was going to make his move at breakfast. Maybe he didn't want anyone having tabs on Kagome? "Uh…hello…earth to Inuyasha…" She said it defiantly snapped him out of his trance.

She was pushing her hair up, back into its ponytail. "What are we doing next?" She asked and he walked forward trying to rekindle those thoughts he was having. Maybe that was why he was being a bit nicer to her. Though he still didn't know why he disliked her so much, he had worked with those brats at the boarding school for years. In those years his brother recruited only about three of them. He had to train every single one, and he didn't dislike them. He didn't like them either but he wasn't annoyed by them like he was with Kagome. Which he thought was completely crazy because Kagome had more potential in her pinky finger than all three of them combined. "Hey…Inuyasha…"

"Breakfast…" He stated and she nodded.

"At breakfast can I take off my gloves?" He let that idea halt his thoughts. Those gloves, it made him smile thinking about them, and how she'd be later tonight. Now that they'd be in solitude, he'd actually get to see everything play out. "I want to wash my hands before I eat."

"You have to keep them on, so I advise you use a fork."

"What is this… a punishment…?" She asked making him smile as they approached the shuttle. He didn't understand his feelings for her, but he knew he still disliked her a great deal, and how could he have an attatchment with someone he basically hated.




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