He woke up slowly, and for a moment wasn't sure as to where he was...and then he remembered.

Rupert Giles pulled himself out of the covers of the bed and dropped to the floor, starting his normal morning workout regiment. One hundred sit-ups and then one hundred push-ups, as he had done every morning for every day of his career. As he finished his sit-ups and moved on to the push-ups, his mind registered the sound of the front door opening closing. He ignored it and continued on.

Buffy Summers stood downstairs in what had been, up until last night, her Watcher's apartment. Now it temporarily belonged to a man whom she'd just met and barely knew.

She heard sounds of movement up in the loft, so she made her way up the stairs. What she saw made her jaw practically dislocate.

Good lord, that man had been hiding one hell of a body. She stared, transfixed by the sight of the man before her, muscles in his back flexing as he did push-up after push-up...wearing nothing but his boxers.

Apparently he hadn't heard her enter the room, because he continued on in his exercises while she drooled. Every single muscle in his back flexed with such strength...she'd never seen anyone like him before in her life. Yes, the guys at college were buff, but they had absolutely nothing on the raw, natural strength that this man exuded.

He lifted his eyes, and as he did so he saw the young woman that he had met last night standing right in front of him, her eyes obviously not focused on his face.

He held back a grin, but continued until he'd finished the set.

As soon as he was done, he stood up and then made his way over to his bag. He watched her from the corner of his eye, waiting for her to break the silence, but after a few long moments he realized that she wasn't going to.

He quickly threw on a shirt, and then broke the silence himself.

"So...what brings you over here so early in the morning?" At these words he saw her give a slight smile, almost as though she'd been expecting them. She quickly responded. "Well...I thought that I should probably go ahead and thank the guy who got rid of my woefully incompetent Watcher and took his place..."

At her last words, he grimaced. "I did not, um, 'replace' Wesley...I'm merely using his flat."

She shrugged, not really caring.

"Either way, you got rid of him. And that is something that I am most definitely grateful for..."

Her look was one of genuine gratitude, and she found it amusing at how he reacted. A blush slowly crept up his face and he began to stutter out a response, but it was obvious that he had no idea how to react. It was actually rather adorable...not that she would ever tell him that, of course.

"W-Well, that is, I mean..." His voice faded, and she had a feeling that he was quite bewildered by her response.

She just shook her head, and then motioned towards the stairs. "I'll jut wait until you're done, and then we can talk. See you in a few." With that, she went down the stairs, leaving him in her wake.

He finally came to his senses and reached for a pair of pants from his bag, slowly pulling them on.

He would have to wait until later to get his shower. When he had a Slayer waiting for him, he felt that it was best that he not dally. Who knew what an impatient Slayer was capable of? He certainly didn't, and he didn't want to be the one to find out, either. He went ahead and grabbed his running shoes as he headed down the stairs.

He was still getting used to the feel of the apartment, but for some strange and unapparent reason, he felt as though he'd always lived there.

As he stepped off the last step, he spoke up, not even thinking about what he was saying. "Would you like some tea?"

Buffy, who'd been merely sitting and waiting, answered without even thinking. "Yes, please."

He nodded. "Of course...two sugars, no milk, no honey..." As soon as the words left his lips, he wondered where in the hell they'd come from. He glanced over at her, and she looked up at him in shock. How the hell had he'd known that? From the look on his face, she realized that he was just as confused as she was.

She just smiled. "Yeah, that's right...thanks."

He opened his mouth, as though intending to say something, but instead was left trying to find the words to respond as he gaped like a codfish.

Rupert then decided that nothing could be said, and instead walked the rest of the way to the kitchen, focusing on the task at hand.

It was at that point that Buffy realized that something was...different. Well, no, not different, really. It was more...off. But at the same time, everything seemed so damn familiar and it was driving her crazy trying to figure out why. It felt as though she'd gone through these motions a million times before...but she knew that she hadn't...didn't she?

Unbeknownst to her, Rupert Giles was going through much of the same thought process in the other room.

As he set up the tea, he automatically did the motions, not thinking about it, until he realized that he already knew where everything was...now that was weird.

'Not that what happened earlier wasn't weird?' he thought to himself as he placed the kettle on the stove.

He shook his head, and turned towards the cupboard, pulling out a box of biscuits and placing a few of them onto a tray, knowing how much Buffy liked them. Okay, that was it. He slammed down the tray on the counter, trying to hold himself in. How the hell did he know that? It made no sense! But at the same time, it made every sort of sense.

He sighed, realizing that it wasn't going to be solved by doing nothing, and the walked resignedly into the living room...

Part 4/?