Akihito sees Asami with a woman and runs away for 5 years. When he finally comes home, Asami will be surprised. This will be my second Viewfinder fanfic and I'm gonna try to make it a long one. I don't own Viewfinder….yet.

Chapter 1 The Party.

Everyone was dressed in expensive clothes and fine jewellery, women is beautiful, long gowns while the men dressed in suits, ranging from black to dark blue, but even the suits were insanely expensive. Waiters walked, in their white suits, through the crowds with wine glasses, both full and empty, and silver platters with multiple appetizers, stopping every now and then to allow the guests to pick one.

Akihito had never felt more uncomfortable than he did right now, standing against the wall, watching the fabulously dressed people converse with each other. He didn't want to be here, he didn't belong, but Asami wouldn't take no for an answer, if he ever did. He had been dragged from his work to the apartment where, waiting on the bed, was Asami and the deep navy blue suit he was now wearing. He hadn't had a choice, he didn't know where he was going and, even now, he had no idea what was going on.

Akihito sighed as he took a sip of his wine, watching as a very beautiful, voluptuous woman flirted with a stocky, fat bald man, who was obviously completely wasted. Akihito just watched in disgust, knowing that in real life, that type of woman wouldn't give that type of man the time of day, unless he was loaded. He raised his eyebrow as the man and woman began to walk away.

'Obviously he's loaded.' Akihito rolled his eyes and looked over the crowed in the hope of finding something interesting to occupy his attention.

He saw Asami standing tall, bodyguards on his left and right as he talked to an older man, looking as if they were in deep conversation. A young woman, probably around his age, stood next to the older man, grinning like the Cheshire cat. Akihito stared at Asami, who didn't look very happy, but managed to keep up a blank expression, but Akihito could read those eyes. He suddenly noticed everyone was crowding round Asami, the old man and the woman, he was confused.

The old man cleared his throat. "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank you all for coming to this little gathering I have set up for my son." Akihito eyes widened in surprise, having known nothing of Asami's family life until now. "But this is also a surprise for my son, Asami Ryuichi, for I would like us all to congratulate him and Imamura Masumi on their engagement."

Akihito felt his heart stop; nobody heard his glass shatter for they were all clapping so loudly. He felt numb when the woman wrapped her body around Asami's arm. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't see, he needed to get away, from here and from Asami. He concentrated on forcing himself to breath as he made his way to the nearest exit, nobody would notice if he left early.

'Like anybody would care.' He thought as the tears came running down his face. He quickly made his way to the street and began running back to the apartment he had been sharing with the man who he thought was his.

He ran the whole way; he barely felt the cool night air against his numb body. He entered the building with the number code he had memorised, made his way to the elevator and pressed the number to the apartment floor. As he waited in the elevator, he planned on what he was going to do.

'There's no way I'm going to stay here, but if I leave, he'll have his goons after me as soon as he finds out I'm gone.' Akihito lets out a sob 'He's getting married….he won't want me….I'm free...'

This hurts more than anything had ever felt before. He tried to calm done as the elevator doors opened. He walked done the hall to the door of the apartment, a plan in mind and the tools at hand resided in the apartment.

He breathed deeply as he made his was through the bedroom, grabbing the biggest bag he could carry and began cramming his clothes. He rummaged through the closet until he found what he was looking for, Asami's emergency shoe box. He opened the lid, throwing it on the bed. He dumped the money on the bed, all bundles of thousands on yen. He crammed most of them in his bag, tearing the paper that held one of the bundles together and packed most of it in his wallet. He grabbed the cordless phone and pressed in the number for the taxi service.

"Hello, could I get a taxi at the Sakura Hotel as soon as possible…..Akihito Takaba…Thank you." Akihito hung up and tossed it on the bed, not bothering to tide-up the mess he had made.

He ran to the elevator and pressed the button for the ground floor. He made his way out of the lobby, where there was a taxi waiting for him. He made his way outside to where the taxi-driver was smoking, leaning against the side of the car. He saw Akihito make his way towards him.

"Takaba Akihito?" Akihito nodded. The man stubbed the cigarette out with his shoe. He made his way to the boot, popping it open for Akihito to put his bag inside. Akihito settled himself in the back seat. The man sat on the drivers' seat and looked over his shoulder. "Where to sir?"

Akihito sighed as he forced the tears back down. "Tokyo Narita International Airport thank you."

2 hours later.

Asami was furious, tired and annoyed. After having to deal with his fathers 'surprise', which forced him to stay at the ridicules party longer, he had finally managed to corner the old man and 'calmly' tell him that he wasn't marrying that dumb bimbo. His father hadn't been understanding, but when he had made it clear that the woman wouldn't live to see her wedding day, his father had given up.

"You have to understand Ryuichi," his father had began, "when I was your age, I had already married your mother. You know I worry about you I all I want is for you to be happy, to settle down." His father sighed and rested his hand on Asami's shoulder. "Is that too much to ask?"

Asami hadn't answered the question, he didn't need to. He was happy, even his subordinates had noticed a change in his attitude since Akihito had arrived in his life.

This reminded him, as he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a cigar, where was the boy. Asami tired to remember the last time he had seen the boy at the party but, due to all the ridicules commotion about his 'engagement'….

Asami removed the cigar so it didn't drop from his lips, when is finally clicked, Akihito had been at the party, he had been there so it was possible that he had heard the announcement from his idiot father.

He leaned forward in the limo to lower the glass screen that separated the driver from the passenger area. Kou heard the quiet hum of the screen "Where to sir?"

"Drive home, I'll call Suoh and tell him to deal with the bastard." He told Kou with a calm almost natural voice but Kou knew better, he knew the calm voice was just a front.

Asami leaned back as the screen went back up and took a long breathe from the cigar, the smoke he exhaled seemed to flow from his mouth as he planned. He knew if Akihito had heard the ridicules announcement, then the boy would be on the run, probably to hide out at one of his annoying friend's house, or maybe back to his old apartment, which he often did when he want ed to get away. Asami pulled out his phone and dialled Suoh's number. He didn't have to wait long before the man answered.

"Suoh, I'm going to be busy tonight, so I need you to deal with the Izanagi problem, call me when you're finished." He hung up the phone and proceeded to call Kirishima. "Kirishima, I want you to go looking for the boy, all his usual hide-outs….. He was at the party last time I saw him….*sigh* Yes he probably did so take a few extra men with you, he's going to fight…..Drop him off at my apartment when you find him."

Kou opened Asami's door when they arrived at the apartment complex. He quickly punched in the number code and walked in making his way straight for the elevator, ignoring the receptionist who bowed to him. He pressed the button for his floor and waited, he leaned against the mirror walls, lost in his thoughts.

'Where the hell was he?' Asami thought, not been able to remember where Akihito had went after he had left him alone to go talk to some politicians. 'Didn't he say he was going to look at the gardens or something?'

The elevator dinged and the doors opened. Asami pushed himself from the wall and walked down the hall to his door. He pushed his key in only to have the door creak open. He reached into his jacket and pulled his gun from his holster, pushing the door the remaining way open with it. He looked inside; there was no noise, no sign of a struggle. Gun still in his hand, he made his way to the bedroom, pushing the door open with the gun. His eyes widened at the sight, cash was scattered all over the bed, the wardrobe was wide open and draws pulled out, clothes were thrown everywhere, but he noticed it was mainly his clothes.

His eyes narrowed, where were Akihito's clothes. Half the 'rainy-day-funds' were missing and the only people who knew about it was him and …. and it clicked. He pulled out his phone and speed-dialled Kirishima. He only had to wait one ring before the man answered. Asami didn't give him a chance to start talking.

"Check all airports, passenger ships, trains, EVERYTHING you can think of, Akihito's planning on leaving Tokyo. Pull any strings you have to, JUST FIND HIM!" He snapped the phone shut, he felt the anger rise in him at the thought of loosing the boy again. He wouldn't let it happen

Never again.


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