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10 year old Lavi Bookman Jr. settled into his bath. Ahhhhhhh,how peaceful and enjoyable it was just to be able to soak in the warmth of the water and relax. Lavi took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Slowly his mind drifted off to Lalaland. Suddenly the door creaked open which jolted Lavi out of his reverie. A girl about 8 years of age poked her head in and looked around. She walked in and smiled at Lavi. Lavi for once didn't smile back and muttered a stream of foreign curses. "Can I share a bath with you?" she asked innocently. "No way!" Lavi shouted. "You're a girl and I'm a boy!" "So?" she answered. "I used to share baths with my big brother!" "I don't care!" Lavi screeched. "He's your brother, I'm not!" "And besides you're not even allowed in here!" "This is the boy's bathroom; take a bath in the girl's bathroom!" "But I don't like taking baths on my own!" the girl replied. "It's cold and lonely!" Before Lavi could say anything else, the girl quickly slipped her short black dress off and climbed into the tub. "Get out- whatever your name is!" "My name is Lenalee and I'm not getting out!" she retorted. "I told you, I don't like having baths on my own!" Lavi dived out of the tub and grabbed a wet hankie and started to scrub himself clean. "Won't you get sick doing that?" Lenalee asked. " No I won't ," Lavi snapped. There was a silence among them for a few minutes until Lenalee suddenly asked," Have you ever had a bubble bath?" Lavi shook his head. " I'll show you what it's like then!" Lenalee exclaimed. She grabbed a tiny bottle of bubble bath soap and tipped the contents into the tub. Bubbles of all shapes and sizes appeared. Lenalee smiled mischievously and gathered a handful of bubbles and flung them at Lavi. He jumped and screamed like a cat that had been shot by a fire hydrant. Lavi opened the door and stormed out of the bathroom, forgetting his towel in the process. Lenalee leaned out of the tub to hand Lavi his towel but he was already gone. As Lavi rushed to his room he tumbled down a flight of stairs. A couple of finders and exorcists and some of the late workers from the science department stared at the stark naked red head curiously but quickly looked away after noticing his dark glare. As they got older Lenalee would often remind him about the bath incident between them but as she should said "Hey Lavi, remember when we were little-'' he would always say, "Shut up."

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