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Chapter 1 - Wish

"Sunao na uta ga utaenai...kazari tsuketeshimau kara...

Itsu kara konna ni raku ni jibun...mamoru koto o oboeta no..." the lyrics swayed along with the breeze as the young girl sang them. She was thirteen, and had a pure look in her eye, which would reflect her passion for singing. Sitting under the pink cherry blossom tree, she sat there, unnoticed by the world, and sang a song. The tree seemed to sway along with her, and the sounds outside of that drained away.

"Ki...tto, otona ni naru koto nanka yori...taisetsu na mono ga aru no...

Ki...tto, sore o mitsukerannai mama...otona ni natte yuku~n da..." she then stopped, even though there was one more line left to say. Looking up at the sky, she sighed.

This is Aika, a shy and quiet girl known for her singing skills. She hasn't participated in a choir or anything though, because she didn't want that to get rid of her free time to relax and be along with nature. Everything was peaceful now; it was just morning, so it would be normal for there to be few people around. Aika had long wavy black hair and red eyes, and was wearing a plain attire that included a collared orange shirt with two buttons, a light brown capri and simple black shoes.

"Mhm...what should I do today?" she muttered to herself, gazing at the surroundings of the park; the petals of the cherry blossom trees fluttering around the wind. "Today's Sunday..."

"Aika?" a voice suddenly came out. She turned and saw a boy the same age as her leaning on the trunk of the tree, a light smirk on his face. He was young, and wore a loose white shirt and blue pants. He also had light blond hair, and his green eyes were staring at hers. "Nice to see you Victor." she responded.

"Heh, I was sorta wondering where you were. You always wonder off in the weekends. Don't tell me you finished your homework already?" he got his answer when she nodded back at him. "I can't believe you! I mean, Algebra is so hard..."

"Not really."


"So what are you doing here?" Aika asked.

"Uh...nothing much. I got bored so I was wondering where you went." he mumbled as he sat down beside her on the grass.

"You know me, just relaxing." she smiled at him. Victor smiled back in return, but then he shifted his view to the sky above him. "Don't you; uh...get bored of your life Aika?"

"What do you mean..?"

"You know, like we go to school every day, have quizzes, assignments and all...don't you get tired of it?" he glanced at his friend.

"...yeah, sometimes." her reply actually surprised Victor a bit; he didn't expect that kind of answer from her honestly.

"How 'bout this, if you could wish for anything in your life right now, what would it be?"

"...I don't know. Something exciting I guess." Aika muttered, and then turned to the boy. "What about you Victor?"

"I wanna go to an entirely different dimension and battle monsters with a sword! That would an awesome life to live won't it? The life of an adventurer!" he beamed as he pumped his fist up to the sky. The girl giggled. "You still think like a child."

"Well we are still kids aren't we?" he replied. Suddenly, he stood up and looked at the opposite direction; towards the exit to the park. "Hey, I have to go now. Mom's probably thinking where I went."

"Okay, I'll stay here a little longer." Victor started walking down to the gray road, and before he went further, he looked back and waved. "See you tomorrow Aika!" after the girl waved back to him, he left, leaving her all alone again under the cherry blossom tree.

Soon, Aika decided it was time for her to leave as well, but before she left, she saw someone not far from where she was, watering the pink and purple flowers nearby. He was a little older than her, had short green hair, and matching eyes. He was wearing a light blue tee, brown long shorts and sandals. He was smiling at the plants as the water trickled on the petals and leaves. Aika recognized him immediately, because he's always helping everyone out. "Leon!" she called.

His attention turned to Aika who was walking towards him, a bigger smile on his face now. "Hey Aika. Relaxing under the trees I see."

"Yeah...and you're watering the flowers as usual too." she grinned as she placed her arms behind her. She bent down to take a closer look at where he was. "So you take care of the flowers here as well?" Leon shook his head. "I just noticed that they were a little dehydrated, so I ran back to my house and got my watering can."

Aika giggled. "You're too kind to the plants Leon." he laughed as well from the comment, then afterward it was only the sound of the running water from the red can that was heard. The black-haired girl then stood up and told him that she had to go back already. Leon nodded in response, and then she left the park.

As she was walking along the gray sidewalk, she noticed another familiar pacing around, thinking hard about something. He was older and taller than Aika, had black hair and orange eyes. The teen was wearing a midnight blue short-sleeved jacket and a white shirt under, beige shorts and dark shoes. He seemed to be muttering something as he stood on one spot, not noticing Aika coming closer to him. The boy was surprised when his shoulder was suddenly tapped by an index finger. "H-huh?" he spun around and exhaled. "Oh, it's just you."

"Don't tell me you got lost again Lucas..."

"N-no I didn't! I just have nothing to do!" he shot back indignantly. She just giggled in response, which made the teen even more annoyed. But he knew she was right about him being lost, and sighed. "Just show me the way back to my house please." he mumbled with a depressed look on his face.

"Of course. I was about to head home anyway." she gestured him to follow her, and they started walking.

"Thanks." Lucas managed a smile, but he hated it when anyone points out how bad his sense of direction is. He has gotten a little more used to it with Aika..."Where's Victor?" he suddenly asked.

"Probably at his room." she replied.

"Oh...I see." he placed his hands in his pockets in boredom, not that she was boring or anything...there just wasn't anything to talk about. So the way back was more silent than usual, with the birds chirping around and flying from tree to tree; the pink petals wafting around them. When Lucas caught a glimpse of his house on the horizon, he thanked Aika again and ran to it, leaving her with a smirk as she continued further in to her home.

As soon as the day went by, it was already night time, and it was time for her to sleep. Entering her room after brushing her teeth and changing into her pajamas which were color light pink, she slowly walked to her bed and let herself fall on the cushion. Aika then pulled herself to the white pillow and went under her green blanket. She reached for the red lamp beside her and closed it, causing the entire room to suddenly grow dark. The moonlight from the window outside was the only light source, and at this time, she was supposed to sleep.

Today was different.

Out of the blue, the door to her brown wardrobe flung open, and a strange, yellow symbol was clearly seen on it. Aika couldn't see what was happening though, the light coming from the portal or something was too bright for her to see. The next thing she knew, she opened the light from her lamp again, only to find a girl that looked exactly like her except with a pink ball gown and a little pink rabbit with a purple mask and a wand on her carpeted floor. Steadily, the mysterious girl stood up, blinked a few times, and turned to Aika. "You're name's Aika right?"

"Uh...yeah? But how did you know my name?"

"My name's Aika too. I came from a different world from yours." she replied like it was totally normal.

"Oh-kay? So can you explain to me why did you come out of my closet?" you would be wondering how calm she sounded in a situation as weird and unexpected as this. She was sort of freaking out, but she knew panicking won't do anything but make it worse, so she decided to interrogate her instead.

"You see, I come from a world where there would be a ball held and-"

"Wait a sec, you're a princess?" Aika interrupted while pointing at the silver tiara on her head. She nodded, and then suddenly gave it to her. "To get to the point, I want you to dance for me at the ball."

"W-whaaa..? Why me?" she screamed in shock, and then covered her mouth in case her mom or dad heard it. "Can't you dance?"

"That's the problem Aika." the little rabbit spoke up, which surprised her even more. Whoever heard of animals talking English so easily? "Our little princess here can't dance, no matter how hard she tried. And in our time, the ball's only a month away. So we were hoping that you would substitute for her." there was total silence in the room for the next few moments, and then Aika sighed.

"So let me get this straight. You want me to take the place of your princess who came from a different dimension to go to a ball where I would have to dance with somebody because she has no idea how." the girl summarized.

"Yup. That's the gist of it." the rabbit spoke up while nodding.

"...do you have any idea who's my partner?"

"Nope." the princess said. "You would choose him at the dinner party tonight. So can you please do it? I promise I'll try my best to be like you here!"

Aika blinked, for a second, it felt just too good to be true. I mean, a princess suddenly appears in your closet asking you to partner up with a prince? At that moment, she remembered what Victor asked her...

"How 'bout this, if you could wish for anything in your life right now, what would it be?"

"Who knew that Victor could predict something like this..?" she muttered softly.

"Is that a yes?" the other Aika asked.

"...sure. Well, this is like a once in a lifetime opportunity right?" at that, the two practically squealed in gratitude.

"Thank you so much!" she grabbed both of her hands as her eyes twinkled. "Now hurry! Kip will guide you in the other world okay?"


"That would be me." the little mammal said as he approached the portal; making a gesture to jump in. The girl looked at him like he was crazy, but his stare didn't waver. So with a gulp, she dove in with Kip following him, and found herself gazing at a long purple tunnel that seemed to stretch to no end. Closing her eyes, Aika just hoped she made the right decision, and that her friends wouldn't know what happened.