My name is Sa5ra. I am not lying, it's what everybody calls me, it's who I've become. I live in New York City, and go to the Atlanta School For Girls.

I am basically an outcast. None of the Scholarship girls talk to me, so none of the other girls talk to me either. Then one day when I went to class I met two other girls who changed my life.

One was Ananka Fishbein, the other was Kiki Strike.

The day I met them both was the day Kiki informed the Principal that she wanted to be "Dangerous" when she grew up. I was stunned by her answer, because it was my thought answer ( the one I gave was "author").

After class I walked up to her and slipped a note into her black backpack. I know she felt it, but I honestly had no care for stealth at the moment. The next day I found my note in my locker with new tiny writing on the bottom.

"Who are you?" My note had said, "I am Kiki Strike. Now the new question is who are You Miss Nordberg."

I was stunned, in class I glanced at her and she smirked at me, her arched eyebrow seemed to demand an answer.

So while the teacher droned on I quickly scrawled on a new sheet of paper, "I am Sa5ra, I am a nobody. But you are a somebody, I know it. My new question is what kind of somebody are you?"

I did the smart thing and promptly hurled it at her, she caught it without looking up…