18 year old sisters Bella, Alice, and Rose always go out on Fridays for dinner. On there way back to the car they witness a murder. Now, they have to be placed in the home of three of the best agents in the U.S.


"I can't believe it guys! We are starting college in the fall!" I exclaimed, holding onto my sisters hands as we exited the restaurant.

Every Friday we all go out and eat dinner together. It's just something we do to get out of the house. We graduated from high school a month ago, and are now celebrating it.

"Come on, we don't want to miss our movie" Bella rushed, pulling me and Rose along.
"Did you hear that" Rose asked, stopping all of a sudden.

We got really quiet when we heard a scream.
"That sounds like Angela" Bella whispered, as we followed the sound of the scream.

Angela was the mayor and a good friend to our parents. Her scream led us to this dark alley. I saw Angela on the ground and her mouth was covered in blood. Two figures stood tall over her now unconscious body as they dug a knife into her multiple times.

Bella covered her mouth, Rose quickly looked away, and I continued to look.
"Lets go" Bella muttered, grabbing our hands as she pulled us away.

Bella tripped over a can causing it to make a loud noise, getting the attention of the two murderers.
"Who's there" one of them asked, as the other cleaned off the knife.

Like we are actually going to answer that question. They ran out of the alley and started chasing us. I pulled my car keys out and tossed them to Rose. She drove the fastest out of all three of us.

Rose pressed the unlock button for the car as we continued to run. I jumped in the passenger seat, as Bella jumped in the back. The two murderers were making their way towards us. We got a clear image of their faces now. Rose looked through the keys in a hurry as I locked the door. They were very close now. I could see things on them I couldn't see before because of the distance.

"Hurry" Bella rushed, impatiently.
"I'm going as fast as I can" Rose replied, very edgy.

Rose finally found the key and started the car. She pressed down on the gas causing us to speed away. We pulled in front of the police precinct on the verge of tears. Angela wasn't just a friend to our parents, but a friend to us. Our dad was a detective and our mom was his partner. That's pretty much how they met.

"Girls, what's wrong" our dad Jason asked, running towards us with our mom behind him.
"Mom…Dad…Angela's dead" Bella sobbed, putting her head in her hands.
"How do you know that" our mom, Madison asked, rubbing Bella and Rose's backs.
"Because we watched her die" I answered, as my dad pulled me into a hug.
"We saw who killed her" Rose cried out, trying to get a hold of herself.
"Did they see you" our mom questioned, worriedly.
"Yes" Bella answered, nervously.
"Did you get a good image of them" our dad wondered, pulling out a notepad.
"Yes" I answered, holding onto Rose as she continued to cry.

"If you saw a good picture of them… I'm sure they saw a good picture of you" our dad's boss Marcus said, making his presence known.
"It's only one thing we can do to ensure their safety" our mom stated, looking at Marcus.
"Madison is right. We have to put them in Witness Protection" our dad informed us and his boss, as my mom pulled out a file.


What do you think? Is this a good start? Well, you know what to do…