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-CHAPTER 1, Heartache-


"Ikuto…are you coming back…?"

"…Maybe…It really depends, Amu."

"Promise me… That… that…you would…"

"-Chuckle-… I promise…"

-End of flashback-

Five years had passed since then. Ikuto had left Japan to settle certain issues and hadn't come back since then. Hinamori Amu was now a beautiful sixteen year old with a cool and spicy attitude to match. She was the most popular girl in Seiko High School to an extent that she got stalked home almost every single day after school. She also learnt Aikido, a form of martial art and was invincible.

To the boys in the student body's disappointment, she was already attached to an unworthy person, Hotori Tadase, who was nicknamed TadaGAY. He became the most popular guy after Ikuto left Japan.

Tadase gained popularity through his "cuteness". As many people believed that the characters 'cool & spicy' and 'cute' did not match, they found that Tadase did not suit Amu at all and in fact it ruined her image.

"Look! They're together again!"

"What a bad match! Amu would look so much better with me!"

"Same with me, but I pick Tadase!"

Hushed comments were made as Amu and Tadase elegantly walked down the school corridor, holding hands.

"Ignore them Tadase, they're just jealous." Amu said out loudly, resisting herself from punching them. To remain as her cool and spicy self known to many, instead of causing trouble, she just stopped walking and glared at them. To her disgust, they started to get excited.

"O-M-G! Did you see that? Amu senpai's eyes met mine! I KNEW IT! We were destined to be together~!" One of them exclaimed, causing Amu to roll her eyes.

Amu looked into Tadase's eyes.

"You do know that I like you right? Don't worry, I will protect you no matter what!" Amu exclaimed.

-Blush, blush, blush, blush, blush, blush, blush-

Amu and Tadase's faces turned so red that even a tomato couldn't be compared to them. Tadase looked away and nodded, but secretly smiled broadly to himself behind his fringe.

Amu knowing Tadase so well, smiled to herself. Yet, strangely, after saying that, her heart started to ache, like as though something was clutching onto her heart. They walked silently side by side, both looking away from each other until they finally reached Amu's house.

"Well… I guess this is it…" Tadase looked down as he said that.

"Ah… Yeah, thanks for walking-"

Before Amu could continue. "FLING!" the door of her house flew open.

"AMU-CHAN~! You brought your boyfriend? Come! Come in, let's all have dinner together!" Amu's mother exclaimed.

"WHAT? Amu-chi has a BOYFRIEND?" Amu's father cried as he ran through the door. Before they knew it, Amu's father grew mushrooms on his head as he crouched in a corner murmuring to himself. Embarrassed, Amu snatched her hand from Tadase's grasp and looked away with her bangs hanging down.

Shocked, Tadase jerked up. Realizing that Amu was turning red, he smiled slightly and accepted her mom's invitation. Mrs. Hinamori put her arm over Tadase and walked him into the house, talking about random topics; leaving Amu outside. Amu straightened up and looked up at the starry sky. She somehow did not like the fact that Tadase was in her house, though this had happened before. She had no idea why. Her eyes strayed to a room from the second floor of the house. It was her room. She thought she felt a pair of eyes staring at her coming from that direction. Ignoring it, she walked slowly, yet elegantly into her house as her heart ached once more…

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