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Chapter 4: Wavering feelings

-Amu's room: 8 am, Saturday-

"Ring, Ring!" Amu, not wanting to get up from her warm bed, lazily reached for her alarm clock and switched it off. The morning sun shone on her fair skin and soon, her slender hand retreated back into the blanket and pulled the blanket over her face. As she faced her back to the sun, her hands touched something warm. Curious, Amu unconsciously grabbed it…

"KYAAAAA!" Amu screamed and fell off the bed. "Tok…" Her head landed on the floor. Shuffling sounds were heard on the bed. "-yawn- wow… that sounded rather hollow." Ikuto commented as he got off the bed to lend a hand.

"WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING ON MY BED?" Amu seethed, rejecting his help.

"Just felt like it, and it was cold last night…" Ikuto coolly stated. Amu glared at him and rolled her eyes.

Suddenly, Amu's phone rang. Both Amu and Ikuto turned their head at the exact timing and stared silently at the phone. Amu heaved a sigh of relief and picked it up.

"Hello, Amu speaking."

"Ah! Amu, umm… this is Tadase. Umm… I was wondering if u would want to go out with me today… umm… since today is a weekend… ah! Of course that is if you are free…" Tadase asked timidly. Amu unconsciously looked up at Ikuto, who was giving her a nonchalant look at the side of her bed. Irritated, Amu looked away and shouted into the phone.

"Sure! I'm SUPER free today, what time should we meet?"

"Eh… Ah, wait at your house. I will pick u up. I'll reach there in about thirty min-"Amu hanged up the phone and glared at Ikuto.

"I'm going on a date. Don't you dare disturb me! Stay here and DO NOT move! Parents are out, so do not do anything mischievous! Got that?" Amu shouted and snatched her clothes from the closet. She went out of the room slamming the door behind her and dashed down the stairs cursing.

Ikuto looked down on the ground with a painful look…

-Amu's house, toilet: 8.20am-

Amu's reflection stared back at her. "what am I getting angry for…" she thought.

Amu walked out of the toilet in a new set of fresh clothes with a cute red hair tie that complimented her pink hair. Amu then went back up to her room to check on Ikuto. She slowly opened the door to her room and her eyes met Ikuto's. Both blushed slightly.

"You look cute" Ikuto commented.

Hearing this, Amu blushed more. She tried to say a thank you but was interrupted by the doorbell. Amu hesitated. As she turned her body away from Ikuto to answer the door, Amu caught a glimpse of Ikuto's smiling face changing into a painful look.

Amu dashed down the stairs and answered the door. The person who stood there was none other than Tadase. Amu smiled up to him and told him to give her a moment. Stunned by Amu's beauty, Tadase stood outside Amu's door gaping. Amu went back into the house and took her small bag pack.

She was about to go out of the house, when she remembered Ikuto. Worried, Amu looked up wondering if he was alright. That was when she felt someone hold her hand. She looked up expecting it to be Ikuto, but it was Tadase. Disappointed, Amu silently left the house with tadase. Ikuto, hearing the door close, took his violin casing and jumped out of the window…

"Where are we going?" Amu asked.

"You haven't had your breakfast yet right? So first, we shall grab something to eat." Tadase replied. The couple continued walking until they reached a small Taiyaiki stand. "Want some Taiyaki?" Tadase turned and asked Amu. Amu turned to smile at him and nodded her head. Each had one and the couple continued to walk hand in hand. Yet, Amu felt uneasy. Her heart ached. She was missing something.

The couple passed by a music shop and something caught Amu's eye. A violin. An image of Ikuto in pain appeared in her head. All of a sudden, her vision got blurry. Tears fell down her rosy cheeks and she stopped walking. She touched her face wondering why she was crying. Tadase noticed her crying and hugged her.

"You okay?" Tadase consoled.

"… I… am… sorry… I am… sorry…" Amu sobbed into Tadase's chest.

"You… you've got to do something important right? Go." Tadase softly said in Amu's ear.

Amu thankfully looked up at Tadase's face and he let her go. She ran and ran with all her might back to her house. When she reached her house, she ran up to her room and slammed it open.

"IKUTO!" Amu shouted.

He was not there. She looked high and low for him, but he was gone. Amu flopped onto the ground wanting to cry, until she heard the sound of a violin. It was coming from the roof. Teary, Amu went to the balcony and looked up.

"…Ikuto…" Amu mumbled. Ikuto's sharp ears heard his name and his hands stopped playing the violin.

"…Amu… what are u doing here?" Ikuto asked as he jumped down from the roof to the balcony. Realizing Amu was teary; Ikuto reached for Amu's face and wiped away her tears. He rested his head on her's and looked into Amu's eye. Amu got lost in his eyes and could not look away.

"Missed me already?" Ikuto teased.

Amu snapped back into reality and pushed Ikuto away. Reddening, Amu shouted, "Baka!"

"Joking!" Ikuto laughed. Amu glared at Ikuto and went back into her room. With her back facing Ikuto, a small smile broke on her face. She wondered why her heart leapt for joy.

Just then, the main door clicked open.

"Amu- Chan~! We're HOME!" Mr. Hinamori, Mrs. Hinamori and Ami shouted from below.

"Shoots! Hide in the closet!" And once again, Ikuto got pushed into the closet.

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