The Blonde and the Bandit 23


The act of dying; the end of life; the total and permanent cessation of the vital functions of an animal or plant

"To fear death, my friends, is only to think ourselves wise, without being wise: for it is to think that we know what we do not know. For anything that men can tell, death may be the greatest good that can happen to them: but they fear it as if they knew quite well that it was the greatest of evils. And what is this but that shameful ignorance of thinking that we know what we do not know?" –Socrates

The Blonde felt everything happen within a few slow seconds.

Deidara closed his eyes tightly, unable to move any other part of his body.

Sasori is going to die. Sasori is going to die. Sasori is going to die.

And as quickly as it had started, the seconds ticked by.

He heard a body slump to the floor.

His eyes burst open to see red. It took him a few more seconds to realise that it was Sasori's hair he was looking at. Deidara pushed the red head out of his view. His eyes widened as he looked down at the body before him.

Naruto lay on the floor in front of them, slowly dying. His shirt was slowly being coloured red as blood ran from the bullet wound in his abdomen.

Deidara stared for a few seconds at his childhood friend, and then he looked at the figure that had fired.


The Blonde was suddenly over come with a blinding rage.

It wasn't the world who had corrupted him. It wasn't Akatsuki who had made him sin. It wasn't their fault.

It was all Tobi.




(Flash back)

"…4 and 4…Tobi, you have to vote. Are you for rescuing Sasori, or against?"

Tobi flinched.

"Tobi is…" He looked around the group, his eyes stopping on Deidara. Tobi paused, then straighten up, giving a mature stance. His voice changed from the usual immature one, to a deep and cruel voice. "I am Against."

(End of flash back)





Deidara pulled Katsu from his holster and aimed it at Tobi.



And just like that, Tobi was no more.

But Deidara still didn't feel relief. He was even angrier.



Deidara fired multiple bullets into the dead body.





The bullets soon ceased firing, despite Deidara still pulling the trigger.

Katsu was either jammed, or out of ammunition.








The Blonde suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around him. Deidara's eyes widened and he let go of his once precious gun.

What was it now?

It had once been a friend, now it was just a weapon. I slab of murdering steel. Used to kill. Used to destroy. To rip families, friends and lovers apart.

Sasori was holding him.

Sasori was real.

Sasori was not a murderer.

He could kill as many people as he wished, yet he would never be a murderer.

He was Deidara's family, his real friend, and his lover.

The Bandit was pure.

Deidara fell to his knees, Sasori falling to his knees as well, refusing to let go until the Blonde calmed down.

After what seemed like hours, though in reality was only a minute, Deidara calmed down.

"Danna…Please let go of me…I need to say goodbye to Naruto, un."

Sasori slowly let go of Deidara.

The Blonde turned to his friend. The blonde was staring up at him, barely alive.

His chest was softly rising and falling, but Deidara knew that Naruto would soon die.


"My…My debt is…repaid…Both of you…Saved me from get…getting shot before…Thank you…And…I'm Sorry…Believe it…"

A smile graced the blonde's lips as his final words passed.

He then peacefully closed his bright blue eyes, for what would be the last time.

Konan looked away in an act of respect.

Sasori took Deidara's hand and buried his face into the Blonde's hair affectionately.

Deidara saw Naruto's chest finally stop rising and falling. The Blonde was the only one in the entire world of corruption, murder and death, to see the last pure being finally become snuffed out like a simple candle light.


1 year later

The shop owner smiled sweetly at her customer.

"Thank you, sir! That will be three gold coins."

She handed the Brunette the basket containing the fruit he had ordered. The Brunette smiled softly back at her and took the basket.

"Thank you, here you go, un!"

The Brunette handed her three shiny golden coins.

"You're welcome! Please come again!"

The Brunette nodded softly and turned, singing softly as he begun to walk home.

"On a day like this one,

I have to sing my song,

A song of tragedy,

A melody too long.

Days, months and years did pass,

Without my knowing so,

Locked inside the world of dreams,

My consciousness did go.

Bang, a bang, the nobles fall,

Bang, a bang, the bandits call,

Searching out across the gory remain.

Bang, a bang, goes my gun,

Bang, a bang, the war is won,

But alas the war will have to start again."

The Brunette unlocked his front door and entered the cosy home.

A familiar figure sat at the table, reading a newspaper. The figure looked up at the Brunette, and a smirk curved the elegant lips.

On a night like this one,

Where the wolves howl out,

Painted whole a pure white,

But also bloodied from the bout.

Round and Round they dance with us,

Twirling across the battle field.

Dodging bullets through the air,

With weapons that we don't wield.

Clang, a clang, my axe doth go,

Clang, a clang, my tale of woe,

The blood which I once feared is smothering me.

Clang, a clang, the wolves away,

Clang, a clang, I cannot say,

Perhaps my axe is sharper than it's meant to be.

"You really look different with brown hair, Brat."

Deidara rolled his eyes, sitting down on Sasori's lap.

"Yeah, I agree, un. But we can't risk anyone recognizing me as once being an Akatsuki Bandit."

"I know." Sasori pulled Deidara into a kiss. The Brunette kissed back eagerly but soon had to pull away,

"Where's Konan, un?"

"I'm right here!"

They both looked as Konan entered the room, smiling happily.

Deidara smiled back at her.

"Hey Konan, un!"

"Hey Dei Honey, did you get those fruits?"

"Course!" Deidara pointed to the basket of fresh fruit he had bought. Konan smiled wider and picked up an apple.

"Thanks," She took a bite into the big red fruit, "maybe after I eat it, I will bury the core. Then in a few years we will have our own apple tree." Konan shrugged, taking another bite.

"Sounds good to me, un."

"I wouldn't mind free apples."

"Okay then, see you, oh and please continue what you were doing when I was away!"

She smirked wide and exited the room, leaving the two lovers alone.

Deidara looked back to Sasori, smiling softly, and wrapped his arms around the Red Head's neck.

Sasori moved his arms around the Brunette and held him tightly to his chest.

"I love you, Deidara."

They both stayed like that for several hours, completely content with being in the others arms. They had escaped the life of being a Bandit, something only few would ever be able to do.

They now lived in their small family of three, with some of the money and treasures which they had collected over the years to keep them going.

Deidara's Imitation Ring sparkled softly in the setting sunlight that shone through the window, dying their little world with a soft crimson glow.


On a time, any time

Even my own friends will die,

One by one they bite the dust,

But I don't remember why.

Perhaps it was my own fault

But I don't remember who,

Three Sticks in the ground,

Oh, what am I to do?

They really were lucky. For no longer, were they, or ever would be, the Blonde and the Bandit.

Die, a die, God is gone

Die, a die, But I live on,

Persisting even through the longest night.

Die, a die, with the moon,

Die, a die, I'll find you soon,

For even the darkest night will someday see the light.

The End.


This story is really Allegorical! D=

So, what do you think?

Is it Real?

Maybe Deidara actually died in the mines and this is just his version of heaven? He does continuously compare the outer world to Heaven through out the fan fic. And things start turning bad after he kills people, so he might have been sent to his version of Hell.

Or maybe it didn't have a happy ending at all?

Or maybe it did?

It is up to your own interpretation of it ^-^

I'm just going to say a few things of symbolism I did

The Guns- If you count all of the Akatsuki's guns, plus Naruto's gun Kyuubi, there is a total of 21 Guns, which is the name of a song by the band Greenday. Good song ^O^ It is about War and that, it really suits the fan fic ^O^

Deidara- Deidara symbolises something pure becoming corrupt, obviously. He is also symbolised by dogs, though you only see this twice, where Sasori calls him a dog in sheep's clothing, and when Sasori found some dead dogs in the mansion.

Naruto- Naruto basically represents another version of Deidara, who actually didn't become corrupt. He remains pure through out the fan fic.

Sasori- Sasori is a representation of purity in the real world. It might be hard to believe, but Sasori, unlike Deidara, isn't corrupt. He is also symbolised by wolves.

Tobi- …I hate him so much. Tobi symbolises lots of things. He is a symbol for corruption, and the past. He also is a symbol for if Deidara had become a Noble, what his life would have been like

Masks- Sasori's wolf mask and Tobi's mask are both symbols for false immortality and arrogance.

Deidara's Mother- An Angel. She is also represented by Katsu and Deidara's necklace. Both of these things he gives up, symbolising how he is letting go of the past.

Deidara's Father- He symbolises sin before Deidara was born. He also symbolises Revenge. Did you remember how Deidara wanted revenge for his mother on him, and Tobi wanted revenge on Deidara for what he did to his own mother? Deidara is a bit of a hypocrite!

The Dictionary- Basically represents knowledge and the past

The Song- Basically major foreshadowing XD

Anyway, there was lots more symbolism, if you think you spotted some or something that might be you can ask me and I will tell you about it XD Lolz

Anyway, hope you likey ^O^