Chapter 1

Looking back it wasn't so unforeseeable. Hermione had always been an overachiever, seeking praise and acceptance as though it were her life's breath. She liked strict rules upheld by punishments that were truly fearful and her favorite teachers were those with the least patience and the most scathing tongues, Snape and McGonagall always topped her list.

When dating she always chose men who scared her a little; Krum, Draco, Charlie but although they were all strong and demanding in different ways she could never quite put what she wanted into words. To be honest she really didn't know what she wanted but she knew that some of her fantasies worried her. She'd been told that rape fantasies were normal but… It scared her all the same. She didn't really want to be raped, she wanted to be dominated but how could she explain that to someone? What if he took it the wrong way - what if he hurt her - really hurt her?

The ad in the Prophet came as a ray of light and she knew then and there that she had to find out more.

Narcissa's Dungeon
Fetish Club
Monthly Play Parties
New Submissive and Dominant members welcome.
A safe, friendly, non-judgmental environment to meet and enjoy consensual BDSM.
Ministry approved. Dungeon Monitors on site.

Before her brain could get all logical Hermione made the call and after answering some rather odd questions was invited the next Play Party. The secretary let her know that the invite would arrive ASAP along with the club rules, newcomer's advice pamphlet and advice on dress. Hermione liked the club already.

The fourth Friday of the month came all too slowly. Hermione took a deep calming breath with one hand over her chest. "You can do this Hermione," she whispered under her breath.

As she walked she passed a large, dark shop window and stopped to inspect her reflection. Her hair hung in long wild ringlets around her face and a long black robe covered her dress. Looking around she parted the robe and took a long look at her dress. It dipped low and cut high in a perfect shade of white. She had been attracted by the Roman style of it. Laces bound the lightweight cloth, bringing it in at her waist and gently accentuating her small breasts. A pair of high-heeled sandals completed the outfit. She looked good. She felt good. She was going to do this.

On entering and handing over her invitation she was whisked up the stairs and deposited in Narcissa Malfoy's office. The middle-aged woman was dressed in skin-tight leather pants and matching black corset that showed a lot of breast. Her long blond hair was piled high on her proud head to display the long stretch of throat. It didn't take a genius to work out that the older woman was definitely a dominant.

"Welcome, my dear." Narcissa's voice was like warm honey and her handshake was firm and friendly. "I always have our new members come on up to have a quick chat before joining the party."

"Thank you," Hermione mumbled and smiled but couldn't think of much else so remained silent.

"First things first you need to sign these." Narcissa handed her a small stack of forms. "Just various contracts stating that you have been informed of our rules, a confidentiality agreement, and another for emergencies we'll need the number of a next of kin and any allergies, doctors details, blah, blah, blah."

"I…" The pen in Hermione's hand wavered over the last form.

"Don't worry, dear, there's a privacy statement there too - If anyone on that list needs to be called there is an airtight story that in no way links you to this club or it's members or staff."

Feeling relieved she quickly perused and signed each forms before handing them back to Narcissa.

The older woman pulled out three wooden boxes and placed them on the table. "As you can imagine there are members here from all walks of life and various levels of social standing. Some have no problem with their identity being known within the club, others wish to remain nameless. They often choose a new name to use within the club."

"I'd like that," Hermione answered at once. "I was hoping to use the name Rose."

Narcissa nodded her approval. "Rose it is and what is it that you're hoping to find here?"

That was the question Hermione had been dreading. She blushed and looked everywhere but into the woman's eyes.

"Hermione - Rose, what I am asking is are you just planning to watch the various shows and displays or are you hoping to find a partner?" Narcissa looked at her more closely. "You seek a dominant man am I right?"

"Yes, I've been so afraid to put it into words. But I'm not looking for anything full time - I have a job and a life and lessening time or patience for another relationship. I want a purely sexual arrangement with preferably one dominant…. And Oh Merlin I just said that out loud."

Narcissa laughed and reached across the large mahogany desk to pat her hand. "Do not make yourself uneasy, dear. There is nothing shameful or embarrassing in what you said and the more I know the better I can guide you in the right directions." Again she waved her hand over the three boxes and selected a black Zorro-style mask and what looked like a collar. "This mask will hide your identity - even your prospective master can not order you to remove it. And this slave collar identifies you to the others as a submissive."

Hermione put on the mask and the collar. She felt a dark thrill at the feel of the collar around her throat.

Narcissa riffled through the third box and finally plucked out a simple pink handkerchief. She took Hermione's left hand and tied the kerchief around her writs. "This color shows that you are a single woman looking for a male partner." She jumped to her feet and indicated Hermione should do the same. "Come, it's time for the tour."

The main floor of the club was more like a wide open ballroom with a few simple dividers to separate sections. The first section Narcissa called the Chill-out room. It consisted of a bar complete with collared bartender. The man was over six foot tall, muscular and sporting a wide flirty grin.

"This is Dwayne," Narcissa introduced the bartender. "This man can mix any drink you can think of and I guarantee it will be the best you've ever had, isn't that right?" She looked at him expectantly.

He threw Hermione a mock salute and an easy wink and made the butterflies giggle in her stomach.

Narcissa waved him off with a lighthearted laugh. "This is where you would probably like to start out. Here you can have a drink to relax your nerves and socialize with other members. You'll notice that the music isn't so loud and the light is a little dimmer. This is all to make you feel more comfortable. More then likely when you meet a potential dominant this would be a good place to sit and chat, get to know each other a little better."

Hermione nodded. This wasn't so scary.

She was led out and into another section. Here there were some chairs and some rails for standing against and all were facing a medium sized stage.

"There are always shows in this room. Either an out of town playhouse or dance group and some nights our members give talks or hold displays of new punishment or reward tools, equipment or what-have-you. Sometimes our more outgoing couples or groups perform a particularly exciting role-play that they have perfected."

The moved to another room and Hermione gasped. Her eyes went wide and for a moment she thought she had not breath to draw. It looked like a dungeon. There were swinging chains, racks, strange devises that she had no idea how they worked but each seemed to focus on some form of restraint or punishment.

Narcissa leaned closer. "It's not as scary as it looks and only consenting submissives and dominants use this room and we fully utilize the safe-word-signal system."

"I…" Was all she managed to croak out and instead settled on a quick nod.

The older woman gave her a knowing look then led the way up a dimly lit hallway with several curtained doorways.

"These are private rooms." She swept aside the curtain on one and drew Hermione inside. "Some of our couples or more swinging members prefer to enjoy their shared passions here and it is often recommended that when you meet a new partner this is a good place for your first intimate encounter."

She pulled open a few draws to reveal handcuffs, restraints, condoms, blindfolds, and other sexy paraphernalia. "Everything you could ever need is here and everything is charmed like new after each use. Plus there is the added knowledge that if you decide that this is not for you - you can simply walk out and help is always close by - Our house elves have been trained well and you will be given a safe word that will summon help if you ever feel unsafe.

"But in all the years this club has been taking members we have only had one bad experience and that member was banned for life."

Out in the main rooms music began to play and the sounds of people chatting and laughing started to filter through. "Well it looks like tonight's party has started." Narcissa smiled at Hermione and patted her shoulder. "Now remember you don't have to choose a partner tonight, just enjoy the club and watch the shows."

Remus Lupin firmly placed his Zoro-style mask over his eyes and inspected his reflection in the mirror. Sandy-brown hair hung loose around his face just brushing his broad shoulders. He had dressed with care, clad in a full length black leather coat, white shirt and fitting black trousers. Tonight he had come to find a partner.

Over the last few months he had taken several very beautiful submissives to his bed. One had wanted to shift their relationship to a more regular and permanent arrangement. The next had enjoyed punishment and indeed pain a bit too much for his liking. Bondage and punishment were a big part of what he enjoyed in these clubs but he honestly didn't enjoy the kind of brutality she seemed to want - needless to say he had let her down gently and quickly moved on. There had been others but none had fit his wants or they had simply not meshed as a couple.

He sighed. Maybe he was too choosy. Maybe he would never find what he wanted. Maybe it was cruel to demand a relationship when he really didn't have the time or the emotional ability to be what they wanted in a man.

But the fact that he was what he was meant he could never be the man most women needed or wanted. Witch-werewolf marriage was still outlawed and his work with the Order cleaning up and fixing relations after the war took up much of his time. But his needs were strong and, being a werewolf, harder to control unless he had regular encounters. For a long time he simply paid Knockturn Alley girls to lend him an hour of their pleasurable company but the fake smiles and even more fake enjoyment of his passions grew old fast.

When Narcissa's Dungeon opened it was like a god-send. A place where he could find casual sex with women who sort out his dominant nature; being an Alpha wolf made him naturally yearn to dominate the females in his company.

Remus spotted her almost immediately. Across the dimly lit bar she sat cross-legged on a stool and chatting politely with an older submissive woman. Her dress caught his attention first; pure white and the ties had an ancient Greek feel. He was reminded of the pictures he'd seen in a Muggle magazine - The wives of Spartan warriors used to wear similar garments.

Her hair fell in long chestnut ringlets down her back and over her shoulders and when she laughed her whole face seemed to brighten, her red lips were temptingly plump and the collar around her throat clashed excitingly against her pale skin.

All of a sudden she turned her face towards him and their eyes met. Remus' breath caught at the spell those chocolate brown eyes had on him. She was wearing a mask over the top half of her face, much like his so he couldn't identify her; all the same there was something familiar and very intriguing about her.

She sat very still. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was slightly open as though she were sucking in more air. She seemed as transfixed by him as he was by her.

Something inside him shifted. The wolf hidden beneath his smooth man's flesh growled and stretched. Moony approved. Remus approved. But would she be the right submissive mate for him?

Hermione felt his eyes on her again but this time refused to meet his gaze. The heat of those hazel eyes moved over her form bringing goose-bumps up on her flesh. The stranger had been watching her all night but had not approached. Their eyes met across the room again and again and every time she felt an odd pull towards him. Everything about him screamed alpha, male and dominant; and there was something familiar about him - something that made her feel oddly safe.

After two hours she'd met several dominants both male and female and several submissives. She wasn't sure what she had expected but everyone was very friendly, the submissive women weren't mindless and she was relieved to see that she could enjoy her private fantasy to be dominated without having to leave who she really was at the door.

Suddenly a dominant man who had introduced himself earlier as Jake appeared at her arm and whispered into her ear. "There's a show happening on the central stage - I think you'll like it."

She smiled and nodded and let him lead the way.

A primal drum beat made the floor and room vibrate. The lights dimmed and a magenta hue filled the space.

On the stage a tall, dark-haired man strode across the wooden boards towards a slight, pretty woman. Her hair was long and platinum blond and she visibly trembled when the taller man circled her. His footsteps were loud and deliberate and the woman followed his path with wide, adoring eyes. He circled her once, twice then stopped dead in front of her.

The master raised one large hand and with heart-aching tenderness caressed his slave's cheek. But just as quickly as his tenderness appeared it was gone to be replaced by hard faced authority. He clapped his hands sharply and the slave obeyed his unspoken demand, dropping to her knees and bowing her head in absolute submission.

His lips quirked and he showed his approval with a single hand placed on the crown of her head. Over the next few minutes he gave various either signaled or spoken demands which his slave met with absolute obedience. When she was good the slave was rewarded with caresses and kisses and tender whispered words. When she stumbled or refused to obey she was punished.

Hermione's breath caught in her throat when the slave pouted impatiently when her master refused to allow her to touch him. She stomped her foot and hissed at him but one dark look from her master and she halted her temper and simpered back in fear.

The master pulled his slave against his larger form and glared angrily into her wide fearful eyes. All at once he spun her away and forced her to bend over a table that had gone unnoticed till now. The slave looked back at her master and he shook his head lifting a hand and waggling a single finger at her.

Hermione watched with growing trepidation and excitement at the master lifted his slave's black skirt and delivered a sharp smack to her perfect creamy bottom. The Slave's whimpering cries followed each loud smack and each combination of sounds and sights sent hot waves of desire through Hermione's whole body, tingling in her fingertips and settling hot and heavy in her lower belly.

The show ended soon after to a round of applause and whistling and as the house lights brightened the room again Hermione felt Jake's strong hand grab her arm and pull her roughly towards him.

"I want you now," he growled.

Surprised by his sudden forcefulness Hermione pulled back and struggled against his hold. "No."

"You're here for the same reason I am, witch. You came to watch this show with me and you liked it I know you did."

"Yes I did like the show and thank you for telling me about it but I don't want to go with you and frankly I don't like the way you just grabbed me and assumed that I would." She raised her chin and let her voice rise loud enough to make her point clear.

He muttered something that sounded like, "Fucking tease." And strode away only to be met by two large security guards. Both guards gave her a respectful nod before escorting the man called Jake away.

"Now that was just plain rude." A deep, smooth voice spoke from behind her and Hermione spun around to find herself face to face with the stranger who had been watching her. "We do try to keep this club friendly but from time to time the wrong element manages to sneak in. Luckily the Guards Mrs. Malfoy hires are the best in England."

"I… I suppose it is to be ex - expected." She stumbled over her words.

At this close proximity he was even more handsome then at a distance. His face was rugged but well shaven, his hair fell just above his shoulders, and his eyes were a hypnotic shade of hazel. He was wearing a mask like hers but when he smiled she could see it reach his eyes and make his face somehow gentler.

"You handled yourself very well," he murmured.

"Thank you."

They stood face to face for a long moment before he finally spoke again. "I've been watching you."

"I know."

"You like me watching you." It wasn't a question.

"Yes. I - I'm Rose."

"You may call me Mars," he responded with a nod and a tilt of his lips. "Come with me." It was neither a demand nor a request. He did not grab her the way the other man had but his gaze held her somehow more captive.

"Why?" She managed to whisper.

"Because it would make me very happy."

He held out one hand. He didn't grab her or try to touch her; simply held out his hand. The choice was hers to make but Hermione could not imagine making another.

She placed her hand in his and felt something close to a hot electrical pulse shoot from where their hands joined up through her arm.

She spoke the words that came to mind first without thought and throwing logic to the wind. "Show me how."