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Ruth sighed as she closed down yet another file. She hoped she was right to send Zaf and Lucas after Harry and Ros. There had been no news of them since. She checked her watch again and sighed. It had been less than an hour, but she couldn't help but worry. Tariq smiled at her slightly before he made his way to the Pods.

"Where are you going?" Ruth looked alarmed that anyone else would leave the Grid now when so much was still going on.

"I won't be long, just want to check something in the Registry" She watched as he ran up the few steps to the Pods. Malcolm sighed, he knew Ruth was terrified but was doing her best to hold things together, he knew she hated the fact Harry was the only Section Head that ever went out on active operations. All the other Section Head's stayed in Thames House.

"They will be back Ruth" He logged his computer off. "All we have to do now is wait for them" He smiled kindly at his friend. Ruth wanted to believe him but knew things had never been so straight forward for Section D. She was beginning to wonder if it was all worth it, if what they did really made any difference to the safety of the public. She shook her head to dispel the more morbid thoughts and returned to her work. There had to be something, she just hadn't found it yet.


Harry walked back in to the Grid to see the room in the usual state of organised chaos. Tariq was tapping away furiously on his computer, Malcolm had ear phones on, listening in to something. Harry had no idea what he was listening to but wasn't sure he wanted to know. There was no sign of Ruth. Lucas jogged past him and headed towards the kitchenette, only to emerge a few seconds later munching on a chocolate donut. He shook his head as Ros could be seen heading off to the ladies.

He walked through the Grid to his office in silence, aware that Ruth still wasn't anywhere to be seen. He decided she must have gone to the Registry or popped out. Ruth not being on the Grid was something he tried not to worry about, especially after the last few days.

The other officers all seemed to find something to get on with. It wasn't until he opened the door to his office that he saw Ruth sat on the battered old sofa in the corner.

"Ruth?" He was immediately concerned.

"I" She paused as he looked at her. "I'm sorry. I just needed a minute"

He stopped and stared at her as she stood and crossed to him. He had no idea what she was apologising for. His look suggested she would have to explain what she was apologising for. She sometimes forgot that other people didn't see things the way she did. The tears in her eyes suggested whatever had happened had been enough to upset her.

"What is it Ruth? What has happened?" She sighed as he spoke. Ruth rested a hand on his arm as he continued to stare. "Whatever it is Ruth please tell me" He could feel his heart racing as he began to panic.

"I should have worked it out earlier. Nicholas Blake wasn't at the meet because he was out of the country. He must have had a get out plan. When I was with Davidson, when he stopped him he mentioned something about not having to deal with this nonsense for much longer. I was just too scared to think straight." She stared at his tie. "I should have been thinking more clearly" Harry couldn't see how she could have been expected to take in all the information around her, not when she had been electrocuted by tazer, beaten and threatened in the way she had. He sighed as she continued to stare at his tie.

"It is not your fault" He took tilted her chin, forcing her to look at him. "It is not your fault" She shook her head.

"I'm slipping. If I had been paying attention I would have remembered what he said before. You and Ros wouldn't have walked in to a rigged house. We'd have caught him. You wouldn't have been blown up. Ros shouldn't have to be in that situation now, not after everything" She closed her eyes as a tear escaped. Harry sighed before pulling her in to his arms. "You could have been killed. It would have been my fault" She mumbled in to his shirt as he held her to him, he didn't care if the rest of the Grid saw.

"It is not your fault. It isn't Ruth" He kissed her hair "Adam is alive because of your quick thinking and skills as a pick pocket. Wes still has a dad because of you" She tightened her hold on him, as if to make sure he really had come back to her this time.


Zoe watched from her workspace as Zaf dropped a packet of crisps on her desk.

"Cheese and Onion, like you asked for." He smiled cheekily as she smiled back. "They were nearly barbequed but hey, you can't have everything" He dropped in the chair next to her as she shook her head.

"They have granted a restraining order against Will. He isn't allowed to come near me or Emma. He can't come within the same post code as us" She watched as he nodded. "He can't touch us anymore" Zaf noticed how relaxed she was, it was as if a weight had been taken from her shoulders. He made a mental note to keep an eye out just in case. Just because a Judge had granted a Restraining Order against her ex husband didn't mean they were automatically safe. He didn't trust Will at all and hoped Zoe wasn't innocent enough to believe Will would live to the letter of the law.

"That's great Zo" He smiled, hoping she couldn't see how worried he still was. She smiled as he leant across and stole a crisp.

"Oi" She laughed as she tapped his hand away.


The rain had finally stopped when Lucas parked the car outside of the nursing home. He really didn't like the idea of Ros confronting her family on her own. From what he had seen of the Myers family he didn't like them. Amy was asleep in her car seat in the back as Ros glanced at him sideways.

"I won't be long" She opened the car door and was in the doorway of the nursing home before Lucas could answer. Amy stirred slightly in the back of the car.

"What do you think?" He addressed the baby who wasn't impressed at being woken up.

"Can't let Mum do this on her own can we? Not now, after everything that has happened" Amy narrowed her eyes in a good imitation of Ros as he smiled. Sometimes she was so much like her mother it was uncanny. He got her out of the car seat and followed Ros in to the nursing home with Amy in his arms.


Ros was shown in to a quiet sitting room as a young care assistant offered her a cup of tea. Ros declined quietly as she took a seat next to her mother. She hadn't set eyes on the woman since the day her father had been sent to prison. Her mother's parting words had ripped her heart out. For a split second she wasn't sure why she was there.

"Mum?" She touched the elderly lady's forearm.


"You remember me?" Ros suddenly felt a little hope for the first time since she had got in to the car at Thames House. The older woman stared at her. It was the same gaze that Zaf had nicknamed the death glare.

"I know you. I've seen you before. What's your name?"

"Ros" She bit her top lip. The 6 o clock news began to blare from the television. Ros ignored it.

"Oh yes. Rosalind. I have a daughter called Rosalind. I have another girl too, Sally. Good girls. Them and my son, Philip. All good children. They listen to their father" She turned back to the television as Ros felt her heart break a little. She glanced down at her mother's hands, riddled with arthritis.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Sally appeared in the doorway.

"Sally" Ros got to her feet and faced her sister, before following her in to the grounds of the nursing home.

"She doesn't need any more confusion. I told your husband all I know, now leave us alone. You haven't needed us for years, we don't need you now" Sally spat as Ros held her gaze.

"I didn't come to confuse her. I came to tell you both Dad is dead." Ros cursed herself she was never one to sugar the pill, even now she couldn't help but be blunt. Sally glared for a moment.


"The early hours of this morning, he tried to kill me and my friend. He is responsible for trying to stage a coup again. Only this time without Collingwood" She tried to control her breathing. "You were right; Lucas told me what you said. He wanted me dead. It's just by luck I am still here" Ros watched as Sally narrowed her eyes.

"Lucky you"

"Davidson is dead too." She watched Sally for any signs that she understood the implications of what she was saying. "He can't hurt us anymore"

"No. You said what you came to say, now go" Sally watched as Ros remained immobile.

"I said go" Sally stepped closer to her as Lucas entered the room. Amy was curled in to his side. He glanced at his mother in law, seemingly absorbed in whatever the weather girl on the television was talking about, before glancing out of the patio doors at the two sisters talking in the garden.


The crack across Ros' face was unexpected as her face spun round. "We don't need you Ros. If it hadn't been for you Davidson would never have been a problem. It was always you he wanted. Now get out and let me grieve for my father in peace" Ros nodded once before turning and walking towards the main house again. She walked past her mother and the other residents with her head held high.

"Ros?" Lucas could see she was forcing up the walls he had tried to deconstruct since the day they had met.

"I said what I came to say" She reached up and touched Amy's hair, pulling the hood of her jacket back on to her head. Lucas nodded.

"Your family?" He waited.

"I'm looking at all the family I need Lucas" She smiled as he pulled her to him and kissed her forehead. They walked back to the car with a very sleepy Amy in Lucas' arms. One arm rested across Ros' shoulders. Uncharacteristically she didn't push his arm away. "She's such a Daddy's girl" Ros smiled at the baby. It was always Lucas that could settle her.

"Mmm, maybe. You never know, perhaps this one will be a Mummy's boy" He laughed as Ros subconsciously touched her abdomen.

"Good God. I hope not" Ros wrinkled her nose as Lucas laughed.


Catherine turned the oven off as she checked the time. Harry and Ruth were late again. She sighed as she sat back down. The text off Ruth had promised they would be home within the next hour, she hoped the meal wouldn't ruin in the meantime. She also hoped her father and step mother realised what the date was and why it was so significant. Sighing she turned to see Fidget staring at her.

"They are useless aren't they Fidge?" The grey and white cat walked past her with his nose in the air. "Okay, loosing the plot now Cath, talking to the cat and expecting an answer. Hormones" She laughed to herself before touching her now fairly large tummy. She pulled out her mobile and called her brother.

"Just pick me up in an hour Gray. Yes I'm fine, the baby is fine. The cats and dog are fine; just want to give Dad and Ruth some time alone." She placed the mobile back on the table before writing her note. Please don't forget that this is something to celebrate she muttered as she stood up and went to wait for her brother.


Ruth yawned as Harry forced the key in the lock. Scarlet ran to them as if she hadn't seen either for about ten years. Harry knelt down to fuss the small terrier as Ruth walked in to the kitchen. She could definitely smell cooking.

"If Catherine has cooked, I'll die of shock" Harry laughed as Ruth shot him a look that stated she didn't find the remark amusing. He realised she had picked up a card before walking over to her. "What is it?"

"From Catherine" Ruth smiled as tears sprung to her eyes again. "Happy tears, don't worry" She handed him the card and smiled. Harry raised his eyebrows as he read the card.

'I have fed the cats, Scarlet has been fed and walked. Gone to spend the night with my idiot brother. Dinner is in the oven, do not let it spoil. Hope you both realise the date. Two years ago Dad finally got the courage to say what he really felt. I was so shocked I wrote it in my diary. Thank you both so much for everything and for still loving me despite how stupid I have been. If I am half as good a mum as you have been to me and Gray, Ruth this baby is going to be fine. I love you both so much.

Cath x ps please thank Adam for whatever he said, it worked oh I will be back tomorrow'

Harry smiled as he placed the small card back on the table. Ruth was biting her bottom lip as he looked up at her. "She's going to be alright isn't she?" He smiled as Ruth nodded. He crossed the kitchen to her as she looked away.

"She's such a daddy's girl you know" Ruth smiled as she nodded. "She wouldn't have done this for Jane and Richard"

"Yes" Harry smiled with pride. "She was always a bit of a daddy's girl really. Can't say I can see anything wrong with that" He smiled slightly as Ruth wrapped her arms around his neck.

"No neither can I" She smiled as he kissed her. "Harry, do you really think this is the last we've seen of him?"

"Who?" Harry stared.

"Nicholas Blake?" Ruth sighed. She couldn't relax and enjoy the evening. Harry shook his head.

"Honestly? No I think he'll turn up when he's ready. He'll crawl out of whatever stone he's currently under. We'll just have to be ready when he does" He watched as Ruth nodded. He was terrified Nicholas Blake would return with even more trouble, the thought of the distress and fear the man had caused made him feel sick. He knew he couldn't worry Ruth any more. Sighing he stepped away from Ruth.

"Right, let's see what my daughter has cremated for us, shall we?" He turned to the oven as Ruth just laughed.

author's note. I really am not sure about this ending. Please let me know what you think. Will write more soon.