In this story the puffs have no super powers but their fairy's . Blossom is light pink and hot pink wings. Bubbles has light blue and blue wings. Buttercup has lime green and black wings. They all live in a monster world where there's all kinds of monsters.

They have cars and cell phones. They live in the time we do. There are good monsters and BAD monsters. You already know the puffs are good. The puffs are orphans. The three may not be sisters but they grew up together before the professor toke them in. That was when they were five.

There is a list going from the powerful to the weak. The weakest you are the poorer and useless you mean to other monsters. There are only ten cause if your not in that ten you don't really matter.





Soul eaters

Skeleton eaters





The puffs hate how they are treating other monsters cause there not in that ten list. There are mixed monsters but not that many.

When this story begins the girls are 15 years old. They all go to a monsters high school. Also have jobs so they can help the professor cause he's a teacher at college. He is a bear part elf. (in human form)

BLOSSEM UTONIUM, long orange hair and pink eyes. Her hair goes to her waist. She has her hot pink bow that holds her hair. Great curves. 36B breast. Soft skin and perfect lips. She the smart one out of the three. Love's books of all kinds. Likes to dance and sing in her free time. Loves leaning new things. Hates how the ten monsters treat everyone. Loves any shade of pink.

BUTTERCUP UTONIUM, long raven black hair ( has green dyed side bangs) and lime green eyes. Her perfect straight black hair goes in between her shoulder and elbow(right in the middle). Great curves. 38C breast. Soft skin (a little pale) and kissable lips. Loves to cause trouble for the ten monsters. Hates school. Loves music (loves to make it to).Likes to wear blank and any shade of green.

BUBBLES UTONIUM, golden blond curly hair ( two pig tails) and bright blue eyes. In her pig tails her hair goes to her elbow. Great curves. 34B breast. Soft skin (a little tan) and lips of an angle. Loves singing and dancing. Loves animals. Loves to be kind. Hates how they and others are treated. Loves to help others. Always thinks of others. Love to wear any shade of blue.

These are the puffs. Who have no clue of what's about to happen to change their life as they know it.