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The Blonde and the Bandit 1


A robber, especially one who robs by violence

"I can't bear art that you can walk round and admire. A book should be either a bandit or a rebel or a man in the crowd." -David Herbert Lawrence

This is a story about Corruption.

The Blonde flung the pick axe against the wall. Rocks fell down to the floor. Deidara sighed with exhaustion. He had been doing this since as long as he could remember.

Deidara was a slave for a wealthy and noble family. He, along with the twenty other slaves, worked down here in this mine. He pulled the pick axe away from the wall, slamming it once more against the rocks.

As he worked, he sung the song which his mother had once sung to him. A song which he really didn't understand, but it made him feel somewhat happy.

"On a day like this one,

I have to sing my song,

A song of tragedy,

A melody too long.

Days, months and years did pass,

Without my knowing so,

Locked inside the world of dreams,

My consciousness did go.

Bang, a bang, the nobles fall,

Bang, a bang, the bandits call,

Searching out across the gory remain.

Bang, a bang, goes my gun,

Bang, a bang, the war is won,

But alas the war will have to start again.

On a night like this one,

Where the wolves howl out,

Painted whole a pure white,

But also bloodied from the bout.

Round and Round they dance with us,

Twirling across the battle field.

Dodging bullets through the air,

With weapons that we don't wield.

Clang, a clang, my axe doth go,

Clang, a clang, my tale of woe,

The blood which I once feared is smothering me.

Clang, a clang, the wolves away,

Clang, a clang, I cannot say,

Perhaps my axe is sharper than it's meant to be.

On a time, any time

Even my own friends will die,

One by one they bite the dust,

But I don't remember why.

Perhaps it was my own fault

But I don't remember who,

Three Sticks in the ground,

Oh, what am I to do?

Die, a die, God is gone

Die, a die, But I live on,

Persisting even through the longest night.

Die, a die, with the moon,

Die, a die, I'll find you soon,


Deidara was suddenly bought away from his dull life when he heard a scream from the world above.

He accidentally dropped his pick axe in surprise. Deidara sighed and went onto his hands and knees, trying to find his pick axe in the poor light. He quickly found it, since living his whole life down in the dark had caused his vision to be able to see things clearly in the dark. The one thing was that he was blind in his right eye. He suddenly heard a voice echo through out the cave.


Deidara's eyes widened. Freedom?

He moved to stand up as everyone else was doing, when he was suddenly pulled back down onto the hard ground. He looked around at the person who had pulled him back down. It was his best friend (not to mention only friend), Naruto. Naruto put his finger to his lips, signalling for the Blonde to keep quiet. Deidara raised an eyebrow but nodded. He knew that he could trust Naruto.

Both blondes were crouched behind a large rock, out of the Bandits sight.

Deidara wondered how many there were.

"Is that everyone, desu ne? Good then."

Deidara heard the foot steps of all the others slaves, and of the bandits, as they left the mine by the short tunnel.

Naruto and Deidara stayed absolutely still, clutching onto each other for reassurance. Everyone else was gone. They were all free.

Deidara opened his mouth to say something, but was stopped when he suddenly heard gun shots and familiar voices screaming outside the mine where he had spent his entire life. His eyes widened in shock as the voices abruptly halted.

…They're all dead…The other slaves…Whom he had grown up with…

"They're all dead, un…"

"Quite right. They are all dead. But don't worry, you will soon join them."

Both blonde's eyes widened and they risked a look up.

A pair of muddy brown eyes blinked down at them. The Bandit was sitting on the rock they were hiding behind.

Deidara and Naruto both scrambled to their feet, falling into an untrained fighting stance.

The Bandit cocked his head to the side. He had blood red hair, and Deidara guessed he was probably in his early twenties. He wore a black short sleaved shirt, along with a pair of dark green trousers.

The Bandit gave a smirk. Around his neck, he wore a black bandana, patterned with red and white clouds.

"So…Who wants to be the Hero?"

He pulled a gun out of a holster around his waist. Deidara faintly noticed with his extraordinary vision that the name 'Hiruko' was carved into the weapon. Hiruko, Deidara guessed it was probably his name, pointed the gun straight at Naruto.

Deidara acted on pure instinct, quickly moving and pushing Naruto out of the way. The bullet whizzed past both of them, barely missing Deidara's head.

Both blondes took to running, trying to escape the Bandit. Deidara suddenly felt himself slam face first onto the cold hard floor as Hiruko pinned him down to the ground. The Blonde watched as Naruto escaped.

"So, I guess you're the Hero?"

Deidara felt Hiruko place the warm weapon to the side of his head. The Blonde's life flashed before his eyes. Such a dull, boring, hard and exhausting life.

"I guess this is Freedom. Death, un."

Deidara suddenly heard the gun emit a click as Hiruko pulled the trigger. The Bandit gave a confused noise, pulling the trigger repeatedly. The weapon just continued to click.

"Oh don't do this to me now! Ten whole years and Hiruko picks now to jam on me? Well, it's just a good thing that Konan isn't-"

"Sasori? What is taking you so long?"

Deidara looked to the tunnel entrance to see a girl with blue hair standing there. Around her neck she wore the same bandana as Hiruko. She blinked a few times, trying to adjust her eyes to the darkness.

"I found two more slaves. One got away, and Hiruko is jamming on me whenever I try and shoot this Brat."

Deidara saw a smirk curve the girl's lips.

"It keeps jamming? So…You're unable to kill him?"

"…Konan…Don't you dare…"

"Rules are rules, Sasori."

"I don't care what the rules are, no way am I accepting this Brat as my partner!"

"'When unable to kill, a colleague is made.' That is the rule."

"What, un?"

Deidara was confused.

The girl's smirk switched into a smile.

"Hey! Welcome to Akatsuki!"

Deidara stared in shock. Sasori growled.

"I'm telling you, this Brat ain't being my Partner."

Deidara heard the gun emit a few more clicks as the Bandit continued pulling the trigger, continuing to fail.

"Sorry, Sasori, you can't deny the rules. Now help him up."

Sasori grumbled as he stood up, off of Deidara. The Bandit simply stepped over Deidara, completely ignoring Konan, and exited the cave.

The female bandit sighed, annoyed.

"Stubborn, as always."

She then looked back down to Deidara, walking over to him and helping him up off the cold floor.

"Ah, thanks, un."

"No problem. I'm Konan, by the way."


"Nice to meet you, Deidara."

"So…I'm in the Akatsuki?"

Konan's smile widened and she nodded. "Yep!"

"But…Why, un?"

"Well, Sasori's gun jammed, so he couldn't kill you, even though he tried to. That's our rule. If you can't kill someone, then that person becomes an Akatsuki member."

"But couldn't he just…I don't know, beat me to death, un?"

"Yeah, you're lucky. Sasori doesn't like getting his hands dirty unless it is life or death."

Deidara nodded.

"And he is my partner? But he's an ass hole! He tried to kill me for god's sake!"

"Don't take it personally, it's our job."

"To kill people?"

"Well, we are Bandits."

"But you didn't have to kill the other slaves, un."

"Deidara, it is survival of the fittest. Never trust a Bandit. Well, unless your one of us. Akatsuki look out for each other. And don't worry about Sasori, he can be pretty stubborn but the two of you should warm up to each other eventually. Come on, I will go introduce you to the others…Oh, which reminds me, put this on. You're one of us now."

Deidara took the fabric which Konan held out to him. It was a Bandana, just like the one Konan wore. He slipped the soft fabric around his neck, tying it at the back.

Konan turned around and started up the tunnel. The Blonde followed wearily behind the female bandit.

"Oh! Can I grab something, un?"

Konan turned to him, eyebrow raised.


Deidara spun around and moved to one of the corners of the mine. He dug in the dirt there with his own two hands. After a bit he gave a successful noise as he pulled out a wooden box. He stood up, running back to Konan.

"Got it, un."

Konan smiled and nodded, turning back around and exiting the cave.

Deidara hesitated. He had been born here. His mother had died down here. He had grown up here. He had been told stories of the above world by the slave elders. And he thought that he would die down here.

He was dazed and disoriented as he entered the bright light. His eyes had never seen the thing known as 'Sunlight' before. He felt a gentle hand take his own as Konan led him away from the mine.

Deidara felt that the floor was slippery, and Konan seemed to be dodging stuff as she led him.

"Cover your nose."

Deidara did as he was told.

Konan continued to lead him through the maze of dead bodies from the other slaves. It was a good thing Deidara was blinded by the light.

After a few minutes of running, he felt a change beneath his feet. He felt little spikes that made an odd crunching noise as he ran over them.

Deidara opened his eyes; his blurry vision revealed he was walking on something that was green.

"It's called 'Grass'."

Deidara's vision was adjusting to the bright light. It was then that something struck Deidara. He…He could see through his right eye! But he also realised that he couldn't see through his left eye…Weird.

The blonde looked up at the big blue above him.

"That's the 'Sky', un?"

"Yep! It's good to know that you know some stuff about this world."

"The elders told us stories about your world."

Konan nodded.

"They didn't suffer. They wouldn't have made it in this world; they've lived their whole life in the dark."

"What about me, un?"

Konan smiled back at him. Deidara had never seen anything so clear in his life. He could make out every feature on her strong face which he hadn't noticed in the dark.

"You will have Sasori to help you."

Deidara gave an unamused expression.



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