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How they had gotten here was simple, yet complicated at the exact same time.

One of the different versions of Inui Juice they had been subjected to back in junior high and high school had had an amazing effect on all of them.

Thanks to the juice, the nine former Seigaku students were now able to become with child. None of them were sure when this first became fact, but it was now definitely possible. It was a truth that bothered them all at first, but then had grown used to.

The first lucky couple had surprisingly been Echizen and Momo, during Echizen's first year of high school and Momo's second. Not exactly an opportune time in life for them, but they had made it. People had survived worse situations, and they had the compete support of both of their families. Everyone had come to terms with the fact that it wasn't as though the boys knew it could happen. They now had a three year old son.

Everything had gone quite well since then, the rest of them had taken precautions, and had seen doctors since, and they had managed to go about life as normal. Until it happened again eight months ago from the present time.

Currently, Eiji allowed himself to sink back into the squishy cushions of the couch next to Fuji. The younger man hadn't moved from his spot yet, and Eiji wanted to be able to help his friend in case he decided to get up. Secretly, though, Eiji just wanted to watch and see if Fuji even could get up from the couch. The fact of the matter was that Fuji's stomach was protruding at what Eiji was convinced was half the tensai's height, and Tezuka was lost somewhere in the crowds of people who had all gathered at Fuji and Tezuka's shared apartment for their baby shower. And Eiji was a good friend. But that didn't mean he couldn't laugh at his friend. As long as said friend didn't find out about it.

A pregnant Fuji was a terrifying Fuji. Eiji, along with literally everyone else, he was sure, was extremely excited that Fuji was nearing his ninth month. They were all tired of being tricked, yelled at, some how managing to make him cry, or…doing any thing else. It seemed at though you had to be constantly on edge around him now.

But even with all of that, it was incredibly exciting. Momo and Echizen's son had been so tiny. Eiji had been the baby himself, so he wasn't that used to being around babies. Never having had a younger brother or sister, he loved to dote on the children. His eldest sister had a daughter, but she was three now. And even though he still loved his niece and his friend's son, he missed getting to buy things for little babies. And then Fuji told everyone he was expecting. Eiji had gone out right away and bought a few things.

Drawing his knees up to his chest, Eiji looked at Fuji. "Are you excited?" He asked.

Scary as he may be, pregnancy definitely worked well for Fuji. He was positively glowing when he answered. "Of course I am."

Eiji grinned. "Are you scared?" He questioned.

Fuji said nothing, just continued to smile at Eiji, and then looked around the room again. Eiji knew this was Fuji's way of admitting he was afraid. At least a little. But he would never say it out loud.

"I'm afraid too, Fujiko." Eiji mumbled.

Fuji looked at him curiously. "What are you afraid of, Eiji?"

Eiji diverted his eyes from Fuji's. "I'll tell you later…When no one is around."


"Nya, Tezuka. Go."

Eiji was on the couch next to Fuji again, this time hours later. The party was well over, and only Tezuka's father, grandfather, and Eiji remain.

Fuji had suggested to Tezuka's father that he and his son go out that night. Eiji was sure it was Fuji's way of getting Tezuka out of the apartment so he could figure out what was bothering Eiji.

"Mitsu, go. Eiji will be here with me." Fuji smiled.

It took a bit of convincing, but they finally got Tezuka to join his father. Once they were safely out the door, Fuji rounded on Eiji.

"Now, what's on your mind?" He asked.

Eiji sighed. He reached over the side of the couch and pulled the backpack he had brought with him up onto his lap. Unzipping it, he dug around inside for a moment before finally pulling out a rectangular box.

"I need to take this test." He said quietly. "And I don't want to be alone."