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Eiji slid into the café where he was supposed to be meeting Yunokawa. It was starting to get cold outside, and truthfully he was afraid to have Hoshi out in it any longer than he needed to. He didn't want her to get sick.

Glancing around, he spotted the man sitting at a table in the middle of the room. Taking a deep breath, he walked over towards him and pulled out the chair seated across the table. Without looking up, he set down the giant diaper bag he had been carrying on the chair, and then pulled the open chair between Yunokawa and himself closer to him and set down Hoshi's carrier. He made sure she was all settled into her spot on the chair before even glancing up at the man across from him.

When he finally did, he wasn't surprised to find Yunokawa looking not at him, but at Hoshi. He was staring at the baby with a kind of wonder that made Eiji curious if the man had ever been around a baby before. And yet there was this other side of him that wanted to just reach over and pull the blanket over the top of the carrier, like they did so Hoshi wasn't overly exposed to the cold weather outside, so Yunokawa couldn't see her.

"So?" Eiji finally spoke. "You wanted to meet me."

Yunokawa turned his attention over to Eiji. "I was a jealous fool."

Eiji didn't know how to respond, so he didn't. Instead he decided to wait for Yunokawa to continue.

"I'm not used to…having friends." Eiji frowned, but said nothing as the man continued. "Oishi-kun was so nice to me, I didn't want to let go."

Eiji stared at him. "Go on."

Yunokawa sighed. "What I'm trying to say, is that I was a fool. And I won't be bothering you any longer. I won't do anything to contact-"Before he knew what he was doing, Eiji found himself cutting him off.

"No, you won't. You're right. You wanted to meet me, and I agreed because I wanted to tell you this to your face. Leave us alone." his hands were shaking. He hadn't meant to lose his cool, but at the moment he found he just didn't care. "Do you even realize what you did?" He asked. "Oishi missed the first part of my pregnancy. Because of you. I was so stressed I collapsed, and missed the first part of her life. I could have lost her! Because of YOU." He stood, grabbing the diaper bag up again and pulling it over his arm to rest on his shoulder, his free hand gripping Hoshi's carrier handle. "I don't care, though. Because that's the past. And as long as you don't mess up my future, I'm willing to forget about this. But we can't be friends. Good bye, Yunokawa."

And he left. He moved quickly, although taking extra care not to knock Hoshi into anything, and made his leave from the café. Yunokawa had pissed him off. He really and truly had made Eiji feel like the lowest of low those last few months. But even then, he couldn't stay mad at the man. He had more than every right to, but he just couldn't. He had briefly considered the fact that it might have been Oishi rubbing off on him. But when it came down to it, he didn't care. As long as Yunokawa left him alone from then on out, and no one else tried to steal his family from him.


"Just support his head a little more with your arm." Eiji suggested to Kaidoh, who was sitting next to him. "And then tilt him just a you know, you can see him in there, too."

Fuji, who was holding a squirming Emi, smiled at Kaidoh from his other side. "He's fragile, but not that fragile. He'll be fine if you don't have both hands on him at all times. Will you sit down? Honestly, I don't know where you get all this energy from…"

Eiji laughed. To his other side sat Echizen, a toddler on one leg and a baby on the other.

"Syuusuke, you wanted this picture," Tezuka spoke from in front of them. "Can we just take it?"

Fuji smoothed down Emi's hair. "Of course. Thank you, Mitsu. For taking it for us since I can't."

Tezuka said nothing, and held the camera up.

"Tezuka knows how to work that thing?" Eiji asked Fuji out of the corner of his mouth.

"Of course he does." Fuji replied a moment later, after the flash. "I taught him."

Eiji laughed. "I should have known." He replied, handing Hoshi off to Oishi and heading over to Tezuka and Fuji.

"Such a good picture, and on the first try, too. I've taught you well, Kunimitsu." Fuji smiled.

Eiji leaned over his shoulder and looked down at the digital screen. Fuji had requested a 'Mommy Picture', once Inui and Kaidoh's son had been born. At first he had been a little turned off by the name Fuji had given it, but now that it was displayed in front of him he was rather pleased with it. "When you develop these, I want a copy of that."

It would go up on the fireplace of the new house he and Oishi had just bought. Right next to the team picture from junior high all those years ago.