Rated R for reasons described below.

Story notes: Hey y'all this Is set in present time going to why Stephanie acted as if she was pregnant and the behind the scenes problems. This story deals with drugs,rape,and serious violence. This story also relates to a similar personal situation. I hope this story gives people something to think about. I hope you enjoy! Much love to Sharonda!

"Where are you going?" HHH asked his soon to be ex-wife who was walking briskly down the hall with sunglasses overr her eyes preventing him from seeing the truth.

"Out" She replied not really phased by his question. "I think we need to talk."

Rolling her eyes she stopped mid-stride and turned. The giddy feeling she had began to evaporate. Her heart sank when she looked into his eyes. They pierced her heart. But that wasn't the only emotion that washed over her. Her hands began to shake with need. She couldn't breathe and couldn't think. Holding her hands she hoped he wouldn't see the trembling. She had to get out she had to get to her love, her addiction.

"I can't right now!" She said displaying an annoyed expression on her face. "I have v-very important buisness to attend to."

With that she turned on her heel and nearly ran to the parking lot where her "Friends" were waiting for her. She looked at Melissa, Carlee, and Lexie. They were her friends. They provided her with her need and they cared when she didn't get it. When she was hurting they helped her heal. Slipping into the car she didn't notice a few of her former friends watching her. Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Edge and Lita hid behind a car and watched Stephanie pull off into the night with her so called friends. What they had that they didn't they had no idea but were determined to find out.