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Chapter 11 Morning and Improving

Akihito groaned as he opened his eyes, squinting to try to block the sunlight from getting in his eyes. He didn't know where he was, what time it was or even what he had done; all he knew was his head was pounding. He rolled over, falling out of bed with a loud thud, letting out another groan and just laying there, not really having the will to do anything else.

Asami couldn't help but smile as he looked over the edge of the bed to his boy, his back facing him so he got a view of his nice round behind. He waited for the boy to move, raising an eyebrow when he didn't.

"Akihito?" he heard a groan. "Do you need help?" he heard a groan again. Asami raised am eyebrow. "You know I don't really understand groan." This time, Akihito let out a loud moan which sounded very much like fuck you.

Asami chuckled as he got up from the bed and walked around to the boy and bent done to help him up. Akihito just groaned as the sun hit his face, closing his eyes tightly, as he slowly made his way to the bathroom. Asami couldn't help but watch Akihito, who hadn't noticed he was naked, as he made his was to the bathroom, mainly watching his round arse. He couldn't help but chuckle as he made his way to the wardrobe, pulling out a clean pair of underwear and put them on, then getting out a clean suit for work. He was about to put on his white shirt when the bathroom door slammed open, revealing a still naked but now angry Akihito.

"WHY THE FUCK AM I NAKED!" he yelled at the top of his lungs. He stood there for a few seconds then realised once again that he was naked and Asami was staring at his lower area and not paying attention to what he was saying. He then shut the door, hiding his body but poking his head out to resume their 'talk'.

"I repeat, why the fuck am I naked?" Asami smiled at him.

"You were drunk, I was, well, tipsy, we were having fun." Akihito's eyes widened as he looked at the man who was now pulling on his pants.

"But..." his head disappeared from the door. Asami heard the sound of Akihito's feet against the tiles. He threw on his jacket and went to the bathroom, peering inside to find Akihito, with a towel around his waist, staring at his reflection in the mirror. "But I... I don't have any hickies... and my ass... it doesn't hurt..." He turned his head to look at Asami. "Why didn't you...well." His face went red as he stared at the tiles.

Asami smirked from behind him. "You were drunk Akihito, you passed out before we could begin." Akihito raised an eyebrow.

"You know, that's never stopped you before."

Asami patted Akihito on his towelled bum, making the younger man jump and let out a small squeak. "It may surprise you, but I don't want to ruin this. I want this to work."

Akihito, with his eyebrow still raised, watched as the older man left the bathroom. "Well...that's a...little out of character Asami."

Asami threw his jacket back on. "Don't get me wrong Akihito, I still want to fuck you till you pass out, but I'm prepared to wait." He turned back to the bathroom to see Akihito standing at the door, face bright red over what he had just said. He smirked and leaned in to give Akihito a quick kiss. "Go pick up your kids, I'll see you tonight."

Akihito could only watch as Asami left the apartment. When he heard the front door close, his hand reached up to gently touch his lips. The kiss had been gentle, not like the ones he used to get.

He couldn't help but smile as he leaned against the bathroom door-frame. He liked this new Asami.

Like Akihito had promised Kazuhiko, he stayed over at his mothers' and they had a big family lunch like they used to have when Chika was still around. Kazuhiko had being smiling the whole time, chatting on about anything and everything. Akihito smiled as he watched his boy talk, Ayame in his lap, suckling on her bottle.

He spent the whole day with his mother, helping her with any fix-up jobs while she happily sat in the lounge-room with Ayame on her lap and listening to Kazuhiko talk. He had also been talking to Akihiro, discussing the possibility of the man coming over to see the children.

"I would love for you to meet my mother too Akihiro, I'm sure she would have a bed for you." Akihito said as he put away the dried dishes.

"Ah Akihito, you know I would love to, I haven't being to Tokyo in years but I just really need to finish my work here. Did you hear I was retiring?"

Akihito almost dropped the plate he was holding. "No, we don't really get the local paper from Ashikawa. What made you choose to retire?"

"Well, what's left of my family has moved to Tokyo, I would rather be close to you than resume this career." Akihito opened his mouth to say something. "And I know what you're about to say and, well, I've had a good run, I've been very successful in my time but I think it's about time for a change of scenery. Besides," Akihito held the phone to his ear as he leaned against the counter. "I owe it to Chika to be around for those kids." Akihito frowned as he heard the older man sigh.

"You were a great father, Akihiro."

Akihito closed the kitchen door as he heard Akihiro laugh, he didn't want Kazuhiko hearing this conversation.

"You didn't know she existed."

"*Sigh* I know Akihito, but it's one of those moments you wish you could change... I would give anything to have known her, been able to raise her... I wouldn't have even cared that Hitomi became public, I would have...I would have taken care of them..."

Akihito sighed. "I know Akihiro, and Chika knew that too. I think Hitomi was just looking out for your career, a love-child would have ruined you."

"I wouldn't have cared."

"I know." There was silence for a while till Akihito heard a loud knock.


"Hey, do you want to talk to Kazuhiko some more?" Akihito asked as he opened the door, watching Kazuhiko walk in with him green plastic cup.

"Nah, I've got a few things that needed to do yesterday."Akihito let out a little chuckle as he filled the green cup with milk. "Just tell him I said goodbye, and hopefully, the next time I talk to you, I'll be telling you I'm retired. Bye Akihito."

"Bye Akihiro." And he hung up, handing the cup to Kazuhiko. "Grand-poppy said goodbye."

Kazuhiko smiled at him at him and went back to the lounge-room, carefully with the cup in his hands.

Around 6 o'clock, the limo arrived outside the Tabaka family home. Ayame was asleep in her carrier while Kazuhiko was sulking, obviously not thrilled about having to go back to Asami's house. Akihito kissed his mother goodbye.

"We'll be back tomorrow ok mum." She nodded as he buckled Kazuhiko into the child chair in the limo. He then walked around the other side, giving his mother a last wave before he hopped in. He carefully transferred the sleeping Ayame into the baby seat then buckled himself in before the limo began to move. Akihito looked at Kazuhiko who was staring out the window.

They shortly arrived at the apartment complex, the guard who was sitting in the passenger seat helped Akihito out with getting Ayame out while he held Kazuhiko's hand. The made their way to the elevator, Ayame suddenly waking up due to the loud ding and began to cry. Akihito sighed as he looked down at his baby, then to Kazuhiko.

"You don't leave my sight." He said, the little boy looked up at him and nodded. Akihito let go of his hand and reached to pick up Ayame from her baby carrier. Like Akihito told him, Kazuhiko didn't leave his sight, he didn't even move. Akihito hushed Ayame as they boarded the elevator, Kazuhiko holding onto his pants. Ayame was still fussing about when they entered the apartment. Asami walked into the lounge-room from his office, looking over Akihito as he entered the apartment with a fussy Ayame. Kazuhiko hide behind Akihito's leg when he saw Asami.

Asami went down on one knee and pulled out a box he had hidden behind his back. "A little something to say sorry." Kazuhiko looked at the bright red shiny paper-covered box, creeping very carefully from behind Akihito's leg and grabbed the box from Salami's hand.

"Say thank you Kazuhiko." Akihito said, hearing the boy mumble a thank you as he made his way to the couch, scratching the paper to get it open. Akihito smiled as he made his way to Ayame's bedroom.

Asami watched as the boy opened the box, his eyes widened as he say what was inside. He smiled as he reached in, pulling out a Ben 10 colouring book, a thick one, and a Poke'mon colouring book, a DC Comic colouring book, both as thick as the Ben 10 book, and a metal case full of colouring pencils. He looked up at Asami.

Asami smiled. "So you don't have to draw on my paper work anymore. And when you've finished those I'll get you some more." Kazuhiko's face went bright red as he smiled.

"Thank you Asami-san." and he rushed off to his room with the box in his hand.

"What did you give him Asami, I've never seen him so happy." Akihito asked, picking up the paper wrappings.

Asami just smiled. "I just made peace."

Akihito smiled, things were starting to look up.


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